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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 16 Recap and Review

Posted on August 11 2016

Doctors (Doctor Crush) Episode 16

Great episode! I definitely enjoyed this episode more than EP15 given the amount of plot progression we were presented with here. It was also heavily focused on our main cast as opposed to the patients and their stories. Let’s start!


Episode 16 Recap

In the fellow office, Hye Jung is requested information on people who have checked Kang Mal Soon’s medical files within the past 5 years. She finally receives the fax and sees Kim Chi Hyun’s name as the person who accessed it.

“We’re not always alerted to danger. I was digging into someone’s past, but I thought I would be safe. While I’m working on this, others are not sitting around idly,” Hye Jung’s voice narrates.

Elsewhere in Gookil Hospital, Kang Soo is exhausted. In Joo’s lackey smacks him and tells him to go to sleep. In retaliation, Kang Soo headbutts him! He’s bleeding! In Joo comes by once Kang Soo leaves and asks her lackey who hit him. LOL!

Later, In Joo and her lackey are meeting with Ji Hong. In Joo berates him to discipline his “kids” better. Pa Ran joins as well since the lackey was part of his General Surgery department. Soon, Kang Soo timidly comes in and apologizes. When Ji Hong asks what caused him to headbutt him, Kang Soo says the lackey kept mouthing him off.

In Joo tells him to control himself and Kang Soo apologizes once again. Surprisingly, Ji Hong asks him who told him to say sorry. The look on everyone’s faces! Ji Hong excuses Kang Soo, who scurries off after giving a bewildered look. Ji Hong continues to berate In Joo’s lackey for being overdramatic, asking him what’s with the cottons – he’s a doctor!

By the elevator, Ji Hong eases an exhausted Kang Soo telling him 1st years are always exhausting. They give each other a cute high-five.

Myung Hoon is eating breakfast at home with his wife. He’s angry Seo Woo isn’t home and orders his wife to find a way to pluck her home. He reminds her that he hit Seo Woo, which should be of great concern. His wife only says it’s good she got hit so she can lose some affection towards him. LOL.

At Gookil Hospital, Yoon Do, Seo Woo and Kyung Joon are making their rounds. He receives a call from Myung Hoon and finally visits him in his office.

Myung Hoon notes that It’s hard to see Yoon Do. Yoon Do reveals that he’s heard about the proposal for him to be nominated to the board from his father. However, he doesn’t want to accept it. Myung Hoon tries to convince him to take the offer – he can use his position to help Seo Woo. Clearly annoyed, but keeping his composure, Yoon Do says he likes being a doctor to help people. Before he leaves, Myung Hoon orders him to bring Seo Woo to the VIP room so she can get acquainted with Congressman Na. Again, Yoon Do is visibly irritated.

Elsewhere, Hye Jung sees a dozing Kang Soo and tells him it’ll get better in his second year. She receives a call from the VIP Nurse to tend to Congressman Na at his request.

Ji Hong makes his Congressman Na round in the VIP room. He’s surprised to see Ji Hong as he requested for Hye Jung, but Hye Jung soon joins as well. He asks Hye Jung to stay so they can chat. Once Ji Hong leaves, Congressman Na asks Hye Jung how much she makes and if he wants him to “talk to someone” on her behalf. She looks uncomfortable and he laughs.

Per Myung Hoon’s orders, Yoon Do brings Seo Woo to Myung Hoon who is outside Congressman Na’s room. When Hye Jung passes, Myung Hoon compliments her capability to cozy up again, much to Seo Woo’s displeasure.

Hye Jung runs into Ji Hong and she asks if he’s had his vitamin drink for the day yet, aw. She’s worried about his health and tells him that the people she loves must not die before her. Together, they go check on Hae Young.

Hae Young’s husband is by her bedside, reminiscing back to the same flashback we got last episode with Hae Young in her wedding dress. We find out that after Hae Young tells him “I love you,” he didn’t say it back. Wallowing in regret, he cries.

Ji Hong, Hye Jung and Kyung Joon arrive to do a quick vital quick before leaving. Before Ji Hong can leave, the husband calls out to him.

Privately, he asks how long Hae Young must hold on for in order for the baby to survive. Ji Hong says the baby has a higher chance of surviving once it reaches 24 weeks in the womb, but in reality, it won’t be a surprise if the patient doesn’t survive for 10 more minutes. The husband tells him he regrets this and Ji Hong comforts him, telling him to not blame himself. “No,” the husband says as he continues to explain. “I never told her I loved her.” He clarifies that he thought words were precious and thought of telling her during his vows.

Right afterward, Ji Hong messages Hye Jung asking where she is. He rushes over to her and brings her to an empty room. Seeing how frantic Ji Hong looks, Hye Jung worriedly asks him if something’s wrong. And he says it! He says the three magical words! “I have’t told you, right?” Ji Hong asks her, “I love you, Hye Jung.” Hye Jung breaks into a smile and asks if he ran here to tell her that. Aw.

He tells her no matter what, he doesn’t want to end up regretting not telling her. In response, she opens her arms and says, “come here.’ Aw… and he swoops in and hugs her! These two are so precious! He asks why she isn’t doing it and she tells him she’s not going to say it back. When he asks why, she tells him it’s because they’re such precious words – she doesn’t want to say them out loud yet. She runs away.

Oh no, I hope this isn’t foreshadowing in parallel to what happened between Hae Young and her husband. Hye Jung peeks her head back into the room and tells him since she’s going to do her “assignment” later, she won’t see him tonight. Before taking off again, SHE BLOWS HIM A KISS! It’s so cute. Ji Hong looks happy!

Elsewhere, Young Kook is speaking professionally to Seo Woo again. She brings him to the staircase in order to speak privately. She admits to it when he asks if she’s feeling conflicted after the “bad thing” he did. However, she tells him she doesn’t want to ask about his feelings because she’s the important one here. LOL. She continues to tell him that she wants them to keep being friends. Young Kook says okay. Suddenly, she changes her mind – nevermind, I’m suddenly curious about your feelings, she says. Young Kook retorts by saying he doesn’t want to tell her. “We’re just friends anyway,” he says before he walks off.

Hye Jung meets Chi Hyun in his office again. At the sight of her, he sighs in exasperation muttering how she doesn’t give up. Hye Jung reveals the evidence of him accessing Kang Mal Soon’s file before they were destroyed and gets him to admit he has the anesthesiology records. She reassures him no one’s life will change as it’s too late to do anything legally anyway. Chi Hyun tells her to give him some time to think.

Kang Soo rummages for painkillers as his head is hurting again. Young Kook helps him find some medication and the two join Joong Dae. Shortly afterward, Kyung Joon comes by as well saying he’s hungry. As if on cue, Yoon Do comes in with SUBWAY FOR EVERYONE! Everyone’s surprised at Yoon Do’s act of kindness: Kyung Joon asks if this is about his rivalry with Ji Hong (remember, he and Joong Dae teased Yoon Do last episode about Ji Hong bringing food for everyone) and Young Kook asks if today is a special occasion.

Hye Jung is… COOKING?! She tells Soon Hee to not help with anything. Soon Hee is excited to be the first one to eat the first thing Hye Jung cooks and sheepishly asks if she’s the guinea pig before Ji Hong. LOL! Soon Hee tells her Seo Woo asked her before if she knew why Hye Jung was at Gookil Hospital to which Soon Hee feigned ignorance to. Soon Hee ponders how she could’ve told Seo Woo that her father was the one who led the surgery on Hye Jung’s grandmother. She continues to tell Hye Jung that she wished Ji Hong would’ve made her forget her quest for revenge, but it didn’t. Hye Jung tells her that those are two separate things, but that Ji Hong is helping her with that now! Soon Hee jokes that it’s time for the two of them to get divorced; they won’t be able to live together soon!

Kang Soo receives a call from his younger brother, Hyung Soo. He tells him he hasn’t visited because he’s been so busy!

Hye Jung is making her rounds with Kyung Joon when she receives another call from the VIP Nurse. She brings Kang Soo with her this time. The two of them are taken aback when they see Congressman Na literally feasting in his room! He complains about a headache and Hye Jung issues a painkiller shot. He wants Hye Jung to administer it, but she leaves it up to Kang Soo… who has to administer it on his bottom, LOL!

Kyung Joon calls Hye Jung – she’s about to perform a surgery. While waiting for the anesthesia to set in for the surgery patient, Hye Jung uses this time to find Seo Woo to take over watching VIP Congressman Na. She finds Seo Woo in the fellow room and tells her she needs to do surgery for 5-hours. Seo Woo reveals that she has a seminar to attend, but Hye Jung say that Myung Hoon required a fellow to look after Congressman Na. She quickly preps Seo Woo on his hip sprain and early stages of disc issues and leaves for the surgery after saying she’ll leave it to Seo Woo. Seo Woo is just like “yaaah!” On her way to the operation room, Hye Jung tells the VIP Nurse to contact Seo Woo in regard to Congressman Na.

Seo Woo calls Young Kook, who is sleeping. She tells him to take over for Congressman Na because she is leaving for a seminar and because Hye Jung is in surgery. Young Kook asks to be left off the hook, but Seo Woo says she can only trust him and hangs up. LOL, he is so annoyed and grumpy. Just then, Kang Soo, who is about to take a nap, walks in. Young Kook tells him to take care of Congressman Na and goes back to sleep. Uh oh, Kang soo looks really out of it… I don’t like where this is heading.

In the VIP room, Congressman Na starts feeling really sick. He requests for a doctor.

In the operation room, Kyung Joon notices Hye Jung’s phone ringing. She tells him to focus on the surgery at hand. Kang Soo receives a call from the VIP Nurse requesting his assistance in getting a doctor. At this moment, he gets struck with this wave of disorientation. He looks like he’s about to faint and clearly isn’t hearing the frantic message the VIP Nurse is telling him. Once the VIP Nurse hangs up, Kang Soo snaps out of his disorientation and doesn’t realize he missed the call. Another person calls him and he quickly tends to that. OH NOO!

Sometime later, Ji Hong rushes to Congressman Na’s bedside and checks on him. Hye Jung finishes her surgery and sees the 5 missed calls from the VIP Nurse. Knowing something’s wrong, she rushes over. Ji Hong tells her they need to save the patient first.

In his office, Myung Hoon is looking at the file of information he has collected on Hye Jung. He smiles to himself as he reads about her past: a scandal with a high school teacher accompanied by the photo Seo Woo posted online! Uh oh. Just then, his lackey comes in to inform him Congressman Na lost consciousness. Myung Hoon is enraged at this news, asking what his doctor was doing. The lackey reveals that Hye Jung left the responsibility up to Seo Woo because she was in surgery. He’s outraged Seo Woo was involved in this and worries over how this may taint the hospital’s reputation once again.

In the clean zone, Myung Hoon comes by and orders Hye Jung to not assist Ji Hong during Congressman Na’s surgery. He blames her for not taking care of the patient. Ji Hong gets angry and says he’ll take responsibility. Since he’s the lead surgeon, he gets to pick who his assistant is. Ji Hong orders Hye Jung to enter the operation room and she does. Myung Hoon and Ji Hong exchange a brief exchange before Ji Hong starts the surgery.

Tae Ho is questioning Kang Soo in his office. He claims he did not receive a call from the VIP Nurse despite the nurse saying she called him.

In the operation room, Myung Hoon, Sung Jong and Tae Ho watch from the observation deck. Ji Hong performs the surgery while Myung Hoon and Sung Jong freak each other out with their commentary. Tae Ho calms them down with his expertise. The surgery is a success! When Hye Jung is about to close up the wound, Myung Hoon orders Ji Hong to do it over the intercom. Hye Jung gives in and tells an angry Ji Hong to just finish it.

Later, an unconscious Congressman Na is resting in his VIP room. Ji Hong says they need to wait for him to wake up and Myung Hoon is outraged, asking if they can just forcefully wake him up. He storms out.

How was this man even a surgeon before?!

Yoon Do brings Kang Soo to the fellow room to talk with Hye Jung. They need facts for their countermeasure. Kang Soo insists he didn’t receive a call from the VIP Nurse, but Yoon Do shows him the Nurse’s phone: it shows an outgoing call to Kang Soo. Surprised at this, Kang Soo takes out his phone and finds that he did, in fact, receive an incoming call from the VIP Nurse. Yoon Do asks if there’s something wrong with his brain and Kang Soo apologizes and says he’ll take responsibly. Hye Jung stops him, saying she’s responsible because Congressman Na was her patient. She receives a call from Myung Hoon’s office and leaves.

In his office, Myung Hoon berates her and she reiterates taking responsibility. He tells her he won’t let her off this time at the disciplinary committee. She says she understands and leaves. Elsewhere, Ji Hong meets Tae Ho and explains that this can’t happen because if it reaches the disciplinary committee, Hye Jung’s name as a doctor will be tainted.

Seo Woo sees Yoon Do coming from the fellow room direction and asks if he was comforting Hye Jung. The two exchange playful banter of Hye Jung not accepting Yoon Do’s feelings. It’s cute – I love how it’s no longer hostile between them!

Seo Woo finds Young Kook who ponders if it’s wrong for Hye Jung to get all the blame. Seo Woo pouts, saying it’s impossible they could’ve known about Congressman Na’s problem – you only know when it happens. Young Kook says it should be fine if he recovers.

Elsewhere, Kang Soo thinks back to when the lackey told him to get some rest… he also thinks about when Young Kook commented how he always seem to have headaches and to when Yoon Do asked if something is wrong with his brain. Uh oh… he reminisces about the time he passed out at the welcoming party at Sooni Hawaii as well. No, no, no… I don’t like where this is heading! At all! He runs to someone and asks for a favor. It seems to be his brain’s CT and MRI scans. He has the results now on a USB drive. Shakily, he pulls up his tests on a computer.

Oh god, what is this?! Is it a tumor?! I’m not enjoying the OST accompanying this scene. Kang Soo, visibly shaken and overwhelmed, takes photos of the scans on his phone.

Kang Soo drops by Ji Hong’s office and asks if he can give his opinion on “his friend’s” CT and MRI scans. He makes up a story on how his friend wants second opinions from other hospitals because he’s scared and nervous. Ji Hong states it’s meningioma near the sphenoid bone. When Kang Soo says his friend keeps zoning out, getting black outs, is having trouble remembering things and experiencing absence seizures, Ji Hong says it’s pretty unique and recommends his friend to get treatment immediately. The tumor looks quite large as well.

Later, Ji Hong runs into Hye Jung and she tells him not to make requests on her behalf using his position. She tells him she was at fault and wants to follow the rules and regulations. She parallels this to Chi Hyun – she wants to win fair and square. He holds her hand and tries to hug her, but she yelps a cute, “doctor~” They’re still in public!

Tae Ho is giving a press conference updating the media about Congressman Na’s progress.

Later, Congressman Na opens his eyes! Seo Woo comments that he’s transitioned from a semi-coma to stupor. Myung Hoon comes in, all happy and excited. He’s relieved that his eyes are now open. Ji Hong tells Seo Woo to keep checking his vitals. Myung Hoon tells everyone good job and proclaims that he will make an example out of Hye Jung. Everyone in the room looks uncomfortable at this.

Kang Soo meets with Hye Jung by the staircase and apologizes once again, saying it’s his fault. She comforts him, telling him it’s not and that because she’s so great, she will take responsibility. She makes light of the situation, cheerfully telling him it’s time for her to go get disciplined as she leaves to the committee meeting.

Kang Soo, completely dejected, wanders into a nearby restroom.  He looks at his hospital badge and holds back his tears. His brother suddenly calls him, horrified from a dream he just had regarding Kang Soo. Kang Soo, crying, reassures his brother that it was just a silly dream – nothing’s wrong. Before hanging up, he tells his brother that he’s always thinking of him.

Hye Jung arrives at the disciplinary committee before Myung Hoon and Tae Ho.

“As danger approaches, I think I’m getting one step closer to the truth I’ve been searching for,” Hye Jung’s ending narration starts, “I need to create opportunities for danger.”


Episode 16 Review

KANG SOO!! KANG SOO!! NOO!! What is this?! Please don't let anything bad happen to the precious Kang Soo! What a surprise.. I did NOT expect his headaches/exhaustion play into something so serious. I was under the impression that it was a comedy gag within the drama and to explore how 1st years don't get enough sleep.. although that definitely changed the moment he zoned out during the VIP Nurse's phone call.

I'm curious as to what Myung Hoon will do on the high school "scandal" information he now has on Hye Jung and Ji Hong (does he know the teacher was Ji Hong?). I am hoping Seo Woo will be the one who will help Hye Jung in that situation (if Myung Hoon plans on exposing the scandal).. and I'd love it even more if Seo Woo aids Hye Jung during the disciplinary committee. I love her rebellion against Myung Hoon and how it seems as though her relationship with Hye Jung is slowly mending (their conversation when Hye Jung left Seo Woo in charge of Congressman Na was sorta cute).

Hye Jung and Ji Hong are as adorable as always. The blow kiss Hye Jung gave Ji Hong was absolutely endearing.. and the scene where he tries to comfort her by hugging her in the hospital was too cute for words. One of the reasons I love this drama so much is because of their interactions - Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye's chemistry and their characters' romance make this drama! The rest of the cast is great, too. C'mon, Young Kook, confess your feelings to Seo Woo!

I'm curious as to how Hye Jung can wriggle herself out of this situation. It's her vs. disciplinary committee again.. this time, though, it seems like it's going through.


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