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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 3 Recap and Review

Posted on June 30 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 3

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Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 starts off with a monologue by Teacher Hong, who notes that the amygdala is what causes you to like/love and dislike/hate people. He's biking to a cafe/restaurant to meet with Seo Woo's mother, who is evidently very displeased with his actions. She snarkily asks him how he can be caught up in such a messy scandal at school.

Teacher Hong tells her to be respectful, as he is to her. He claims that Seo Woo misunderstood and doesn't want anyone to be hurt. Seo Woo's mother says that Hye Jung will most likely be expelled and that she cannot stand having Teacher Hong and Hye Jung at the same school (..why?).

At school, Teacher Hong hands in his resignation letter to the Principal (Soon Hee's father). The Principle tells him that he likes him; why would he throw it all away?

Going to where we were left hanging in last week's episode, the building Hye Jung, Seo Woo and Soon Hee are in is burning. The police and firefighters have arrived. An unconscious Seo Woo is getting ambulanced-off to the hospital while Hye Jung (we see that her arm is injured) and Soon Hee get taken to the police station.

On the ride there, Soon Hee is freaking out. Hye Jung tells her not to let Teacher Hong know what they were doing in the building. She tells Soon Hee that she wanted to be a good person with a good life and doesn't want to bring Teacher Hong down with her. She also tells Soon Hee to stay away from her (in order to protect her).

An angry policeman attempt to call Grandma, but she's not answering. Angry policeman asks for Hye Jung's parents, but she says she doesn't have any. He tells her that arson is a huge crime - she will go to prison!

Soon Hee's father comes running and drags a resistant Soon Hee away. Somehow, only Hye Jung has become the scapegoat for this whole ordeal. Oh, k-drama logic. Let me make a note here that the angry policeman is SO PUNCHABLE.

Elsewhere, Teacher Hong meets up with In Joo. She's being adorable; she's happy to hear that Teacher Hong has quit school. She questions if he's going to the United States with Director Hong, his father. Teacher Hong is about to make her dinner (she's so excited that she gives him an awkward backhug and jokingly attempts to rope him into a relationship), but his phone rings. It's a dismayed Soon Hee, who tells him about the situation.

Teacher Hong meets Seo Woo at the hospital, where she is now conscious and being treated for her burn. Hey look, her unlikable mother is there as well. Later, when they're alone, he asks her what happened. Seo Woo says that Hye Jung tried to kill her (..what). She continues onto voice her disappointment in him and asks her why it cant be her? Why Hye Jung? Teacher Hong only says she's beautiful and smart before leaving.

In Hye Jung's jail cell, she gets called out by angry policeman. She doesn't seem happy to find Teacher Hong in the visitor's cell. He asks her for her arm and scolds her. He grabs her arm and is upset to see her injury. Nonetheless, he starts treating her wound. Cue dramatic music: Hye Jung stares at Teacher Hong and we're given a flashback.

Sometime after placing first in math, Hye Jung asked Teacher Hong for one of his medical anatomy books in his room. He asks her why and she only replies with "just because." She endearingly asks for his autograph as well and he signs the book with: I am always rooting for you, Hye Jung! - Hong Ji Hong.

She also notices name tags from his drawer, one saying Hong Ji Hong and the other saying Lee Ji Hong. He casually tells her that he was an orphan up until junior high.

Back at the police station, Teacher Hong tells her Seo Woo is alright. She apologizes and they confess that they've both been avoiding each other ever since the scandal broke. Hye Jung comments on how it's strange, she didn't imagine it could be possible. He stares at her in silence. Hye Jung tells him that she heard he resigned because of her. At the end of their tense conversation, Hye Jung tells him to not seek her again and they should cut off all contact.

She's teary-eyed and asked why she's more worried about him than herself. He has a contemplative look and she thanks him for everything before leaving. He tells her to take the medication.

Outside, Teacher Hong finds In Joo. He asks her for a favor: Isn't her uncle a lawyer? In Joo agrees to help Hye Jung, but warns Teacher Hong to stay away from her. She's a minor and because she is the weakest, she will suffer the most.

Later, Grandma is seen with Kim Ji Hoon's business card, In Joo's uncle lawyer. She's exasperated and tries to call her son for help. He coldly rejects her request; he doesn't care, he claims. She spills the news that she has cancer, but he brushes her off for putting on a show.

At the hospital, Seo Woo is comfortably getting treated by Doctor Myung Hoon (her father) in a private room and a handful of nurses. Grandma comes in and is surprised to see that her doctor, Myung Hoon, is Seo Woo's father. She apoloizes to the family, saying her granddaughter has done great wrong. Seo Woo responds to Grandma politely albeit timidly, but her mother goes off and has Grandma removed from the room.

Granda goes to visit Hye Jung. Incoming sweet scene: she has cooked and brought food to feed her precious Hye Jung. Hye Jung says she has no right to eat, but Grandma tells her any breathing person doesn't need a "right" to eat. Hye Jung tries to shut down her Grandma by telling her to live her own life while Hye Jung lives hers. Grandma tells her she's acting ridiculous; she'll never run from anything. Hye Jung is touched and ends up eating Grandma's love filled food, crying.

Outside the police station, Grandma breaks down while remembering how happy Hye Jung was when she got first place in math.

At at hospital, Teacher Hong visits his father, Director Hong. In Joo had to leave because she was on call, but Director Hong mentions that he likes her. He also tells Teacher Hong to apply to John Hopkins before leaving to the U.S. Both admit to each other that they're happy.

Afterward, Teacher Hong meets up with In Joo. She apologizes for being so petty the last time they met and he tells her to look after Hye Jung. She's impressed with how he always manages to draw a clear line between them while getting what he wants.

Back at home, Grandma ponders back and forth until Teacher Hong returns. He asks her if she met with the lawyer. Grandma says she thinks it will work out. Teacher Hong then reveals that he's going to move out to which Grandma says he went through a lot because of her granddaughter. They agree to contact each other once Teacher Hong settles elsewhere and then he asks for food!

The following day, Hye Jung is happily eating Grandma's food in the visitor's room. Grandma confesses to Hye Jung that she has cancer and that she will not be able to visit her because she needs to get surgery. Hye Jung is shocked, but Grandma uses this as a lesson for Hye Jung: Grandma is fighting so hard to live because she wants to live for Hye Jung (so much love) while Hye Jung is just throwing her life away by settling with prison. She tells Hye Jung to spend her time worrying about Grandma and that Grandma will do whatever it takes to save Hye Jung.

Hye Jung tells her Grandma to get the surgery and come back healthy. After returning to her jail cell, Hye Jung cries.

In the next scene, Teacher Hong moves out of Grandma's place.

Soon Hee confesses to the crime at the police station despite her father's protests. Angry policeman readers her Seo Woo's report who assumed Hye Jung started the fire after she lost consciousness. Soon Hee says she didn't know because she passed out. Angry policeman asks if she knows what she's saying: if she was the one who really did it, a person was injured which means a minimum of 5 years in a youth detention center. Soon Hee's father angrily asks if she loves her friend more than her family to which Soon Hee instantly says yes. Her answer stuns her father and angry policeman and she reveals that Hye Jung was the only person in her entire life who treated her with sincerity. Hye Jung was never ashamed and/or embarrassed of Soon Hee. Her father angrily storms off before telling her that she's disgraceful to the family. Soon Hee cries.

Angry policeman releases a confused Hye Jung while bringing Soon Hee into the jail cell. Hye Jung is horrified and attempts to convince Soon Hee not to do this. They play tug-o-war with you can't/I can and even angry policeman asks if they're in a relationship - there's too much love between them.

Soon Hee finally manages to convince Hye Jung with the sweetest bestfriendship line of all time: "I didn't leave you and run away. Remember that." Okay, favorite character award goes to Soon Hee.

At the hospital, Seo Woo's mother informs Seo Woo that Hye Jung has been expelled. She inquires about Teacher Hong to which her mother tells her to stop thinking about him. She tells Seo Woo that she should go to a better school and Seo Woo decides to leave her room for a breather.

In a narrative, we find out that Hye Jung's lawyer wants to prove the fire was caused by an accident. The problem lies with Seo Woo, who claims she doesn't know what happened.

A released Hye Jung and Seo Woo run into each other. Hye Jung has come to confront her. Flashback scene:

After Seo Woo passed out, Hye Jung carried her out on her back. She got her arm injury protecting Seo Woo from something falling on their way out. It's revealed that Seo Woo was, in fact, conscious at that point.

Hye Jung tells Seo Woo to tell the truth. She asks why Seo Woo hates her so much to which Seo Woo bursts with a "I just get angry seeing you" speech. Hye Jung gets on her knees to beg Seo Woo, but Seo Woo tells her that wont work and walks away. Before this, though, Hye Jung tells Seo Woo that Soon Hee has taken her place in jail.

Hye Jung returns home and crawls into bed with Grandma. She snuggles up to her and THE PRECIOUS DOG snuggles with her, too. The next morning, Grandma is surprised to see/feel Hye Jung. She immediately jumps up and forces Hye Jung to eat the I-just-got-out-of-jail tofu.

At school, Teacher Hong gives his farewell speech to his students. He apologizes and tells them that they will meet again. No matter where he'll be, he'll always remember them.

Grandma has been admitted to the hospital and Hye Jung is by her side. They're waiting for surgery and Hye Jung tells Grandma that surgery won't kill her. Grandma is worried because Hye Jung got expelled: what is she going to do now? Hye Jung tells her that she'll tell her after her surgery is done. Grandma tells her that she wont die even if she wanted to because she needs to take care of Hye Jung. They act so cute together and snuggle.

It's time for Grandma's surgery! She gets wheeled off into the operating room and Hye Jung is left outside to wait.

In the surgery room, Doctor Myung Hoon is operating on Grandma. He gets a call from his father and tells him that he remembers the dinner. He'll wrap up quickly. Right afterward, something goes wrong. Grandma goes into arrest.

In the waiting room, Hye Jung sees Doctor Myung Hoon walk out. She immediately gets up and he merely tells her that he did his best, but it didn't go well. He harshly tells her to prepare for her funeral before walking off. Hye Jung is horrified and in shock, telling him to talk to her. He retorts by saying he'll talk to adults because they, unlike her, have common sense.

We see Doctor Myung Hoon merrily having dinner with his father, his wife and Seo Woo.

Hye Jung is seen holding onto Grandma's portrait as she cries from heartbreak. In comes the scumbag father and his wife, Hye Jung's step mother who was mentioned in episode 1.

Oh wow, her step mother is venomous! She instantly berates the grieving Hye Jung, telling her that she also caused the death of Grandma. Hye Jung angrily asks if they received money from the hospital. Hye Jung tells them that she knows the Doctor did something wrong to which her step mother heartlessly replies, "It's possible to die." Hye Jung is in utter disbelief at the words spewing from her mouth and asks if she would say the same thing if her daughter was the one who died.

An upset Hye Jung confronts Doctor Myung Hoon at the hospital. She tells him that he killed Grandma. Doctor Myung Hoon only says that the situation was already handled: He did his best and he and the patient's family already came to an agreement. He compensated with money. He tells Hye Jung that if she can find evidence that he didn't do his best, then it'd be different.

Teacher Hong is seen rushing to the hospital. He misses Hye Jung by a split second as she walks out. He tries calling her, but she ignores his phone call. There's a flashback scene where In Joo tells Hye Jung that she will be a hindrance in Teacher Hong's life. The two of them are from different worlds.. 

Thankfully, Teacher Hong was already looking for her outside and sees her. He asks why didn't Hye Jung contact him and tell him of the situation? Why did he have to hear about what happened to Grandma from someone else? Hye Jung asks why he cares so much about her. He says this isn't the right time to talk and Hye Jung walks off. Teacher Hong asks if he really should leave. With her back turned, Hye Jung tells him that she doesn't want to see him again. Teacher Hong tells her that he can help her, but Hye Jung only tells him to go back to his world, she'll go back to hers. She walks off with tears streaming down her face.

After some hesitation, Teacher Hong starts chasing after her.. albeit, it's too late. The flashy Soo Chul on his motorcycle rides up to Hye Jung. He gives her a helmet and she gets on.

We hear Teacher's Hong monologue as he watches the two of them zoom off: "Going crazy when you're in love is evidence of your brain being activated. If you don't go crazy when you're in love, that's abnormal. I stood my guard against going crazy in love. So, I paid the price for it."

13 Years Later

It's the starting scene of episode one! Hye Jung, now a doctor, is in the hospital's dressing room putting on her scrubs and white coat. Outside, hot gangster boss and his hooligans are causing trouble. When they start roughing up the doctors, Hye Jung comes and puts them all in their place with her defense skills.

Elsewhere, Seo Woo is in a restaurant's bathroom puckering up. She's getting ready to confess her feelings to a sunbae by the name of Jung Yoon Do (played by actor Yoon Jyun Sang). She practices a few lines in front of the mirror, "Jung Yoon Do, you're mine." She hilariously hits the sink with her hand in enthusiasm, but it falls off the wall.

Seo Woo returns back to the table where she's eating dinner with Yoon Do. He is clearly disinterested in her romantically, but she doesn't seem to get the hint. Right when she's about to confess her feelings, the restaurant owner walks up to her with the broken sink. Seo Woo is embarrassed, but Yoon Do looks even more ashamed. Yoon Do attempts to leave, but Seo Woo tells her to man up and help her. Yoon Do tells her to clean up after herself and walks. Suddenly, the restaurant owner faints. Seo Woo panics and Yoon Do rushes over to help the unconscious woman. He tells Seo Woo to call for an ambulance.

While the woman is getting wheeled off into the trauma center, Yoon Do talks to Kyung Joon, who tells him that only room one is available as room two is being used. Yoon Do, upset, asks why he didn't know about this as he's the one on duty tonight.

Yoon Do passes by room one on his way to room two and we see Hye Jung performing surgery on gangster boss.


Episode 3 Review

While I didn't really like this episode for reasons I will soon explain, I have to applaud Park Shin Hye's acting in this episode. She was amazing. I know she's good at crying scenes, but wow, she really shone with her anger scenes. The scene where she confronts Doctor Myung Hoon gave me chills because you can see the anger in her. An amazing performance by Park Shin Hye there! The scene with Hye Jung, her father and step mother was equally as good: sadness mixed with anger and disbelief. You can really feel her character's emotions!

Now as to why I didn't really like this episode, there was just way too many crying scenes. I'm pretty sure Hye Jung cried at least 10 times. It was a cry fest with Hye Jung crying and her Grandma crying (but, hey, it's #kdrama). I also found Doctor Myung Hoon's actions after coming out Grandma's surgery room highly unrealistic. There's no way any sane or reputable doctor would act that way to a patient's family. It made the "sadness" of Hye Jung's backstory feel forced, as if the writers' were forcing Hye Jung's background to be as pitiful and depressing as possible. It didn't seem natural.

Regardless, I'm enjoying the chemistry between our leads! Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won work well together; it's sweet and cute. I'm actually not sure if I see the romantic interest between the two yet.. but it does seem implied from Teacher Hong's side due to his monologues. I'm super excited for the next episode since we're finally going to see Doctor Hye Jung and the "present" time in the story! I can't wait to see how Teacher Hong (I guess I should refer to him as Ji Hong now since he's no longer her teacher) and Hye Jung's reunion and how their relationship will develop from here on out.


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