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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 10 Recap and Review

Posted on July 22 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 10

Wow, a lot happened this episode! We got the entire prep, surgery and aftermath sequence of Director Hong's health condition, the beginnings of Soon Hee x Young Kook (I really want this to happen), more plot development for Chi Hyun, the conclusion of Yoon Do and Hye Jung's cafeteria lunch, Hye Jung's escalating "bribe" problem, the blooming bromance between Ji Hong and Yoon Do and... dare I say first road bump in Ji Hong and Hye Jung's budding relationship?


Episode 10 Recap

Hye Jung narrates as we’re given flashbacks from her days in high school to the present timeline, “If you meet a sincere person, it can change you. The person whom I’m meeting now can change my life. It can be a source of hope for a person… or despair.”

Continuing from the last episode, Hye Jung watches on Ji Hong confronts Yoon Do regarding his father’s surgery. After hearing Ji Hong say he’ll kill him if something goes wrong, Yoon Do replies by saying he will live a long life. He notes his dislike for Ji Hong – although he, himself, is a show off, Ji Hong is just as bad. However, after this confrontation, Yoon Do reveals that he likes him more now. He further comments that they’re rivals over one woman and at this, Hye Jung perks up.

The atmosphere between Ji Hong and Yoon Do lightens up. Ji Hong asks Yoon Do if he’s even eaten with Hye Jung yet. Flustered, Yoon Do quickly announces that they will soon. Ji Hong scoffs and tells him to declare himself as a rival after they’ve had at least one meal together. Once Ji Hong leaves, Yoon Do endearingly muses on how Ji Hong keeps poking at his weak spot. Dorky Yoon Do never gets old!

Hye Jung chases after Ji Hong out of the hospital and surprises him by taking hold of his hand. He smiles, noting how she always appears out of nowhere. Hye Jung comments how big his hands are and he gentle pats her head, noting how he can absorb her entire head. He asks why she’s there and she replies with her ever usual, “just because.” Music cues! Ji Hong takes her hand, saying she’s being good to him today and the two lovebirds stroll off in the distance. Aw. Aw. Aw.

Later, Soon Hee is heating up food in the cutest Korean drama kitchen, ever. Hye Jung walks in and Soon Hee tells her to give it to Ji Hong; after all, she’s going to be his mother-in-law! LOL! I love Soon Hee. This gesture isn’t free though – she wants Hye Jung to send Young Kook to Sooni Hawaii in exchange for the food. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the bestfriendship between Hye Jung and Soon Hee is the cutest thing ever. Hye Jung even jokingly asks Soon Hee to marry her!

Ji Hong receives a call from Hye Jung when he’s exercising at the gym. He tells her his office’s pin number and tells her to wait for him there. Outside Ji Hong’s office, Hye Jung bumps into a curious Yoon Do, who takes notice of the bags (of food) she’s holding. He asks Hye Jung when they can eat together and she tells him they can today. Yoon Do is visibly happy and she laughs at him. Once she enters Ji Hong’s office, Yoon Do grabs his heart and tells it not to get ahead of itself. Aw. He tries to meek through Ji Hong’s office window, but ultimately leaves.

Ji Hong rendezvous with Hye Jung in his office, joyful at her gesture. Hye Jung tells him it’s not from her, but Soon Hee. Regardless, Ji Hong is happy how Hye Jung has “this” kind of side to her. He asks her about her Grandma’s case and Hye Jung wonders to herself how he can worry about her when he, himself, is in such a dire situation due to his father’s upcoming surgery. Hye Jung tells him about meeting with Section Chief Kim Chi Kyun. He questions why she’s so adamant that there was a mistake during her Grandma’s surgery and she notes the high chance of recovery given her Grandma’s diagnosis and remarks that a table death for stomach cancer is highly unlikely. She also reveals that her parents accepted the settlement and everything was covered up quickly.

Ji Hong requests to work on this case together, but she rejects him while thinking to herself that he should take care of himself first. He presses, saying he’s able to multi-task and she asks if he’s happy. He is, he says. After all, he’s alive, has a person he likes and they’re eating together. This is happiness! She tells him he’s a good and strong man and Ji Hong questions her strange behavior. Just then, Hye Jung receives a call from Yoon Do and excuses herself. Ji Hong happily continues to eat the food she brought.

Myung Hoon is talking with his lackey regarding Kang Mal Soon’s file. His lackey reveals that Director Hong was the one who accessed the file and they come to the conclusion that it was a request from a hospital staff or someone connected to him. On the topic of Director Hong, they note that his car is still at the hospital, but don’t know his whereabouts. Myung Hoon orders his lackey to find the whereabouts of Director Hong and contemplates just how far Director Hong is going to chase him…

Hye Jung is running around getting tools for Director Hong’s tests. Kyung Joon takes notice and asks Kang Soo if there’s some VIP in their department. Kang Soo tells him to stop digging around and the two start a playful squabble.

Ji Hong visits his father in a VIP patient room. Ji Hong tells him to stop acting tough and his father retorts that he’s acting tough because he’s in front of Ji Hong. He sweetly tells Ji Hong how he feels secure now because he has Ji Hong and notes this is the reason why people have children. These two are so sweet. Ji Hong tells him the doctors will soon come to run some tests.

Outside, Hye Jung comes running to Yoon Do. She’s out of breath and starts coughing, dropping some tools. Yoon Do advances, trying to pick up the tools. She tells him she feels uncomfortable when he comes at her, LOL! Ji Hong, down the hallway, sees the two interacting. They notice him and Hye Jung instantly brightens up with a smile. Yoon Do notices her change in behavior when she’s around Ji Hong and is clearly jealous.

Ji Hong asks her to lunch and Yoon Do quickly intervenes, saying it’s impossible because she already made plans with him. Ji Hong then asks Hye Jung to dinner (LOL) and, rattled, Yoon Do quickly tells Ji Hong to buy him dinner after the surgery. Ji Hong comments Yoon Do is trying hard, LOL. When Ji Hong leaves, Hye Jung remarks that Yoon Do must be close with Ji Hong. Drained, Yoon Do says they should quickly run Director Hong’s tests.

Director Hong is ecstatic to see Hye Jung. She tells him they should go fishing together after he gets well and the two joyously engage in a personal conversation with Yoon Do awkwardly looking uncomfortable and envious. Hye Jung introduces Yoon Do and the two doctors start to draw his blood.

Sung Jong informs Myung Hoon that Director Hong was admitted to the VIP ward for a relapse and that he’s getting surgery in secret. They talk about penalizing Tae Ho for keeping this a secret.

Elsewhere, Ji Hong tells Tae Ho to no longer keep the surgery a secret. Tae Ho notes how he’s always been shielded by Director Hong. When Tae Ho leaves, Young Kook preps Ji Hong about another patient who needs surgery. He asks Young Kook to request Seo Woo to assist instead of Hye Jung, signifying an end to her punishment.

Hye Jung updates Ji Hong on his father’s test results. She wonders if they should speak in private, but he says the surgery isn’t a secret anymore and borrows Kyung Joon’s computer to look at the results. After the call, Kyung Joon stares at Ji Hong in a hilarious manner. Ji Hong tells him he’s making him uncomfortable and the two go do a round together.

Seo Woo sits down, looking completely exhausted. Young Kook tells her Ji Hong wants her for the surgery and she looks confused, thinking her punishment was going to last longer. When she asks about Hye Jung, he tells her she’s going to assist in Director Hong’s surgery. When she’s about to go on as to why she thinks Hye Jung was given that position, Young Kook instantly tells her it’s because she’s the right fit. She asks if she’s really awful right now. He says yes and she says she’s succeeding then.

Kang Soo is trying to split the car repair fees with Nurse Hyun, who refuses to have any part of it because Kang Soo was the one driving. Seo Woo walks by and asks what’s going on. Kang Soo confesses he crashed Hye Jung’s gift car from the Gangster Bossman and how he doesn’t want to sacrifice half a month’s paycheck on the repair fees. Seo Woo mutters how Hye Jung is basically accepting bribes. She tells Kang Soo that she will take care of the situation for him.

Seo Woo calls the internal audit committee to report Hye Jung for accepting a bribe from a patient.

Myung Hoon visits Tae Ho and, once again, he’s putting on his façade. I’m not sure why since he already exposed his true self at their previous confrontation. Myung Hoon expresses fake concern over Director Hong’s well-being and asks if there’s anything he can do. Tae Ho thinks to himself that his pretension is over the top. LOL. When Tae Ho leaves, Myung Hoon snidely comments how the ball will always be in his court.

Sung Jong visits Director Hong, bringing him soup. He tells him that they’ve been friends for 50 years. Despite asking about his face (from his punch), Director Hong remains cold. He reveals to Sung Jong he knows about the slush fund! He wanted Myung Hoon to step down himself, but there’s no chance now. Shocked, Sung Jong negotiates with Director Hong. He tells him to do it his way, but to hand over the slush fund records. He pulls the friendship card. Sung Jong tells him to hand his position to Ji Hong – he’ll cooperate in exchange for the slush fund records. Don’t fall for this trap, Director Hong!

Elsewhere, Ji Hong asks Seo Woo if she’s done reflecting on her mistake. She says she won’t do it again. He then tells her to not forget he was her homeroom teacher; he genuinely wants the best for her.

Yoon Do is excited about finally having a cafeteria meal with Hye Jung. He smiles and winks at himself in the mirror a few times. Aw, you dork.

At lunch, Yoon Do comments how it’s hard to have a meal with her and on her quietness. He asks if it’s him who makes her quiet, but she laughs. He seems happy at her response and tells her he’s a funny guy. He then asks if she didn’t understand what he meant when he said he saw her as a woman. He brings up Ji Hong, but she stops him, saying the topic is too heavy. She tells him, “thank you.” Yoon Do braces himself, telling her he’s getting a bad feeling because “thank you” is what people say when they’re going to say something bad. She starts talking, telling him she doesn’t believe in love between a man and a woman. She asks if she should stop; however, Yoon Do tells her to proceed.

“If I were to love someone at all,” Hye Jung continues. “That person would be Doctor Hong Ji Hong.”

Oh, oh. Poor Yoon Do. He is visibly stunned and Hye Jung tells him she’s sorry. However, Yoon Do gathers himself and smiles, telling her he’s thankful she feels sorry for him as that means she has good feelings towards him. She smiles and excuses herself.

Aw, poor Yoon Do! He looks utterly devastated.

Nurse Hyun gets a call from the internal audit committee asking for Hye Jung. She freaks out, panicking to Kang Soo that they’re the reason Hye Jung is getting in trouble. Kang Soo runs to find Hye Jung, telling her that the internal audit team wants to speak to her. Nearby, Seo Woo watches.

During the meeting, a committee member asks Hye Jung if she remembered signing an ethics contract stating she is not to receive any gifts from her patients. She does. She explains that Gong Byung Doo (Gangster Bossman) left the car for her. She didn’t know what to do with it. The committee representative notes that she already drove the car. She says she didn’t as she already has a nice car herself and shows a photo; there’s no reason for her to accept Byung Doo’s gift. However, he brings up a photo of the car’s accident, signifying it was driven. She explains an accident occurred when she was trying to sort the car situation out. I love how calm she is during this meeting.

In his office, Ji Hong is forlornly printing out DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms at the request of his father.  In a voiceover flashback, it’s revealed that his father insisted he didn’t want to be resuscitated in case something went wrong. Tears fill Ji Hong’s eyes and he looks at the photo of the two of them on his table.

An angry Sung Jong drops by Myung Hoon’s office, revealing that Director Hong knew about the slush fund! He’s infuriated, stating Director Hong has them by the throat. Myung Hoon panics. Sung Jong confesses he made a deal with Director Hong to retrieve the files, but had to give Myung Hoon up. Myung Hoon whines a pathetic, “No!” He frantically asks to get rid of the evidence and even voices out how he wishes the surgery won’t succeed. Sung Jong berates him for saying something so horrible, even out of anger.

Wow, I am honestly surprised that Sung Jong has one ounce of dignity in him. Am I the only one surprised he reprimanded Myung Hoon for what he said?!

Ji Hong brings the DNR form to his father’s room. He lectures his father on his eating habits and Director Hong proceeds to sign the paper. Ji Hong has to sign as well. Aw, this must be so hard for Ji Hong. Ji Hong asks if this is necessary and his father tells him he’s not going to die and to not take the forms to seriously – it’s just an “in case.” He reveals he’s going to retire and Ji Hong says he’ll take care of him. His father playfully says he uses a lot of money and asks how much his monthly allowance is going to be. Ji Hong says they have enough. Aw, I really love the relationship between Ji Hong and his father. It’s so sweet.

Later, Ji Hong, Yoon Do and Hye Jung are talking with Director Hong regarding his surgery. Director Hong and Ji Hong are giving notes on taking careful precautions, which make Hye Jung laugh. She remarks that Director Hong and Ji Hong suit each other so well given their similarities. They all joke that Director Hong will wake up and perform the surgery himself if Yoon Do doesn’t do well! Tae Ho, Kang Soo and Kyung Joon eventually join in as well. At Director Hong’s request, Tae Ho sings an upbeat song and everyone is all laughs and smiles. This entire sequence is incredibly heartwarming. It worries me! Please don’t die, Director Hong!

Outside, Ji Hong reveals he’s not going to watch from the observation deck. He’ll be sitting where patient guardians usually wait.

Yoon Do and Hye Jung are prepping. The music swells! The operation on Director Hong begins. An anxious Tae Ho is watching from the observation deck. Yoon Do starts operating, but is interrupted by Tae Ho attempting to guide him via the intercom. Distressed, Yoon Do stops the operation. He calls Tae Ho out on his behavior, angrily saying he cannot operate under such conditions. After a tense silence, Tae Ho apologizes for his behavior. Thank goodness! Yoon Do resumes the surgery.

The music during this sequence really makes the mood! A nervous Ji Hong is seen waiting outside.

Back in the operation room, the music is swelling. A machine beeps and Yoon Do finds what he needed to find. Hye Jung asks if it’s going well and Yoon Do replies that as long as the suction goes well, it will be. He’s intently focused.

In the waiting room, a tense Ji Hong sees Hye Jung walk out. She smiles, asking if waiting was difficult. He tells her it felt like time slowed down, but the result of the surgery is written all over her face! She’s glowing with smiles. Tae Ho and Yoon Do follow Hye Jung out, announcing the surgery was a success! Ji Hong compliments Yoon Do and tells him that it looks like dinner is on! Yoon Do tells him there’s no need and Tae Ho interjects, asking Ji Hong to buy him dinner too. Ji Hong jokingly tells him to stay out of it, but he is clearly relieved.

Hye Jung gets a call from Young Kook asking about another patient. She asks where he is; after all, it’s time to persuade him to visit Soon Hee’s Sooni Hawaii! She drops by the room where he and Joong Dae are, trying to make conversation but Young Kook sees right through her. She admits she’s there to “do business.” As in, to advertise her friend’s café! She embarrassingly asks them to go and all three laugh hilariously. She tells them to let her off the hook since Soon Hee is a close friend. When she leaves, Young Kook comments on her cute behavior and Joong Dae remarks that she’s unexpectedly charming.

Yoon Do and Hye Jung are seen together waiting for the lift. He jokes that she only gives him short replies, or dumps him. He tells her he’s trying to heal the wound. When the elevator door opens, it’s… ugh, you guessed it! Seo Woo! And Young Kook. Hye Jung and Yoon Do enter the lift, cringing.

Is this going to be the most awkward elevator ride? Yes. Oh, yes it is.

Of course, Seo Woo being Seo Woo, tries to embarrass Yoon Do. She reveals that she slapped him and that he “stabbed someone in the heart,” referencing herself. She tells Hye Jung that this lowly person likes her. Hye Jung and Yoon Do quickly exit the lift when the door opens. Outside, Hye Jung asks why Yoon Do needed to follow her out and he retorts that he needed to live, too! She asks why he rejected Seo Woo – she’s pretty. In return, he asks why she rejected him. When she cant give an answer, he tells her he knows Seo Woo is causing trouble for her.

Back in the lift, Seo Woo, again, tells Young Kook she’s done living for other people. She’s going to be a femme fetal. Young Kook gives her the same answer Yoon Do did earlier: People who truly are bad don’t announce to the world that they’re going to be bad; they just do it. Seo Woo mutters that she’s already done something bad.

Ji Hong and Tae Ho are watching over a sleeping Director Hong. They ask the nurse to watch him well when they leave. Just then, Tae Ho receives a call from the disciplinary committee asking about Hye Jung. Ji Hong looks concerned at the mention of Hye Jung’s name.

Later, Ji Hong is meeting with a disciplinary committee officer. He reasons that Hye Jung tried returning the car. The officer tells him that the person who reported it is too powerful for the committee to easily dismiss the case. He asks who can be more powerful than him and the officer outs Jin Seo Woo, the hospital director’s daughter. Ji Hong does not look pleased.

Tae Ho meets with Hye Jung, cautioning her that although he trusts her, the other members of the disciplinary committee may not. He warns her she may get suspended, receive a pay cut, or even be required to leave the hospital in the worst case scenario.

Hye Jung encounters Ji Hong outside. She asks if she ruined his good mood, telling him to go home to rest. He tells her he’s not tired and that he can also attend her disciplinary committee meeting. She tells him it’s not her goal to remain at the hospital and questions if he’s okay with everything she does. That outlook is a fantasy, she says. He asks why she’s so cold. “Just because,” she retorts before walking off.

Nurse Hyun and Kang Soo are panicking for getting Hye Jung in trouble. Kyung Joon says they should be punished. Passing by, Yoon Do reprimands them for gossiping. He plucks Kyung Joon to follow him. Kyung Joon, frantic, reasons with Yoon Do that they’re only gossiping because something big happened. He asks what and Kyung Joon reveals that Hye Jung is being called out by the disciplinary committee because of the Bossman patient! A concerned expression washes over Yoon Do’s face.

Yoon Do runs into Ji Hong outside their offices. Yoon Do anxiously asks if he knows. Ji Hong says yes. Yoon Do asks how he knows what he’s talking about and Ji Hong says it’s about the disciplinary committee. He confesses to Ji Hong that Hye Jung rejected him, but it seems like Ji Hong already knew this was going to happen. Ji Hong asks Yoon Do if he knows how long he’s known Hye Jung – and they’re still in the flirtation stage! Yoon Do comments that Ji Hong is amazing to even be in the flirtation stage to which Ji Hong agrees. LOL. However, Yoon Do tells Ji Hong that he still likes Hye Jung and that if he sees room between them, he’ll make his move. Ji Hong is about to leave, but Yoon Do mopes that he just got rejected; shouldn’t Ji Hong console him? He asks for dinner and Ji Hong just says he can’t as he’s meeting someone before leaving. LOL, omgosh, these two need to be besties.

It turns out the person Ji Hong is meeting is none other than Section Chief Chi Hyun. Chi Hyun is absolutely thrilled and honored to meet the renowned surgeon, Ji Hong.

Back at Gookil Hospital, Kang Soo is sulking updating his webcomic. He wants to turn it into a movie, so he can get money to pay Hye Jung back. Joong Dae tells him Hye Jung was promoting Sooni Hawaii and drags him along to visit. There, Soon Hee is happy to see Kang Soo, irritated to see Joong Dae and wonders where Young Kook is. It seems Joong Dae has a crush on her! Kang Soo laughs at his misery.

Ji Hong hands Chi Hyun Kang Mal Soon’s file. Chi Hyun’s facial expression goes from ecstatic to shock. Ji Hong asks for details on what happened that day. Now nervous, Chi Hyun says he doesn’t remember. Ji Hong reiterates what Hye Jung told him earlier – it’s rare for table death to occur for a stomach cancer patient. Surely, because of this rare occurrence, Chi Hyun should remember. Chi Hyun brings up that a young woman came by with the same question and asks if he knows her. Ji Hong says no; he’s just close to the patient who died. Chi Hyun suddenly says he feels fatigued.

The next day, Chi Hyun sees Hye Jung at his work again. She presses him for information and tells him she’s there because he didn’t call. She questions if excessive bleeding happened; after all, she remembers seeing a nurse running out in panic with lots of blood. She presses if the patient’s liver or blood vessel was cut.

Suddenly, Chi Hyun asks what her relationship with Ji Hong is. Hye Jung is surprised. Reading her expression, Chi Hyun comes to the conclusion that Ji Hong lied to him about knowing Hye Jung. He accuses Hye Jung of using Ji Hong to threaten him. He tells her she’s extremely disturbing and tells her to leave. Hye Jung tells him she’ll be back again. “I’ll keep coming back,” She threatens.

Hye Jung is not happy. Back at Gookil Hospital, Hye Jung instantly confronts Ji Hong in his office. She brushes off his cute “good morning” and gets straight to the point.

“I was very clear with you. I told you to stay out of it,” Hye Jung harshly says. Uh oh.

Chi Hyun calls Myung Hoon, horrified that the “young woman” came again. Myung Hoon is exasperated, scolds him for not being aggressive. Chi Hyun confesses that Ji Hong met him last night. He’s scared that someone of his caliber is involved; if it’s Ji Hong, he can’t just ignore it. He questions what would happen if he got on the Director’s bad side. He hangs up.

Stunned, Myung Hoon wonders why Ji Hong is involved. He pulls out the file Chi Hyun gave him, the one with Hye Jung’s phone number.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung have brought their confrontation outside the hospital. He asks if she’s this angry because he met with Chi Hyun. She tells him yes and he argues that it will be easier and faster if they’re both in it together. He tells her it’s just like her doing everything with Soon Hee. Hye Jung then questions him and why he doesn’t tell her anything – he just sent her off without a word when the hospital was getting audited! Furthermore, she had to hear about his father’s condition from someone else!

Ji Hong reasons that he didn’t want her to worry and Hye Jung instantly interjects, telling him that’s also her reason. She presses why he won’t share his worries with her and he finally admits that he’s never shared anything with anyone before. He’s always made decisions on his own; it’s a habit and has nothing to do with Hye Jung herself.

“It does,” Hye Jung says, “If you and I are to start a relationship as a man and a woman. You say we should do everything together, so why do you stick to your old habits? Is that love? That’s just being a burden. I’m not going to live in a burdensome love.” She walks off in dramatic glory as he watches.

Hye Jung’s ending narration beings: “In the past, he gave me the desire to become a good person. Being a good person is different than being a good man or woman.”


Episode 10 Review

I did not expect Yoon Do and Ji Hong's relationship to bud into such CUTE BROMANCE! How unexpected! Pleasantly unexpected! It's so refreshing to see two rivals in love develop something so endearing. Looking at their hostile interactions even just an episode ago, I didn't think they'd be so friendly with each other! I admire Yoon Do's respect of boundaries and Ji Hong's attitude towards Yoon Do's puppy love. He deserves someone better than Seo Woo.. although I'm pretty sure he's going to end up with her.

Please, writers, redeem her in some grand, worthy way. Right now, Seo Woo is constantly portrayed as some selfish, petty brat. C'mon, her behavior in that elevator scene was beyond cringe-worthy.

Another surprise in this episode was also mentioned in the recap: Sung Jong's criticism of Myung Hoon's hoping for Director Hong's death. That, given all the backstabbing scheme he has been pulling with Myung Hoon, was surprising. He actually has an ounce of dignity! Seo Woo and Myung Hoon though.. I don't know what to say about them. They're both incredibly childish; moreso on Seo Woo's side. However, I can also see selfish, childish antics in Myung Hoon when he whined to his father about trading him for the slush fund records. Stop riding on your father's coattail! You too, Seo Woo.

I'm happy Director Hong overcame his surgery hurdle. I was so close to believing the show was going to kill him off given the entire sequence with everyone singing around him prior to his surgery and the DNR form singing. You know, when there are incredibly heartwarming scenes in Korean dramas, you just have to brace yourself for the worst to hit you in the face right afterward. Thankfully, Director Hong didn't die! I love his character - so strong, level headed and smart. He knew about the slush fund!

It seems like this is Ji Hong and Hye Jung's first road bump in their relationship. Both seem to have issues opening up to others and I find it interesting how Hye Jung called Ji Hong out on his behavior: He constantly tells her they should "work together," but never opened up to her about his problems.

What I love about this drama is how different it is from most Korean dramas. The two leads affirmed their feelings for each other quite early in the series; the rest of the time is focused on them learning to communicate, working through hardships (together), bettering themselves and each other and learning to love.


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  • StarberryKoko.com: August 03, 2016

    @hohurm: I love reading your comments and your thoughts for this episode! :) Thank you so much for reading and participating in these recaps! Yeah.. that “everybody singing together” scene got me SO INCREDIBLY NERVOUS…

    Aw, dorky harmless puppy Yoon Do! That is the perfect way to describe him. He’s such a lovable dork! YES.. I love how he doesn’t hide in the shadows / beat around the bush… he’s so straight forward! YET RESPECTFUL and manly!

    Young Dae was super cute here, I agree. He needs some affection, too! I’m starting to wonder who Soon Hee will be paired up with since she seems to be crushing on Young Kook… hm…

  • hohurm: August 03, 2016

    i was also worried that Director Hong may die looking at all the people singing etc..and i like how he is smart too, in figuring out the slush funds. unlike other kdramas where the person dies without having a hint who is backstabbing them. and it’s kinda “low” for sung jong to give his son away in order to cover his slush funds actions. although he did mentioned it to his son and want to cover up all tracks but still…

    im kinda disappointed that yoon do got shot down fast. albeit it is realistic for someone as strong willed as hye jung to do that, she doesn’t play with someone’s feelings. i was just hoping to prolong dorky harmless puppy yoon do hihi. and spot on, yoon do know his boundaries and manly enough to admit to ji hong that he was rejected. the two male leads are really fun to watch. not your typical 2nd male lead that watch in the shadows, or the hero that beats around the bush about his feelings for the heroine.

    seo woo…god i just loathed her here. she is just so spoiled and selfish when things doesn’t go her way. i hope she’ll get a good karma for what she did before rises back and realize what a brat she’s been. and no! i hope yoon do doesn’t end up with her. he’s too good for her. besides he already said he thinks of her as a sibling.

    i think the highlight for me in this ep was young dae crushing on soon hee! he was so precious following her but hilarious when being rejected. and somehow i think just maybe kang soo’s web-toon might save hye jung’s career from the bribery issue??

  • StarberryKoko.com: July 27, 2016

    @Khushboo: Episode 11 coming tonight!

  • Khushboo: July 26, 2016

    When will you write the review of next episode ?

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