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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 18 Recap and Review

Posted on August 23 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 18

A note before I start: I used Hyung Soo for Kang Soo’s brother in the previous episode, but it is actually “Young Soo.” I will be using Young Soo from here on out!


Episode 18 Recap

Episode 18 starts with a flashback of teenage Ji Hong confronting his guardian – his Uncle – for selling the house he lived in with his now deceased mother and father. His Uncle coldly tells him to “repay his debt” as he was the one who took care of Ji Hong after his parents died.

Skipping forward several years, Ji Hong is now a doctor. While running errands in the hospital, he hears someone call for him: It’s his Uncle, who is surprised that Ji Hong is now a doctor! Ji Hong looks contemplative at the sight of his Uncle, who is clearly not doing so well. He’s there for a kidney diagnosis. Before the Uncle leaves, he tells Ji Hong that he knew he’d be blessed like this.

“I had dreamed of getting revenge. I had wanted everyone to die and I wanted to die, too. Karma exists in this world. I am not the center of karma. It’s the world that is,” Ji Hong narrates over the flashback sequence.

Back in present time, we continue from last week’s episode: Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s conversation inside Hye Jung’s home. Hye Jung asks Ji Hong if he looked into his father’s death as the circumstances were suspicious. Ji Hong says yes, it nagged at him, but all parents want happiness for their children. He lectures her on not getting caught up with revenge. Hye Jung, exasperated, tells him to leave. Before getting up, he tells her he thinks they should stop seeing things only from their own point of views.

At Gookil Hospital, Kyung Joong, Joong Dae and Young Kook are watching over a sleeping Kang Soo. They’re wondering why he’s not waking up (yet) when Tae Ho walks in. Just then, Kang Soo opens his eyes! He still has his vision! Tae Ho gives a cute wink and Kyung Joon gives Kang Soo the cutest kiss on his hand. These boys are precious!

Back at Hye Jung’s house, she’s looking at her Grandma’s files and thinking about the statute of limitations, Myung Hoon’s insincere apology and what Ji Hong just told her about letting everything go. She looks like she’s about to break apart, sobbing as she rips apart the files. The music swells! 

The next day, Sung Jong and Myung Hoon discuss their schemes on getting the Senior Health Center plan to pass at the next meeting. Although they have half the board members on their side, Myung Hoon says they need 2/3. Sung Jong asks his son if he plans on keeping Ji Hong, but comments he has to since a lot of board members have trust in Ji Hong due to his father, Director Hong. Myung Hoon looks smug, saying he has a way to get rid of Ji Hong. When Sung Jong asks what that is, Myung Hoon simply says he’ll tell him later.

In his office, Myung Hoon’s lackey updates him on Tae Ho and Ji Hong’s activities. Tae Ho has been in contact with MH Meditech and Ji Hong rotates between hospital work, dating and meetings with Tae Ho. He receives a call from Hye Jung, who asks to meet with him. She has something new to discuss.

At Yoon Do’s house, Pa Ran reveals to Yoon Do that the reason he hasn’t been bothering Ji Hong lately is because Doctor Yoo (Hye Jung) has been going through a lot lately. Curious, Yoon Do asks what is going on and Pa Ran tells him she’s been looking into her Grandma’s records. Yoon Do asks who made the surgical error and Pa Ran reveals that it’s Myung Hoon – a person close to their family. He warns Yoon Do to not get involved.

Of course, the next scene is Yoon Do getting involved (LOL). He asks Myung Hoon if his offer of becoming a board member is still available. Myung Hoon gleefully tells him yes – all he has to do is vote “yes” at the next board meeting for the Senior Health Care plan.

Hye Jung is exercising away her frustrations when she receives a call from Yoon Do, guessing she’s exercising. He wants to meet with her and she tells him she’ll be dropping by the hospital to visit Kang Soo.

At Gookil Hospital, Ji Hong and Kyung Joon check on Kang Soo who is doing well. Nothing’s wrong! Ji Hong reassures he can still be a surgeon, but tells Kang Soo he needs to rest and recover before jumping back to work.

Outside the NICU, Kyung Joon tells Ji Hong that Kang Soo doesn’t have a place to call home.

Ji Hong finds Tae Ho outside his office, who tells him he discovered who leaked Director Hong’s stock information. In his office, Ji Hong says he suspected him, but didn’t think he would actually hurt the hospital in order to be better off. Ji Hong confesses to Tae Ho that he suspects Sung Jong had something to do with Director Hong’s death. He shows a camera recording to Tae Ho with the time stamps signifying he was with him for 20 minutes, right before Director Hong collapsed.

Tae Ho speculates that his father had something on them – something fatal. He speculates that Myung Hoon and co. have been embezzling money, but Ji Hong doesn’t seem to think something like that can be considered a fatal weakness. Before ending their little meeting, Ji Hong tells Tae Ho that Kang Soo has nowhere to go.

Elsewhere, Young Soo visits Kang Soo! He’s pouty at the short amount of visiting time, but he’s excited to eat with Kang Soo.

Hye Jung visits Myung Hoon, who secretly records their conversation with his pen. She admits that there’s nothing she can do legally, so she found another way: I’m… going to kill you. Myung Hoon is visibly stunned at her declaration. She continues, “Even if I can’t kill you myself, I’ll make you wither away and die. I won’t ever leave your side. I’ll keep my eye on you to see what happens…”

He tells her to keep watching him and get angrier. She retorts by saying she’ll be there to get him whenever an opportunity arises and further tells him that she’s telling him upfront because she’s not the type to hide when she takes action. She’ll do it in the open. He tells her it will be over if he fires her, but she said if he does, she will use the law he hates so much: she’ll sue him for unfair dismissal and, thanks to him, she’s kind of famous now. Regular people think they’re on good terms. She warns him to look forward to it. He smiles after she leaves.

 Ji Hong spots Hye Jung at the hospital, but misses his chance to catch up with her. Tae Hyun calls him.

Elsewhere, the Nurses are gossiping about how unfair it is for Hye Jung to be the only one getting punished and bring up the fact that Seo Woo is off the hook because she’s the director’s daughter. Of course, they run into Seo Woo. They jump at the sight of her and it’s evident she overheard their conversation although the Nurses are oblivious to the fact.

At the hospital, Seo Woo notices how other staff members seem to treat her differently. She sees Young Kook and pulls him aside to ask if people are talking behind her back. He seems surprised, but tells her it’s most likely due to the discipline thing. People aren’t happy about it, especially since she’s not being punished because she’s the director’s daughter. He quickly changes the subject and asks why her father suddenly changed his opinion on Hye Jung. Didn’t he like her?

Seo Woo visits her father in his office, who is surprised to see her. She asks him why he decided to punish Hye Jung since he seemed to really like her. He tells her he was only following the hospital’s rules, but Seo Woo pushes and tells asks if he’s leaving her out of simple matters like this, how would he tell her about important things in the future? He brushes it off and praises her on being interested in hospital matters. Just then, she receives a call from her mother telling her to leave Sunday open as she’ll be meeting a potential suitor. When Seo Woo voices her disinterest, her mother tells her the reason why Seo Woo was able to get where she is today is due to her. Seo Woo is exasperated and visibly annoyed. Myung Hoon happily comments that her mother is finally doing her part.

Seo Woo sees Hye Jung in the fellow room and asks what she’s doing at the hospital since she’s supposed to be suspended. Hye Jung tells her she was there to discuss something with her father, but doesn’t feel like explaining it to Seo Woo before leaving.

Yoon Do, Kyung Joon, Nurse Hyun and Young Kook run into Hye Jung, who are all happy to see her. Yoon Do, Kyung Joon and Hye Jung make their way to visit Kang Soo, who pretends to be asleep only to scare them. IT’S SO CUTE, HAHA!

He apologizes to Hye Jung once again. They’re all happy to see he’s recovering well.

Afterward, Yoon Do asks Hye Jung to lunch at Subway. He reveals that he met with Myung Hoon, who had previously offered him a board member position so he finally took the offer. She asks why and Yoon Do confesses it’s to help her: he found out the reason why she left her staff surgeon position and came to Gookil Hospital. Hye Jung asks if he thinks she’s being reckless, but he only tells her it’s her charm.

Ji Hong meets with a board member, asking him to vote for the Social Welfare Program. In the background, Myung Hoon’s lackey observes.

Myung Hoon asks to meet with Ji Hong – it’s about Hye Jung. He tells Ji Hong that Hye Jung came to see him and told him she was going to kill him. He asks that Hye Jung is being ungrateful and takes out his recording pen. He’s going to sue her for threatening him. Ji Hong tells him they’re only words said in anger.

Myung Hoon then reveals his trump card: her high school days of hurting someone in a fire and getting expelled for fighting. He snidely comments that a person’s treat becomes something more depending on who utters them.

Flabbergasted, Ji Hong asks what he wants him to do. Myung Hoon tells him to focus on the DBS project and become a researcher, not a doctor. If he doesn’t, Hye Jung won’t be able to work as a surgeon again as neurosurgeons can’t exactly start their own businesses. Ji Hong looks stressed.

Later that night, Hye Jung finds Ji Hong in front of her house. She’s surprised to see Ji Hong there given their last confrontation. He tells her he was angry, but not anymore. Aw, Ji Hong.

Seriously, everyone, whip out those notebooks and take relationship advice from Ji Hong. Maturity 101.

She asks why and he says his usual “just because.” She pushes, though, and he reveals he knows she met with Myung Hoon. He tells her she did well and hugs her. Aw… He asks if she’s still angry and she says yes, her feelings were hurt. He then asks when she washed her hair to which she cutely panics over. But he tells her it smells nice, LOL. She calls him out on his suspicious behavior, noting that something seems off. He confesses he’ll be going to the DBS Research Center. He won’t be seeing patients anymore.

He asks her if she knows what it’s like to hate something, but also really want to do it. She says she doesn’t like complex things like that – she’ll either do it or not. When she’s about to go inside, he hugs her from behind and tells her if he didn’t visit her tonight, he felt like she’d never look his way again.

Our two lovebirds end up at a park and Hye Jung apologizes to him. She admits she’s not good to him. He tells her that’s not true – she just needs to sit next by him, just like his father said. He tells her sorry, too… because he says he loves her, but can’t make her happy. Hye Jung tells him it’s not his fault; it’s because she looks for reasons to be unhappy since she’s not used to feeling happy. He tells her to not forget he’s by her side and she tells him he’s her rock. They hold hands.

Aw… this scene is so, so darn sweet.

Later, Woo Jin – the husband/guardian of Hae Young from our most recent mini patient arc – notices the vegetative Hae Young is feverish. Kyung Joon and Seo Woo check on her and Seo Woo assures him that they can lower her body temperature with cooling pads.

Hye Jung receives a call from Kyung Joon, who tells her that the Groom Husband wants to speak with her. He puts him on. Groom Husband tells Hye Jung he wants to take Hae Young off life support.

Hye Jung meets with a crying Woo Jin at the hospital. He’s putting Hae Young through so much pain and feels too selfish. He wants to give up and let everything go in order to let her rest. She tries to talk him out of it – to hold on for her and the baby she is trying to protect for the both of them.

Later, while cooling her body, Woo Jin tells Hae Young he will hold on if she is, too.

Young Soo surprises Kang Soo with money for his hospital fees. Kang Soo angrily scolds him and tells him to take the money for himself. He reassures Young Soo that he gets a discount on his medical bills. Young Soo takes back the money after Kang Soo yells at him. Before leaving, he tells Kang Soo to not be sick. Kang Soo tells him not to be scared as his brother never loses. They salute each other.

Kang Soo later encounters Tae Ho, who asks if he wants to work for their department as a secretary since he’s unable to work as a doctor right away. He can work as a secretary while recovering for 6-12 months! Kang Soo, moved to tears, thanks Tae Ho. HE EVEN HUGS HIM!

Tae Ho visits Ji Hong in his office and is horrified at the news of him becoming a researcher and not a surgeon. He demands for a reason, but Ji Hong tells him it’s a short break and asks for updates on Myung Hoon’s embezzlement. Tae Ho reveals that Myung Hoon did misappropriate funds. Ji Hong says they should look into it more to see exactly what he’s doing with those funds. Tae Ho mentions that if it’s money accumulated over 10 years, it’s a lot of money in the slush fund. With this information, he can see why Sung Jong didn’t want Director Hong to have it. Ji Hong tells him they need to investigate more.

The two go to the board meeting together.

Outside the meeting hall, Sung Jong reassures Myung Hoon they have enough votes. They greet Ji Hong and Tae Ho with high tension. Yoon Do arrives afterward.

The two main topics up for voting at the board meeting are 1- the Senior Health Center and 2- the expansion of the Social Welfare Program. When Tae Ho tells everyone to look over the report, Myung Hoon instantly pushes for the voting.

Three weeks later

A patient who passed out is being rushed into Gookil Hospital, tended by Joong Dae. Hye Jung, who is back at work, comes to check on the new patient. Since Ji Hong is no longer doing surgeries, she calls for Yoon Do.

Arriving at the Hospital, Sung Jong and Myung Hoon discuss the construction of the Senior Health Center – the management team is currently coming up with a budget. With them is the board member Ji Hong met with earlier in the episode (the one where Myung Hoon’s lackey was watching in the background). It appears like the Senior Health Center plans went through!

They run into Director Hong and the board member looks ashamed. Myung Hoon asks if his research is going well and Ji Hong says yes before leaving. The three continue discussing the funds for the center’s construction.

Ji Hong meets with Tae Ho and Ji Hong confirms for us watchers that the Senior Health Center plan went through. Tae Ho then reveals he now has evidence. He hands Ji Hong a USB drive containing the funds that Myung Hoon’s off-site facilities earned that did not go back into the hospital. It’s a list of businesses that worked with the off-site facilities and the facilities never transferred their payment to the hospital.

It’s 500 million won in the last year. Ji Hong says it’s a small amount for charging Sung Jong with embezzlement.

Myung Hoon tells an impressed Sung Jong that Ji Hong’s DBS sensor is a 10 billion won deal. Sung Jong asks why he blocked Ji Hong from doing surgeries and Myung Hoon tells him if he allows him to keep taking patients, in a few years, they won’t survive.

Sung Jong asks if they can take money from the investment fund Ji Hong brought in for their Senior Health Center construction.

Back in Tae Ho’s office, Tae Ho and Ji Hong continue speculating the slush fund. Ji Hong can’t stop thinking that his father had a record of the slush fund. The two try to piece together a timeline of the events that had taken place: Myung Hoon attacking Director Hong first with the stock leak and the tax audit. Director Hong fought back by refusing to retire. Then, Sung Jong quit on his own… Director Hong’s attack worked.

Ji Hong says he doesn’t believe anything would make him quit on his own, except for a slush fund record. They theorize what Director Hong and Sung Jong were arguing about for 20 minutes and Tae Ho wonders if he got his slush fund record taken away… and if Director Hong was going to use the record against Sung Jong. Is it possible that Sung Jong found the record and used it against Director Hong? (Yes!)

The two, knowing Director Hong habits well, come to the conclusion their theory is true, there must be another copy of the slush fund record in existence. They plan on finding that slush fund copy…

Yoon Do meets with Myung Hoon, who is bitter that Yoon Do voted for Ji Hong’s proposal instead (LOL, I love Yoon Do). Yoon Do retorts by saying he will vote for the one he believes in the most. Myung Hoon says it’s okay, as Ji Hong only received 1/3 of the votes in the end. He further berates him, asking if he likes being on the losing side because his father sure doesn’t. In return, Yoon Do gives a smirk and tells him he likes winning, too. He hands him a file, telling Myung Hoon he looked into something: the records of Gookil Hospital’s off-site facilities… they’re a little different. It’s not big, but it should still be a threat to Myung Hoon.

Both horrified and utterly shocked at Yoon Do’s threat, Myung Hoon raises his voice. Yoon Do tells him he will back off only if he leaves Hye Jung alone.

DAYUM YOON DO. What a man!

Elsewhere, Seo Woo asks Kyung Joon for updates on a patient named Hong Sang Tae. Kang Soo comes by with snacks. They’re all happy to see him. Just then, Hye Jung pops by as well and everyone is thrilled she’s back at work. Seo Woo gives Hye Jung a… nice gaze. Kyung Joon and Hye Jung poke fun at Kang Soo’s hair that is growing back.

In the fellow room, Seo Woo asks if Hye Jung has been well. Aw. Seo Woo receives a call from Myung Hoon, who wants her to get lunch with him. She rejects him since she has a surgery. When Hye Jung is about to leave the room, Seo Woo confronts Hye Jung and asks if something happened between them since her father’s attitude changed. Hye Jung tells her to ask her father about it, but Seo Woo says he’s been avoiding her question. Hye Jung then asks if it will hurt her father if she were to hurt her. Seo Woo curiously asks if she wants to hurt her father, but Hye Jung apologizes, saying it has nothing to do with her.

Seo Woo tells Hye Jung if she hurt her, it would indeed hurt her parents. She asks Hye Jung to tell her what happened.

Softly, Hye Jung tells her, “When I look at you, I’m reminded of the times when we hung out together after our midterms. I never imagined I’d become a doctor back then.”


When Hye Jung leaves, Seo Woo reminisces back to their sweet high school days when they took purikura photos and sang at karaoke together with Soon Hee. There’s a new flashback sequence featuring our bff trio at a floral garden eating ice cream. Seo Woo asks if they did well on the test and Hye Jung says she doesn’t know because she’s never done well before. Soon Hee says she’s given up, LOL. She’s frustrated though and asks how Seo Woo could be so good at it. Seo Woo says she works hard at it and lectures Soon Hee that she needs to put in effort to get the results. Hye Jung nods in the background.

The girls talk about their futures with Soon Hee saying she hopes to get married soon and have 1 kid, but out of the three of them, she feels as though Seo Woo will be the first get married. An embarrassed Seo Woo refutes this, saying she wants to become a doctor like her father. Even if she does get married, she needs to graduate medical school – it’ll be six years! When Seo Woo asks Hye Jung about her future plans, Hye Jung cheerfully says she wants to run the Rice Soup Restaurant with her Grandma. She wants to earn lots of money and let her Grandma live in comfort! Soon Hee and Seo Woo join in by saying they want a part of it by putting money into other Granny Rice Soup locations! They all laugh. Aw…

Later, Seo Woo asks Young Kook if people don’t like her father. Young Kook tells her that even if a lot of people don’t like him, there are also a lot of people that do. Young Kook notices the stress on Seo Woo’s face, but before he can say anything, she tells him she’s going to end everything here and walks off.

Yoon Do visits Hye Jung in the fellow room, asking to eat together. “Ah…” she says. LOL. He tells her to think about what he’d done for her and asks if friends can’t even eat together! She smiles and agrees. He asks how her revenge is going, but she says there’s no progress yet. She can only continue to work at the hospital.

On their way to the cafeteria, Sung Jong calls Yoon Do over. Myung Hoon is just scowling at them, lol. Sung Jong asks how the two of them are together and Yoon Do explains that Hye Jung is a colleague of his.

When they leave, Sung Jong comments how he likes Hye Jung because she’s back. Myung Hoon mutters that he hates Yoon Do and should get rid of him, too. If it weren’t because of his dad, he’d be gone already. Sung Jong notices his son’s behavior and asks if he’s stressed. He reassures him that the world belongs to him.

In his office, Ji Hong is stifling through his father’s belongings for the slush fund. Nothing turns up.

Myung Hoon thinks back to Hye Jung’s threat when Hye Jung walks in.

Seo Woo finishes her surgery and calls Soon Hee, who is surprised to receive a phone call from her. She tells Soon Hee that if she ever considered her a friend, to not lie to her…

Back at Myung Hoon’s office, Myung Hoon tells her he’s surprised she really did come back to work. Hye Jung tells him that she keeps to her word. He asks if she really wants to make a living under someone who has a different set of values than her. At this, Hye Jung tells him of the time she was in jail (which he should already know since he has looked into her, she says) and her Grandma told her that every human has the right to eat when she refused to. She says she’s making a living to eat with her own hard work – she doesn’t believe anyone is making that living for her. It’s her values that are important since she’s working to live and feed herself. In the end, his values mean nothing to her.

He tells her she must think she’s so great. He asks if she knows why Hye Jung is at the DBS research center – it’s because of her. He reveals that her past is a roadblock for Ji Hong and that he’s the one who is taking responsibility for her reckless behavior towards him. Hye Jung looks horrified as Myung Hoon tells her to leave and to stop causing trouble for others.

“You’d like it if I left,” she says. “That’s why I won’t. I told you, I always keep my word.”

At his house, Ji Hong continues to look through his father’s belongings for the slush fund copy. HE FINDS IT! Whoa, Director Hong has some crazy hiding places.

Hye Jung, driving, tears up.

Ji Hong takes the USB drive he found and finds the slush fund evidence on it. It’s 5,016,180,000 won! Just then, Hye Jung visits him. He’s happy to see her, but she is visibly depressed. She asks why she always has to become a burden for him and asks what Myung Hoon did for him to go to the research center. She rambles on cutely, asking why he didn’t tell her, but Ji Hong looks playful. He asks if he has to answer all her questions.

She tells him she feels embarrassed and feels like a loser. He takes her arms and wraps them around his waist. Aw… these two. I can’t. He kiss her and oh my god, intense makeout session.

“Justice is flowing like a river in a place that we cannot see. It is something you can’t see,” Ji Hong narrates as the episode ends.


Episode 18 Review

Whoa, this recap is really long given the amount of plot progression. So many things happened in this episode that is moving us nicely to the finale. Can you believe it? Only 2 more episodes to go and I can definitely see that the ending is near. I'm liking how Doctor Crush doesn't feel rushed. At all.

I absolutely love Seo Woo in the recent episodes.. I really hope she has a prominent role in taking down her father in the remaining 2 episodes. Hopefully, Soon Hee will reveal the truth to her and Seo Woo will (hopefully) make the right choice in helping Hye Jung. It'll be such amazing character development if she plays a part in bringing down her father.

I also loved Yoon Do in this episode. It made me laugh when Yoon Do IMMEDIATELY involved himself when Pa Ran warned him not to. Once again, Yoon Do shows us what a man he is! I can't believe he instantly threatened Myung Hoon like that! He's smart to look into his and Sung Jong's embezzlement...

Speaking of intelligence, Ji Hong and Tae Ho are such a great team. I'm thoroughly enjoying how Doctor Crush implemented a character like Tae Ho on our protagonist's side. He's one of my favorite characters in the drama. And finally! Ji Hong has his hand on the slush fund evidence his father had! Great hiding place, by the way.

Last but not least: that kissing scene! Wow, Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won do kissing scenes incredibly well. SO. MUCH. CHEMISTRY. It was quite.. heh, intense. I love their character's relationship so much.. it's just incredibly refreshing to see such a mature take on a relationship from a Korean drama.


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