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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 19 Recap and Review

Posted on August 23 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 19

I absolutely loved this episode. It's such a great second-to-last episode for a Korean drama series. Everything is wrapping up nicely, but we're still kept in suspense! Don't get me started on Seo Woo - she's easily the best girl in this episode. Let's get started!


Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 starts with series of flashback sequences from Hye Jung’s high school days with her Grandma visiting her in jail, Soon Hee taking the blame, to Ji Hong talking with his father and finally, to Ji Hong hugging Hye Jung from behind in the previous episode. Hye Jung’s voice narrates, “The best way to show love for someone is through sacrifice. That doesn’t mean sacrifice can make a person look beautiful.”

Hye Jung presses Ji Hong for what Myung Hoon say to make him, someone who love surgeries so much, stop being a surgeon. He reassures her not to worry – he’s taking one step backwards, but will take two steps forward. He’s looking into Myung Hoon’s weakness and will attack once he has it. Hye Jung tells him to tell her his weakness once he finds it and adds that Ji Hong always teaches her important lessons.

At Sooni Hawaii, Seo Woo meets with Soon Hee. Due to Seo Woo’s persistence, Soon Hee spills: Hye Jung’s grandma died due to her father’s mistake. At this, Seo Woo is horrified and says it’s nonsense. Soon Hee tells her to look at Hye Jung – would someone like her pursue this matter if it was nonsense? She brings up Hye Jung’s original dream to run Granny’s Rice Soup with her Grandma. Her original dream wasn’t to become a doctor.

Sung Jong visits his son, Myung Hoon at his house. Myung Hoon has some trouble forking a cherry tomato and Sung Jong tells him to get a physical done. Onto the main point of their meeting, Myung Hoon wants to buy more shares of Sangil Pharmaceuticals, but he has no funds. He wants to be the majority shareholder and comments that they need another business aside from the hospital. He’s heard that Sangil Pharmaceuticals is working on a new drug that will become a big hit and wants in on the investment. Sung Jong says he’ll give him the money; after all, what’s the slush fund for?

A giddy Myung Hoon tells him that once it takes off, he and his step-mother should go on a cruise. Sung Jong mentions that he misses Myung Hoon’s real mother.

Outside Gookil Hospital, Seo Woo reminisces back to when Hye Jung’s grandma came to apologize to her after the fire accident. Young Kook comes by, asking why she hasn’t gone home yet. A dejected Seo Woo tells him to do something bad to her just once… aw. AW, I love Seo Woo x Young Kook so much. Hesitantly and slowly, he takes his hand and gently caresses her head against his shoulder. “It’s okay,” he tells her.

The next day, Hye Jung and Kyung Joon make their rounds before attending a conference called by Tae Ho. At Hae Young’s bedside, Hye Jung tells her she’s amazing for holding on.

Ji Hong attends the conference and Seo Woo is giving a presentation of Hae Young’s situation. At the end of the conference, Tae Ho gives an inspiring speech to them amidst all the turmoil surrounding the neurosurgery department recently. He lifts everyone spirits and everyone chants their slogan: “The neurosurgery department controls everything!”

Elsewhere, Pa Ran meets with Hye Jung’s father, Min Ho. He’s been referred to him by Yoon Do. He starts to describe his symptoms: he’s always tired and his upper stomach hurts. Pa Ran advises to run some liver tests first and comments that Yoon Do is looking after him well because he’s Hye Jung’s father. At this, Min Ho looks contemplative.

Tae Ho tells Ji Hong all that’s left is for him to hand over the slush fund to the prosecutors. Meekly, Ji Hong apologizes and tells him he can’t use that yet… Myung Hoon as something on Hye Jung. At this, Tae Ho teasingly tells Ji Hong that he’s just like a sad person in love, LOL. He knew there was a reason why he went to the research center like that! He tells Ji Hong he’ll cheer him on, but warns that they don’t have much time if they start building the center.

Seo Woo confronts Hye Jung, nervously asking if she’s here because of her father’s mistake during her grandma’s surgery. Hye Jung calmly answers all of Seo Woo’s frantic questions: were there files, who analyzed it, why did someone keep the files, etc. She’s clearly hoping that there’s been some mistake. Hye Jung tells him that her father “settled” with hers. At this, Seo Woo leaves in disbelief.

Seo Woo visits Pa Ran, reconfirming that he analyzed Hye Jung’s grandmother’s anesthesiology records. He confirms this, saying he told her it was the lead surgeon’s error. She asks if Ji Hong and Yoon Do both know and Pa Ran confirms they do.

She later confronts Yoon Do, asking if he became a board member because of Hye Jung. He says yes, it’s for her and Ji Hong. Seo Woo, upset, tells him he’s never this nice – he never gets mixed up in other’s business. She says it’s unfair for her as they’ve had a history of friendship. To be sorry, he should stop making things hard for her father. She argues that a doctor’s job is to save their patient’s life, but mistakes happen from time to time.

Kang Soo is working on his web comic and Joong Dae scolds him for plagiarizing Hye Jung’s life. Young Kook and Kyung Joon arrive as well and they all have their usual playful banter with each other. Aw, it’s nice to see them all together again!

Hye Jung receives a call from Pa Ran, who tells her he has her father’s results. She’s surprised as she didn’t know they met.

Pa Ran tells Min Ho that the results show fatty liver, which caused the infection. It’s not serious though! Outside, as he asks a Nurse on how to get his medication, Hye Jung watches.

Hye Jung meets with Ji Hong and tells him her father came by the hospital as a patient earlier. She was scared it was something serious. He tells her that family relationships are the hardest – they’re people who can hurt you the most, but at the same time, they’re the ones you’re attached to the most. He tells her he’s not trying to get them to be close; after all, he’s not close with his. Hye Jung tells him she’s proud that HE’S HER MAN, ohmygod. At this, Ji Hong is happy and asks, “I’m your man?”

A dejected Yoon Do comes by and Ji Hong mentions that the “beagles” must no longer be bothering him because he doesn’t come by anymore. Yoon Do is clearly solemn though and quietly goes into his office. He looks exasperated when Ji Hong suddenly comes in and startles him. Ji Hong asks him to dinner despite his rejections, LOL.

Seo Woo drops by Myung Hoon’s office, but he’s not there. She peers around his office waiting for his return… when she finds his recording pen! She suddenly hears her father’s voice in the hallway and quickly puts the pen in her pocket before he comes in.

She confronts him, but he says he doesn’t want to hear her name. He’s very stressed, he claims. Seo Woo leaves.

In the fellow room, Seo Woo listens to the recording pen in its entirety. She looks shaken and confronts Hye Jung.

As her father’s daughter, she must look at his POV, Seo Woo tells Hye Jung. She confronts Hye Jung about her “threat” and reveals that she heard about it through a recording clip he had. Seo Woo tells her it was scary – how could she say that as a doctor? She tries to persuade Hye Jung into leaving it alone as a mistake – even she has performed on patients who didn’t survive. Hye Jung agrees – mistakes are okay, but did she know what her father said to her after the surgery?

“I did my best, so I have nothing to feel bad about,” Hye Jung repeats what Myung Hoon told her… and then told her he would discuss it with her parents. Seo Woo reasons that her father wanted to speak to her parents because she was a minor then.

Hye Jung says offering condolences for a death come first. If he had shown respect for her grandma’s life, she wouldn’t have come this far.

Seo Woo asks why she didn’t tell her this from the beginning. That way, she wouldn’t have misunderstood Hye Jung’s intentions. Hye Jung tells her she wanted to be considerate towards Seo Woo. After all, Seo Woo helped her with her studies. Just by doing that, she gave her a lot. Her passing the math test gave her the foundation of becoming successful. For that, she endured it. Hye Jung leaves.

In the fellow room, Hye Jung thinks back to the night Ji Hong was outside her house with his suspicious behavior. Now, she realizes it’s because Myung Hoon threatened him with her threat recording.

Yoon Do brings vintage wine to his dinner date with Ji Hong. Aw… I really love the bromance between them. Yoon Do comments it’s weird to be like this with another guy, LOL. Ji Hong says he hasn’t thanked him yet – for being there with his father’s death and for his vote at the board meeting… he teases Yoon Do and playfully asks if he likes him that much… LOL! He corrects himself, asking if he likes Hye Jung that much. Yoon Do says yes and OHMYGOD, Ji Hong cheekily asks, “can’t you like me more?” and gives a portion of his steak to Yoon Do.

At this gesture, Yoon Do gags and almost throws up. LOL! He tells Ji Hong he’s using all kinds of methods to get him to give up. Ji Hong asks if he will give up now and Yoon Do, exasperated, gives in. He tells her he’s no longer going to get involved in their affairs, but Ji Hong reveals that he’s already found Myung Hoon’s weakness. When Yoon Do asks why he’s not using it, Ji Hong simply lifts his wine for cheers.

Hye Jung meets with Tae Ho. He reconfirms that Ji Hong went to the research center due to her and instantly follows up by asking when she’s going to marry Ji Hong. She must rescue that old bachelor! LOL, TAE HO!

Hye Jung is shocked, but wants to know what else Ji Hong has done for her as Myung Hoon told her she’s a roadblock in Ji Hong’s life. She trusts Tae Ho to tell her everything.

At home, Hye Jung reminisces back to when Ji Hong told her that Grandma wouldn’t have wanted her to give up on “today” to look into her death. She thinks back to the meal the three of them had together as well. Tears swell in her eyes.

Hye Jung visits her Grandma, updating her on her life. She’s been obsessed over her death, so she’s not happy – it’s not making her happy. She brings up Ji Hong, confessing that when she’s with him, she gets happy. Tearfully she asks if she can think of her a little less often… oh my, this scene is so heartbreaking.

Afterwards, she visits Ji Hong. She tells him he broke a rule again! She met with Tae Ho. He instantly freezes up (cutely). She tells him to do whatever he needs to do with that USB and is aware her threat was recorded.

She tells him she used to think she had to bring him down on her own, but it’s changed now. How can she do everything on her own? He has the strength to bring him down and she doesn’t want to be the block for that. He tells her that her past may be revealed, but she tells him she can face it head on. After all, she’s been doing that all along. These two are so… incredibly… sweet and inspiring.

Sometime later, a board meeting is called and Myung Hoon reveals that they have started construction on the Senior Health Center. It will cost 120 billion won to construct.

Suddenly, a group of men enter Gookil Hospital! Myung Hoon and Sung Jong are celebrating in his office, laughing at how Tae Ho looked like he ate something bad. Sung Jong mentions how he didn’t see Yoon Do. Suddenly, the men burst into Myung Hoon’s office: they’re from the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office!

He presents them with a warrant for Sung Jong’s arrest for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. He tells him his rights as Myung Hoon yells in frustration. Sung Jong calmly agrees to be taken in as Myung Hoon frantically screams for his father.

The news break via the media: Since 2006, Board Director Jin has outsourced to other businesses while managing Gookil Hospital’s off-site facilities. He took out 3 billion won of the revenue from the facilities for his personal use. In exchange for allowing businesses to work with the facilities, he is also charged with receiving rebates from businesses of 2 billion won. Prosecutors are charging for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. Others involved have also been charged. Prosecutors have seized other materials in order to find evidence of corruption. They will be expanding the investigation.

Hye Jung and Kyung Joon watch the news break as staff members gather around. Elsewhere, Seo Woo is receiving glances from several nurses when she runs into Yoon Do. They leave for a tea break.

As Hye Jung and Kyung Joon leave, they bump into Yoon Do and Seo Woo. Yoon Do watches the television as Sung Jong gets taken in, mobbed by a sea of reporters.

Hye Jung meets with Ji Hong, commenting that the hospital is in disarray. He warns her that Myung Hoon won’t stay quiet. She reassures him that the past isn’t as strong as the present and that she will get by. When he tells her he’s scared, she calls him cute. AW. He stares at her and tells her he wants to kiss her and she lets out the cutest squeal, LOL. “Come on!” he drags her out and the two are probably making out somewhere.

Myung Hoon visits Sung Jong in jail. He says he’s responsible for everything. Since he’s old, he can get out with “illness.” He continues to say it’s better for him to be the one arrested. A frantic Myung Hoon tells him he can’t sleep with him in jail and won’t let Ji Hong get away with this.

He runs back to his office, trying to find the recording pen. It’s gone! His lawyer enters and Myung Hoon angrily orders him to find a way to get him out now! His lawyer says the price will be high for bail, but Myung Hoon doesn’t care.

Yoon Do and Seo Woo are in the hospital courtyard. She tells him to say something to console her. He only comments it’s her first time going through something like this, but he’s been through something like this twice. She thanks him and receives a call from her father.

In his office, Myung Hoon is frantically looking for his recording pen when Seo Woo comes in. He bitterly asks how Hye Jung is doing. He’s angry, blaming Ji Hong for the turn of events and tells her if he hangs Hye Jung out to dry, Ji Hong will have to feel something. Seo Woo asks how he plans on doing that and Myung Hoon confesses he recorded Hye Jung’s threat. At this revelation, Seo Woo confesses she got rid of it. WHAT!? Hey, that’s exactly Myung Hoon’s reaction as well.

“When I heard about the mistake, I automatically took your side because you are my dad,” Seo Woo explains herself to him. “I wanted to avoid it because what you did wrong felt like I did wrong, too.”

He reasons that he didn’t do anything wrong and that Hye Jung went overboard. After all, it was settled 13 years ago!

“I would’ve ripped that person to shreds right then if that had happened to you,” Seo Woo continues. “Why did you do that? All you needed to do was apologize if it was a mistake. Why would you hurt someone like that?”

He begrudgingly asks if she knows how many people look for money if they apologize. Seo Woo asks if he believes all people are like that. She continues to say she’s embarrassed of him, but is also ashamed of herself. She reveals Hye Jung’s original goal in life: she just wanted to live with her grandma! Seo Woo reprimands him for never understanding people’s feelings – all he had to do was offer a sincere apology and all this could’ve been avoided. She leaves. Myung Hoon clutches onto his head in frustration.

WOW, I love you, Seo Woo. I love you so, so very much. It seems like the story is heading for a “Myung Hoon has cancer” finale.

Elsewhere, Kyung Joon and the Nurse tease Ji Hong and Hye Jung about their relationship, claiming everyone already knows.

Outside, Ji Hong and Hye Jung come to the conclusion that if Tae Ho knows, everyone knows. They agree to continue to act secretive; after all, it’s more fun! However, she’s worried about him due Myung Hoon holding her recording against him, but he assures her he’s just staying quiet since they’re so angry right now.

Just then, Hye Jung receives a call from Seo Woo who calls her up to the rooftop. She hands Hye Jung the recording pen. Hye Jung asks if she convinced her father to hand it over, but Seo Woo reveals she stole it. She continues to tell Hye Jung that she’s met her Grandma once before – she bought juice and visited her at the hospital after the fire accident... Seo Woo confesses she was only kind to Hye Jung in the past because she never considered her competition. At this, Hye Jung says whatever her reason was, she was kind regardless. Seo Woo admits she didn’t want to acknowledge Hye Jung was better than her – and this is where her own tragedy started. Hye Jung takes part of the blame, saying she provoked her back when they were in high school, she just didn’t realize it then. Suddenly, Seo Woo apologizes.

Anyone getting chills at this apology scene?!

“I had a chance. Back when you came to me and asked to get Soon Hee out [of jail]. I tried to rationalize and thought that time would solve everything. In reality, things became worse. I think now is my chance,” Seo Woo says. OH MY GOD, SEO WOO GETS ON HER KNEES AND APOLOGIZES TO HYE JUNG!

“I’ll apologize on behalf of my dad,” Seo Woo cries on her knees. Hye Jung is stunned speechless (so am I).

Hye Jung returns to Ji Hong with the recording pen, saying it’s good she didn’t hate Seo Woo all this time. Out of nowhere, Ji Hong asks Hye Jung to marry him. LOL. Rightfully so, Hye Jung is taken aback and Ji Hong asks if she doesn’t want to marry him. A confused Hye Jung asks if he’s being too much – marriage isn’t a joke; why would you spit it out like that?

Ji Hong, laughing, says he didn’t just spit it out. He’s been thinking about it a lot! Hye Jung says it’s not romantic at all! Ji Hong says he thought she didn’t like that kind of stuff, but Hye Jung refutes it. He then asks isn’t there something he should hear from her first…? Oh. Oh boy. I think I know what that is.

He bashfully says he wants to hear how she feels, but she tells him she’s not going to tell him because the mood and lighting isn’t right. LOL.

Myung Hoon meets with Ji Hong. He tells him he didn’t think he’d betray him like this. Ji Hong tells him he’ll be returning to work. When Myung Hoon tells him to not be delusional, Ji Hong reveals that he has Hye Jung’s recording.

In his office, Hye Jung meets with Myung Hoon. She tells him she will stop now: she’s here to take back every cruse she said to him. He seems curious at her change in behavior, but she continues to tell him she’s going to live her life without any connection to him now. She started it, so she’s here to end it and tie things up. He sarcastically asks if he’s supposed to thank her. But she says no – don’t do a thing. She’s just finishing her assignment. She learned a lot while doing it. She bows and leaves.

“What was that, seriously?” Myung Hoon questions himself. His lackey tells him his father has been released on bail so he should see him.

Yoon Do finds Seo Woo in the fellow room, who asks if he’s there for Hye Jung. He’s not – he invites her out to eat. She tells him she has no appetite and that if he’s trying to repay her for consoling him, he doesn’t have to. He tells her he’s doing it because he wants to. Just then, Young Kook comes in looking for Seo Woo. He’s surprised to see Yoon Do and quietly says he’s there to eat with Seo Woo. At that, Seo Woo cheerfully jumps up and says, “let’s go!” LOL!

Yoon Do is baffled, saying she just said she didn’t want to eat! Seo Woo tells him it’s up to her who she eats with, HAHA! He teasingly tells her she has no manners, but Seo Woo retorts by saying she has good manners compared to him. Yoon Do tells Young Kook to buy her something good – they can eat something expensive and he’ll pay for it later. Aw…

Young Kook smiles. When Yoon Do leaves, Seo Woo scoffs and mutters how Yoon Do is trying to look cool. Young Kook says he is cool and tells her she can like him if she wants; she doesn’t have to stop herself. She says it’s not like that – it just reminds her of how stupid she was.

Later that night, Seo Woo is having dinner with Sung Jong, Myung Hoon and her mother. When Myung Hoon lifts a plate of food for Sung Jong, he drops it. They bring up his physical again and push for him to get one done. Sung Jong says his health is important for their upcoming fight.

At Gookil Hospital, Yoon Do asks Hye Jung if Ji Hong is back yet. She tells him he needs to wait for the director’s permission according to the rules. He tells her that her father is coming to the hospital today and compliments the rice soup.

Seo Woo speaks with Tae Ho, who reassures her to not worry about his personal feud with her father. She receives a call from her father.

In his office, Tae Ho receives a call from Kye Won from the lab. He has Myung Hoon’s physical results!

In his office, Myung Hoon is looking at his own results. He looks utterly horrified.

Tae Ho calls Ji Hong to look over the results to which Ji Hong points out there are tumors on the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Ji Hong asks who it is and Tae Ho reveals it’s Myung Hoon. At this, a surprised Ji Hong says this procedure is too hard, even for him. However, Tae Ho says he’s the only person who can do it.

In the fellow room, Seo Woo is also looking at her father’s results. She tears up and calls her mother. It’s a tumor, she says.

Ji Hong meets with Sung Jong and the two have small talk about Director Hong. Sung Jong says he regrets his last moments with Doo Shik as he was his friend forever. He then asks Ji Hong to operate on Myung Hoon, but Ji Hong refuses, saying he’s at the research center now. He also brings up the fact Myung Hoon will refuse for Ji Hong to operate on him since he views him as an enemy. A surgical procedure doesn’t only depend on the doctor, but the patient as well. Because of this, Ji Hong argues that Myung Hoon won’t be a peace during the surgery, which decreases the success rate. To top it all off, Myung Hoon’s surgery procedure already has a low success rate. Despite this, Sung Jong pleads Ji Hong to still lead the surgery.

An exhausted Hye Jung enters the fellow room. Seo Woo, tearful, asks if she thinks Ji Hong has lost his touch because he hasn’t been operating. Hye Jung says no – Ji Hong spends all his time watching surgery videos. Seo Woo then asks how she felt when she found out her Grandmother had cancer. Hye Jung tells her she was told about it in jail… she cried and cried and cried. She hated herself for being unable to do anything and constantly contemplated what ifs. Hye Jung looks up at Seo Woo and realizes she’s crying. Sensing something wrong, she asks what’s wrong. Seo Woo says her father was good to her and that she has a lot of memories with him. Their relationship hasn’t been good lately because he has such high expectations of her. She continues to cry, saying she was really hating him lately – not listening to him and not going home.

Just then, Hye Jung receives a call from Kyung Joon, who updates her on a male patient who took too many sleeping pills. It’s Myung Hoon! Horrified, Hye Jung pieces the puzzle together. She tells Kyung Joon she’ll be there soon and to call for Ji Hong.

Myung Hoon scolds at his wife for bringing him into the hospital for taking sleeping pills. Hye Jung and Seo Woo arrive. When Ji Hong comes in, Seo Woo’s mother instantly recognizes him as Seo Woo’s homeroom teacher.

“You have to live life to the end and go all the way. That is when you can find out the meaning of your life. You have to go to the very end,” Hye Jung narrates as the episode ends.


Episode 19 Review

This was definitely one of the more enjoyable episodes for me. I loved the bromance between Ji Hong and Yoon Do. It's so darn sweet and endearing and just way too cute for words. It's adorable how Yoon Do looks up to Ji Hong and how respectful, as a man, he is. It was incredibly sweet watching Ji Hong try to convince Yoon Do to give up on Hye Jung. I think it worked out really well.. it's refreshing to see something different in a Korean drama. Two rivals in love slowly befriending each other and the other one admitting defeat. And the humor used in that dinner scene was just.. LOL! It was too great.

Seo Woo was the star of this episode. She was amazing! She has completely done a 180 and redeemed herself. To be honest, her character development and redemption exceeded my expectations. I never thought she'd get on her knees to apologize for her own actions. On top of that, apologizing on behalf of her father. That entire rooftop sequence gave me chills. I couldn't stop saying "Oh my God" because I was so shocked. Seo Woo is such a wonderful character.. now, I just need to see her find happiness with Young Kook! He's so sweet and cute towards her! I loved the scene where he caressed her head near the beginning of the episode. It was also funny to see her instantly pick eating with Young Kook over Yoon Do. Our girl has changed and grown so much! Her confrontation with her father, Myung Hoon, also exceeded the role I thought she'd have in taking down Myung Hoon. Seo Woo = Best Girl.

I CAN'T BELIEVE JI HONG PROPOSED TO HYE JUNG!!! Okay, it was the least romantic thing in the world, but it was hilarious because it literally came out of no freaking where. LOL!!! I'm still waiting to hear Hye Jung finally tell her man she loves him. I see the writers are saving this for the last episode!

I'm surprised at how much I'm liking the "Myung Hoon has cancer" finale. To be honest, when the hints for his tumor started dropping, I wasn't a fan of it. It seemed so generic, but to see how Ji Hong and Hye Jung are the ones who will (hopefully) save him.. it makes perfect, beautiful sense. I mean, Hye Jung saving the man she has hated all her life... imagine that. Granted, Hye Jung's already found peace through Seo Woo's apology, so this entire finale cancer arc is the redemption of Myung Hoon. I can't wait to see how everything turns out.


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