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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 13 Recap and Review

Posted on August 03 2016

Doctors (Doctor Crush) Episode 13

This was such a great episode. It balanced out hospital politics, multiple character developments, plot progression, explored sidestories and introduced a new patient arc. Hye Jung’s character development was so apparent and I absolutely loved Seo Woo in this episode. Don't even get me started on the amount of BLATANT flirting between Ji Hong and Hye Jung. It was so cute. Leaving the Psycho Man arc behind, the newest mini patient arc features a super cute doting single father (why, hello there Namgung Min!) working hard to support his two ill sons, Dal and Hae! Who wants to just hug these two angels?! They are so precious! Let’s get this recap started.


Episode 13 Recap

Picking up from last week’s ending, Hye Jung surprises a leaving Ji Hong with an infamous backhug. We see a reel of flashbacks, from little Hye Jung crying outside her home as she overhears her father and mother fighting, little Ji Hong sobbing at the hospital over his parent’s death to teenage Ji Hong meeting Director Hong. Hye Jung voiceover starts, “Dating is the shared history between a man and a woman being formed. It’s about how much they accept each other’s pasts in the present. That is the key to dating.”

At Gookil Hospital, an exhausted Young Kook and Nurse Hyun are talking. Hye Jung comes by and she receives a call from Kang Soo regarding a new ER patient. She asks for Kyung Joon to assist her.

By the elevator, Hye Jung excitedly calls Ji Hong, asking him what he’s up to. Ji Hong is at home. He asks if he should drop by the hospital and she says she asked what he’s doing; she’s in the elevator, though, and the call disconnects. Ji Hong replays the voicemail that Hye Jung accidentally left him the time he missed her call. It’s her talking to herself, saying yes to dating! She completely freaks out when she realizes she was leaving a voice message – all of this blundering caught on record! Ji Hong laughs.

In the operation room, Kyung Joon looks queasy as Hye Jung performs the surgery. She excuses him after calling him out on being tired.

A cute delivery man (cameo by Namgung Min - I know, you want to know his actor.. because I did, too!) delivers food for Joong Dae and Young Kook in the break room. He looks contemplative, but he runs into Kyung Joon walking in. The delivery man decides to get something off his chest before leaving: a question! It’s revealed here that he’s a father of two and that is 7-year-old son is walking with a limp. He wonders if it’s a problem – a local hospital told him it may be a brain issue and advised him to get his son checked at a bigger hospital. Kang Soo says he’ll set him up and the thankful father leaves, happy.

Nurse Hyun and Hye Jung are talking when Ji Hong surprises the two of them! Nurse Hyun questions why he’s there as it’s his time off… but we can obviously see Hye Jung and Ji Hong stealing glances at each other. Oh, these two love birds. After Nurse Hyun leaves, Hye Jung asks what he’s doing there. Ji Hong tells her that she called for him, didn’t she? He’s referring to the phone call she made earlier. The two laugh and oh god, it’s so cute. They’re so lovely dovey and even Hye Jung giggles, telling him to stop looking at her! They try holding hands, although they separate when they spot someone.

Our lovebirds decide to take a stroll outside and Ji Hong acts as cute as ever, calling a flower Hye Jung. He assures her the walk is secluded; they won’t be seen by others. He tells her he wants to try something he’s seen in a movie before and connects a super cute heart shaped earphone jack to his phone. He starts to play “Where is Love” and the two just enjoy the music, hand-in-hand… that is, until Kang Soo calls.

Hye Jung tells him their romance will have to end today! LOL!

The delivery man (I’m going to call him Single Father) is at Gookil Hospital with his two precious sons – Dal and Hae. He cutely calls them his “vitamins!” Awe, you can tell he loves his sons so much! Hae sure is a happy one, constantly laughing. The trio is called in to see their doctor – Ji Hong. Single Father informs Ji Hong that Dal wasn’t like this before – he just started walking with a limp. After Ji Hong examines Dal’s limp, a serious expression crosses his face… oh no!

Myung Hoon is leading a meeting and congratulates Tae Ho for improving the neurosurgery department’s revenue this month. Tae Ho tells him it’s because of Ji Hong and Myung Hoon compliments him for his “marketing” scheme of using the Olympic athlete. Tae Ho looks offended as Myung Hoon tells him to continue his hard work and that he’ll reinstate his credit card. While everyone applauds, Tae Ho looks on disapprovingly.

Ji Hong tells Single Father that there’s something wrong with Dal’s brain, but he needs an MRI to know for sure. While the adults are talking, Hae squirms around saying he needs to pee. Single Father is worried about the costs of the MRI, asking if it’s not covered. It isn’t. Hae, unable to hold it anymore, runs out of the office to find a restroom.

Outside, Hae runs into Seo Woo. She directs him to the restroom and follows him when she sees him falling. She waits for Hae outside and approaches him with his dropped phone. Aw, the adorable Hae tells her she’s pretty. She takes him back to find his father. Wow, I really love seeing this side of Seo Woo.. it’s so different! Uwaaa.. Seo Woo, please act this sweet forever!

Hae reveals to Seo Woo that laughing all the time makes him sad. He tells her that his brother is sick, but he keeps laughing… he feels bad because he has to laugh even when his brother is sick! Just then, Singer Father appears. Seo Woo notes him falling again. At this moment, Yoon Do encounters them and Seo Woo notions for him to come. She suggests that something’s wrong with Hae and questions Single Father if he’s always laughed this much. Single Father cheerfully tells her it’s a happy virus – he laughs even in his sleep! Seo Woo comments that the laughter may be an illness – he also urinate and falls a lot. Yoon Do agrees. Uh oh, don’t tell me both Dal and Hae are sick! Poor Single Father!

Myung Hoon is stunned when he sees yet another Gookil Hospital scandal on TV: Corruption in hiring! The news anchor reveals that an Executive Kim and a Manager Lee are currently being investigating for providing specific hires test questions in advance.

Furious, Myung Hoon asks his lackey why he didn’t know about this. He is even more furious when his lackey tells affirms that this scandal most likely did happen.

Kang Soo receives a call from Yoo Sun Hee from Focus People, a TV show. She is interested in bringing the person that his webtoom main character is modeled after on the show! After all, she’s a beautiful woman who became a doctor after a troubled past. Kang Soo, uneasy, just tells her to enjoy the webtoom as a webtoon.

Hye Jung and Ji Hong see each other from across the hallway. They are so cute! It appears as though the two are making secret plans to eat lunch together, but she is stopped by Kang Soo and Joong Dae. LOL, Ji Hong just waits in the background. She manages to wriggle out of being roped by Kang Soo and Joong Dae. Hye Jung and Ji Hong send each other some cute messages over their phones – he EVEN BLOWS HER A KISS! Embarrassed, Hye Jung starts running and he does, too! Oh, these two. They do romance so good. They are so excited to eat together!

Unfortunately for Ji Hong, he gets roped by Pa Ran and In Joo in the canteen. LOL. He pretends to “see” Hye Jung and calls her over. Hye Jung makes a hilarious face, but joins them. The intuitive Pa Ran pokes at them, asking why it seems like the two came to eat together. Like a man, Ji Hong OFFICIALLY INTRODUCES HYE JUNG TO THEM AS HIS GIRLFRIEND! LOL, Pa Ran, In Joo and Hye Jung are shocked. Hye Jung composes herself, though, and bashfully greets them with hello! Aw! Pa Ran and In Joo are happy for them, tease them and promise to keep the two’s secret.

Sung Jong bursts into Myung Hoon’s office, also furious at the new scandal corruption scandal. He wonders if this happened because of the audit and Sung Jong suggests that someone who didn’t get hired probably called in a tip. The two hope that the scandal doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Elsewhere, Kyung Joon, Young Kook and Nurse Hyun are discussing how Gookil Hospital is the center of so much talk lately! Nurse Hyun then asks Kyung Joon if he knows Kang Soo’s webtoom may get published into a book. This is news to Kyung Joon! Young Kook teases Kyung Joon to get something out of Kang Soo if he becomes a best seller. Joong Dae joins their conversation.

Yoon Do confirms with Seo Woo that Hae is suffering from gelastic seizures. He tells her good job and Seo Woo solemnly comments that she got complimented twice today – one compliment from the boy and one from Yoon Do. He asks if she still has feelings for him and she retorts by asking if he still has feelings for Hye Jung. Regardless, they note that Hae is the brother of Ji Hong’s patient, Dal. Yoon Do tells Seo Woo to give Ji Hong a call for Dal’s MRI results.

“I hate you. I hate you so much,” Seo Woo tells him. “But I like you, I like you so much.”

He asks why she likes him – why she likes him so much. Is it because of his background? At first, it was, she says. Seo Woo tells him that he had so much more than her to offer. She reveals many of the guys who liked her liked her for what she had – her background and family influence. When it comes to Yoon Do, however, she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Yoon Do tells her to look at her heart – is it really love she feels for him, or is it just the comfort of not needing to worry about his intentions? Seo Woo asks what the difference is and he replies by saying trusting someone and loving someone is different – when you love someone, you can go all the way. Seo Woo tells him that’s too dangerous and Yoon Do says that when it comes to love, you do it for the danger. He gets up and leaves.

Hey, I’m really enjoying the Seo Woo portrayed in this episode.

Ji Hong, Hye Jung, Pa Ran and In Joo are just chatting outside. Hye Jung receives a call from Seo Woo, asking for the MRI results. Hye Jung informs her that they don’t have the results yet and Seo Woo suggests they should talk. Hye Jung says okay. As Ji Hong and Hye Jung are walking back to the hospital, Kang Soo pops up and tells Hye Jung he needs to tell her something. Ji Hong leaves, cheekily saying he’ll go ahead first and that trust is important. Heh!

After getting Hye Jung to promise to not to kill him, he confesses he has a webtoon modeled after her and her life... and now, Focus People are trying to get her on their show! It’s cute because the first thing Hye Jung says when she sees the webtoon is: “Am I this ugly?” LOL! Oh, Hye Jung, you’re so great. She sternly tells him to not let Focus People get a hold of her contact information.

Ji Hong, Yoon Do and Seo Woo are looking over Dal’s MRI when Hye Jung comes in. Seo Woo and Yoon Do notice the “atmosphere” between Ji Hong and Hye Jung. This scene is so hilarious because you can totally sense the love in the air between Ji Hong and Hye Jung. Yoon Do, hilariously, asks them what they’re doing – you two are acting differently! Ji Hong steers the conversation to Dal’s MRI and Hye Jung is just beaming.

Hye Jung informs Single Father that his son, Dal, has medulloblastoma. Since his tumor is large, he should be treated soon. Single Father is concerned about the cost of the surgery – he reveals that he’s raising his two sons on his own; they don’t have their mother. Aw. He asks what’s wrong with Hae and Hye Jung tells him that Yoon Do will tell him. Before he leaves, she tells him that she’ll look into the social welfare office for him. He thanks her and leaves.

Yoon Do tells Single Father that when Hae laughs, he’s actually having a seizure. He wasn’t laughing because he wanted to. Single Father looks hurt, questioning himself as a father when he didn’t even know his son’s laughing was an illness. Seo Woo comforts him on this aspect. Single Father asks if it’s possible to treat Hae the following year, but Yoon Do and Seo Woo advise against it. Single Father agrees to get Dal’s surgery done first, then Hae’s. He looks so incredibly saddened.

Through the window, Single Father watches Dal and Hae laughing and playing with each other. He’s calling various people asking for money. Aw… He is thrilled when his boss agrees to give him an advance, but it’s not all good news. It seems some of his contacts aren’t able to help him. He’s already asked for a bank loan as well, but that’s not enough to cover the expenses… He looks on at his sons, crushed. Um, perfect husbando right here.

In Myung Hoon’s office, Myung Hoon asks Tae Ho how he can be so calm amidst this new scandal – their reputation is at stake! Tae Ho advises him to fire not only the manager and executive, but the people who were hired as well. This act will make it clear that the scandal wasn’t personally related to the hospital.

Gookil Hospital's PR team manager comes in and is completely ripped apart by an angry Myung Hoon. Tae Ho advises him to send out a press release, apologizing and by noting that everyone involved has been fired. When Myung Hoon asks the PR team manager if they have any way to recover their reputation, he reveals that they do!

Apparently, SBC’s “Focus People” want to feature Doctor Yoo Hye Jung! He tells a surprised Myung Hoon and Tae Ho that a webtoon character has been modeled after her: she’s a character that can give hopes to others given her accomplishments despite having a troubled past. Myung Hoon is thrilled at the idea and remembers Hye Jung’s name as the fellow from the bribe ordeal. Remember, he liked her! He tells the PR team manager to get her on the show, even if she doesn’t want to do it. Knowing Tae Ho was the one who recruited her, he orders him to persuade her as well.

Seo Woo and Young Kook are taking a break outside. When he reveals he thinks Ji Hong and Hye Jung are dating, Seo Woo says she doesn’t care. He warns her to not get into conflicts with Hye Jung over relationships and Seo Woo says she won’t, she’ll end up losing anyway. She tells Young Kook that even her father asked her to be nice to her and comments how Hye Jung must have gold dust sprinkled all over her. Young Kook comments on Hye Jung’s friendliness and adaptability. When he takes out his phone to show her a recording of Hye Jung at the welcoming party, they bump heads. OH MY, DOES YOUNG KOOK HAVE FEELINGS FOR SEO WOO?! He gives her this look, although Seo Woo is too oblivious and more focused on the video. Seo Woo gets a call from her father, asking her to bring Hye Jung to his office.

OH MY. Even though I love the idea of Soon Hee and Young Kook, Seo Woo X Young Kook seems perfect, too! I mean, he’s obviously not after her for her family influence… ahh. He’s also the only person who has been nice to her all along… oh, Seo Woo – give up on Yoon Do and go for Young Kook! But gah, I don’t even know how the pairings will end now because… I was always under the assumption Yoon Do and Seo Woo will end up together.

Ji Hong and Kyung Joon are chatting when Hye Jung’s father, Min Ho, comes by to drop off food from Granny’s Rice Soup. They greet each other. Ji Hong asks Min Ho if he remembers him, but Min Ho isn’t too sure. Ji Hong invites him to his office for tea and there, Min Ho remembers Ji Hong being at his mother’s funeral. Min Ho apologizes, saying he never went to his daughter’s school to say hello. Ji Hong asks for Granny’s Rice Soup’s business card. When he asks if Hye Jung knows he’s there, Min Ho tells him that Hye Jung doesn’t like him – since he knows she will avoid him if he called, he just came without saying anything.

In her office, Hye Jung ends the call when she sees him calling. She does pick up a call from Director Jin’s office though, requesting to meet.

Hye Jung and Seo Woo meet Myung Hoon in his office. He tells the awkward pair that they ought to be good friends. Myung Hoon brings up Focus People wanting to feature her and attempts to convince her into accepting. He even berates Seo Woo and Hye Jung visibly looks uncomfortable. At the end of their little meeting, he shakes Hye Jung’s hand.

Outside, Seo Woo doesn’t look too happy.

“This is how I live. Not everything is easy for me, either,” Seo Woo tells Hye Jung before she walks off. Hye Jung watches on as she leaves.

Later, Hye Jung bumps into Ji Hong, who is waiting for her. He tells her to take him home today! She likes it – she was in a bad mood. She tells him that she met with Director Jin, Myung Hoon… and comments, “I think people’s lives look better from afar. It’s ugly up close.”

I LOVE that Hye Jung said this. Hopefully this will be the beginning of mending the broken relationship between Hye Jung and Seo Woo?! And Seo Woo’s road to being redeemed/saved?! Hopefully!

Hye Jung cutely opens the door for Ji Hong and even tells him to watch his head. Aw… I am very much enjoying this “role reversal” here. On the ride home, Ji Hong even puts his hand out the window! Hye Jung voices, “The adventure of entering someone’s life has begun. My heart is racing.”

Yoon Do pulls into his parking spot outside his house. He spots a crying Seo Woo. Damn, boy, nice suit. He walks up to Seo Woo, who meekly tells him she tried her best not to come here. She’s aware that she always seeks him out when she’s having a hard time. Aw. She gets up and hugs him, asking him why it can’t be me? Why can’t it happen? We’re good together.

This scene is actually quite heartbreaking.

He gently pushes her back, telling her, “Hey, dummy. It’s not that it can’t be you. It can’t be me.” Aw.

She continues to tell him they suit each other well – with the heights! He tells her that her height is perfect and tells her to get going because the neighbors will see. He tells her that people like them have two options. They can either follow their parent’s paths or not. If they don’t, they need something to throw back at them. She tells him she can’t – no matter what she does, she can’t meet their expectations. Yoon Do tells her it’s because the expectations are set for themselves, but they’re looking at her to fulfil them. She tells him she likes her dad; it was good when she was younger. Before leaving, Yoon Do tells her to stop crying like a child and to come out from her parent’s shadows. Seo Woo sobs.

As much as my heart is breaking for Seo Woo, I am so glad this exchange between Yoon Do and her happened. Hopefully, Seo Woo will become strong enough to stand on her own against her parents.

Joong Dae, Nurse Hyun and Kang Soo are in their break room when Kyung Joon comes in to tell at Joong Dae. There was something Joong Dae was supposed to do – he told Nurse Hyun to do it, but apparently she didn’t hear about it. She leaves to take care of it. Kyung Joon scolds Joong Dae harshly and he explodes before walking off. Kang Soo tells Kyung Joon he went too far and feeds him… garlic! To become human, LOL.

A saddened Joong Dae goes to Sooni Hawaii to drink away his sorrows. Oh my, is this a set up for Soon Hee x Joong Dae?! We already know Joong Dae has a crush on Soon Hee! He tells her that if anyone comes looking for him, tell them he’s not there. He takes a big gulp of beer and starts crying. Soon Hee stares at him, completely bewildered: “Are you… CRYING?!?!”

In Joo is, once again, raiding Yoon Do’s place. He’s completely exasperated, as always. She tells him that she knows he likes women with troubled pasts and tells him not to fall for her, LOL. In return, Yoon Do just laughs hysterically. To Yoon Do’s frustration, Pa Ran raid his house, too. Pa Ran and In Joo join forces and tease Yoon Do. Yoon Do promises he’ll get a girlfriend so that the two of them can’t come over. In Joo manages to rope him into buying him cup ramen!

Hye Jung drops Ji Hong at home. He tells her to unbuckle his seatbelt for him, LOL. She starts, but stops midway because it “felt a little provocative.” LOL! He invites her in to play his claw machine. She’s very good at the game now! During their small talk, Ji Hong drops the fact that he met with her father.

“I don’t like my father. If someone tells me to make up with him, I won’t see that person again,” Hye Jung says after her shock.

“I can meet him, right?” He asks. “I want to eat that rice soup, I miss it.” Hye Jung confesses she misses her Grandma’s rice soup as well. She then reveals why she doesn’t cook: she’s afraid she’ll be good if she tried. If she’s good, it will remind her of her Grandma. Hye Jung tears – if she’s reminded of her grandma, she will cry.

Ji Hong tells her he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do now, despite bringing this topic up on his own. Hye Jung smiles, telling him she likes that he doesn’t know what to do – so she can teach him! “In times like this,” Hye Jung says as she takes his arms and wraps it around her waist. “You can hold me just like this.” Cue the music!

Wow, the development of Hye Jung’s character in this scene.

The next day, Single Father is tending to Dal and Hae. He’s comforting Dal as he’s getting surgery today. He tells Hae that it’s his turn after Dal. When Hae laughs, a sorrowful expression crosses his face. Ahh, the father feels! He’s so loving towards his sons, it’s too endearing! Ji Hong comes in with Young Kook and tells Singer Father not to worry.

In the operation room, Hye Jung is assisting Ji Hong with Dal’s surgery. Intense music is playing in the background – please don’t let this be a bad sign! Hye Jung notes that the tumor is by the brain stem. Ji Hong comments that any damage can cause serious disabilities. Suddenly, a machine beeps! A nurse comments that the BAEP isn’t looking good! “Stop everything!” Ji Hong calls out. He closes his eyes.

The atmosphere in the operation room is tense! After a short while, he opens his eyes and thankfully, the BAEP is back to normal. He continues the surgery and winks at Hye Jung.

WHY, SHOW, why must you give me a heart attack like that?!

In the waiting area, Single Father is watching a sleeping and laughing Hae. Ji Hong comes out and tells him Dal’s surgery went well. He’s utterly relived. Ji Hong looks over at the sleeping and laughing Hae.

Later, Tae Ho meets with Hye Jung, who just finished Dal’s surgery. He tells her he’s getting pressure from Myung Hoon to get her on the show. Surprisingly, Hye Jung agrees to do it! Tae Ho is taken aback, commenting, “it was this simple?!” Hye Jung laughs, telling him she is easy… for him! He laughs.

Outside, Hye Jung greets Ji Hong with a small cuddle. She leans onto his shoulder and he sweetly feeds her his drink. Aw! He asks what she wants to eat – he’ll make it everyday! When she replies, he even copies her gesture! AHH, THESE TWO ARE TOO CUTE WITH THEIR ACTIONS!

Scene cuts to them at the grocery store! Damn, these doctors are rockin’ the fashion world. Both are looking good! They’re even matching with yellow accents! I have to say, our two lovebirds look so good together in this grocery store sequence. Props to the wardrobe/stylist team!

After their grocery shopping spree, Ji Hong is cooking food in his kitchen as Hye Jung waits at the table. He brings over the soup, presenting her with today’s highlight! Hye Jung tastes the soup and looks visibly surprised. “It tastes like my Grandma’s rice soup,” She comments. “It’s so delicious!”

“It’s from Granny’s Rice Soup," Ji Hong says. Instantly, Hye Jung puts down her spoon…

Her voice over starts, “Dating starts when a person enters your life. It is only right that you welcome that person into your history. Welcoming that person will be very difficult.”

She stares at Ji Hong, looking slightly betrayed.


Episode 13 Recap

I would be so impressed if this drama ended with: Ji Hong and Hye Jung, Young Kook and Seo Woo and Yoon Do and In Joo. Can you imagine that?! If we follow the standard Korean drama couples, it'd be Ji Hong and Hye Jung with Seo Woo and Yoon Do.. but just imagine if the writers for Doctors / Doctor Crush broke that cliché and had our secondary leads end up with characters besides each other?!

Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, this episode was great. I'm so happy we got to see more Seo Woo development and screen time! She's been overshadowed in the previous episodes! I loved her portrayal in this specific episode - she wasn't in the least bit nasty. I found her personality around Hae just downright sweet and charming. I loved how she showed her doctoring skills with him. I am hoping that her conversation with Yoon Do will guide her in the right direction - to crawl out from under her parent's shadows! Stop living by their expectations. I also appreciate how Yoon Do didn't stay to comfort her - he didn't do it out of spite, but to help her stand on her own.

I'm also happy at how Hye Jung got a peek into Seo Woo's personal life - she was unaware Seo Woo didn't "have it easy." Hopefully, this is the start of Seo Woo and Hye Jung's relationship mending.

And finally, wow. Ji Hong and Hye Jung in this episode were on a whole other level.. yes, honey dripping from my eyes, yes. It was too cute. That's all I can say. Everything was too cute! It was so endearing to watch; I couldn't stop smiling!

I can only imagine how Hye Jung will react to what Ji Hong did with Granny's Rice Soup... I know Ji Hong means well, but... can you imagine how Hye Jung is feeling right now by what he just did?!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: August 23, 2016

    @Heather: Yes! I love how we’re finally getting to see Seo Woo play more of a prominent role.. seeing where she comes from also helps us sympathize with her situation! I’d love for her to become strong enough to stand up against her parents.

    @hohurm: OTPPPPPP<3 They are so cute together, I can’t get over it! ._. Such a mature depiction of a relationship. Their flirting and banter in this episode was TOO SWEET, ahhh!

  • hohurm: August 23, 2016

    i also loved this ep! the OTP’s scenes kept me giggling like a school girl! i almost felt like it’s a private scene and i’m not supposed to watch it. park shin hye and kim rae won really have great chemistry. i really loved them flirting with each other

    awwww..my heart breaks for Single Father and his adorable kids. they were so precious! it saddened me to see him struggling financially. he’s so nice so i wonder what happened to the mother though?

  • Heather: August 05, 2016

    Omg I loved this article so much!! I feel the exact way about Seo Woo, as soon as I started watching the drama I told myself not to hate her, and that you really must look at her side of things aswell. I really want her to step up and do her own thing, there should be a scene where she’s telling that to her father and Yoon Do will be there to see it! I just wish Yoon Do saw the good side she really has, poor Seo Woo always gets caught when she’s hurt or in a bad mood, so she always seems troublesome and weak in Yoon Do’s eyes.. : ( But then again she sometimes does seem weak, which is why it’s a MUST that she has to get stronger and independent. If that does happen I cannot wait to see Yoon Do’s face. Hehe.

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