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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 14 Recap and Review

Posted on August 05 2016

Doctors (Doctor Crush) Episode 14

Episode 14 presents us with a tearful climax of Single Father’s dilemma and… Seo Woo x Young Kook, Yoon Do x In Joo and Soon Hee x Joong Dae confirmed?! Let's start!


Episode 14 Recap

Ji Hong is in front of Granny’s Rice Soup as his voice over begins, “Entering a person’s life means learning about things that person doesn’t discuss. It’s about knowing their past wounds, but not asking about them. I shouldn’t ask about them, but I should stay by that person’s side.” He starts to walk towards the shop, “First, I need to find out what those wounds are.”

Inside, Min Ho is happy to see him drop by! Ji Hong says he wants to try Granny’s rice soup and Hye Jung’s father greets him by saying any friend of Hye Jung’s is welcomed. He then asks Ji Hong if he knows Yoon Do because, as it turns out, he’s eating there right now!

The two doctors bromance out while eating and drinking. Ji Hong asks Yoon Do if he was the lead surgeon to whom Yoon Do acknowledges – slyly adding in that it must’ve gained him a lot of points! Ji Hong gives a cute look, asking if Yoon Do hasn’t given up yet. Yoon Do sighs, saying he wishes he has a zipper on his heart so it can open and close at his consent. Ji Hong tells him he knows why he got rejected – he has such cheesy lines! A flustered Yoon Do reasons that there’s no reason why he got rejected, just that there was no spot for him! LOL, these two!

It turns out Ji Hong was retelling this to Hye Jung. She asks if he went to see her father; he retorts by saying he want to eat Granny’s rice soup. She says it’s the same thing, but he insists it’s not – he had a different goal in going: to buy the soup, not see her father. Hye Jung tells him she doesn’t like him meeting her father. In response, Ji Hong says he doesn’t like her saying she doesn’t like him meeting him. Boy, these two are just playing tug-o-war! She sighs, asking why he’s being like that. Why not just let her win this argument?

He says because he lets her win all the time, she doesn’t realize how precious it is when others let her win. The two bring up the past about him being a teacher and, at the very least, the mood lightens. They joke to each other about holding grudges and continue their meal. She doesn’t touch the soup again, though.

At Gookil Hospital, Kyung Joon tells Yoon Do that he asked Kang Soo to do something for him, but he forgot to do it. Yoon Do explodes, telling him that if Kang Soo is busy, he should’ve done it himself. Seo Woo is there, too. Seo Woo, surprisingly, tells Yoon Do to drop it and tells Kyung Joon to bring Joong Dae. Once the two leave, Kyung Joon is frustrated at Joong Dae’s whereabouts.

It turns out that Joong Dae has been happily performing cleaning duties at Sooni Hawaii for the past 2 days! Soon Hee is surprised to see him still there. He tells her that Gookil Hospital doesn’t need him… and the two start to bicker when Joong Dae reveals that he ate food in her fridge. He successfully ropes her into promising not to rattle out his whereabouts to Hye Jung as the staff will most likely look for him.

Over at Gookil Hospital, Kang Soo is pooped due to all the new responsibilities he is tasked with since Joong Dae is gone. Kyung Joon comes in, asking how Joong Dae can possibly not even contact them. Young Kook counters, saying Joong Dae did, at the very least, message him and pulls out his phone to show a text from Joong Dae: “I can no longer handle this inhumane treatment. Hyung, thank you. I won’t be returning.” Young Kook and Kang Soo teasingly call out Kyung Joon’s inhumane treatment of Joong Dae.

Yoon Do and Seo Woo visit the adorable Dal and Hae with toys! Aw, Yoon Do interacting with kids is too cute! Seo Woo, too! Aw… (Sorry, I can’t stop aw-ing at this scene). It’s revealed that Hae will be doing radiation therapy with Yoon Do today.

In the reception area, a man comes in looking for Single Father regarding the payments for the surgery. Nearby, Hye Jung overhears and Nurse Hyun reveals to her that Single Father’s wife passed away from cancer, so he’s under a lot of debt. Ji Hong comes by and the two walk off to visit Hae and Dal. On route, Ji Hong reveals to Hye Jung that he’s working on something that can turn the tide of who’s in control of the hospital: the DBS dopamine sensor.

Elsewhere, Single Father is at his valet job when he receives a call from Gookil Hospital’s Administration Office chasing him for the surgery and hospital stay fees. He tells them he’ll make payment soon, albeit apprehensively.

Hae is getting his radiation treatment while Yoon Do and Seo Woo monitor. Hye Jung drops by and Seo Woo labels her as nosy since Hae technically isn’t her patient. Yoon Do intervenes, saying doctors should be nosy to which Seo Woo tell him now is not the time. Hye Jung snidely comments that Yoon Do does seem to lack common sense at times. LOL! Aw, Seo Woo looks like she wants to break into a smile at what Hye Jung just said. Hye Jung and Seo Woo friendship incoming, please?!

Hye Jung receives a text from Kang Soo telling her that the TV crew for Focus People has arrived! She goes to meet them.

Elsewhere, Tae Ho is on the phone with MH Meditech discussing Ji Hong’s DBS project. Ji Hong drops by and Tae Ho reveals that MH Meditech has agreed to take on the project. In return for funding the research with 60 billion won, they want the patent and royalties. Success! The two plan to use this at the board meeting against Myung Hoon’s Senior Health Center plan.

Ji Hong meets with Nurse Yoo, who is feeling extremely guilty of leaving her post for so long. She knows that Director Hong wouldn’t have fallen to his demise if she were to be doing what she was assigned to. Ji Hong questions why she wasn’t at her post to which Nurse Yoo reveals that the Board Director, Sung Jong, told her to leave so he could talk with Director Hong.

Ji Hong visits Sung Jong, who appears surprised to hear he was the last one to see Director Hong. Sung Jong realizes what Ji Hong is implying when he mentions the two have been fighting over hospital politics and the fact that he asked Nurse Yoo to leave. Sung Jong insists no, though – Doo Shik and he are people who understand each other without many words. Of course, they fight, but they always make up in the end, Sung Jong says. He stresses that this time was no different.

Ji Hong simply tells him that he wishes his father’s last moments were happy. If that wasn’t the case, he’ll never forgive that person.

Hye Jung’s father calls her – he’s stopped by again and has something for her. Outside, Min Ho gives Hye Jung an envelope containing her mother’s photo. It’s from her second year of college, six months after she met Min Ho. He confesses that he ruined everything because he felt inferior to her. Hye Jung, still cold towards him, asks if he would still be doing this if she hadn’t become a doctor. Would he still be trying to get close to her? Tae Ho tells her that he’s not as bad as she thinks. He tells her to look at herself – no matter how much she rejects him; she takes after him in certain ways. He hands over the rice soup and leaves. Hye Jung looks devastated.

She ends up visiting Ji Hong in his office and asks to be taken home! Aw. She reveals that her father came by when he notes the bags she’s holding and tells him to eat the rice soup. He tells her she should separate food from her father, but she retorts that she can’t do that yet. He tells her he’ll eat all of it, then! Before leaving, though, Hye Jung tells him that they should do her assignment together first!

At a café parking lot, Hye Jung instructs Ji Hong to wait for her in the car. She’ll inject him into her scheme if all else fails. She goes to meet Chi Hyun in the café, who asks for her job and presses for more personal details. He brings up seeing her at Gookil Hospital and she reveals that yes, she’s a fellow at Gookil Hospital. He scoffs, asking how he could do what she’s doing to another doctor. He insists nothing went wrong the day of her Grandma’s surgery, but his lie of there being another operation taking place at the same time is seen through. He is speechless when she calls him out on his lie.

Hae isn’t feeling well after his radiation treatment. Seo Woo checks on him and Yoon Do joins as well. He gives the cutest “you are strong!” speech to the kiddos and Seo Woo asks them where their father is. Dal tells her he went to make money. Aw…

Outside, Seo Woo comments that despite the importance of money, Single Father left the kids alone without anyone. At this comment, Yoon Do stops and turns to her, “Just now, I realized why I never felt any sparks with you. I realized why I subconsciously rejected you. When you asked Dal where his dad was, my heart dropped. The question I feared most when I was young was people asking me where my mom was.” She asks how he can connect the two like that and he tells her that the boys need their father the most right now; they’re more desperate for him than anything.

He then reveals to her the reason why he’s drawn to women with troubled past: Because they are people who have dealt with pain to know how to have consideration for others. Seo Woo is speechless at this.

Later, Seo Woo walks to the room where Young Kook is. She asks if she can do something bad to him. Nonchalantly, he says yeah as it’s his job. At his response, Seo Woo says she can’t do it then. “Then, can I?” Young Kook asks her. She tells him to do it, whatever it is. OH MY GOD, he stands up and WHAT IS THIS MUSIC PLAYING! He walks towards her and HUGS HER. Oh my goodness, I am actually getting chills from this! Seo Woo is utterly shocked at his actions.

PLEASE LET SEO WOO X YOUNG KOOK HAPPEN. These two are so perfect for each other. He’s been friendzoned for way too long and I can’t see anyone else for her than him. He’s just so right for her – always there for her, never talking down on her and, most of all, liking her for who she is.

Over at Sooni Hawaii, Joong Dae is scrubbin’ the tables like a mad man. LOL! Soon Hee tries to persuade him to return to Gookil Hospital, but he’s just too sad. He can’t check into a motel because he has germ phobia and he refuses to go home since his parents helped him through medical school… how would they feel if they heard he just ran off?! They bond over having frightening father figures. Remember, Soon Hee’s father was that high school principal!

Ji Hong takes Hye Jung home, who invites him in. Unknown to them, Joong Dae is actually inside the house! LOL! In the living room, Soon Hee is telling Joong Dae she will only let him stay for a few days. She can sleep in Hye Jung’s room in the meantime! Suddenly, we hear Hye Jung coming in with Ji Hong. We can hear her saying, “…neither Soon Hee nor I have ever brought a guy home before.” LOL!

Soon Hee and Joong Dae completely freak out at the unexpected arrival of Hye Jung. She instantly pulls Joong Dae to hide him in her room. Hye Jung and Ji Hong arrive and notice men’s shoes by the doorway. The glance they give each other is cute! In the living room, Soon Hee comes out all suspiciously giddy. Hye Jung questions the men’s shoes and Soon Hee tells her she’s collecting them as accessories, LOL! She changes the topic and greets Ji Hong, who, being a man, asks if there’s anything that needs fixing in their house.

Ah! Hye Jung notes that Soon Hee has a lightbulb that needs repair in her bedroom. In a hilarious scene, Soon Hee alarmingly shoves him back down onto the sofa. She excuses herself in all her suspicious glory and retreats back into her room, repeatedly telling them not to look for her.

Ji Hong says she is hiding something, LOL. Ji Hong explores Hye Jung’s room and notes that she still has the medical book he gifted her and signed from her high school days. They share a gaze before he says he should get going – being along in her room is a bit much, it’s too racy for him! LOL! OH, Ji Hong!

Hye Jung slyly replies that they can be a bit racier. HYE JUNG, what is this!? “I can do that,” He says before he pins her down ON HER BED. Oh, wow, this is racy indeed! He continues, “I can do more than this very well. Don’t play around.” Stunned, she nods and he gets off. He asks her to walk him back to his car and mentions he likes her back hugs! When he takes a few steps forward, she gives him one. Aw. LOL, he even comments if they should go back to the bed, LOLOL. These two. And no, they don’t go back to the bed.

Single Father arrives at Gookil Hospital; he’s completely exhausted and washes up in the restroom. He receives a phone call from Whole City Bank, criticizing him for being late on his bank loan payments. The caller warns him that his credit will lower if he doesn’t make a payment by tomorrow. Shattered, Single Father stares at himself in the mirror, his eyes red with tears. He tells himself to be strong, be strong. He changes and goes to visit his sons.

Hae and Dal are sleeping together! Aw… these two are such angels. Single Father is so happy to see them. Dal is awake and is thrilled at Single Father’s arrival. Single Father wakes Hae up. Hae asks his father if he’s tired from earning money, but Single Father tells him that he’s invincible – he’ll protect them. He kisses Dal who kisses Hae.

Wow, this entire sequence is so touching, sweet and heartbreaking. Is anyone else tearing?

Hye Jung is on TV! In the Focus People segment, Hye Jung is seen walking around the hospital saying her Grandma is the one who influenced her to become a doctor. Myung Hoon, passing a television, is happy to see Kyung Joon praising her and the hospital as the best hospital where the best doctors work. That PR!

Nurse Hyun congratulates Hye Jung on giving the hospital such good PR. She compliments her good looks on television and Kyung Joon inserts himself into the conversation as well, saying he must’ve looked good, too!

All of a sudden, Hae comes running in a panic to Hye Jung. Something’s wrong with Dal! His head is hurting and he’s vomiting. Hye Jung hurriedly tends to Dal, who is crying while clutching his head. She calls Kang Soo to get the CT ready and asks Hae for Single Father’s contact number.

Ji Hong confirms with Hye Jung that Dal has hydrocephalus. He tells Hye Jung to perform the surgery after getting consent from the guardian. Hye Jung calls Single Father who rushes to the hospital at the news. He looks completely frazzled. On his way in, the admin officer sees him and chases after him.

Hye Jung explains the surgery to Single Father. After signing the consent form, Single Father is seen by the admin officer who is chasing him for the unpaid hospital fees. He angrily calls him out for ignoring his calls and avoiding him in the most unprofessional manner, ever. Hye Jung interferes, telling the officer to discuss this after the surgery. The officer reveals that he’ll get in trouble if Single Father receives additional treatments as the previous fees have not being settled. Hye Jung finds out that Single Father didn’t meet the welfare requirements since he has a job. Hye Jung signs as a guarantor for Single Father and they are able to proceed with the surgery. Ji Hong witnesses the entire exchange.

Ji Hong approaches Myung Hoon, who is surprised and happy to see him visit him. Ji Hong tells him it’s time to review the entire welfare system, requesting to stop asking patients to pay once a week. If that isn’t possible, the welfare system should be changed to help the most in need. Myung Hoon tells him he shouldn’t be making such requests since Ji Hong hasn’t even earned money for the hospital. What?! “Why do you keep asking me to give?” Myung Hoon asks.

Ji Hong reveals his 60 billion won project and Myung Hoon is surprised at the news, asking why he’s revealing something so important now. Ji Hong tells him now is the right time and if Myung Hoon is to disregard him, he will bring this issue up at the board meeting. Myung Hoon tells Ji Hong to go ahead and Ji Hong tells him he has the upper hand – more than half of the board is on Director Hong’s side. He tells Myung Hoon he hopes his idea accepted and leaves.

Myung Hoon scoffs and calls Chi Hyun, asking if Ji Hong looked for him again. He says no, but he did find out that the guardian digging for Kang Mal Soon’s file is a doctor... Myung Hoon’s eyes widen in shock and he asks which hospital.

Single Father is being rejected yet again for another welfare program. Before leaving, he spots a brochure for a program that offers complete coverage for orphaned children. Oh god, please don’t tell me he’s thinking of committing suicide! NO! Don’t do this, Single Father. We love you and your children love you!

At Gookil Hospital, Single Father cries while looking at the brochure. He questions how it’s better to not have a dad. Hae pops out of his room and hugs him. He hugs him back, crying silently.

Hye Jung performs the surgery for Dal. Single Father and Hae are waiting in the waiting room. Single Father asks Hae if he can take care of Dal if he’s not around. Hae says, of course – he’s his older brother! Hye Jung comes out and tells him the surgery went well.

In a private room, Single Father tells Hye Jung that his kids are not a burden to him, but they’re suffering because they have a father like him. His phone rings – it’s his manager calling him back to work. He tells her she will repay her, but before he leaves, Hye Jung stops to ask him a question: “Have you ever thought of just giving up?” He turns and askes, “on what?” Hye Jung says, “The kids. Without the kids, you can lead an easy life.” Single Father turns bitter at her words, “I thought you were a good person. But you’re not.” He leaves.

HYE JUNG, why would you ask that?! I understand she’s projecting her past onto his situation here. After all, her father technically abandoned her to lead an easier life. Regardless, she shouldn’t have said such a horrendous thought to Single Father…

Yoon Do returns to his apartment to see In Joo lounging in his living room, as always. Oh, is that ramen I see?! In Joo cheekily asks he’s trying to look like a good guy to her. LOL. He laughs hysterically, telling her she has a wild imagination. He bought the ramen for himself, he claims!

Pa Ran appears, outing Yoon Do as someone who doesn’t eat cup ramen. He cunningly asks Yoon Do if he thought In Joo was the only one there. In Joo chimes in on the teasing, asking Yoon Do if he was excited thinking she was alone. LOL. Pa Ran takes the teasing a step further by telling him he supports the two of them dating and even getting married! Yoon Do is exasperated, commenting he doesn’t think he can live there anymore. When he leaves, Pa Ran assures In Joo that he’ll be back within an hour.

Yoon Do takes refuge at Ji Hong’s place, who tells him he has a guest. It’s none other than Hye Jung! Hye Jung walks out and the two confess to Yoon Do that they’re dating now. He looks exasperated and laments over having 2 options: either going back to the pigeons, or to act pathetic at Ji Hong’s. Hye Jung offers another suggestion though – she’s leaving! Ji Hong walks her out.

Single Father is sleeping by Hae and Dal’s bedside. Yoon Do and Hye Jung are on route to check on the kids. In the hallway, Single Father comes out and thanks Yoon Do for taking care of his son. Suddenly, the admin officer comes again (ugh, please) and yells at Single Father for payment. He warns him of being blacklisted, raising his voice. At this scene, Hae and Dal run over to defend their father from this man. They cry, telling the officer to stop being mean to their father. Aw. Single Father tries to calm them down and Hye Jung tends to the kids. The officer looks shamed at this and Single Father is tearing up.

Later, Hye Jung calls Kim Do Jin, the director of Focus People. She tells him she wants to give him a story – it’s a good one. She calls Single Father afterward, but no one picks up. In a voicemail, she tells him she has a way to take care of the treatment costs.

Later that night, Single Father visits his sleeping children. He leaves the Complete Coverage for Orphans brochure by their bedside. He glances at his phone and every single message on his phone are from creditors chasing him for late bills and loans repayments. He holds Dal’s hand and kisses both him and Hae.

“I love you. I’ll protect you forever. Even if we’re not together, we are together forever.”

I am tearing up. Single Father is stealing the show! He sobs, kisses them and leaves. Please don’t do what I think you’re about to do…

At the elevator, he presses the “up” button. Hye Jung sees a glimpse of him, but misses him when the doors close. She notices him going up and ponders why. Hye Jung checks on Hae and Dal and notices the Complete Coverage for Orphans brochure by their bedside. It clicks!


Single Father is on the rooftop, right at the ledge of the building.

I know this isn’t the time to say this, but goodness, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! My heart is thumping!

“Your dad is not giving up,” Single Father says, “I’m doing it because I love you. It’s because I love you so much.” Just as he’s about to take the plunge, Hye Jung’s voice screams out, “Don’t do it!” He turns back and sees her, panicking and telling her to not come any closer – he has his reason.

She lifts up the brochure, asking if that’s the reason. She crumples it and tosses it aside, asking him what good is it for his children to recover if their father is not around? He brings up the treatment costs and how his children are aware of the costs. He’s desperate, he’s exhausted – he doesn’t even know how much more the treatment will cost. If he dies, though, people will feel sorry for his sons.

Hye Jung interrupts him, telling him that if it’s about the money, she’s found a way for him.

“I’m so tired of all this!” He cuts her off with a sob. “I don’t want to live anymore. I want to end it all. Is this living? The first phone call I get when I wake up is someone asking me to repay a debt. My kids are so beautiful. I love them so much, I want to do everything for them… but I cant.”

The music is so intense!

“This is too hard for me,” He chokes out. “I said I was dying for my sons. It’s all an excuse. I was looking for an excuse, so it worked out really well.. . I don’t want to lose this chance.” He’s about to take the plunge again; yet, Hye Jung screams at him, “I said don’t do it! If your sons find out you died to get them free medical treatment, what do you think their lives will be like?!”

He stops and looks at her. Hye Jung is crying.

Ji Hong’s voice narrates over the ending scene, “Our wounds can be healed by a random word from a stranger. The path of our lives can be changed. Wounds are not necessarily only healed by loved ones. Of the many people we meet, that person is there somewhere.”


Episode 14 Review

You really feel for Single Father in that entire ending sequence. It's the first time we see his character "break," so to speak. All this time, he's been putting on this brave front for his children in order to be the "invincible dad" to protect them. He loves them so much. He works day in and day out, doing odd jobs and pleading with friends and family for money to cover his sons' treatment costs. It's so heartbreaking when we finally see him release his pent-up emotions and thoughts. He's tired, he's exhausted, he's cornered... he's desperate.

I love Ji Hong's narration at the end of the episode. If that's the message of this mini arc, it's perfect. Because, guess what, it's true. Sometimes, a stranger's word is all we need to turn our lives around. Or to brighten our day. These life changing epiphanies don't always come from lovers, family or friends; sometimes, all it takes is a stranger. Hopefully, Hye Jung can talk him out of his decision if her last line hasn't already. At the very least, I'm happy to see Single Father finally release his emotions. You have to let go and let your emotions overflow sometimes. Don't keep everything bottled up!

It seems like Seo Woo x Young Kook, Yoon Do x In Joo and Soon Hee x Joong Dae are all confirmed! I would love for these pairings to be end game for this drama. I cannot see anyone more perfect for Seo Woo than Young Kook - he's the only one who has been by her side all this time. Most importantly, he likes her for her. Seo Woo, take him out of your friendzone!

Yoon Do and In Joo have been more subtly hinted at, especially the time she brought up the fact he has a thing for women with troubled pasts. I enjoy this pairing! I LOVE watching Team Pa Ran - In Joo tease Yoon Do! They bully him so much, it's too endearing!

Soon Hee and Joong Dae, LOL! These two are just hilarious. Both are so childish, but they are absolutely endearing to watch. Joong Dae, go back to Gookil Hospital soon! Everyone needs you!

I can't wait for next week's episode for the conclusion of Single Father's dilemma.. and, personally, I'm incredibly curious as to how Seo Woo will react around Young Kook now. Will romance blossom? Hopefully, she'll start to feel more self-conscious around him! I'd love to see her start falling for Young Kook. Ahh...! On a more serious note, what will Myung Hoon do now that he knows his much liked Hye Jung is the one digging up Kang Mal Soon's file?! Uh oh!


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