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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 4 Recap and Review

Posted on June 30 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 4

Remember how I wasn't too fond of episode 3? I was actually a bit worried for the drama, but episode 4 has me sold. This episode officially has me hooked on Doctor Crush! I applauded Park Shin Hye's performance last episode, but Kim Rae Won won me over this time. I love his portrayal of Hong Ji Hong in this episode - his feelings for Hye Jung is as clear as water and his try-hard interactions with her are just endearing to watch.


Episode 4 Recap

“Once you achieve success, there are many things you gain. People look at you in a different way,” Hye Jung starts off episode 4 with a monologue as she’s walking through a shopping mall. She asks to see a pair of Agatha earrings and continues to voice that success only has value if you have a family you can share it with. She goes onto say that she lost her family and her desire to start one and so, she chose a car instead of a house. We see her zooming off in a nice flashy car.

At Gookil Hospital, Hye Jung asks a nervous Kyung Joon what he sees from gangster boss’ brain scans. Hye Jung reprimands him for his wishy washy answers and asks him to prep an operation room for the emergency surgery. He insists that they have to go through standard procedures first, but she doesn’t care. She tells him that the patient will die if they wait.

Back in the ambulance transporting the unconscious restaurant owner, Yoon Do questions how Seo Woo can be a doctor with her reaction back at the restaurant. Seo Woo brings up that she was traumatized back in high school when a bully lured her into an abandoned warehouse where she was almost killed. Yoon Do asks if she did anything mean to warrant that kind of treatment to which Seo Woo says she something for justice. She laments how that bully is probably now in prison…

In the operating room, Hye Jung takes over Kyung Joon’s role of shaving the patient’s hair for surgery. Kyung Joon watches in awe at her promptness before he gets called out of the room by Yoon Do.

Outside, Kyung Joon rushes to greet Yoon Do as the restaurant owner gets wheeled inside the trauma center.

Yoon Do is clearly upset when he hears about an operation in-progress: why wasn’t he informed? Kyung Joon blames the “new fellow” and apologizes. After Yoon Do leaves, Seo Woo berates Kyung Joon. He asks if she has met the new neurosurgeon fellow yet to which Seo Woo asks why. Kyung Joon predicts that there will soon be a bloodbath as there cannot be two suns in the sky. Seo Woo looks baffled.

Seo Woo enters a resting room for hospital staff members and meets her friend, a third year resident by the name of Pi Young Kook (played by Baek Sung Hyun). She questions if he’s met the new fellow people are talking about who apparently took down some gangsters causing trouble. Young Kook confirms it, saying it sounded awesome. He asks Seo Woo what happened to her confession. Seo Woo tells him she didn’t get to do it and Young Kook advises her against confessing her feelings. Yoon Do is someone who wants to lead, Young Kook states, and tells Seo Woo to spend her time making him fall for her instead. Seo Woo says she is independent. Young Kook tells her the timing now is bad since Yoon Do is most likely going to be angry at what the new fellow did leaving no room for romance.

He also tells Seo Woo that she’ll need to compete with this new fellow for the surgeon position. Seo Woo, offended, asks him how he could even consider her a competition. Young Kook reveals that the new fellow was scouted by Section Chief Kim Tae Ho.

The hooligans are waiting in the waiting room when Hye Jung walks out. She tells them that the surgery for their boss went well and one hooligan hilariously asks her if she’s married. She retorts by saying she won’t answer personal questions and walks off.

Yoon Do instructs Kyung Joon to tell Hye Jung to report to him after her surgery. Kyung Joon tells Yoon Do that she’s already finished with the operation and fanboys over her speediness. Yoon Do, infuriated, yells at him and points out that speed is not more important than precision. Kyung Joon is punished for one week. After Yoon Do leaves, Kyung Joon wonders to himself how he can handle two people with the same hard-to-handle personality, referencing both Yoon Do and Hye Jung.

Kang Soo finds Hye Jung in the dressing room and tells her that she needs to stay to wait for Yoon Do. He’s in an operation right now and will talk to her once he’s done. Hye Jung apparently doesn’t care. Kang Soo timidly tells her that Yoon Do is angry at what she did and hates people who break the rules. Hye Jung responds by saying she hates waiting for people before ruffling his hair and walking off.

After Yoon Do finishes his operation, he receives a text message from Hye Jung saying she’ll be waiting for him at Sooni Hawaii in front of the hospital. He resentfully comments that she has no basic fundamentals.

It turns out that Sooni Hawaii is where our adorable Soon Hee is working! Hye Jung surprises her with a gift: it’s the Agatha earrings from earlier. Soon Hee is over the moon, but mentions that Hye Jung must’ve been thinking about Grandma. After all, Soon Hee seems to always receive gifts whenever Grandma is on Hye Jung’s mind. The two talk about the hospital and Soon Hee asks if Hye Jung ran into Seo Woo since Gookil Hospital is her father’s.

After mentioning how stressed she is, Hye Jung and Soon Hee play footsie and enjoy a drink on the balcony. Did any of you guys notice they have matching ankle bracelets?! These two girls win best Korean drama bffs! They’re so endearing to watch. Hye Jung receives a message from Yoon Do telling her to run back immediately.

Back at the hospital, Kang Soo is doing research on Hye Jung who apparently was a famous staff surgeon at Daejeong Hospital. He questions her decision of leaving that position to be a fellow at Gookil Hospital. He cutely mentions that she’s his style and Kyung Joon whacks his head. The two are joined shortly by a second year resident, Ahn Joong Dae and Young Kook.

Hye Jung meets Yoon Do in his office and he starts the conversation asking why she didn’t run to him like he instructed. The two start a heated argument where Yoon Do thinks Hye Jung broke the rules to make herself known whereas Hye Jung maintains her position on saving the patient’s life. The two agree that they will see who is wrong at the conference; the loser has to apologize.

In the middle of their conversation, Seo Woo walks into Yoon Do’s office. She recognizes Hye Jung and absolutely horrified and stunned that Hye Jung is now a prestigious doctor of all things. Hye Jung asks her if she still gets angry looking at her before leaving the room. Yoon Do, witnessing this, asks Seo Woo if they know each other but Seo Woo runs after Hye Jung.

In the hallway, Seo Woo confronts Hye Jung on why she’s at a hospital where doctors work. She doesn’t seem to comprehend how Hye Jung managed to enter such a prominent profession. She is incredulous on how the two of them could be on the same level; after all, Hye Jung was a gangster! Hye Jung snidely asks if she’s going to reveal her past on social media again. She continues to thank Seo Woo for what happened back in high school because if it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have come this far. She used her anger as a motivator to succeed in life.

Seo Woo asks if she’s been in contact with Ji Hong as she adamantly believes that Hye Jung is only at Gookil Hospital because Ji Hong is going to start working there in one week. Hye Jung is visibly shocked at this revelation, but pronounces that Seo Woo will not believe anything she says anyway. Seo Woo, again, labels her a liar. Seo Woo angrily tells her to leave the hospital, but Hye Jung simply says she’ll leave whenever she wants to and walks off. Seo Wall calls after all, telling her that Ji Hong is now married to In Joo.

On a plane, a young woman mistakes Ji Hong for making a pass at her by asking about her trembling hand. Shortly afterward, she falls over and starts convulsing. Ji Hong rushes to help her and he informs the plane attendants that he is a neurosurgeon. They will need to make an emergency landing at Gookil Hospital within 4 hours or else the woman’s life is in danger.

Hye Jung is seen tending to a now conscious hot gangster boss man. Kang Soo is with her. Hye Jung banters back and forth with the boss man and she teases him by saying he’s a whiner. She instructs him rest up to which he replies with a thank you. She is shocked and pretends she didn’t hear.. 2 more times, LOL. The boss man calls her out on her act, although he does repeat his thanks. She says she went through a lot to get that thank you. I’d totally watch a spin-off of our Hye Jung and this gangster.

Kang Soo gets a call and informs Hye Jung of the emergency plane patient who will be arriving soon. She instructs him to prep an operation room and calls for Young Kook.

On the heli landing, Young Kook preps Hye Jung with the patient’s details while they are waiting for the helicopter’s arrival. She’s diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and is in status epileptics.

The helicopter finally lands and the woman is wheeled out. Out hops Ji Hong after the patient in an epic slow-mo sequence. Hye Jung is the first to notice Ji Hong and cue a melodramatic slow-motion-wind-blowing-romantic-stare-with-dramatic-music sequence. The scene is pretty epic and FINALLY, he notices her! Oh, the tension in the air. Young Kook, unaware of the situation between them, runs up to greet the famed Hong Ji Hong. It’s hilarious because Ji Hong has a brief conversation with him all the while staring at Hye Jung. He tells Young Kook to run some tests and Young Kook runs off.

Ji Hong walks up to Hye Jung in all his manly glory in slow motion. He stands before her and she is flabbergasted. She manages to ask how long the patient has been unconscious and he replies 4 hours and 45 minutes. She asks if he’s been well. He ignores her question and instantly asks if she’s married. She says no. He asks if she has a boyfriend. She says no to which he replies, “that’s good,” gives a sorta smile and walks off.

LOL. Well played, Ji Hong, well played.

Hye Jung looks confused, but runs after him. In a room with Young Kook, the three of them are looking at the patient’s scans. Ji Hong decides that he will be doing freehand aspiration. Hye Jung and Young Kook appear shocked, saying it’s too risky. Ji Hong tells them that the patient has no time and that navigation will take too long.

While Ji Hong and Hye Jung are disinfecting themselves to prep for the operation, he starts questioning her. She asks if he’s trying to find out what she’s been up to. She attempt to change the subject and tells him not to do freehand aspiration, but he only replies by telling her that he’s looked for every time he went to Korea (aw). She asks him about In Joo and he asks why she is bringing In Joo up. Hye Jung claims that he got married to In Joo and Ji Hong asks, “when?” and flicks water at her face before walking off. LOL.

Someone else in Gookil Hospital, Doctor Kim Tae Ho is making his rounds with Kyung Joon, Kang Soo and Seo Woo. They are interrupted by Young Kook who tells them that Ji Hong is about to do a freehand operation without navigation. Doctor Tae Ho asks if they want to watch him perform this, which they clearly do.

Kyung Joon, Kang Soo and Seo Woo watch the operation on an upper level behind glass windows. In the operation room, Ji Hong is aided by Hye Jung. They wonder how Ji Hong knows what to do without the navigation. For the operation to succeed, blood needs to come out. For a while, it seems like the freehand failed.. but a few seconds later, the blood comes out! Cue success music!

Hye Jung is in awe and so is everyone else. Seo Woo looks at Ji Hong through the glass with admiration.

The observers clap and Young Kook tells them that Ji Hong married someone he went to school with when Doctor Kim Tae Ho enters the room. He corrects Young Kook, telling them that he’s not married and questions why he’s turning a single man into a married man. Young Kook says he probably got wrong information then. Seo Woo scolds Young Kook for giving her wrong information.

When Tae Ho leaves, Young Kook mentions how the two in the operating room must know each other. He’s referring to Ji Hong and Hye Jung. He asks if Seo Woo knows them to, but she only looks on.

In the operation room, Hye Jung tells Ji Hong that she will close the patient’s wound. Ji Hong says he trusts her and leaves the operation room. Outside, Doctor Tae Ho welcomes back Ji Hong. He tells him to go to the conference later.

Ji Hong goes back into the operation room to check on Hye Jung. Their banter causes the other nurses to laugh. He compliments her skills, saying she’s really good. Hye Jung asks him to teach her how to do freehand. He retorts by saying it’s nice to see her so eager to learn, but isn’t she being a bit rude? It’s been so long since they met and she just wants to get what she needs! The nurses in the back laugh.

After the operation, he follows her out and tells her that she’s being a bit cold to him. He then remembers the past, bringing up how she also rejected his help back then too. He recalls her leaving with Soo Chul (LOL) and asks her how that guy is doing. Hye Jung calls him out and Ji Hong admits that he wants to know how she is doing, not Soo Chul. Hye Jung tells him that she’s been in the work force for a while now and have witnessed many male seniors trying to pursue indecent relationships. Ji Hong asks why she’s telling him all this and she tells him that marriage is sacred before walking off. Left behind, Ji Hong repeats her “marriage is sacred” comment aloud and ponders why she keeps on marrying him off.

Before a board meeting, Myung Hoon bumps into his father and the two ride the elevator together. He asks if he has enough votes and his father says he has more than the majority, but who knows what will happen with the actual vote. His father is displeased with Director Hong and says that he kicked their 40 years of friendship to the curb. They talk of plans to impeach Director Hong, but they must act fast because Director Hong is quite popular.

At the meeting, Myung Hoon proposes a plan to build a Senior Health Center for money making and business driven purposes. Tae Ho speaks up against the idea and Director Hong joins him by saying that a hospital is not a business. He questions Myung Hoon, asking if he will close everything if there is no profit. Director Hong wins the vote by saying that they are doctors. Rather than losing their status at doctors, it is better to let the hospital fall.

After the meeting, Myung Hoon is outraged. Myung Hoon and his father decide not to give up.

Elsewhere, Director Hong and Ji Hong, our father-and-son duo are walking around and talking. Director Hong mentions that he wants to build a organ transplant center where they are standing. He tells Ji Hong that Myung Hoon wants to build a Senior Health Center for money purposes and claims that his mindset is too money driven. Ji Hong asks that they leave business behind for the day and just hang out. He’ll cook him dinner later!

At the conference to determine Hye Jung’s action with gangster boss, Kyung Ioon is presenting the facts. In the back, Ji Hong quietly creeps in. Yoon Do and Hye Jung argue back and forth with their opinions, but Hye Jung is the one to get the last word.

“The operation field is the surgeon’s realm,” she says. If she can’t be trusted, then she can no longer make decisions in emergency situations. Yoon Do has nothing to say to that and Ji Hong looks at Hye Jung proudly.

Tae Ho agrees with Hye Jung and, before wrapping everything up, introduces Ji Hong to everyone present in the room.

Tae Ho asks Seo Woo who she is under at the moment and she replies she is under Yoon Do. Tae Ho instructs Seo Woo and Hye Jung that Ji Hong and Yoon Do will work with both Hye Jung or Seo Woo. He leaves it up to them to decide who they want to assist.

After the conference, Seo Woo greets Ji Hong. He asks about Hye Jung, but she changes the subject by complimenting one of his articles. Ji Hong brings up the past and Tae Ho is surprised that they know each other. He reveals to Tae Ho that both Hye Jung and Seo Woo were his students in the past. Tae Ho is surprised that both his students turned out to be neurosurgeons.

Seo Woo tells him that they should work hard together and Tae Ho questions if she’s lobbying to work with Ji Hong. Ji Hong tells him that she doesn’t need to lobby. If Seo Woo wants to learn from him, she just has to ask. However, Seo Woo tells him that she still has a lot to learn from Yoon Do.

In a flashback, Myung Hoon (Seo Woo’s father) tells Seo Woo to get close to Ji Hong due to a “plan” he’s working on.

Later, Seo Woo runs after Tae Ho and asks to talk with him about a matter. In his office, she questions him why Hye Jung was hired; after all, she’s from a lowly school. Tae Ho invalidates her point by telling her that her father, who is now a director, graduated from a similar school. Skill is what he is looking at. Seo Woo tells Tae Ho that Hye Jung must have some sort of motive and Tae Ho only says he’s curious as her position at her former work setting was well-paid.

Kang Soo asks Hye Jung who she wants to learn from and she says she doesn’t care; they can decide. Kang Soo tells her that she’s cool and she fondly tells him that he reminds her of younger self.

In the hallway, they come across Yoon Do and Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon and Kang Soo run behind a pillar, but watch the exchange between Yoon Do and Hye Jung. Yoon Do says he’s not going to say sorry for something he didn’t see. Hye Jung tells him that he’s stubborn like a child and asks why he doesn’t try trusting people. She comments how his behavior is pathetic. Kyung Joon and Kang Soo are fussing behind the pillar.

She starts to walk off, but Kyung Joon stops her by asking her who does she thinks she is to be so rude to him. Hye Jung snidely replies that she returns what she receives. Oh, burn. He approaches her closely and… apologizes! He then walks off.

Back in Tae Ho’s office, Seo Woo is still bad mouthing Hye Jung. Tae Ho sees through her and asks if she is afraid of Hye Jung. He advises her to get her act together and tells her Hye Jung is good competition for her in regards to the one professor spot open next year.

Seo Woo clutches her hand and tells Tae Ho that she’ll prove him wrong about Hye Jung being competition. Before she leaves, Tae Ho tells her that not telling him about whatever personal thing is going on is more of a personal attack towards him than actually telling him what it is.

Hye Jung is trying to get access to information on a computer, but access is denied. Kang Soo comes in and asks if she’s going to make her rounds. She questions him on why some information is locked and he tells her that VIP and famous people’s files are often locked. She tells him that she’s looking for her Grandma’s case.

While walking down the hallway, it is revealed that the security clearance for Grandma’s case is high. She was told by administration to put in a request; although, it’s likely it will be rejected. She runs into Myung Hoon, who tells her that his collar is folded. After a brief introduction, it seems that Myung Hoon does not recognize her as he asks if she’s from there. He tells her she’s refreshing.

After he walks away, Hye Jung is clearly shaken up.

Kang Soo bumps into Ji Hong, who asks about Hye Jung. He says he doesn’t have the department’s contact numbers yet and Kang Soo tells him he can ask him anything. He adds in that he knows Hye Jung the most. Ji Hong smiles.

Elsewhere, Hye Jung is exercising in a kickboxing ring. She recalls the event where she confronted Myung Hoon after Grandma’s failed surgery.

Ji Hong is cooking a delicious pasta plate for his father. During dinner, his father mentions that In Joo just got divorced. His father wants the two of them to get married because they understand each other.

In a flashback, In Joo runs out of a car. Ji Hong chases after her, but In Joo only confesses that she has tried so hard for him. Why couldn’t he be hers? Ji Hong apologizes, but In Joo only tells him that she knows who is in his heart without him needing to say anything.

Back to the present, Ji Hong is somehow playing with a claw machine in his house (is this a thing?). He calls Hye Jung.

Ji Hong finds Hye Jung at the gym. He inelegantly fumbles into the ring where Hye Jung is standing. Hye Jung asks why he asked to see her; after all, he can see her at work tomorrow. He asks her why he keeps marrying him off. Hye Jung replies by saying he married himself off to which Ji Hong tells her not to listen to other people. I’m not married, he tells her. Okay fine, you’re not, Hye Jung says.

These two are hilarious.

She tells him to leave, but he grabs her. He tells her that after she kicked him back then, he decided he will not let her win again. He pulls out some moves and the two of them exchange some epic self-defense moves on each other. He pretends to tap out when she has him in a hold, but right when she lets her guard down, Ji Hong pins her down into a compromising position…  

“An unresolved past will always find its way back to you,” Hye Jung’s monologue starts. “Whether it be love or resentment.”



Episode 4 Review

Sold! Sold! Sold! I officially love the Hye Jung and Ji Hong pairing. Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye have so much chemistry in this episode. I love the way Ji Hong stares/looks at Hye Jung. You can tell he's just so smitten with her.

Am I the only one who was surprised at how quick Hye Jung and Ji Hong were able to talk so casually again after what happened between them in the past? The awkwardness of reuniting after 13 years only lasted about 5 seconds until Ji Hong dispersed it with his "are you married/are you in a relationship?" questions. I thought that was handled so well.

I'm also pleasantly surprised at how different Ji Hong approaches his feelings now. He's so open with them and his feelings for Hye Jung; he's not afraid, at all. He's direct with his approach and is just going for it. I love this new Ji Hong!

I also love the hospital setting. The cast is so diverse. We have Hye Jung and Seo Woo's rivalry.. and that ex-love triangle with Ji Hong.. or should I say rectangle? I can't tell (yet) if Seo Woo still has feelings for Ji Hong since she is apparently crushing on Yoon Do now. I haven't read or watched any PVs or synopsis, so I'm not sure if this is how it's going to go, but I'm pretty sure Yoon Do is going to fall for Hye Jung as well as far as the classic Korean drama troupes go.

There's also the scheming Myung Hoon and his Father, but it's well balanced with great characters like Director Hong and Tae Ho. Now, let's talk about Tae Ho. He's such a great character; I feel like we don't usually get such a great side/supporting character that "sides with the protagonist" so to say. He clearly puts Seo Woo in her place and is in a position to do so.

Let's not forget about Kang Soon and the other three to provide some light comedy on the side.

I can't wait for episode 5!


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  • maserati ghibli : April 25, 2017

    maserati ghibli

  • anonymous: September 13, 2016

    What is the brand of the car Park Shin Hye use in Doctor crush

  • Ralph Hachey: August 03, 2016

    In the privacy of his office, Myung-hoon complains about the elite doctors and their inability to challenge the status quo. Director Jin reminds him that they only lost by a small margin, and Myung-hoon firmly states that he won t give up.

  • StarberryKoko.com: July 27, 2016

    @simon: I just tried to look it up! I’m not sure what song is playing when Ji Hong is getting out of the helicopter (such a great melody!), but the song that plays when he walks up to Hye Jung is “It’s Love” by Jung Yup.

  • simon: July 27, 2016

    Love your recap – very details with GIFs. Love the helicopter landing scene, do you know the name of the music playing on the scene? Love it so much! Thanks

  • StarberryKoko.com: July 20, 2016

    @hohurm: I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recaps! It’s my first time recapping! ^^ I LOVE that scene as well! It was so.. beautiful and dramatic and just.. so great. Still my favorite sequence in this drama, too!

  • hohurm: July 20, 2016

    i love your recaps! full of enthusiasm!

    and i thought the ji hong-hye jung reunion was executed splendidly…i repeated that scene lots of time. it’s my favourite moment to date

  • StarberryKoko.com: July 12, 2016

    @Fidelis Tan: I believe Agatha Paris sponsors Park Shin Hye and vice versa! I’m not 100% sure, but the watch may be from that brand. A lot of the jewelry she wears in her dramas are from that brand.

  • Fidelis Tan: July 12, 2016

    Hi this is Fidelis Tan. I really really love watches that Park Shin Hye wore in the poster for Doctors (Black, rectangular). Did you by any chance know the watch brand? Thank you.

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