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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 11 Recap and Review

Posted on July 27 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 11

WHY?!?! THAT ENDING. WHY. I have to applaud Kim Rae Won's performance in that ending scene. Wow, what a great show of emotion and desperation. Incredible acting.

This recap is quite lengthy given the amount of plot progression we got! We got the conclusion of Director Hong's well being, the start of Ji Hong versus Myung Hoon and co., the build-up between Hye Jung and Myung Hoon, Yoon Do's decision, the beginning of another mini story arc featuring Mr. Psycho Husband and more Seo Woo being Seo Woo. I also ended up quoting quite a bit directly from the conversations since the script was so well written in this episode. Let's start this recap! 


Episode 11 Recap

“True love reveals truths about yourself,” Ji Hong’s voice narrates as he watches Hye Jung walking off after their confrontation outside the hospital. “It touched something inside of me I did not know about. I did not know I was this kind of man.”

He chases after her.

Hye Jung’s phone rings as she enters Gookil Hospital. She picks up the call only to be met with silence. It’s actually Myung Hoon – he’s investigating the woman who is trying to dig up his records on Kang Mal Soon. The call drops and Hye Jung notices it being a hospital number. For whatever reason, Myung Hoon calls again.

At this moment, Ji Hong calls after Hye Jung, “Hye Jung-ah!” Gripping the phone, Hye Jung chooses to ignore Ji Hong, who looks crushed by her action. Hye Jung, turning away from Ji Hong, speaks into the phone.

She firmly tells the caller she knows who he is: “This is the director, right?” Myung Hoon asks if she knows him.

“Of course I know you. You’re the director of the Gookil Hospital, Jin Myung Hoon. I didn’t think you’d call me yourself,” Hye Jung sternly replies. Taken aback, Myung Hoon hangs up the phone.

In Myung Hoon’s office, he questions the anonymous woman’s relationship to Ji Hong. His lackey enters and the conversation steers towards the disciplinary meeting called for Hye Jung’s bribe concern. Myung Hoon questions what caused such meeting to be called and is annoyed when he finds out it was just because of a gifted car. He comments he thought it was something bigger and questions why this is such a big deal. He is visibly irritated when his lackey informs him it’s because Seo Woo was the one who reported this.

It’s In Joo’s first day at work at Gookil Hospital! She’s tending a patient who was hit by a car. In the background, a man is hysterical over his unconscious wife who Kang Soo is tending to. Joong Dae is questioning him on the patient’s state. According to the sobbing man who is apparently her husband, she tripped and fell down the stairs at work.

Ji Hong is drops by his father’s room to visit. He brought him his favorite dumplings! Director Hong tells him to stop visiting him so much and to focus on working. Suddenly, Director Hong apologizes.

“I’m sorry. I was only your father in title. You grew up on your own… I depended on you more than you depended on me,” Director Hong says, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Hong asks why he’s being this way and Director Hong reveals it’s because this is the first time he truly needed rest. He comments he wants to see Ji Hong married before he passes and Ji Hong tells him he’ll live long enough to see his grandchildren, too! In tears, Director Hong remarks that he really hopes so. Ji Hong, concerned at his father’s behavior, asks what is wrong. Director Hong makes light of his emotional state, blaming it on female hormones. In a heartfelt scene, Ji Hong holds onto his father’s hand and hugs him.

“I’ve been so happy to have you as my father. I’m happy now,” Ji Hong says as he embraces his father. Director Hong, crying, says he’s happy too.

This isn’t looking good.

Back where In Joo is, she runs into Pa Ran who asks her about her first day of work. She asks about Director Hong and questions why he didn’t update her on his health. The two agree to go out for drinks and In Joo comments she needs to visit Director Hong.

Later, Hye Jung is tending to Director Hong. He mentions Ji Hong came by earlier and Hye Jung visibly tenses up. She changes the subject by asking him his pain level and the two engage in a light hearted conversation before In Joo comes in. The two women are surprised to see each other.

Remember, before the time-skip, In Joo told Hye Jung to stay away from Ji Hong as they don’t belong in the same world.

In Joo tells Hye Jung she grew up well and Director Hong is surprised they know each other. Suddenly, Hye Jung receives a call from Kang Soo and excuses herself.

Kang Soo preps Hye Jung on the new patient – the woman who fell down the stairs. We find out she is a 31-year-old woman by the name of Jo Soo Ji. She’s severely hurt and the husband is inconsolable. Kang Soo asks if he should call Ji Hong to which Hye Jung agrees. She also asks In Joo’s lackey to bring in the General Surgery team as well.

There is obviously something wrong with the so-called husband.

Ji Hong meets Hye Jung in the room where she’s looking at Soo Ji’s tests and scans. The air between them is tense! The two talk briefly about the patient and Ji Hong finally asks why she’s speaking formally with him.

Just then, In Joo comes in. He’s ecstatic to see her! Hye Jung doesn’t look happy at his friendly banter with her and excuses herself. Once she leaves, In Joo asks if she’s not in a good mood. She asks Ji Hong if the two are dating, but changes her mind on wanting to know. Ji Hong comments how she’s still the same – always answering her own questions.

Ji Hong meets Soo Ji’s husband to give him a briefing on the situation.

Later, the husband manages to sneak into Soo Ji’s room, where she is awaiting surgery. She’s still unconscious. He’s crying, but his distress suddenly turns dark, “Honey, Honey… you know, don’t you? You can’t ever leave me, okay? Even if you die… even if you die, you’re mine. Don’t you ever try to leave me again. You’re listening, aren’t you?”  Soo Ji’s finger twitches.

Oh god, this man is mad! And creepy to the extreme! Let's call him Mr. Psycho Husband.

Just then, Kang Soo spots the husband and tells him he can’t be in that room. The husband instantly feigns his distress again. Kang Soo reassures him on the patient’s well-being.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung are disinfecting their hands to prep for surgery. He invites her to join him, Pa Ran and In Joo for their drinking meet up. Exasperated, Hye Jung asks if he’s trying to be the giving tree.

“You should be mad at me,” she claims. “That’s the normal reaction.” She tells him there is nothing more frustrating than when someone doesn’t know your heart.

Ji Hong replies that he’s not normal although he admits he’s a little bit angry. She enters the operating room and the duo start the surgery.

In the observation deck, In Joo asks Pa Ran if the two are dating. He seems surprised at the idea.

In the operating room, Soo Ji’s blood pressure starts to drop. The scene intensifies as the music swells.

Elsewhere, Nurse Hyun and Kang Soo meet with Tae Ho. The two shamefully explain to Tae Ho that they’re the cause behind Hye Jung’s bribe concern: Hye Jung tried to return the car, but they begged her to let them drive it a bit first. Tae Ho stops them and tells them they can go. The two are happy and under the impression that Hye Jung has been saved by their confession.

Ji Hong remains composed during the surgery, despite Soo Ji’s blood pressure continuing to drop. He proceeds to perform on her skull and yes! Everything stabilizes. He tells the assistants to call for general surgery department’s In Joo.

In Joo comments that Ji Hong is still the same and Pa Ran pokes at her feelings, questioning if she still likes him. In Joo asks if he thinks she’s still in her twenties. Via the intercom, In Joo tells Ji Hong that she’s coming down; there’s no need to call for her. Hye Jung doesn’t look pleased.

Sung Jong drops by Myung Hoon’s office where the latter worries about his position. Sung Jong tells Myung Hoon to trust him as they regroup, but Myung Hoon confesses he has a file of all the possible medical accidents he’s made through the years. And Director Hong opened it. Sung Jong asks why he didn’t just get rid of it, but Myung Hoon’s a proud man: he treasures everything in his life, including his mistakes as they’re a sign of virtue. Sung Jong scoffs, asking him if he thinks he got to where he is because of his own strength. No, Sung Jong entitles – Myung Hoon is is only where he is because he supported him. He tells him to stop acting strange and drags him to visit Director Hong.

Ji Hong is talking with In Joo when Hye Jung runs into them. It’s awkward. After Hye Jung quickly leaves, Ji Hong nudges her with a “you see?” and In Joo replies with a cute, “good for you!”

Hye Jung meets with Mr. Psycho Husband to update him on the patient’s situation: the surgery went well! However, the injuries she sustained are severe. There’s a possibility she may not fully recover, but they don’t know until she regains consciousness. He asks to see her immediately, but Hye Jung says she’s in recovery. She’ll be moved to ICU soon, though. He thanks her as eerie music plays in the background.

In his office, Ji Hong calls Tae Ho in an attempt to stop Hye Jung’s disciplinary committee meeting. Tae Ho tells him he’s meeting with Director Jin and directs Ji Hong to familiarize himself him as well.

Director Hong is by Sung Jong and Myung Hoon in his VIP patient room. Myung Hoon bows, expressing his concern over Director Hong’s health. He asks Director Hong if he’s upset with him to which Director Hong says yes. He asks him to acknowledge the good work he’s done up until now and Director Hong retorts by saying if he didn’t acknowledge his work, he wouldn’t have left him alone. Ji Hong walks in and Myung Hoon tells him that he’s glad Ji Hong and Director Hong are family. Myung Hoon sulks, commenting how he probably will lose his office soon and tells Ji Hong to visit him before that happens. Ji Hong agrees and the shady father-and-son duo leaves.

Outside, Sung Jong berates Myung Hoon for his lack of pride. Again, Myung Hoon whines about his possibility of losing his position and Sung Jong reassures him, telling him he will definitely find the slush fund evidence.

Ji Hong and Director Hong discuss Myung Hoon and Sung Jong. Ji Hong comments that it doesn’t look like Director Jin is going to step down. It’s revealed that Director Hong knew about the meeting they had with the Congressman Nam and the Jung Soo Group a few episodes back! He tells Ji Hong to stay out of this issue – Ji Hong should just keep being a doctor. He, on the other hand, will take care of this shady business. Sobbing… why is Director Hong such a great father?! And character?!

Myung Hoon requests for Seo Woo’s presence. He’s upset about the complaint she filed to the disciplinary committee and wants to hear her reason.

Seo Woo, being her usual self, confronts Hye Jung. Brace yourself for an incoming cringe-fest for Seo Woo; this girl just digs her own grave deeper each week. She tells Hye Jung that she was the one who reported her to the internal audit team. Because Hye Jung criticized her before for hiding behind people, she will be upfront about everything now. She eggs Hye Jung on, trying to get her to complain about it being unfair as others have received gifts too. Hye Jung doesn’t, though – she admits it was a mistake.

Once again, Seo Woo tells Hye Jung, “I don’t like you.” Irritated, Hye Jung just tells Seo Woo to openly hate her because it’s better. She likes it because Seo Woo’s not tricking her anymore.

Seo Woo tells Hye Jung that she gets the things she wants so easily; if she hadn’t met her, she’d be a much better person right now. Seriously, Seo Woo? Seriously?

Hye Jung, exasperated, asks how she could’ve possibly gotten things easier than Seo Woo. She tells Seo Woo that she never told her to start hating her; those feelings of hate grew on her own. Liking someone is the same thing – she’s never told anyone to like her, either. So, why is she taking everything out on her?

“I guess when you put it that way, you didn’t tell anyone to like you,” Seo Woo says before leaving.

I can’t anymore. Seo Woo is so childish at this point; I almost want to flip my table.

Myung Hoon completely rips Seo Woo apart in his office. He angrily berates her, telling her she should be friendly to everyone in order to quietly gain strength within the hospital. He questions why he even reported something as trivial as this when Seo Woo attempts to reason it’s unethical. As for the cherry on top, he notes that he quite likes this Hye Jung fellow who accepted the gift – she’ll be big one day! He further tells Seo Woo to learn from her. Seo Woo is, unquestionably, in utter shock.

Elsewhere, Mr. Psycho Husband is creepily kissing an unconscious Soo Ji’s hand. Ji Hong and Hye Jung come by to follow up on her. In Joo joins as well and, per usual, Hye Jung is not happy. When Hye Jung leaves, In Joo asks if they fought. In Joo tells Ji Hong it’s good if they did; after all, it means he loves her. She proceeds to tell him that when a man and a woman are in love, they start to get lonely when they can’t dive into each other’s more personal situations. Before leaving, In Joo confesses to Ji Hong that she did a “bad thing” to Hye Jung a long time ago and apologizes. Surprised at this revelation, he asks what she did.

Hye Jung receives a call from Tae Ho, who tells her that he met with Director Jin and he’s agreed to let this go! Tae Ho comments that Director Jin likes her quite a bit and Hye Jung lets out an awkward laugh. Before hanging up, he tells her to thank Ji Hong as he was concerned. He directly asked him for a favor this time!

Note: I’m just sitting here wondering how Myung Hoon will react when he finds out Hye Jung is the anonymous woman trying to dig up his files on Kang Mal Soon. He’d probably beat himself up like crazy given how this would’ve been the perfect situation to get rid of her!

Hye Jung surprises Ji Hong in his office. The atmosphere between them is still tense and awkward. She starts by saying she met Tae Ho and Ji Hong interrupts her, telling her he heard what In Joo said to her a long time ago. He asks why she didn’t tell him. Hye Jung stops him, saying that’s a different issue. He’s still not happy with her formal speech, but Hye Jung tells him, “Let’s do this formally. I want to formally meet the man in you.”

Get ready for one of the best Korean drama female lead speeches, ever!

“Do you know why I said I wanted to do this assignment on my own? I don’t want you in any danger because of me. I’m trying to block you from entering the dark part of my life. You give everything to me. If you didn’t have something, I know you’d go out of your way to find it. If I received everything, I won’t be able to live without you because you’ve contributed to everything in my life. You give me your all, yet you don’t let me in, not even one step. I want to give my all to the man I love, too. I want to be a big part of that man’s life and give my contributions, too. But, doctor, you do everything alone. You don’t need anyone besides yourself. What if you stop loving me? What will happen?” Hye Jung says.

Ji Hong shakes his head, “That will never happen.”

Hye Jung tells him people should never say never and confesses to him that what she fears most is being thrown away.

For a moment, Ji Hong seems like he doesn’t know what to say. Softly, he asks what he needs to do. She tells him that he needs to change. She leaves.

Yoon Do is exercising away his frustrations. He’s thinking back to the unfortunate  lunch he scored with Hye Jung where she told him if she were to fall in love with someone, it’d be Ji Hong. He continues to mope and is itching to dial Hye Jung’s number on his phone. He proceeds to after calling himself a loser. On another note, nice room you got there, Yoon Do!

“I know I’m a bit pathetic and I change my mind a lot… You said if you had to love a man, it’d be Hong Ji Hong. That means you don’t love anyone yet… I’m saying I’m going to walk my path, no matter what. That messy path,” Yoon Do tells her before wishing her a good night’s sleep.

AH, oh my goodness, this scene gave me heavy second lead syndrome symptoms. Plz, dear Yoon Do. Don’t hurt your heart more!

Ji Hong, Hye Jung and Yoon Do are all seen deep in thought in the comfort of their homes. By the way, the OST here works so well.

The next morning, Hye Jung, Ji Hong and Yoon Do run into each other awkwardly. Yoon Do asks Hye Jung when they’re going to have lunch with her replying she doesn’t know. Ji Hong simply stares.

The psycho husband is still by Soo Ji’s bedside. Ji Hong and Hye Jung come to check up on her. Soo Ji is awake now and she can hear; she can also follow Ji Hong’s finger movements with his eyes at his request. She can even feel! Unfortunately, Soo Ji is unable to move her fingers when Ji Hong asks her to. He anxiously orders an MRI.

Ji Hong, Hye Jung and Young Kook analyze Soo Ji’s results. Ji Hong assumes it’s locked-in syndrome where the patient actually becomes a prisoner in his/her own body. Hye Jung and Young Kook look devastated when Ji Hong confirms that chances of recovery are low. Ji Hong further tells them it has to be explained carefully to Soo Ji’s guardian.

Later, Ji Hong takes his father out on a garden stroll. Director Hong jokes that Ji Hong is taking care of him so well because he’s going to die soon. The two laugh and engage in light-hearted conversation matters. Oh, Director Hong, please don’t even joke about that!

Young Kook is concerned for Soo Ji’s husband – how will he take the news of his wife? Hye Jung says there’s hope because she’s still alive. He’ll be able to endure it! They contemplate on how the husband must really love her; it must be pure since he’s constantly at her bedside! In the midst of their conversation, Mr. Psycho Husband comes by. He lashes out in anger, asking what he’s to do when she’s just laying there, which surprises both Hye Jung and Young Kook. The two exchange glances as the husband starts to apologize for his behavior.

When Mr. Psycho Husband is alone with Soo Ji, he creeps: “…Not as bad as I thought… They say you can’t move or communicate though. Oh, yes… you loved to dance. You can’t do that again. Still, that’s okay with me. I don’t have to watch you laughing and dancing with other men.”

Soo Ji, trapped in her body, closes her eyes in terror.

Psycho Husband isn’t done being creepy yet! He continues, “You can open your eyes. Open them. I love you.” Soo Ji looks horrified and he smiles. Oh, God. He should be jailed just for having that smile.

Yoon Do encounters Seo Woo, who publicly calls him out for avoiding him. He tells her he’s not. When Psycho Husband passes by, the nurses burst into admiration for him. They’re smitten at the fact that he only has eyes for one woman – his wife – and gush about how he’s so awesome for that. Oh, you ladies have no idea. Seo Woo, comparing Yoon Do to Psycho Husband, calls Yoon Do trash. Angered, Yoon Do leaves after commenting he doesn’t have to stay and listen to her spew.

Young Kook reminds Seo Woo that this is a public workplace and tells her he doesn’t like it when people talk about her. Seo Woo questions why she gets so hung up on men and Young Kook tells her it’s because she’s a woman. He also tells her to change her taste in men as there’s no such thing as a man she can respect.

Ji Hong, Pa Ran and In Joo arrive at Sooni Hawaii for their drinking meeting! Pa Ran does his usual flirty introduction with Soon Hee. After Pa Ran and In Joo leave to find a table, Soon Hee questions Ji Hong about Hye Jung. Ji Hong admits to her that Hye Jung is mad at him. Being her best friend, Soon Hee berates him. He playfully tells her he forgot the two of them were best friends and instantly admits his wrongdoing.

Back at Gookil Hospital, Hye Jung sits down by Soo Ji. She reaches out to hold her patient’s hand and Soo Ji opens her eyes. Hye Jung tells her, “I know you can feel things, too. You have to open that closed door on your own. Think to yourself ‘you have to get out.’”

Unknown to Hye Jung, Soo Ji is desperately pleading for help. When Hye Jung leaves, tears stream down Soo Ji’s face.

Sung Jong is rummaging through Director Hong’s office for slush fund evidence! Uh oh. He’s extremely angry and rushes to Director Hong’s room. Director Hong, surprised at his arrival, asks what he’s doing. Sung Jong is seething, yelling at Director Hong. He’s upset that Director Hong still had copies of the slush fund evidence when he was to hand over all the evidence. Director Hong feels absolutely betrayed when Sung Jong lets it slips he went through his office. He angrily calls Sung Jong and his son out for their greed and Sung Jong’s inability to control Myung Hoon. He tells him he’s allowing Myung Hoon to manipulate him. Sung Jong, on the other hand, only tells him that “your children’s path become your own.” He declares war on Sung Jong and swears to not leave Ji Hong out before storming out. Director Hong, horrified at Sung Jong’s declaration of dragging his beloved son into their mess, tries to chase after him. OH NO, he collapses!

Over at Sooni Hawaii, Ji Hong receives a phone call from Tae Ho who asks where he is as Father had an accident. Ji Hong instantly leaves In Joo and Pa Ran and runs back to Gookil Hospital. Ji Hong and Tae Ho agree to call Yoon Do as soon as possible for surgery.

A short while later, Ji Hong and Tae Ho hear a code blue being announced via the intercom. Panicking, the two rush back to Director Hong’s room where Yoon Do and Hye Jung are looking dejected.

Director Hong is going into cardiac arrest and his pulse is dropping. Ji Hong yells at them to get the defib; however, Tae Ho and co. remind him about the DNR order. Ji Hong, completely overwhelmed with emotions and despondency, doesn’t care. He climbs on top of his father in a desperate attempt to revive him through CPR. Tae Ho, watching Ji Hong’s reaction, also becomes overwhelmed. He shouts for the defib. Yoon Do can’t watch the scene before him and Hye Jung is crying. It’s too late, though. Director Hong is gone.

“To a man, a father is an extension of yourself. Losing a father is like losing yourself. I lost myself that day,” Ji Hong’s voice narrates as the episode ends.


Episode 11 Review

MY HEART IS BROKEN! Why?! Director Hong is was such a great character. I'm so sad he's now gone.. and I'm wondering the effects this will have on Ji Hong's character. He even mentions in his ending monologue he "lost [himself] that day." Moreover, Director Hong dying this way as opposed to during surgery is so much more tragic. He was so concerned for Ji Hong... Let me just sob in this corner.

I'm anticipating Sung Jong's reaction to Director Hong's demise. I wonder how he'll feel since he technically (indirectly) caused Director Hong's mental state to collapse the way it did. In the previous episode, he did show some dignity by berating Myung Hoon's comments about Director Hong's death. Despite being "at war" with each other, Sung Jong and Director Hong are (or were), after all, friends.

At the moment, I don't know how I should feel about Seo Woo. I don't know if I'm supposed to pity her, hate her, be neutral or what.. I don't know. I feel as though the writers don't know what to do with her at this point in the story, either. She is completely overshadowed by every other character in the show, including Myung Hoon, Yoon Do, Sung Jong and even the miniature arc characters. To be honest, I find Mr. Psycho Husband's story more interesting than hers! Week after week, she just acts like a brat only to be ripped apart by Hye Jung, Ji Hong, Yoon Do or Myung Hoon. I want to sympathize with her character, but it's so hard to.

Last but not least, I must applaud the script in this episode. I'm specifically talking about Hye Jung's "speech" to Ji Hong in his office where she tells him why she wants to accomplish her goal by herself. What a strong female lead; I love it. Hye Jung's character is so head-strong and, all in all, admirable.

I absolutely LOVE how mature Hye Jung, Ji Hong, Yoon Do and In Joo are portrayed in this drama. Yes, let's exclude Seo Woo. These are all "leading" characters interconnected to each other via varying levels of romantic interest.. but they're all so well-written as standalone characters and when interacting with each other. It pains me when I read comments about how "boring" Doctor Crush is or how the leads "got together too fast." This isn't the typical Korean drama featuring a douche-male lead who sees the female lead as something to conquer and/or possess. It's drama about how two people in love learn to love each other - and themselves. Yoon Do's character shows immense respect towards Hye Jung and Ji Hong's relationship. He's such a great character and I love how he and Ji Hong are budding into a bromance! The way In Joo changed in terms of her feelings for Ji Hong is downright admirable as well.

Can't wait for episode 12!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: August 04, 2016

    @hohurm: Kim Rae Won’s acting was superb in that ending scene! The whole thing with the defib was so emotional.. and Tae Ho also calling for the defib in the end killed me. T_T

    I’m really surprised at how this drama handles its secondary leads.. like Yoon Do and In Joo. It gives me hope that Seo Woo will be written out well (..hopefully!).

    Psycho Man’s story was super interesting to me as well.. it’s scary to know that there ARE people like this out there. >_>’’ It must’ve been scary for Soo Ji.. I mean, just imagine if that happened to you! _

    Thank you so much for your thoughts – I will continue to finish recapping this drama! I also LOVE reading your comments & thoughts to the episodes! :)

  • hohurm: August 04, 2016

    dangggggg…im sad with the ending scene! i could feel ji hong’s sadness and despair, trying to save his father. i was so heartbroken when he desperately begged for the defib. my eyes teared with him =( i wonder what will happen too since he said he lost himself that day.

    i love how in joo matured, and how the writer doesn’t make her into another venomous character who is just bitter about being rejected *cough*seowoo*cough*

    i also love the lines hye jung delivered to ji hong. she is absolutely right. love is a two way street. he needs to open to her too. hye jung might not realize it yet (based on her saying if she is to fall in love to yoon do) but she is starting to love ji hong. it might take a while for ji hong to share his burden with people as he is used to being able to hold his own. i love how the writers potrayed this. he was a teacher so he was used to look after his students, look after hye jung hence not having people to look after him..

    what in joo said is also spot on. when someone gets angry when they cannot get involved in your life, it shows they cared. for instance, hye jung is only angry at two things : 1) going after myung hoon as he caused the death of someone she loves, her granny. 2)ji hong for not opening up to her. only because she cares about these two people. she wasn’t angry or went after seo woo despite what the latter did simply because she doesn’t care for seo woo.

    “He should be jailed just for having that smile”..Lol! he’s a creepy one wasn’t he? this side story is interesting too. it does happen in real life and i can’t wait to watch next ep to see how it folds.

    frankly, yours are the only recap i read. for a first timer i think you did well. the gifs helps in reminiscing the scenes and it’s good that u put some thoughts while recapping. it shows u do it with heart rather than recapping like a robot.

    don’t mind what people say about the show. maybe their cuppa tea is typical korean dramas where the leads beat around the bush till the last few eps or lovers facing obstacles till finally getting together in the last ep (lol). i prefer one that shows how love grows though it’s good that ji hong and hye jung has some issues once in a while. nothing is sexier than silent intense between lovers/potential lovers. besides, the show’s ratings seems to side with us =)

  • StarberryKoko.com: July 29, 2016

    @fye: Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment! _ Yes! I agree, the storyline itself is not complex; it’s pretty straight-forward (thank goodness as it makes it easier for me to recap!). As you said, the writing is superb.. the raw emotions and individuality of the characters are showcased so well through the scrip and acting. I also agree on Seo Woo.. I really want more progress with her character in terms of redemption / her path towards “goodness,” so to say. I know a lot of her behavior is stemming from her toxic family background and I hope someone can save her from it.. be it Hye Jung or Yoon Do. Ahhhh, yes, you’re so right about our leads’ interaction with each other! It makes me keep watching to watch so we can find out more! I also love how not every single episode ends with a cliffhanger.. the story and characters are interesting enough to keep viewers wanting more!

  • fye: July 28, 2016

    I love reading your recaps and comments so keep em coming :) The storyline itself isn’t as complicated as some of the dramas I’ve watched but it works so well with the characters. Like you’ve said something as simple as Hye Jung confronting Ji Hong was powerfully executed. I love that the writers and directors decided to really take the time to portray all these raw emotions such as the conflicting feeling of deciding whether to continue pursuing a woman despite all odds, the pain of losing your loved ones again and again, the uncertainty in a relationship not knowing how it will progress. I do hope they could do the same for Seo Woo so we can follow her through her emotional journey instead of just being a spectator watching her make all these decisions not fully understanding why she’s acting the way she is. Surely she can’t be that bad? One of the reasons I can’t wait for each episodes is because I love the interaction between the main leads. If we recall how they met in episode 1 and how they got closer before everything fell apart, and now 13 years later so much is happening that they haven’t even talked about what happened when they separated. I’ve always wondered how they managed their feelings for each other during that period of time. Must have been tough.

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