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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 17 Recap and Review

Posted on August 17 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 17

Another plot heavy episode.. although that should be a given seeing how we're already on episode 17. I can't believe there's 3 episodes left. Apparently, episode 18 won't be airing this week due to the Rio Olympics Games.. we'll be getting that episode next Monday on Aug 22.


Episode 17 Recap

"A truth that cannot be punished by law. A truth that only depends on the moral conscience of others. I came running towards the turth to hear that one word of apology," Hye Jung's voice narrates as we're given a flashback sequence of Myung Hoon leading Kang Mal Soon's surgery.

During the operation, Myung Hoon scolds Chi Hyun for not pointing the light correctly and orders another assistant to do it. Sometime later, the wound starts bleeding and he orders for someone to suction and for more blood. Eventually, Mal Soon goes into shock as her blood pressure continues to drop. They later open up her stomach, but it's too late: she goes into cardiac arrest. Despite Chi Hyun performing CPR, Mal Soon dies on the table.

"I don't know how my life will change once I find out the truth," Hye Jung finishes narrating.

Back in present time, the disciplinary committee hearing for Hye Jung starts. She's under question for dishonoring Gookil Hospital by failing to care for Congressman Na. Hye Jung starts off by thanking them - she feels incredibly honored she was given such an important task that can dishonor the hospital. LOL, she's so snazzy, I love it. Tae Ho and Ji Hong smirk at her remark. They begin questioning her: why didn't she answer the phone, did she have to perform surgery on her other patient that day, did she think she did the right thing? Hye Jung confidently and calmly answers them all.

In Gookil Hospital, the nurses and Kyung Joon discuss how it's unfair for Hye Jung to be punished while Seo Woo walks away scot-free due to being the daughter of the Director. Just then, Seo Woo pops by and asks why they're acting strange. Kyung Joon and the others say they're heartbroken at Hye Jung's situation. Myung Hoon's lackey comes by and orders Seo Woo to go to her father's office. She looks annoyed, but goes anyway.

In his office, Myung Hoon asks if she's still mad at the slap. When she asks why he isn't at Hye Jung's meeting, he tells her they will come to a decision after lunch. He reveals his trump card: he's going to reveal the information he found, her high school scandal. He questions why she didn't inform him that Ji Hong was her high school homeroom teacher and that Hye Jung was the one who caused her burn. At this revelation, Seo Woo tells him that if he really loves her, he will cover this up - she doesn't want her name mixed in this. It was something that caused her so much hurt and shame. She leaves.

In the fellow room where Hye Jung is at, Seo Woo comes in and asks Hye Jung if she thinks this is her fault. Hye Jung says yes as Seo Woo passed the responsibility onto Young Kook, but then explains that thinking that way won't solve anything. She simply says she was unlucky. At her response, Seo Woo says she was nervous for a second since Hye Jung is someone who should resent her. She further says Hye Jung must be different (from others). Hye Jung asks she's hurt because she's not being resentful this time. She asks Seo Woo if people around her often get resentful and Seo Woo says yes, all people around her react that way. Hye Jung tells her not to criticize her for not being the norm and Seo Woo asks if it seems like she's criticizing her. Finally, Seo Woo admits that even in the past, she never criticized her, she just wanted to be like her. Hye Jung, surprised at this, doesn't say anything as Seo Woo leaves.

Sung Jong visits Myung Hoon, asking why he called a disciplinary meeting. He warns him to be careful as everything seems to be going bad ever since they allowed Gookil Hospital to be audited in order to bring down Director Hong.

When the meeting resumes for the punishment agreements, Myung Hoon wants Hye Jung to be fired whereas Ji Hong and Tae Ho argue that a warning will suffice. Thankfully, it seems Myung Hoon took Seo Woo's word to heart and didn't reveal his trump card.

Kang Soo runs into Young Kook and Kyung Joon and the ladder yells at him for not picking up his phone, scolding him for not doing his job properly. Surprising them, Kang Soo doesn't fight back and meekly smiles before leaving.

Ji Hong meets with Chi Hyun, who wants to know if his previous offer still stands. Ji Hong says yes.

Later, Ji Hong meets Hye Jung at an empty auditorium and tells her he has both good news and bad news! Regarding the bad news, the results from the disciplinary committee is out: her punishment is a 1-month suspension. She tells him it's shorter than she thought and Ji Hong cheers up her by saying she was really cool during the meeting (yes, yes she was!). He tells her he's proud to be her boyfriend. In return, Hye Jung tells him she wanted to show him how much she's changed and grown. He'll tell her the good news later.

Hye Jung finds Kang Soo tending to her patient and cheers him up by saying he shouldn't feel too guilty as she only received a 1-month suspension. Kyung Joon calls for him.

Kang Soo walks into Yoon Do scolding Kyung Joon for always giving his tasks to 1st years like Kang Soo. Upon seeing this, Kang Soo frantically runs over and tries to defend Kyung Joon, saying it's his fault. Kyung Joon starts yelling at him, but Kang Soo suddenly blows up at Kyung Joon, shocking everyone nearby including Yoon Do, Young Kook and Nurse Yoo.

When he's about to storm away, a seizure hits him and he collapses. Yoon Do, Kyung Joon and Young Kook, shocked at this, run to help him.

Later, Yoon Do, Kyung Joon, Joong Dae and Young Kook realize he has a large meningioma near his sphenoid bone as they look over his MRI and CT Scans. Everyone is horrified at this and they start piecing the hints together: he's always suffering from headaches and he passed out after one shot.

In his patient room, Kang Soo wakes up to see Yoon Do, Joong Dae and Young Kook. He's embarrassed and Young Kook tells him he should've said something. Saying nothing to them is hurtful. They discuss that he must've had an absence seizure during his phone call with the VIP Nurse. Before they leave his room, Kang Soo apologizes to them.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung are seen taking a night stroll. They poke fun at her being "unemployed."

Yoon Do is at his apartment when Pa Ran comes in. Yoon Do tells him he's decided to enjoy his company since he can't get rid of him. When Yoon Do asks where In Joo is, Pa Ran tells him she left. He then says the neurosurgery department must be having a tough time right now and Yoon Do tells him that Hye Jung is strong, she'll get over it soon. He admits that Hye Jung makes him want to become a hospital board member so he can ensure she'll never be disciplined again.

Back to Ji Hong and Hye Jung's date, they're fishing by a pond. He brings up his father and says he now understands why his father liked fishing so much. Hye Jung comments that people tend to understand each other when they're apart. He reveals the news: Ji Hong offered Chi Hyun a path to take and is waiting for him to accept the deal. Soon, she can have the records to get an apology from Myung Hoon. He tells her she can finally get rid of this digging. At his words, Hye Jung is offended and leaves.

Ji Hong chases after Hye Jung and confesses that her Grandma once got on her hands and knees and begged him to take care of her. He wishes he can ask her if he's doing a good job right now. Hye Jung smiles and tells him he's doing well. He brings out his keychain and tells her it was the keys for the apartment he and his parents lived in before the fatal car accident. "They died an unfair death," Ji Hong says. "I wanted to destroy the entire world." He continues to say that today and this moment is important. Her grandma only wants happiness for her - she wouldn't want her to give up on today in order to dig into her death.

At Gookil Hospital, Kang Soo runs into Joong Dae who tells him to go back to rest. When he cheekily asks Kyung Joon if there are any tasks for him, Kyung Joon quickly says there's nothing and leaves. Joong Dae tells him he's been acting weird ever since he saw Kang Soo's CT scans. Kang Soo receives a call from Ji Hong.

Kang Soo meets Ji Hong at his office who tells him they should operate. He's not going to do a reckless surgery. Kang Soo is worried that if something goes wrong, he won't be able to become a surgeon. Ji Hong tells him to not think about that. Kang Soo receives a call from Yoon Do. In the next scene, Kang Soo is in Yoon Do's office who tells him they need to operate, LOL. He wants to do a total removal surgery. Kang Soo mentions his fear of vision loss if something gos wrong.

Yoon do or Ji Hong, Kang Soo contemplates later. What a lucky boy! Having Ji Hong and Yoon Do fight over him! He visits Tae Ho's office and asks for his opinion.. Tae Ho thinks that a subtotal is better than a total removal.

In his office, Ji Hong calls Chi Hyun to ask if he's come to a decision. Chi Hyun tells him he needs more time as he still has options with Myung Hoon. At this, Ji Hong snidely tells him to take his time as this is an issue that will affect his next 20 years.

Elsewhere, Yoon Do tells Kyung Joon to schedule Kang Soo's surgery, but Kang Soo intervenes, saying that Ji Hong had already told him to schedule Kang Soo's surgery.

Kyung Joon encounters Kang Soo in the break room, but is caught when he attempts to flee. Kang Soo asks why he's been avoiding him and Kyung Joon finally apologizes for hitting him. Joong Dae and Young Kook come in and they look solemn when his surgery is brought up. Kang Soo tries to cheer them up. Before they leave, Kyung Joon stutters out an apology.

Hye Jung is helping Soon Hee at Sooni Hawaii when Ji Hong comes by. He's here to deliver a gift! It's Kang Mal Soon's anesthesia records from Chi Hyun. She's in shock. He tells her he wants her to be free now. She smiles.

Kang Soo is staring at himself in the mirror with a pair of scissors. He peps talk himself, but sobs as he shaves off his own hair. Poor Kang Soo...

In her room, Hye Jung looks over her Grandma's files.

The next day, Hye Jung visits Pa Ran so he can analyze them for her. As a specialist, he tells her that using laparoscopic surgery on her Grandma was experimental as it wasn't common in 2003. It wast just introduced. He notes that the strange thing is that they didn't cut into the abdomen right after the rupture. There was so much bleeding. He thinks that the lead surgeon wasn't used to this new method yet and his inexperience caused him to hit the inferior vena cava, which caused the rupture. If he had made the call to cut the abdomen right away, the bad outcome could've been avoided.

Hye Jung confronts Myung Hoon. The two take this discussion to his office, where he reveals that he's known she was the guardian. She presents her evidence and he asks how this proves anything. He says that laparoscopic surgery was the newest technology at the time and insists he did his best. An error is different from doing his best. Regardless, he gives her an insincere apology and tells her she's childish by continuing to act like a high school girl. After he "apologizes," he tells her they're no longer indebted to each other. He tells her Ji Hong is a great catch and that he, too, will tell her the same - she's being childish and she's wasting her time. She tears up, telling him she was naive and underestimated him. Now that she's received an apology, she's even more offended. He tells her not to come back. After all, does she want to work in the hospital he runs? She clutches the report. In a washroom, Hye Jung tries to recompose herself and mutters that she will take him down through the law.

Hye Jung meets with Ji Hong outside, who asks how it went. She instantly asks for talented lawyers as she wants a lawsuit. She tells him he did apologize, but he clearly did not mean it. She says she wants to destroy him. Ji Hong tells ehr to just stop and she tells him that Myung Hoon predicted he'd tell her the same thing. Tearing, she tells his that she feels like no one understands her, including Ji Hong. At this, Ji Hong painfully says he'll introduce a lawyer to her.

Hye Jung receives a photo message from Kang Soo, saying he's being punished for making her go through two disciplinary meetings. He says he's getting surgery and will see her in a month. She texts back saying she's sorry for not being able to be there for him and that she will visit him later.

Ji Hong meets a shaven Kang Soo by the stairway, complimenting that he prepared well! Kang Soo almost breaks down when he reveals that he's the head of the household between him and his brother. Ever since he was little, he had a dream to become a surgeon like Ji Hong. That dream kept him going. Ji Hong pats him.

Hye Jung visits Attorney Ahn Myung Kyu, who explains that the statue of limitation has passed. She's desperate though and claws at every little possibility. He only tells her she should've done this 10 years ago.

Ji Hong and Yoon Do run into each other. Yoon Do tells him he knows he was rejected by Kang Soo due to his bold tactics of total removal. They encounter Tae Ho who tells them Kang Soo isn't ready for surgery yet.

Tae Ho finds Kang Soo, who asks why he wants to postpone the surgery. Kang Soo admits it's because his brother hasn't arrived yet. If something goes wrong, he may lose his vision. He comments that he's the type to always think of the worst case scenario. Tae Ho says he does, too, and that Kang Soo must hold on. Just then, Kang Soo's brother comes running. We finally get to see Hyung Soo! He's the cutest little brother for Kang Soo! The two salute each other and Tae Ho smiles on.

In Kang Soo's patient room, Kang Soo and Hyung Soo talk to each other before the surgery. Hyung Soo tells his brother that he likes him whether he is a doctor or not. He then apologizes for causing trouble and making Kang Soo worry over him. Aw... Kang Soo punches him and is amazed by his six pack, HAHA!

Ji Hong starts the surgery with Seo Woo assisting. Yoon Do, Tae Ho and Kyung Joon are in the observation deck. It will be a 12-hour surgery, so Tae Ho will be coming in and out.

In the waiting area, Hyung Soo waits.

Elsewhere, Kyung Joon and Nurse Yoo all look concerned knowing Kang Soo is undergoing surgery.

Back in the operation room, Ji Hong, Seo Woo and the rest of the surgery team look visibly tired. They push on.

Hye Jung finds another attorney, who tells her the same thing. He further explains that since money was accepted, her sincerity will be doubted as well. Hye Jung looks like she's about to cry.

During a miniature stretching break, Yoon Do tells Young Kook to take over with Seo Woo when Young Kook mentions Seo Woo looks tired. Seo Woo rejects this, saying she wants to do this, and they continue the surgery.

Finally, Ji Hong completes the surgery! He lets out a sigh and Seo Woo does so as well. Ji Hong says good job and everyone in the observation deck is relieved.

At her apartment, Hye Jung thinks back to what Myung Hoon said to her. Suddenly, she receives a call from Ji Hong to tell her Kang Soo's surgery went well. She smiles, saying it's a relief and that she knew it would go well since it's Kang Soo and him, but her voice breaks and she starts to cry. He asks what's wrong and if something happened. She tells him yes, a lot.

Ji Hong comes to visit her and ask if it didn't go well with the lawyer. Exasperated, she tells him she should've reported the case right after it happened. He tells her there was no way she would've known what to do at that age. Hye Jung tears, saying she's finally become strong enough.. but now, there's nothing she can do. He tells her if she spent her life taking him down then, she wouldn't be where he is now. Hye Jung is offended at his remark and he tells her he doesn't want her to ruin her life. He asks if she thought someone like Myung Hoon would change.

Filled with bitterness, Hye Jung says she is going to kill him; after all, in order to catch a monster, you have to become one yourself. He tells her he will kill him for her, as he doesn't want to see her behind bars. But to give him time because he may go to jail forever. Hye Jung asks if he even looked into his father's death since there were suspicious circumstances: the time it took for his father to be discovered was long. He tells her he did, but he's not pressing into it because it's not what his father would've wanted. Hye Jung bitterly asks how he would know what his father wanted. He tells her that's what parents would want for their children; time is precious so he should just do the things he loves doing today. To him, there's no tomorrow.

Hye Jung gives a bitter smile as her ending narration beings, "I thought the world would change once I found the truth. The world did not change."


Episode 17 Review

It's heartbreaking to see Hye Jung in so much despair. It killed me when she said she worked so hard to become stronger.. and now that she's strong enough to take Myung Hoon on, she can't do anything.

On another note, Kang Soo was a trooper this episode! I'm glad Ji Hong lead his surgery and it was successful.. to finally see his brother was a nice treat, too! He tugged on my heartstrings during that hair shaving scene. I actually teared up a bit because it was so devastating to see. So proud of Kang Soo! I would've been so upset if he lost his vision during the procedure...

With 3 episodes left, I'm wondering how everything will wrap up.. will Hye Jung follow Ji Hong's example and let everything go? The conclusion of that can be left up to debate, but I can't see Hye Jung's character actually going that route. Hopefully, Seo Woo will play a big role in taking Myung Hoon down - and I'm pretty sure he will be taken down by the end of the series. Speaking of Seo Woo, I love how her relationship with Hye Jung is slowly mending. I was so pleased when she finally admitted to Hye Jung - and herself - that she just wanted to be like Hye Jung. I'd love to see her character develop even more in the remaining 3 episodes.. and c'mon writers, throw me some more Young Kook x Seo Woo, please!

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  • StarberryKoko.com: September 02, 2016

    @Hohurm: Oh my goodness, Kang Soo’s head shaving scene was INCREDIBLY heartbreaking to watch T_T It made me tear up, too..

    YES! I love the subtleness of Seo Woo and Hye Jung’s relationship mending.. it’s slow and realistic. Nothing comes out of no where and the writers always puts in reasons behind everything.

    Ugh, President Jin doesn’t deserve to be a doctor.

  • hohurm: September 01, 2016

    kang soo was the winner for me this episode! i teared during his head shaving scene. i figured it was either ji hong or hye jung will be undergoing a surgery, never thought it would be kang soo.

    i cringed during hye jung’s encounter with president jin. it was so painful to watch hye jung holding her tears in while he smugly brushed her off. i think that’s the first time she lost her composure since being an adult. but i agreed with ji hong, what did she expect? for him to drop down and begged for her forgiveness?

    i love how the writer slowly progressed seo woo’s and hye jung’s relationship, giving it a realistic feeling. hye jung might never know seo woo stopped her dad from throwing out the teacher-student scandal back then (but we know!). i like how they don’t suddenly getting chummy with each other that fast

  • StarberryKoko.com: August 23, 2016

    @Kdcrazy: Thank you so much for your comment! I went back to re-watch this part in the episode, but it seems like Seo Woo was the one who told Hye Jung she wanted to be like her? I’m watching this on DramaFever, so perhaps the translation is different?

  • Kdcrazy: August 23, 2016

    Oh hello I just wanted to inform u that the roles for the criticizing and walking oht are mixed up. It was Hye Jung who said she always wanted to be like Seo Woo and Hye Jung walked out afterwards.

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