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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 15 Recap and Review

Posted on August 10 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 15

Seo Woo wins this episode. Let's start!


Episode 15 Recap

Continuing from last week’s intense ending, Hye Jung is on the rooftop screaming for Single Father to not jump.

“You’re doing this because you can’t handle your life anymore. You’re a father. How can you make your kids live in your shadows the whole life?” She questions him and goes onto to tell him to explain to his kids that he’s not dying for them if he intends to jump. She brings in her own reflection and tells him something powerful: no one will be able to fill the empty space of a father. She admits that’s how it was for her; there were so many times she wanted to die. Is that the life Single Father wants for Hae and Dal?

Single Father lets out a sob at her words. Tearstained, he finally steps away from the ledge and falls on his knees. Hye Jung lets out a sigh of relief and the camera pans out as the two linger on Gookil Hospital’s rooftop.

Later, Ji Hong brings a hot drink for a visibly drained Hye Jung, who reveals that Single Father is now by his sons’ bedsides. Ji Hong tucks her hair in and sweetly tells her that her wounds helped save Single Father. She retorts him by saying no, they healed each other. Seeing Single Father made her think of her dad and now she feels less burdened.

Ji Hong reveals his childhood to her as well. His parents were both teachers and he had the weekdays alone. His attended his mother’s school, but would go home alone without waiting for her. This made him miserable though as he later kept wishing he went home with her. At this, Hye Jung tells him she likes hearing these childhood stories from him.

Suddenly, cue the intense music! Myung Hoon and his lackey are secretly watching Hye Jung from a hallway corner. He orders his lackey to summon her the next day.

Hye Jung’s voiceover starts, “Neurosurgeons are very sensitive. During surgery, we must focus on minute details. We operate on areas no thicker than one or two sheets of paper. Because of this, we feel an immense sense of pressure. Our sensitivity and awareness are principles that product us.”

The next morning, Hye Jung wakes up from her alarm next by a sleeping Soon Hee. Aw, these two besties. I can’t get enough! Joong Dae, who has been secretly staying in Soon Hee’s room, gets discovered by Hye Jung! He made a noise when she walked out.

Suspicious, she enters Soon Hee’s room and finds him, who is hilariously “hiding” behind the door. She asks him if he really thought he hid himself.

At Gookil Hospital, Seo Woo receives a call from her father. Looking displeased, she ignores him. Go, Seo Woo! At home, Myung Hoon looks perplexed. He tells his wife to try to get a hold of Seo Woo for him. Surprisingly (and greatly so), his wife refuses and tells him Seo Woo isn’t suited to take on his ambitions – after all, she’s tried hard enough in trying to meet his expectations. If Seo Woo doesn’t pick up his call, then so be it! Myung Hoon is floored by this and asks what Seo Woo has even done so far. He argues that there’s nothing hard about walking his already paved path.

Please, Myung Hoon... just stop.

In the break room at Gookil Hospital, Young Kook, Kyung Joon and Kang Soo are chatting. It’s revealed that Dal is back to normal and is getting discharged today. The brothers managed to get on Focus People as well, which is helping out their hospital fees! Kang Soo, unfortunately, is exhausted. He looks so gone, LOL! They briefly discuss their need of finding Joong Dae. Just then, Hye Jung comes in with Joong Dae. Their mouths drop! Before she leaves, Hye Jung tells them to disciple Joong Dae well.

EVERYONE is happy to see Joong Dae return! Yes, even Kyung Joon who cheekily and instantly tells him to check up on a patient. He even brings him his white coat. Happiness is dripping from his tone.. and they all even do a group hug!

Myung Hoon’s lackey tells Seo Woo that her father ordered her to come by his office. Seo Woo gives a nonchalant, “I don’t want to.” Yes, Seo Woo! Be your own woman!

Ji Hong and Hye Jung visit Hae and Dal and run into Single Father outside their room. He just finished processing the kids’ discharge papers. Ji Hong mentions liking the TV show feature. Single Father tells Hye Jung that he will never forget her. Aw. She’s a good person to him again! She tells him that Hae and Dal are lucky to have him as their dad. In return, he tells her all fathers are like that. A look crosses her face.

In his office, Myung Hoon is re-watching the Focus People segment featuring Hye Jung. It’s the part where she credits her grandma as the person who influenced her to become a doctor. He thinks back to the guardian confronting him after Kang Mal Soon’s surgery… it’s her; he knows. A knock is heard on his door- it’s Hye Jung! She cautiously asks why she was called. He tells her he simply wants to have tea and check up on her. Thankfully, Hye Jung receives a call from Kang Soo so she excuses herself. On her way out, Sung Jong comes in.

Sung Jong tells Myung Hoon he likes Hye Jung, he recommends her – he received many calls from his friends after her segment aired. Myung Hoon mutters he wants to fire her due to “something.” They switch the conversation to Ji Hong’s project, but Myung Hoon is sure he won’t be able to use it against him. He comments that Ji Hong will soon see how small of a pond he’s been playing in all this time…

Kang Soo preps Hye Jung on a new patient who just got brought in – a 27-year-old male injured from a gas explosion from a construction site. The cherry on top? A battery went into his eye. He’s alert. Hye Jung hurriedly goes to tend to him and WOW, he LITERALLY HAS A BATTERY IN HIS EYE. My, god. Hye Jung requests Ji Hong to be called. It’s revealed that he’s unavailable at the moment and Hye Jung questions why.

The scene cuts to Ji Hong and Tae Ho as they meet up with MH Meditech to sign the research project investment contract.

Hye Jung is looking at the patient’s scans with Kang Soo when Yoon Do comes in. Kang Soo gets tasked with booking an operation room after getting berated for falling asleep. Yoon Do pokes fun at Hye Jung, asking why Ji Hong wasn’t called. Isn’t she Ji Hong’s “exclusive fellow?” She reveals that he’s at a meeting. Just then, he receives a call from Myung Hoon which he ignores. He tells her that he enjoys being his father’s son because in situations like this, he still can’t be touched. Hye Jung comments how he’s lucky; his good background is a good thing. Yoon Do says she must be happy these days. He teases her, telling her that he’s hurt – he’s going down a lowly path because of her rejection! For a moment, she looks uncomfortable, but he tells her he doesn’t feel too bad because Ji Hong is his rival.

Aw, Yoon Do. You’re such a sweet, lovable dork! And mature. I love you, Yoon Do!

Boardmeeting time! There, Myung Hoon says that Gookil Hospital must change to survive. Ji Hong intervenes, agreeing: they must change to succeed. And that’s why they must create something of substance to increase the hospital’s brand value, Ji Hong continues. Myung Hoon tells him that in order to do so, they need money. At this moment, Ji Hong and Tae Ho present Ji Hong’s DBS Dopamine Sensor research project with MH Meditech and the 60 billion won investment. Impress mumbles are heard! Ji Hong continues talking, saying this has now raised the hospital stature as a place that continues research. He’d like to use this revenue as a basis to examine the welfare system. In the midst of all this, Myung Hoon looks lost.

“A hospital is a place where doctors and patients must coexist together,” Ji Hong concludes as everyone nods in agreement. Myung Hoon and Sung Jong clearly don’t look pleased and Ji Hong just sips his water, LOL.

Outside, Myung Hoon tells Ji Hong he took a blow today – he got a good punch in. Ji Hong says it was thanks to his idea that things must change. Wow, this is passive aggressiveness at its finest. Myung Hoon shakes Ji Hong’s hand, telling him he learned a good lesson. The music swells intensely. Ji Hong stares at Myung Hoon as he leaves.

Elsewhere, Seo Woo sees Young Kook. She asks him about a patient and he answers her professionally. She asks if he’s avoiding her to which he asks why. She tells him he’s acting differently. In reply, he asks her how he can act like before; feelings are things that change. He further asks if she’s scared he might say ‘I like you.’ Bashfully, Seo Woo says no. He pranks her that he sees Yoon Do and Seo Woo asks why he’s playing pranks on her. He’s not, he says – I was playing on myself.

After Young Kook leaves, Myung Hoon appears and berates her for not picking up his call. He brings her to his office and scolds her. He’s upset that Ji Hong screwed him over at the board meeting and scolds her for not telling him what he was up to. She is exasperated and asks if he wants her to a spy. She further retorts by saying she has her own dream of being a surgeon, too. Whoa, Seo Woo is actually raising her voice! You go, girl! She tells him she loves him, but wasn’t born the fulfil his dreams. He yells at her, telling her he was the one who gave her everything. In reply, she says SHE studied well – she got into the school he couldn’t get into. Oh my god, Myung Hoon SLAPS HER. After realizing what he just did, he apologizes. Shocked, Seo Woo leaves without saying anything.

Hye Jung brings Ji Hong vitamin drinks at his office. They exchange flirty, cute banter. She slyly says she didn’t hear about the board meeting. But the two are playful about this. She asks if they can leave work together tonight. He has plans, he says. She gives him a cute look and he gives her the details – he has dinner plans with Tae Ho. She says she wants to keep checking up on him and he says he’ll never get sick of her, so she can continue. Aw. They both drink their yucky vitamin drinks together.

Seo Woo goes drinking alone at Sooni Hawaii. Upon seeing Seo Woo, Soon Hee is excited at the chance that Young Kook will come by. He’s not though, Seo Woo says, she’s alone. They talk about Joong Dae and how he’s returned to work due to being found by Hye Jung. She asks Soon Hee if Hye Jung told her where Joong Dae was found and Soon Hee feigns ignorance. She asks if they keep secrets from each other!

Tae Ho pokes Ji Hong, who is sending cute, flirty texts with Hye Jung. Tae Ho, curious about Ji Hong’s happy demeanor, asks if he’s dating. They go to dinner and Ji Hong sincerely thanks Tae Ho for going against his father’s last wishes (in reference to the defib). Tae Ho jokes that when he meets Director Hong again, he’ll ask for forgiveness. Ji Hong playfully says his father will just say, “You two never listen to me! I knew you would do this!” The two laugh. Aw, this is a sweet conclusion.

Yoon Do contemplates going into his apartment for fear of seeing In Joo and Pa Ran. No one’s there though! He’s such a cutie poking his head around his apartment. He even does a victory dance, but.. the doorbell rings. It’s Seo Woo. She brushes past him, saying since she’s a sibling to him, she can stay over. Suddenly, In Joo and Pa Ran also barge in. The three team up against Yoon Do, LOL! Pa Ran teases Yoon Do with Ji Hong’s apartment code so he can take refuge there.

Ji Hong enters his house and sees some suspicious shoes, LOL. He has the most CONFUSED look ever, haha! Suddenly, Yoon Do comes out of the bathroom. Cute after-shower-look! Ji Hong is stunned and asks Yoon Do how he can even go into his place when it’s not his! These two! Yoon Do says he’d rather be here and get beat up than to be upstairs with the beagles. He welcomes himself to Ji Hong’s fridge.

Back in Yoon Do’s place, Seo Woo is drinking with In Joo. In Joo asks why Seo Woo is running away. Seo Woo says she thinks she’s becoming lowly and In Joo says that’s good – she’s aware. In Joo goes on to say that she didn’t realize she was at her lowest until it passed. In Joo goes to sleep and Seo Woo receives a call from Young Kook, but ignores it.

At Gookil Hospital, Young Kook sighs as he looks at phone. He receives a text from Seo Woo: I’ll call you back. You’re my friend and I don’t ever want to lose you. Nearby, a sleeping Joong Dae mumbles Sooni Hawaii. Young Kook looks contemplative.

Outside, Yoon Do is doing some meditation taichi. I love the OST playing right now! He looks back up at his apartment…

 Ji Hong is happily making sandwiches for him and Hye Jung to eat. Yoon Do comes in, asking if it’s for Hye Jung. He pouts, saying he should eat with him since he’s here! He should also go to work with him, too! AW, YOON DO! Ji Hong tells him to eat the leftovers. Yoon Do asks for fresh underwear and Ji Hong leaves, calling him strange. Why is Yoon Do such a cute dork?!

Outside Gookil Hospital, Ji Hong and Hye Jung are eating Ji Hong’s sandwiches. Hye Jung brought watermelon juice, too. He says he wants to eat a meal cooked by her and she says she wants to cook for him, too. She happily says giving him an answer to his second question was a good thing.

Incoming new patient! It’s a 20-week pregnant bride on route to her wedding by the name of Hae Young. Her husband is devastated, frantically asking for his wife to be saved. Hye Jung tends to her and Kang Soo preps her on Hae Young’s diagnosis. She’s unconscious. Through the glass, a tearstained husband watches on.

In his flashback, Hae Young is happy to finally be wearing her wedding dress. She rubs her pregnant belly. He thanks her for being there for him and she says he’s been working hard to get a house reayd for them. Now, they’re both excited to start their married lives together! She tells him she loves him.

Ji Hong receives a call from Hye Jung, asking him to come see the new patient. In the room while they are discussing Hae Young’s situation, Hye Jung is concerned for the baby although the fetus is okay for now. Ji Hong asks Young Kook for his opinion, but he doesn’t give an answer. After reprimanding him, he asks Kyung Joon who says he shouldn’t operate. Hye Jung says the surgery may not help, but they should consider the husband’s opinion. At this, Ji Hong tells her that kind of thinking is amateurish. He announces they will not do the surgery as there’s too much damage. The surgery will only bring more pain and suffering for the patient. Now, they need to break the news to the guardian.

Ji Hong tells the husband that Hae Young has suffered too much brain damage. There’s almost no chance of recovery. The husband is speechless and is visibly heartbroken. The husband manages to gather himself to speak – if he says her chance of recovery is low, it means there is still some chance. There’s a small hope! He pleads for Ji Hong to do the surgery. Ji Hong refuses and reasons that the patient won’t get better even with the surgery. He apologizes and says he can’t guarantee the baby will survive either. The husband is devastated, saying how they’re finally getting married. Today can’t be her funeral! Ji Hong apologizes again as the husband continues to cry and plead.

Hye Jung follows Ji Hong away and says she must be an amateur. She’s even more certain they should do the surgery after meeting the husband. Ji Hong tells her that surgeons need to control their emotions. She continues to say they should think from the patient and guardian’s POV. She argues that the result will be the same whether or not they perform the surgery so they should just do it. He says it’s not – the patient has to battle through the surgery as well. So does the fetus. Hye Jung argues that there’s a chance for a miracle. Without the surgery, there’s no chance for that miracle to happen.

Ji Hong tells her she’s about to cross the line between being a fellow and a surgeon. He also warns her about crossing their personal relationship. He tells her to convince her as a doctor. She asks him if he would do the same if she were Hae Young and he tells her that’s against the rules. He leaves.

The Congressman from before gets admitted to the hospital. He’s apparently pulled his back golfing. Myung Hoon greets him in all his VIP glory. In his patient room, Ji Hong comes by! Myung Hoon tells Ji Hong that the Congressman requested him. He watched the archer’s video and was impressed. Hye Jung comes in, too. The air is still tense between Ji Hong and Hye Jung. The Congressman compliment’s Hye Jung’s appearance on Focus People – he’s a fan! Ji Hong does a checkup and orders an MRI.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung enter an awkward elevator ride. Ji Hong breaks the silence, but they both think they’re right. She leaves.

Ji Hong goes to follow up on patient Hae Young. The husband pleads with him again saying he can’t live like this – he can’t send her off without doing anything for her. If he could just extend her life for 10 minutes and spend time with the baby she is carrying, he would do anything to make it happen. Tears fall and Ji Hong looks at the unconscious Hae Young.

He thinks back to Director Hong and how he broke the rule by using the defib. He remembers his father telling him he didn’t want to extend his life by force. He walks out of Hae Young’s room.

Ji Hong has changed into his surgery uniform! He meets Hye Jung in the clean zone. Oh? It seems like they’re performing the surgery now! Hye Jung starts the operation and Ji Hong takes over. Uh oh, the fetus heart rate is dropping! He’s almost done though. An assistant nurse says he needs to close up the wound because the fetus’ heart rate is still dropping.

The scene cuts to Joong Dae and Kyung Joon, who are now getting along merrily. Kyung Joon is acting all cute with Joong Dae, LOL! Yoon Do comes by and berates Joong Dae for running off. He also reprimands Kyung Joon for harassing Joong Dae, but the two team up against him.

Back in the operation room, the fetus’ heart rate is still dropping. It can’t get any lower! Alas, Ji Hong finishes. Hye Jung lets out a sigh of relief – now they just need to stitch up the wound.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung meet with the husband in the waiting area. Ji Hong tells him they must now keep an eye on Hae Young to know her outcome; there was too much damage. There is no reaction yet, but the surgery went well. The husband is hopeful, asking if she could wake up later. Ji Hong says he can’t make any promises. The baby is healthy though and reminds him that the patient is not in a good state. At this, the husband says he understands. He’s done all he can for her, so it’s good. He thanks Ji Hong again.

Later, Hye Jung asks Ji Hong why he changed his mind on doing the surgery. He reveals that he wouldn’t be able to take it if he were the one blocking the possibly miracle from happening.

“Neurosurgeons and miracles don’t suit one another. We always doubt, and then doubt again. So the reason we still wish for a miracle is because we do not feel safe,” Hye Jung narrates.

One week later

Patient Hae Young is still unconscious and unresponsive as Ji Hong and Hye Jung check on her. Ji Hong sighs. They now have to break the news to the husband.

Ji Hong reveals Hae Young is close to being brain dead. Soon, all her organs will start to fail. She will stop breathing, too. At this revelation, the husband is speechless. Ji Hong tells him he needs to make a choice.

The husband asks what choice. He’s told that his wife will not wake up and it’s unlikely that the baby will survive as well. All the doctors can do now is to keep her in that state. If she can manage to hold on, the baby can grow in her womb. Because the baby is only 20 weeks, it cannot survive outside the womb. Until they can artificially induce birth, they can use the life support system to keep Hae Young alive as long as possible.

“She’ll be able to hold on. She’s a good woman,” Tears fall from the husband’s face. “She won’t leave me alone. She won’t die with the baby.”

“A miracle didn’t happen. It’s normal that a miracle didn’t happen. That’s why it’s a miracle,” Hye Jung’s ending narration starts as the husband sobs.


Episode 15 Review

I am so happy to finally see Seo Woo stand up for herself against her father, Myung Hoon! You did well, girl. Keep it up! I also loved how she made the case that not everything was "given" to her by him as he says. She studied well and managed to get into the college he couldn't get into. Seo Woo, I love this side of you!

It was awesome to see her shut Myung Hoon down when he was basically telling her to be his spy. She straight up told him she has her own dream of being a surgeon. SEO WOO!

Now all she needs to do is unfriendzone Young Kook. C'mon, he's perfect for her! I am super excited to see how this unfolds because.. I really need them to be together! Please!

Last but not least, I'm glad we finally got a mini patient arc that didn't have a "happy ending." Patient Hae Young is brain dead, she sustained too much damage. There was no "miracle recovery" and I love the bit where Hye Jung talks about what makes a miracle a miracle: it doesn't always happen. I'm glad the writers are exploring this "darker" and more realistic side of the medical field: death and failures and how things don't always work out.


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