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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 12 Recap and Review

Posted on July 29 2016

Doctors (Doctor Crush) Episode 12

Did anyone get cavities from this episode? BECAUSE IT WAS WAY TOO DARN SWEET! The amount of progress we get between Hye Jung and Ji Hong is insurmountable! The writers held off on the shady business/politics back-stabbing and just focused on developing Hye Jung and Ji Hong, both as individual characters and as a couple. We even got to wrap up Mr. Psycho Husband’s storyline!


Episode 12 Recap

Ji Hong is thinking back to when he was a child after losing his parents. Little Ji Hong is crying, presumably after his parent’s funeral. Present Ji Hong appears beside him and it’s revealed that he’s now standing before Director Hong’s grave. His voiceover starts: “The cells that make up a person are constantly unstable. Living is unstable. In essence, life is constantly changing. Father always said, ‘A man’s life is about making decisions and taking responsibility for them.’ Now, I’m starting over.”

Three weeks later

At Gookil Hospital, we see that Soo Ji is still a prisoner in her body. Mr. Psycho Husband is washing her body while cheerfully singing. This scene is so unsettling. The atmosphere gets dark rather quickly when Mr. Psycho Husband starts to talk, “You… I love you. Open your eyes. Hey, you really like this song. I’m singing this song for you so you should see it!”

He erupts with anger and throws the paper towel, “You really are selfish!” Suddenly, Hye Jung comes in with Yoon Do and Kang Soo. Thank goodness for these three! Mr. Psycho Husband’s anger instantly subsides and he feigns his concern over Soo Ji’s condition. He’s worried that she’s not opening her eyes.

However, Soo Ji does open them for Yoon Do. Right away, even, the moment he asks. Mr. Psycho Husband looks annoyed at her actions. Please, please let someone catch onto this “hint” Soo Ji is so desperately insinuating! It doesn’t seem like it though…

In the hallway, Yoon Do finds out that Hye Jung hasn’t been in contact with Ji Hong. He’s over in the U.S. taking care of Director Hong’s will. Yoon Do suggests her to call him and even tells her that if she really loves Ji Hong, she must go into his life right now. He questions himself as to why he’s even teaching her this kind of stuff. Hye Jung asks if he’s eaten and Yoon Do only tells her she’s dating a dummy and that Ji Hong is going to have a hard time. He walks away smiling after teasing her. Aw, Yoon Do. Yoon Do, you are the real MVP. What a refreshing secondary male lead!

Ji Hong returns to Korea and is picked up by Pa Ran. Surprisingly, he’s looking pretty good! Pa Ran suggests for them to eat at Sung Jong’s inauguration; after all, there’s bound to be good food there. Ji Hong declines, stating he’ll greet them later, but not now.

Tae Ho congratulates Sung Jong. Myung Hoon sure is looking happy. Seo Woo and her mother is present as well. During the inauguration, a slideshow on Director Hong is shown. Sung Jong gives a speech about how he was the late board director’s best friend. Now, he claims, he will accept his wishes and lead the hospital and the foundation. Everyone applauds! Tae Ho, reluctantly, does so too.

Elsewhere, Kyung Joon berates Joong Dae on always eating! Nurse Hyun and Young Kook are there as well. It’s a lighthearted comedic scene.

Later, Mr. Psycho Husband woos the nurses and Seo Woo some more by bringing them gifts for taking care of his wife. He wraps them around his little finger, claiming how he’s more at peace when he’s beside his Soo Ji. Kang Soo and Joong Dae, on the other hand, are not having it. The two are clearly jealous of the attention the nurses are giving Mr. Psycho Husband. Kang Soo comments that he should be working; bills don’t pay themselves! In a small scene, it seems like one of the nurses has a crush on Young Kook. She ducks when he walks over and when Seo Woo questions if she’s feeling ill, she awkwardly walks off.

Seo Woo’s mother drops by Yoon Do’s office. It’s an incredibly cringe-worthy scene of her asking Yoon Do why he can’t just accept her Seo Woo. She’s such a great person, her mother gushes. She continues on to say she just wants her daughter to be happy and how much stress she’s being put under. Oh, please. Yoon Do isn’t having it.

Sung Jong and Myung Hoon are celebrating in Myung Hoon’s office. Myung Hoon reveals that he wants to keep both Ji Hong and Tae Ho under him. He’s on a giggling spree, clearly bursting with happiness since his father is now the director. Sung Jong asks him about the senior health center to which Myung Hoon says he’ll get it confirmed soon. Sung Jong reassures his son, telling him he will back up whatever he wants to do since he’s the new director.

Chi Hyun interrupts the father-and-son meeting. After Sung Jong leaves, Chi Hyun gifts Myung Hong a gift to which Myung Hong coldly rejects. He hates it when people reveal their true colors when people are weak, Myung Hoon says, alluding to what happened between them earlier. Chi Hyun apologizes and blames his action on how aggressive Ji Hong was being. Chi Hyun pleads with Sung Jong to not cast him aside and further implies that he still has Kang Mal Soo’s records. He tells Myung Hoon to reconsider before leaving.

Hye Jung finally decides to call Ji Hong, but he’s left his phone in his office. The call goes unanswered.

Ji Hong runs into a flustered Chi Hyun in Gookil Hospital’s elevator. Ji Hong instantly asks why he’s there. Chi Hyun attempts to change the topic by offering his condolences, but Ji Hong calls him out on it. Before leaving, though, Ji Hong tells him he’s open to deals – he’s a kind person. Chi Hyun replies by saying he’ll keep that in mind.

Kang Soo calls Hye Jung and informs it’s time to check on Soo Ji. He also tells her Ji Hong has returned! Hye Jung looks surprised. She sees Ji Hong with Kang Soo and Joong Dae. A few seconds later, he sees her too. She walks towards the group, but his greeting with her seems distant. He simply says, “let’s go!”

Mr. Psycho Husband steps out of Soo Ji’s room to take a phone call. Nurse Hyun watches over Soo Ji for a while and leaves to find the doctors when she notices Soo Ji’s finger moving. “That man is not my husband!” Soo Ji tries to say. Unfortunately, she’s still unable to talk.

It’s time to change Mr. Psycho Husband’s name to just Mr. Psycho!

Ji Hong and Hye Jung come to check up on Soo Ji. Mr. Psycho has returned to the room as well. While Ji Hong is checking on her, she stares at him intently. Please, please Ji Hong! See that something’s wrong!

Ji Hong informs Mr. Psycho that she is recovering. When Ji Hong and Hye Jung leave, Mr. Psycho chases after them. He nervously questions if Soo Ji’s finger movements are a very good sign and asks if that means she’ll be able to walk around and talk again. Ji Hong seems to sense something is wrong from his question and actions. Nevertheless, he only tells him he can’t give him a clear answer. Mr. Psycho retreats back into Soo Ji’s patient room.

Ji Hong, now slightly suspicious, asks Joong Dae about Mr. Psycho’s job. He’s apparently a freelancer, which gives him the liberty of always staying by Soo Ji’s bedside. Ji Hong then asks Hye Jung if there was anything strange about the patient. Hye Jung says no. He drops his gut feelings, telling everyone to get back to work. NOOOOOOOOO!

Later, Joong Dae tells Seo Woo that Yoon Do requested her as his assistant for an emergency surgery. She seems surprised.

At the clean zone, Seo Woo asks Yoon Do if he really called for her; after all, Hye Jung is available, isn’t she? Oh god, please. Yoon Do tells her yes, he did call for her and no, he won’t do something like call Hye Jung to advance himself. He tells her to put on her scrubs and even lets her know that Ji Hong has returned! He lightly teases her about arriving after him when she’s the assistant and tells her to focus on him picking on her as opposed to her father’s expectations of her. Oh, Yoon Do. Seo Woo tells him to stop showing off. I’m so happy to see Yoon Do and Seo Woo mending their friendship.

Ji Hong and Tae Ho are watching Myung Hoon walk through the hospital. Ji Hong comments this is now the “era of Jin Myung Hoon.” Myung Hoon also sees the two and calls for Ji Hong.

Myung Hoon confronts Ji Hong as to why he’s digging up his past. Ji Hong questions if looking for Kang Mal Soon’s files “digging up his past.” Myung Hoon asks what he’s curious about and Ji Hong asks if he remembers the surgery. Myung Hoon replies by saying no, he only remembers happy things. He tells Ji Hong they should get along like their fathers. Ji Hong retorts by saying in order to have friendship, they must have a foundation first. Myung Hoon laughs, telling Ji Hong he’s smart – the style of people he likes. Ji Hong just smiles.

Kang Soo is prepping Hye Jung on a new patient. Hye Jung suggests Ji Hong should be the one to decide if the patient needs surgery. Ji Hong is called over, but… ah, why isn’t he talking to her like before?! He’s so cold and distant. Ji Hong goes straight to the patient and Hye Jung tries to make conversation, asking if he’s seen the CT scans. He tells her to get ready for surgery and leaves.

WHAT IS GOING ON?! The dramatic soundtrack playing isn’t helping, either.

In the clean zone, Hye Jung, once again, attempts to make conversation. She asks if he’s been doing well and it’s revealed that she hasn’t seen him since his father passed away. He tells her yes and that he’s had a lot to do. He thanks her for the extra work she had to put in and walks away.


In the operation room, Ji Hong acts extremely professional with her. He simply leaves afterward as well. Hye Jung, watching his back, looks hurt.

Later, Hye Jung is contemplating visiting Ji Hong’s office, but is interrupted by the arrival of In Joo. In Joo isn’t looking for Ji Hong though – she’s looking for her. The two end up at Sooni Hawaii where In Joo reveals why she hasn’t contacted Hye Jung even though she knew she had to. It’s because meeting Hye Jung means having to face her childish behavior when she was in her youth! Oh, In Joo. I love you.

“I’m sorry,” In Joo says to Hye Jung. Hye Jung playfully teases In Joo, asking if she should forgive her. The two girls make up! It’s endearing to see.

Ji Hong meets up with Pa Ran, who is just chilling at Yoon Do’s place. Yoon Do is made to cook ramen for the two of them. Pa Ran comments that In Joo is joining them later. Ji Hong compliments Yoon Do’s place and he responds by saying he wants to visit Ji Hong’s place too!

Hye Jung is dragging a very, very drunk In Joo out of a taxi. Hey, can you guess where they are? Yup, in front of Yoon Do and Ji Hong’s place! Oh my, In Joo screams loudly for Hong Ji Hong and Jung Pa Ran in the middle of the night, which completely embarrasses Hye Jung. Yoon Do, Pa Ran and Ji Hong all come out though. Ji Hong seems surprised to see Hye Jung. After Yoon Do and Pa Ran leave with In Joo, Ji Hong finally talks to Hye Jung! Finally.

He comments In Joo wasn’t this bad in the past and asks Hye Jung if she wants to come inside. No, Hye Jung says, I want to leave. “Okay, then” Ji Hong replies and turns. Hye Jung is furious! “Okay, then?!” She repeats in disbelief. “How can you just say ‘okay, then?!’”

Ji Hong tells her she said she wanted to leave. Hye Jung, being the smart mouth she is, asks him since when did he ever listen so well? She angrily turns to leave, but he grabs her hand.

“So what do you want to do now? Do you want to go home or talk to me?” Ji Hong asks.


Hye Jung enters Ji Hong’s home! She’s surprised to see a claw machine (exactly my thoughts) in his home. Finally, though, the two are sitting face-to-face for a much needed conversation confrontation.

“I’m sorry,” Hye Jung instantly says. She tells him she doesn’t know how to console people when they are sad; after all, she’s never been consoled by anyone before. When her Grandma died, she went through it alone. She expresses to Ji Hong that she thought being sad was something people go through alone. Aw, Hye Jung.

“I miss you,” Ji Hong starts with his reply. A nice soundtrack starts to play, “As usual, I did this on my own. My dad’s belongings and person affairs, I took care of it by myself. In past, it would’ve been comfortable. I was going crazy thinking about you.”

Hye Jung asks why he didn’t call her then?

“I wanted for you to call me,” Ji Hong replies.

Tears swell up in Hye Jung’s eyes. Oh, yes, my heart is beating, too. This is so romantic.

He proceeds to tell her that when he wanted something before, he always acted first. He cites confessing his feelings as one example. But waiting is also a positive thing you can do for the person you love – something he learned from her.

“I was taken aback,” Hye Jung replies. “I had pushed you to change. I’m sorry. I wanted to be loved the way I am, but I told you to change.”

Wow, this script is amazing.

Ji Hong tells her she’s very logical and is happy to know she’s quick to admit she’s wrong. He playfully tells her it’s a positive quality to have.

Hye Jung continues to tell him she wants to be in his life and apologizes again for telling him to change, “You should decide and make your own decisions. I will be there by your side. Can I do that?”


“You can,” He replies. She smiles and says she’ll be going now. Aw, aw, aw. Can I just “aw” at this scene between them forever?

Hye Jung is now back to her playful self, asking if she knew how much he scared her today – he didn’t even pick up his phone! He looks surprised at this, explaining he didn’t know she called. She tells him she thought his feelings changed with a bunch of thoughts running through her mind!

Before she’s able to leave, Ji Hong calls her out on actually wanting to try his claw machine! She does! The two start playing the claw machine and get all close and almost cuddly. They get closer and their faces… oh, yes, they are quite close together! Of course, things get awkward once they realize how close they are being physically. Hye Jung doesn’t run off though; no, instead, she sits on top of the claw machine.

She reaches for his hair and touches it. Whoa, is this Hye Jung “initiating” a kiss?! He stares at her and leans in… oh my, GOD. What a kiss scene! Unlike the first one we got, this one is passionate! Yeah, it’s definitely a make-out session. The screen fades black. Wow, what great chemistry between our two leads! I… can’t get over how good that kiss scene was.

The next day, Yoon Do is frustrated at seeing both In Joo and Pa Ran passed out in his living room. Pa Ran even has a beer bottle in his hand, LOL! He manages to wake In Joo up by calling her “aunt” to which she is furious about because she’s not “unnie!”

At Gookil Hospital, Hye Jung runs into Ji Hong who is talking with Kang Soo. They nod at each other and he calls her over before saying “let’s go together!”

In Soo Ji’s room, Mr. Psycho is ordering something on the computer. He seems extremely irritated. He walks over to Soo Ji’s bedside and starts to creep, “Oh, honey… I feel like everything I do is for you.”

He sits down beside her, “Don’t you agree? Open your eyes. Honey, let’s talk. Open your eyes. How do I look today? Blink once if I look good.” Soo Ji, on the other hand, just stares at him. At this moment, Ji Hong, Hye Jung and Kang Soo pop in. Thank goodness for someone to interrupt every time Mr. Psycho gets crazy. When Ji Hong approaches Soo Ji to check on her, she starts crying. He is now very suspicious of the situation. He tells Mr. Psycho that there isn’t much change.

Outside, Ji Hong asks if they can get the guardian away from Soo Ji. Joong Dae comments that he practically lives in here. That’s exactly why, Ji Hong says.

Mr. Psycho is on the phone with someone when Joong Dae and Kang Soo suddenly come in. He hangs up the phone and the two ask him for consolidation regarding stocks. They feign being in debt and want to hear Mr. Psycho’s thoughts on buying stocks. They suggest going to a coffee shop to talk and manage to drag him out of the room.

Instantly, Hye Jung and Ji Hong rush into the room. Ji Hong explains how they will communicate: blink once for yes, twice for no. He asks if she is uncomfortable. One blink. He then asks if it’s something to do with her husband. One blink. Hye Jung, keeping watch, is horrified when she sees Mr. Psycho coming back! Ji Hong, thinking quickly, pretends that her monitoring device fell off.

Hye Jung suggests to Mr. Psycho that they have to run some tests. They manage to wheel her out of her room and away from Mr. Psycho. Kang Soo stops him from following her. They manage to move Soo Ji into a private room away from Mr. Psycho. Kang Soo, Hye Jung and Ji Hong figure out a way to communicate with her using character signs. Blinking to the correct character to spell out, she is able to say what she wants to say:


Hye Jung, Ji Hong and Kang Soo are shocked at this reveal.

Later, Soo Ji is back in her original room with Mr. Psycho. Ji Hong comes in, telling him the “results” of the test: she’ll be okay. He gives a nod in Soo Ji’s direction - they're all just pretending. It’s revealed that Hye Jung has reported the situation to authorities. They find out that Soo Ji is actually a “missing person,” reported missing by her parents! Ji Hong questions why they would report her missing when she has a husband…

Back in Soo Ji’s room, Mr. Psycho is doing what he does best: being a creep. He tells her how pretty she is and asks her to remember when they first met. He tells her it was like being hit my lightning!

In a flashback, we see Mr. Psycho pestering a visibly annoyed Soo Ji with a bouquet of flowers. She tells him she already told him to stop doing this! He doesn’t listen though and gets on his knees, pleading that he likes her so much and to just give him one chance. He tells her he will put everything in his life on the line and that he will only protect her. She is exasperated.

Mr. Psycho continues to talk, “And you know how I begged you to get our marriage license… I went to register our marriage. I felt like I had everything in the world.”

Thinking to herself, Soo Ji comments that he is a walking disaster.

Outside, police inform Hye Jung and Ji Hong that Soo Ji’s parents are on the way. She asks them what Ji Hong asked her earlier: why was she reported missing when she has a husband? The police reveal that Soo Ji is, in fact, single. That man went off on his own to register. Hye Jung and Ji Hong look horrified.

The authorities explain that he stalked her like crazy. She dated him for one month and after realizing how obsessed he was, she broke up with him. Hye Jung instantly wants to go back, saying Soo Ji can’t be left alone with him. Ji Hong stops her, saying he will go. Hye Jung thinks back on the time he told her to learn how to accept protection and agrees. Aw.

Ji Hong manages to rope Mr. Psycho out of Soo Ji’s room. Bad timing though because he spots Soo Ji’s parents arriving and dashes off in a hurry. Ji Hong fails to catch up and Mr. Psycho succeeds to jump into a cab to escape.

Later, the police wrap up the information gathering. Ji Hong questions if Mr. Psycho was caught but he is still on the loose.

Over at Sooni Hawaii, Yoon Do is seen drinking by himself. Soon Hee comes over and gives him something on the house! She mistakenly thought he was waiting for someone, but he confirms he’s drinking alone. A few seconds later, Seo Woo comes in. She’s alone, too! They spot each other and she picks a table right next by him. He asks if she drinks alone now and Seo Woo tells him Young Kook is coming later. He tells her it’s good she has him and Seo Woo questions why a cat is worrying about a mouse. He brings up the fact that she used to console him when he got dumped and she asks if he misses it. Yoon Do tells her to not be a fool around her and leaves.

OH MY GOD, Mr. Psycho returns to Gookil Hospital with a hat disguise!

Hye Jung is talking with Kang Soo, voicing how she wants to check on Soo Ji one more time. Yes, please check on her NOW.

In Soo Ji’s room, her mother leaves to refill water. Soo Ji dozes off, but the door to her room slowly opens again… uh oh. The figure is sneaking towards her and of course, it’s none other than Mr. Psycho! She opens her eyes and completely panics at the sight of him,

“Gosh, you scared me!” Mr. Psycho says, “Did you think it was over? Even if you die, you’re mine anyway. You’ll never rid yourself of me.” Wow, stalker 101 right here.

Soo Ji’s eyes swell with tears and fear.

“I’ve been giving it some thought. Rather than let someone else have you, I think it’s better if I kill you,” Mr. Psycho tells her. “That’s okay, right?”

Soo Ji is crying. He wraps his hand around her neck and starts to suffocate her. Soo Ji’s monitor starts beeping like crazy, which alerts Kang Soo and Hye Jung outside. They run towards Soo Ji’s room and Hye Jung runs into Mr. Psycho, who is trying to flee. FINALLY, we get to see badass Hye Jung in action again! She flips him over and has him pinned to the ground in no time. After he’s secured, she runs to check on an unconscious Soo Ji.

She calls Ji Hong, telling him Soo Ji is in a semi-coma. She started bleeding from where they previous operated. Ji Hong rushes back to Gookil Hospital.

In the clean zone, Hye Jung tells Ji Hong that she really wants to save Soo Ji. She enters the operation room and Ji Hong gives a light smile. The operation is a success!

Back at Yoon Do’s place, Pa Ran is still wreaking havoc. He raids Yoon Do’s refrigerator for food and Yoon Do is clearly not happy. Pa Ran explains that the model is still at his house, so he can’t go back yet. In Joo is there, too! Yoon Do hilarious insults them as, “you general surgery people!” In Joo retorts back that they’re not as bad as the “psychotic neurosurgeons!” LOL! She then asks for ramen. Pa Ran pitches in, saying he wants some radish and salt. Yoon Do is exasperated.

Back over at Gookil Hospital, Soo Ji is now awake! Ji Hong, Hye Jung and Soo Ji both burst into smiles.

Later that night, Hye Jung asks Ji Hong the cutest question, “Doctor, can you take me home?”

“I can. I really like that stuff,” Ji Hong replies. Oh, these two. The dialogue between them is too cute.

He walks Hye Jung home. She tells him to leave first because she wants to watch him leave. He finally gives in and she waves. He waves. Ugh, this is too cute. Hye Jung gives the most adorable giggle I’ve ever seen – I love how she puts her hand to her mouth! So flippin’ cute! Ji Hong walks off, cutely. Hye Jung gives a smile and runs after him! She wraps her hands around his back! Cue the music! Ji Hong gives the cutest smirk of all time and she relaxes her head on his back shoulder. Ji Hong takes hold of her hands and the two just smile.

Okay, anyone else dying from cavities (from this overabundance of sweetness)? Because I am. Not that I’m complaining. Holy moly, this is way too cute.

Ji Hong’s voice narrates, “A back hug has the ability to make you feel choked up with emotion. It’s the feeling of someone standing firm behind me and supporting me in my life. This is the greatest joy that a lover can give you.”


Episode 12 Review

This episode should be illegal. It should be illegal due to how cute it was! I can’t get over the cuteness of this episode and how mature both Hye Jung and Ji Hong are. Wow.

I’m also happy to see Seo Woo and Yoon Do patching up their broken relationship. Hopefully, it’ll just get better between them. I don’t have much else to say since the majority of this episode was focused on developing Hye Jung and Ji Hong. And we know how well that was conveyed. I already fangirled over the kiss scene, which was A+ in my books! The passion! The chemistry! The difference with this kiss in comparison to the gentle one he gave her before! Ah…

The episode ended on such a happy note and I’m still excited for next week’s episode 13! This drama doesn't need cliffhangers to keep my interest. I'm already so in love with the characters and story that I'll just keep coming back for more.


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  • hohurm: August 09, 2016

    gosh! what a hot and cute episode! i simply loved ep 12!

    i was shocked to know that mr.psycho was not her husband. i really thought that this was a domestic violence case. he’s so creepy! and im happy to see badass hye jung in action again!

    the kiss…oh the kiss! i was giddy and embarrass to watch hye jung trying to initiate the intimacy. but it’s just so her, right? although nervous, she went for it! and her nervous laugh was so darn cute! i loved how nervous ji hong was and how he flinched slightly when she touched his hair…and when he swooped in for the kiss……….dies…. i think the scene was so well executed. we get the awkwardness, intensity and passionate at one go! kudos to rae won and shin hye for pulling the scene off.

    i agree with u, the script was well made. u want someone to love u they way u are but u ask that person to change for u..that’s not fair. the message is simple but powerful.

    the ending scene was too cute! i love how their relationship GROWS. Both were private people, but they are starting to open up to one another. This was potrayed splendidly through them acting awkward when doing something out of the norm for the partner i.e asking to be sent home, back hugs, touching hair. This was pretty realistic when applied to real life. A start to a strong relationship.

    Can’t wait to watch ep 13!

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