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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 2 Recap and Review

Posted on June 22 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 2

Notes for this post. I'll be referring our main protagonist as Hye Jung as opposed to Hye Jeong from now on as that seems to be the more popular spelling for her name. Hong Ji Hong remains as Teacher Hong in this episode! Once again, I do apologize for any typos/situational errors in this post if there are any. I will edit them if I catch them. Let's go! :)

Episode 2 Recap

The episode starts off with Hye Jung being brought to Teacher Hong at her new high school while being lectured on behaving herself. Teacher Hong is at his office table looking over Hye Jung's transfer papers and notes that she has an IQ of 156; she's smart, but behaves badly.

Fast-forward to the previous episode's cliffhanger where Hye Jung is about to get hit by Teacher Hong. He stops right when he's about to hit her and tells her to turn around. He asks her why he should be doing something he hates for someone he dislikes. She cheekily retorts that because she asked him to hit her and he refused, then she doesn't have to write the apology, right? He scoffs, saying she'll be great at business.

The conversation steers to Grandma and how they address her. Teacher Hong starts thinking about his family. Flashback to when he's a kid: His mother, father and him are driving in a car. Out of no where, a car hits them and his parents die in the accident. Their overturned car is ignored as the other people involved in the accident keep fighting with each other. People are selfish, he thinks to himself, they think about themselves before saving others.

Teacher Hong tells her she can leave, but she needs to take responsibility. Soon Hee comes to see Hye Jung and happily follows her when she the science room. Hye Jung looks annoyed by the talkative Soon Hee as she goes on about her mother and her life while cutely hanging onto Hye Jung's arm. Soon Hee tells Hye Jung that her heart beats faster at the sight of Hye Jung and Hye Jung asks if she's a lesbian. Soon Hee cheekily says she must be a lesbian because she likes girls and Hye Jung says she's cute (LOL).

Grandma is at the hospital getting a check up for feeling sick. She's been having indigestion, stabbing pains and difficulty eating. She asks for some medication, but the Doctor (Seo Woo's father) wants to run some tests. She wonders how much the exam will cost. In the middle of the conversation, the Doctor gets a call from his Father and he asks what Director Hong said. He says he'll be up soon because he didn't get the answer he wanted.

After school, Soo Chul is stalking Hye Jung (oh, aren't you persistent?) by waiting for her outside her school grounds. Hye Jung tells him to stop bothering her and in the distance, Mi Ra, Seo Woo and Soon Hee are watching. Mi Ra claims that Soo Chul is hers and runs up to him after Hye Jung nonchalantly walks off. Soo Chul brushes her off and tells Mi Ra to stop bothering him.

Soon Hee tells Seo Woo she's going to leave now, but Seo Woo says she can come over today. Regardless, Soon Hee runs after Hye Jung, who asks her if she has any friends. Soon Hee says her! She takes Hye Jung to get a school uniform.. a free one, from her house!

Elsewhere, Teacher Hong is listening to music and reminiscing about his past. Grandma comes in and he can tell something's on her mind. She asks about Hye Jung and who her homeroom teacher is. Teacher Hong reveals that it's him and the moment he does, Grandma gets down on her knees. She disregards her pride and tells him that she highly respect doctors and teachers; these professionals aren't supposed to judge and point fingers. She pleads for him to erase what he knows about her grand-daughter, Hye Jung.. and to please take care of her. Can someone give this Grandma an award?

He smiles and says she's smart; she needs motivation, not praise and that's why she's acting out. Grandma talks about how bright she was when her mother was still alive.

In Soon Hee's room, Hye Jung is trying on her new school uniform! Soon Hee, being Soon Hee, says Hye Jung has big breasts (LOL). Hye Jung jokes with her that they're different sizes and they start laughing. Gosh, the friendship between Soon Hee and Hye Jung is so sweet and innocent! So cute!

Getting off on the bus home, Hye Jung notices a pregnant mother and her son. She walks past Teacher Hong who notices that she's wearing her school uniform. Hye Jung ignores Teacher Hong, but sees the pregnant woman from the bus fainting and rushes to her. Teacher Hong runs up as well and they both attend to the woman.

Incoming intense scene! Teacher Hong shows off his doctoring skillz while Hye Jung watches in panic and calls an ambulance. She notices that the woman's water broke.

Cut to the Hospital where Director Hong is at. His colleague comes in and tells him to get up because they have a lot of work to do. Director Hong says he might resign his position and go to the United States to study business and social welfare. He says he needs to change now while his colleague doesn't seem to get him. In the middle of their conversation, Director Hong gets a phone call from his son, Teacher Hong, who frantically tells him he has an emergency patient.

A panicked Hye Jung tries comforting the crying son while Teacher Hong explains the situational details to his father over the phone.

The situation sounds grave. It has to be a hemorrhage or cerebral infarction in the right brain. Director Hong says it could be a cerebral arterial hemorrhage. Teacher Hong asks how he can confirm it and Director Hong says it's impossible with the naked eye and asks if an ambulance was called. Yes, it was called, but her water broke and there's no hospital here with both neurology and obstetrics! He asks his father to get them into his hospital. Director Hong agrees and the woman suddenly starts vomiting. Hye Jung freaks out while Teacher Hong gives her CPR. Hye Jung watches on with fear, but you can also see admiration on her face.

The woman is having trouble breathing and the ambulance isn't here yet (cue dramatic music). Teacher Hong mentions he needs to do a trachea incision if it doesnt arrive son. Director Hong instantly warns him against it in case something goes wrong.. again. The woman could die especially since he doesn't have proper tools with him. Teacher Hong tells the woman's son and Hye Jung to hold her hand. You don't love with your heart, he tells them, but with your brain; after all, the brain is what makes you decide whether or not you like a person.

Hye Jung asks if Teacher Hong is really a doctor, but he asks her for a knife instead. She says she can go get one and he asks her what if things go wrong. She retorts with how could anything be worse than this? He tells her that it can, but she tells him that he still needs to do it. I have to note: There's so much fear and uncertainty in his voice and expression. What great acting here from Kim Rae Won!

The ambulance arrives! Thank goodness! Teacher Hong tell the EMT that the woman needs to be incubated and that yes, he's a doctor. In the ambulance, he performs the incision (can anyone tell me why the ambulance is wide open for everyone to watch). He successfully does his job and soon, they're on route to Gookhil Hospital.

At the Hospital, the woman is rushed into the operating room where Teacher Hong is watching through the window as the woman's baby is born. After Doctor Tae Ho walks out of the delivery room, he asks Teacher Hong how he felt when he saw someone dying in front of him. He mentions that the woman was lucky to have had him by her side. However, Doctor Tae Ho also mentions that it could've gone wrong and he would've blamed himself again.

Doctor Tae Ho says he will save every patient, though, and winks at Teacher Hong (his wink is cute!). Cut to some graphic scenes of surgery and Teacher Hong continues to watch the procedure through a window. His hand is itching.. and he gets a flashback of his time in the operating room from his time as an intern.

Something is wrong. The patient flat lines in the middle of the operation. Apparently, the patient had a fever before the operation that the intern, then Teacher Hong, should have checked. The Doctor who was operating then is outraged and tells the nurses and Teacher Hong to take responsibility if it becomes a problem.

Back to reality, Teacher Hong takes a deep breath. The woman's husband comes and thanks Doctor Tae Ho for saving his wife. Teacher Hong and Hye Jung look on and leave. They take the bus home and Hye Jung smiles to herself, looking very happy. Teacher Hong looks down at his hands again. Go back to being a doctor! You're amazing at saving lives! I'm super excited for the medical setting.. because I want to see more of it!

Back at home, they part ways and Hye Jung is more tame than ever! She watches him leave and ponders a bit before going back to her room with Grandma, who is already asleep. Hye Jung quietly crawls in bed and snuggles up to Grandma. She remembers what happened during the day and it's revealed that the woman's husband thanked her and asked for her name. He wants to name their newborn daughter after Hye Jung.. in hopes that his daughter will save someone like she did. What a touching scene, especially for a character like Hye Jung.

In Teacher Hong's room, he's studying up on medical notes while watching a surgical video.

The next morning, Hye Jung goes back to the CD store from episode 1 where she stole a CD. She gives money to the employee who tried catching her last time, but the employee only says he can't take it. Teacher Hong already paid for it.

Hye Jung runs back home, excitedly trying to reach Teacher Hong. His room is exceptionally messy and scattered with medical notes! She tries to clean his room, but he stops her. He hates people touching his belongings!

Hye Jung tells him that she thinks he's kinda cool. Doctors make more money and have more recognition than teachers, so why is he working as a teacher instead of a doctor? He mimics her (cutely) and asks her what she thinks his reason is.

She assumes she was kicked out, but he said he left himself. Being teacher is an extension of being a doctor, though! She says he sounded really smart and says she wants to change herself and her life now. She has a reason. He asks her what it is. Hye Jung says she wants her grandma to live in comfort.

Hye Jung asks Teacher Hong how she should start changing her life for the better. Teacher Hong says she needs to succeed as a student first. She asks him how to study, but he tells her to figure it out on her own.

She leaves and says thank you, revealing that she knows that he paid for her CD. As she's leaving Teacher Hong's room, In Joo comes in.

Hye Jung has Soon Hee help her get in touch with the smartest girl in their class, Seo Woo. Soon Hee sets up a meeting for them at a fast food restaurant. Seo Woo does not seem pleased to see Hye Jung. Hye Jung wants to study and wants Seo Woo to teach her, but Seo Woo coldly replies that she's busy.

Oh my god, Soo Chul is at the fast-food restaurant, too! He spots Hye Jung and pulls up next to them. His gang of boys notice Seo Woo, the rich daughter of a super smart daughter and start teasing her. One of the boys touch her and Seo Woo angrily tells him to stop. He doesn't and, c'mon, Hye Jung, put him in his place. Hye Jung grabs the guy's arm and twists it away from Seo Woo. LIKE A BOSS. Seo Woo is shocked and so is everyone else. Another boy gets angry and shoves their food off the table. Soo Chul tries to calm the other guys from preventing them from hurting Hye Jung, saying she's his. Hye Jung scoffs at him and says she belongs to herself. She grabs Seo Woo and Soon Hee to run away.

Soo Chul's friend is not happy. The girls are being followed and start running away together in a super cute running sequence. They're all holding hands! Hye Jung looks like she's having the time of her life while Seo Woo and Soon Hee look like they're about to pee their pants.

Soo Chul helps them escape by pointing the boys in another direction. When the girls stop running, they all burst out into laughter. Seo Woo tells Hye Jung that she'll help her study. AHH, can't these three girls just become BFFs forever?! They are so cute! WHY does there have to be a love triangle between Seo Woo, Hye Jung and Teacher Hong?! It's so tragic.

Later on, Seo Woo tells Teacher Hong she's going to tutor Hye Jung for him. Seo Woo confesses her feelings to Teacher Hong and tells him to wait for her. He tells her that she's going too far, but she says she's just doing what he recommended: Confessing your feelings is better than not saying anything at all. Teacher Hong just says it's her choice to tutor or not. Seo Woo tells him that she's going to become someone he likes. Teacher Hong jokes that how could she even confess without bringing chocolates?

Elsewhere, Grandma is at her check up appointment again. The Doctor breaks the news that she has cancer, but because she's old, the cancer will spread slowly. How can you break the news like that?!

Back at home, Grandma is trying to figure out funds for her surgery when Hye Jung suddenly barges in. Hye Jung tells Grandma she was studying, but Grandma says she shouldn't lie. She really is, though! They have a sweet conversation and Hye Jung asks Grandma what she wants her to become. Grandma tells Hye Jung to become a doctor, but Hye Jung tells her to pick something more realistic. Grandma cheekily tells her that she should dream big and that Hye Jung should show her something before she dies. Hye Jung is riled up: Okay, a doctor? She'll do it! Grandma laughs and says she'll be content with her just doing chore work at the hospital.

At Seo Woo's house, Hye Jung is getting tutored. Seo Woo wonders how long Hye Jung hasn't been studying (LOL). Seo Woo's mother comes in with a wonderful and fancy plate of snacks, but calls Seo Woo out of the room when she looks at Soon Hee notes drawings.

Seo Woo's mother is displeased by her friends. What's wrong with Soon Hee?! Isn't she the President's daugther. She tries to get her husband to say something, but he only says he trusts Seo Woo. Her mother tells Seo Woo to befriend people who can benefit her, not people like Soon Hee. What a nasty lady.

Her mother questions who Hye Jung is. Back Seo Woo's room, Hye Jung and Soon Hee hear everything since Seo Woo's mother is making a ruckus and decide to bail. Before they leaves, Seo Woo gives Hye Jung some study materials. Aw, Seo Woo can be so sweet.

Back at home, Hye Jung studies through the night and oh my god, cute dog is spotted in the background. She starts studying constantly, even during meal times with Grandma and Teacher Hong. He steals her food and they have cute, flirtatious banter. Teacher Hong tells Hye Jung to rank within the top 30 for her to be considered successful. 

It's time for midterms! During testing, Teacher Hong smiles at Hye Jung. It seems Hye Jung studied so hard that her nose started bleeding! But, no worries, she finished her test.

Seo Woo, Soon Hee and Hye Jung celebrate afterward by being cute girls doing cute things. Seriously! It's an entire adorable sequence of our BFF trio taking purikura and singing karaoke. Can't they just stay like this forever?! 

Test results are coming out! Soon Hee says Seo Woo must've gotten first place like always! Seo Woo tells Soon Hee and Hye Jung to not give up even if they do bad and they all run to school laughing.

In the classroom, Teacher Hong announces that he was really shocked with the results. He singles out Hye Jung and tells her to think if she did anything wrong because.. first place for math is HYE JUNG! SHE DID TOO WELL. He's obviously very proud and happy and Hye Jung is bursting with joy while Soon Hee congratulates her.

Uh oh. The screen pans to Seo Woo who does not look pleased. She's in disbelief. Later on campus, a random group of girls pick on Seo Woo for losing to someone she tutored. C'mon.

Hye Jung finds Teacher Hong in the science room and thanks him. He says it's her own hard work. He asks what's her blood type is and she says it's probably O. Teacher Hong tells her that he'll teach her how to find out her blood type. She's actually type A!

He teaches her different blood type features and textures and asks if she wants to see her own red blood cells, too. Hye Jung asks for his blood type and he's B. They're getting cozy in the science room and oh, Hye Jung is getting so close when they're using the microscope. He looks over and, LOL, she almost falls of her chair and he semi-catches her by placing his hand on her back. He tells her to take a peek at the microscope. Oh, this scene is so cute; the lighting is so romantic! I love the chemistry between Hye Jung and Teacher Hong here.

Outside the science room, Seo Woo is watching them with jealousy.

Hye Jung runs home and happily tells Grandma she got first place in math. Grandma is in shocked and is super happy! She congratulates her and they cry from happiness. Awe, I love this new Hye Jung!

At night, Hye Jung calls Seo Woo, who picks up her phone call after some hesitation. Hye Jung came to return the borrowed study materials. Hye Jung says she'll repay her and Seo Woo asks if she likes Teacher Hong. Hye Jung doesnt answer directly, but says they can't be put in that category. Seo Woo accuses Hye Jung of lying to her; there's no way Hye Jung never studied before and suddenly snatch first place. Hye Jung insists that she didn't study before and Seo Woo just says it's because she's smart.  Hye Jung asks why Seo Woo is angry and Seo Woo just responds by saying she doesn't know, she just is. Seo Woo leaves and Hye Jung looks on, confused. 

The following day, Hye Jung encounters Teacher Hong about to go on a bike ride. He asks if she knows how to ride a bike and invites her to go biking with him. They're literally on a bike date, biking through a park and a bridge over the waters. There's so much smiling and laughing between them. It starts raining and they find shelter under a roof.

Teacher Hong looks at her and says it's like a movie. Hye Jung takes something out of her backpack and gifts him a CD. He tells her she has good tastes. They talk about her future and Hye Jung says she needs good grades to become a doctor; she just got lucky this time. He reiterates her luck.

Suddenly, she brings up that she was by her mom's side when she was dying. How great would it be if she was a doctor then, she wonders aloud. Or if Teacher Hong was there. Teacher Hong tells her, "People who are meant to die will die, even with a doctor there." Otherwise, everyone who goes to the hospital will survive, which is not the case.

Sometime later, Teacher Hong and Hye Jung are spotted by Seo Woo and her friends. Teacher Hong and Hye Jung are looking quite friendly, always arriving at school together. They're both eating ice cream and smearing it on each other's face. Seo Woo's friend starts taking pictures of them, wondering if they're dating. She mentions that she will post it online, but Seo Woo grabs the phone away.

It seems that Seo Woo's father is going to Seoul thanks to his father's connection.

Seo Woo finds Teacher Hong in the science room and wants to confirm a strange rumor. Seo Woo tells Teacher Hong that people are saying he and Hye Jung are in a "special relationship." Teacher Hong asks her if she started that rumor. Seo Woo looks shocked and hurt and Teacher Hong tells her that if she admits she's jealous, he'll understand.

Seo Woo asks why she should be jealous of someone like Hye Jung; after all, she has everything that Hye Jung doesn't. That's right, Teacher Hong says, it's because Hye Jung doesn't have anything.. and she managed to grabbed onto one thing, even if it's only a thin string. He tells her that Seo Woo wants that string and that she's being too greedy. Seo Woo, in disbelief, asks whose side he is on and Teacher Hong tells her not to make him into a teacher who picks sides with his students

Teacher Hong tells her to send the students home and to just focus  on meeting her own and her parent's goals of getting into college. Seo Woo loses her patience and asks why he thinks her goal is to meet her parent's expectations; she's not a machine. She has feelings and they're hurt. She's upset and in pain. Teacher Hong says he's in pain too and that everyone lives with pain.

Seo Woo tells him that he's always cold to her, but always warm and smiling when he's around Hye Jung. She leaves. 

At home, Seo Woo writes an email accompanied with photos she and her friend took about the supsicious relationship between Hye Jung and Teacher Hong. She spreads it online and the school's administration. "An unbelievable reality," she calls it.

The next day, Teacher Hong is being reprimanded by the staff and Hye Jung is met with suspicious glances as she walks through school. She confronts Seo Woo, asking if she's happy now. Seo Woo responds by saying Teacher Hong and Hye Jung are done now. She tries to leave, but Hye Jung grabs onto her. Hye Jung asks what she has to do to cancel it. She's at the bottom of society, so she could do anything. But Teacher Hong isn't.

Seo Woo tells Hye Jung that she isn't at the bottom because she has someone to protect: Hong Ji Hong. She tells Hye Jung that she disgusts her and she leaves. Hye Jung chokes up and Soon Hee panics by her side.

Later, Soon Hee informs Hye Jung that Teacher Hong might get fired. A school meeting has been called and Seo Woo's mother is the president of that.

That night, Soon Hee meets up with Seo Woo in an abandoned building. Seo Woo looks uncomfortable and asks why they're there. Soon Hee says it's safe; it's a secret hide out and that she's been there before with Mi Ra. Hye Jung shows up and Seo Woo is annoyed, realizing that Soon Hee set her up. Soon Hee wants Seo Woo to talk out the problem.

While trying to light something for heat, Soon Hee accidentally knocks over gasoline without noticing

Hye Jung confronts Seo Woo again, telling her to take what she said back. She warns Seo Woo that she doesn't know how she'll act if Seo Woo keeps it up. Seo Woo scoffs at her, only telling her that she's not only talented at seducing, but uses her friends as well. Soon Hee jumps into defend Hye Jung and Seo Woo is in shock at Soon Hee standing up to her. Seo Woo blames Hye Jung for Soon Hee's change in personality. The fight starts turning physical and soon, Seo Woo and Hye Jung are pushing each other. Seo Woo falls over and hits her head, passing out right when the fire catches onto the spilled gasoline. The building bursts into flame.

Hye Jung stands devastated in the middle of the burning room while Soon Hee is panicking. She thinks to herself that her desire for success was taken away from her after reaching accomplishment only once.

Episode 2 Review

Wow, what an episode! It was definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. I found the happy sequences with Seo Woo, Soon Hee and Hye Jung so hard to watching because you know what's going to happen. I loved how cute they were all together though; Seo Woo seemed sweet when helping Hye Jung studying. I also like how the writers added depth to her character with her overbearing mother and the exploration of Seo Woo's own feelings and own goals that may be different from her parent's expectations. I feel as though Teacher Hong could've/should've approached Seo Woo's confession and confrontation about his relationship with Hye Jung better. It seemed a bit out of character because Teacher Hong seems to different with Hye Jung. He is clearly playing favorites! I do sort of feel bad for Seo Woo and I love how she's not just a one dimensional side character who is trying to get Teacher Hong's attention. There are reasons for her actions.

I'm also glad that the ethics of a teacher x student relationship was touched upon! I thought it was just going to be skimmed over for the sake of the plot, but it wasn't. I do love the chemistry between Teacher Hong and Hye Jung, but I'd love to see it actually develop more when they're both in the medical profession. I do love the way Teacher Hong looks at Hye Jung.. ._.

Speak of that, I'm really looking forward to their reunion as doctors. I'm assuming we'll get another episode (or two?) of Teacher Hong and Hye Jung as student and teacher to finish the build up. Of course, it seems like they'll be going their separate ways soon due to Seo Woo spreading the rumor.

All in all, great episode! I personally enjoyed it more than episode one.



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