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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 5 Recap and Review

Posted on July 05 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 5

Doctor Crush (Doctors) continues to amaze! I am blown away by the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. This is hands down Park Shin Hye's best performance in her dramas.. and now, I'm a fan of Kim Rae Won. I must check out his other dramas soon! Let's get on with the review because this episode was amazing.


Episode 5 Recap

We continue from last week’s heated scene where our lead characters are wrestling each other. As always, there’s a monologue and this time, it’s Hye Jung: When you are in danger, the body’s instincts are to react. It’s learned, habitual and practiced. All of our habits formed as children become our learned behavior. Once we grow up, nothing can replace those years.

The atmosphere between the two get awkward given their positions and Ji Hong breaks the ice by asking, albeit very awkwardly, if they are in a mount position. Hye Jung looks away and says yes before asking him to get off.

Ji Hong jokes that the mood would’ve been better if she hadn’t attacked him and she responds by saying she won’t spar with him again. He nags at her, asking why and she gives her usual “just because” answer. Sitting in the ring, the two break into laughter.

At Gookil Hospital, Seo Woo is checking up on the restaurant owner patient. Yoon Do walks in and asks what Seo Woo is doing there. Seo Woo says she feels responsible for her. Yoon Do starts asking for the patient’s name to which she keeps on mentioning a wench, Woo Young Min.

Seo Woo notes that the patient is experiencing mental drowsiness. Yoon Do administers some medication for the patient before leaving. Seo Woo follows Yoon Do out of the patient’s room and somehow decides that is the perfect time to confess her feelings. She directly tells Yoon Do, “I like you.” Baffled, he asks what she is saying, but lightens the mood by poking her head, telling her that she should already know the type of girls he goes for.

She retorts by saying he should’ve had enough of those type of girls by now! He disagrees, telling her that even if those women hurt him, he has learned a great deal, LOL! Seo Woo confirms that he goes for complicated women with issues (sounds like our Hye Jung!), but reminds him that she was the one who was there for him every time he cried and got drunk because of his choice in women.

She starts listing off her good points: she’s happy, from a good family, well-educated and pretty! He instantly stops her and tells her to find another guy. Suddenly, Yoon Do brings up Hye Jung and questions Seo Woo’s relationship with her. She irritatingly asks why Hye Jung’s name is being brought up and he notes that Seo Woo doesn’t like her. He can’t accept Seo Woo’s feelings, but he can get rid of Hye Jung for her. The two of them talk about their mutual disdain for Hye Jung. Yoon Do goes on to describe Hye Jung as someone with no manners who is not skilled, but acts like she is.

Seo Woo questions how getting rid of Hye Jung is possible because she is being backed by Section Chief Kim (Tae Ho). Yoon Do has an idea with the aneurysm case.

Elsewhere, Ji Hong and Hye Jung have left the gym and are walking down a street together. I have to insert a side comment here: Park Shin Hye looks absolutely beautiful in this scene.

It’s night time. Ji Hong asks her if she’s ever seen reality surpass imagination because he has – in her. He reveals that he’s always thought she’d be doing well, but never imagined she’d be a doctor. Out of nowhere, a reckless motorcyclist zooms dangerously past and Ji Hong swoops in to protect Hye Jung.

He asks if she’s okay and a shaken Hye Jung says yes. They continue to walk and their conversation steers towards Hye Jung wanting to learn how to insert a catheter without navigation, the feat Ji Hong accomplished in the previous episode. He tells her to start working with him next week and walks her back to Sooni Hawaii. They go back-and-forth on who should walk away first, but Ji Hong firmly tells her that she should learn to accept protection while holding onto her shoulders. It’s quite a romantic gesture.

She takes his hands off and tells him that she is the one doing the protecting. They go back and forth on their philosophy and he cries out that she still doesn’t listen to him! They continue their flirty banter for a while before he turns her around and tells her to walk in without looking back.

Hye Jung manages to take a few small steps before she, of course, looks back. Ji Hong tells her that she never listens. At this moment, Soon Hee walks out and spots Ji Hong! She congratulates him on his marriage to which Hye Jung tries to correct her. Soon Hee misunderstands and takes it as he divorced (LOL).

Ji Hong happily notes how Soon Hee is now a lot more talkative! Soon Hee thanks Hye Jung for that.

At the hospital, Kang Soo and co. get scolded by Kyung Joon for oversleeping. They are joined by Young Kook and the four of them all start bickering.

Later, Young Kook is seen with Ji Hong looking at patient’s results. Tae Ho and Kyung Joon run into him and Ji Hong informs him that Hye Jung has agreed to work with him. Kyung Joon and Young Kook look noticeably shocked and Tae Ho asks when they even had time to meet and discuss?! Ji Hong charmingly says he didn’t want to lose Hye Jung to Joon Do, so he went after her. Oh you. He asks Tae Ho for coffee, but Tae Ho has a meeting to attend.

At the meeting lead by Myung Hoon, Tae Ho, representing the neurosurgeon department, gets grilled for bringing in the lowest revenue for the current month. Tae Ho mentions that the department brought in Ji Hong to help, but Myung Hoon says one person won’t change much. On the other hand, the general surgery department lead by Professor Baek made the most.

Elsewhere, Director Hong is playing golf with Myung Hoon’s father, Sung Jong. Director Hong mentions that he wants to bring new people in and that it’s left to one person, corruption will grow. Sung Jong tries to hype up his son, but Director Hong notes that Myung Hoon likes money (too much). He changes the conversation like a boss, but his comment secretly angers Sung Jong for underestimating his son.

Later, Sung Joon and Myung Hoon meet and they talk about the neurosurgeon’s low revenue. Sung Joon mentions that they “need to send Doo Shik home now.” Myung Hoon only smiles. It seems like a plan is in action…

At the hospital’s entrance, a suspicious man enters. He runs into the gangster boss’ hooligans, who have not yet seen him. The suspicious man ducks quickly ducks away before the hooligans spot him. Just then, Hye Jung and Kang Soo appear and the hooligans enthusiastically greet Hye Jung.

They check on gangster boss. I can’t be the only one who is so happy to see him still in the drama! Such eye candy...

Gangster boss tells his underling to stay alert, but to not make noise. Hye Jung asks him if so many people are necessary! Gangster boss replies by saying he has a lot of enemies.. if word got out that he’s weak and injured, they’d instantly go after him. FORESHADOWING!

Hye Jung tells him that things always have a way of finding you. He gives her a look before she tells him to rest up and leaves.

Kang Soo receives a phone call from the ER department. Apparently, it’s a 15-year-old boy who fainted on the way to school. Kang Soo rushes over, but is exasperated at the “general surgery idiot,” Young Kook who wrongly diagnosed him as being in a semi-coma when he was in stupor. The two bicker with each other.

Yoon Do, Seo Woo and Kyung Joon are checking up on the restaurant owner patient again. She mentions wanting to see the wench and Seo Woo manages to talk with her about it. Outside, Yoon Do seems pleased with Seo Woo’s actions and behavior with the restaurant owner. At this moment, Hye Jung walks by and the air gets awkward. Thankfully, Yoon Do receives a call from Kang Soo who preps him with info on the 15-year-old patient. He takes Kyung Joon with him.

They decide to prepare for surgery and he tells Kyung Joon to call Hye Jung to be his assistant. A surprised Kyung Joon asks why it isn’t his usual Seo Woo, but Yoon Do simply tells him that Hye Jung will be assisting him from now on. Ah, is his get-rid-of-Hye-Jung plan springing into action?!

Kyung Joon looks flabbergasted. On his way to Hye Jung, he inconveniently runs into Seo Woo who asks why he didn’t report to him about the surgery when she finds out about Yoon Do’s aneurysm surgery. He tells her that a war is starting and that he’s putting a vote towards Hye Jung for leaving.

Later in the hospital, Yoon Do runs into Hye Jung and questions why she isn’t dressed for the surgery. Didn’t he get her memo? She did, she answers, but notes that Seo Woo is the one who usually assists him. He retorts by saying that she will be the one assisting him from now on. They egg each other on with her claiming that there’s nothing she can learn from him. Yoon Do lures her into taking up his offer: She’ll lead the surgery. If she succeeds, he’ll do whatever she wants. However, if she fails, she could get kicked out of the hospital.

Tae Ho drops by Ji Hong’s new office in the hospital. They discuss the revenue problem and Ji Hong pokes fun at Tae Ho saying he should stress out about this issue alone. Ji Hong receives a call from Seo Woo and he goes to see her.

Ji Hong meets Seo Woo, who is looking at scans of the aneurysm patient. She asks if a fellow can manage a surgery for this patient. It’s a difficult surgery, Ji Hong quickly claims, not only because of the aneurysm, but the patient’s daughter sac has ruptured too. He wonders if she is the one doing the surgery, but Seo Woo tells him that Hye Jung is. Distraught, Ji Hong asks who decided that.

These scheming people…

Ji Hong instantly goes to confront Yoon Do. He tells him that Hye Jung is working with him, so Yoon Do can’t take her. Yoon Do retorts by saying Ji Hong is technically not working until the following week. Ji Hong declares he’s working today and attempts to stop the surgery because it hasn’t been discussed with him.

Hye Jung joins the two men butting heads and they get into a 3-way argument with Hye Jung insisting to proceed with the surgery, Yoon Do commenting on why this shows that she’s reckless and Ji Hong attempting to stop the surgery. Nonetheless, with Hye Jung not budging, Ji Hong says he will go in with her as her assistant. Yoon Do says “so be it” as he will be observing.

Ji Hong quietly tells Hye Jung that he will perform the surgery once Yoon Do leaves to which she rejects by telling him that she will never run from a fight. As she’s about to leave, he tells her to remember that he’s by her side and that he’s always ready to help her. Aw, these two. I need them to be together now.

Yoon Do and Seo Woo are seen observing the surgery from the upper deck as Hye Jung starts the surgery with Ji Hong assisting.

Seo Woo and Yoon Do look nervous. Hye Jung starts the surgery and the scene gradually intensifies. Suddenly, the patient’s wound where Hye Jung is performing on starts bleeding. A machine starts beeping, Seo Woo and Yoon Do freak out (as does everyone in the surgery room). Hye Jung looks stressed, but remains composed. Ji Hong wants to step in and Yoon Do, over the intercom, tells Ji Hong to take over. Hye Jung, however, ignores his instructions and proceeds. The staff rushes around, the music swells, but Hye Jung succeeds! It’s a success!

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief. In the observation deck, Seo Woo glances at Yoon Do with a relieved yet defeated look.

Outside, Yoon Do finds Hye Jung and… apologizes! Hye Jung, a bit taken aback, tells him that if he apologizes so easily, she’ll loose her combative attitude. He tells her that he is willing to admit to his losses and that from now on, he will respect her choices. She lightheartedly mocks him, repeating what he called her earlier on how she’s a thug with no sense of order, manners or skills. Yoon Do awkwardly coughs and apologizes for his previous comments. Hye Jung tells him that his earnestness reminds her of her Grandma.

Yoon Do’s attitude towards Hye Jung completely changes by now. He’s no longer hostile towards her; instead, he respects her and her skill as a doctor. Yoon Do mentions that Hi Hong must’ve favored Hye Jung back in their high school days, but Hye Jung replies by saying it’s only because she was a trouble maker – it’s like how parents pay attention to the bad student. She reveals to him that she got expelled to his shock. They have a cute exchange before Hye Jung excuses herself. He stares at her back as she leaves.

As Hye Jung leaves, Jung Pa Ran, Yoon Do’s Uncle runs into Yoon Do. He pokes fun at Yoon Do’s dazed expression before nagging Yoon Do for a place to stay the night. He’s having a fall out with his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend now?). Pa Ran is depicted as the classic playboy type character. Pa Ran brings up the fact that their family is a line of playboys – his father has married 3x and dating in between and Yoon Do’s father (Pa Ran’s brother) has divorced twice now!

Pa Ran asks if Yoon Do is interested in the girl walking away (Hye Jung) and he gets flustered. Pa Ran then tells Yoon Do to be nice to Ji Hong – it’s his friend. Yoon Do mutters that it’s too late with a cringey expression, lol!

Outside, Ji Hong meets with Hye Jung. She brought drinks! He asks if she’s going to keep living like this; she’s too competitive. Hye Jung reveals she only sleeps 10 hours a week and when Ji Hong asks if she’s happy, she says she cannot be. She’s successful, but her Grandma is gone. Ji Hong tells her to accept it and she questions why he always wants to help her. Is it because he still sees her as that troublesome, rebellious teenager? He asks if she really thinks he’s paying so much attention to her as a “teacher.” He tells her that if she thinks that, she must be stupid. Ohh, he’s so direct!

Should he be happy? He asks. Because she has no sense of love, she can’t read the looks a man is giving a woman.

Hye Jung looks visibly shocked at his words. Ji Hong reveals that whenever he thinks about her, he remembers the tragic way they parted 13 years ago where he fails to Hye Jung in time as she zooms off on the motorcycle with Soo Chul. He confesses his regret and admits that he should’ve held onto her back then. At his confession, Hye Jung freaks out and clumsily spills her drink.

Ji Hong laughs at her gawky reaction and asks if that’s her rejecting him. She says no, then he grabs her hand and asks if they are dating now… but she also says no. LOL! Is that a rejection to his feelings then, he questions. Again, Hye Jung says no. Ji Hong says she says no to everything only for Hye Jung to say no to that again.

Regardless, Ji Hong looks smug and charmingly tells her that he’ll ask her again next time because he’s feeling awkward. HAHA! He contemplates how the conversation started serious, but turned into comedy. She shrugs awkwardly and he comments on her strange behavior. He takes a few steps, but turns around and earnestly tells her that he will seriously ask her again later… and her answer must be yes.

Hye Jung looks breathless and apprehensive when he leaves.

Elsewhere, a black car pulls up at Gookil Hospital and the man is greeted by Myung Hoon. It’s Yoon Do’s father. He asks to see his son, but he’s in surgery. He then asks for Seo Woo, but she’s also in surgery! He comments on how happy he is that they are working together.

In Myung Hoon’s office, Yoon Do’s father hands Myung Hoon a file. It’s information on Director Hong’s hold in a lot of shares in a medical care company. They’re going to use this information to impeach him! It seems the two are in cahoots together to bring down Director Hong. Yoon Do’s father mentions that he will meet Congressman Nam In Soo the following week and invites Myung Hoon to join. Afterward, Myung Hoon hands someone the file and instructs him to leak it to the press under the guise that Director Hong is all about making money. Hey, you’re talking about yourself!

Later, Seo Woo berates Kyung Joon for not being able to manage his subordinates.

Seo Woo confesses to Young Kook that she ignored and/or missed Ji Hong’s calls. He advises her to call him back.

Ji Hong and Seo Woo meet each other outside where he brings up their past misunderstanding. She is adamant that there was no misunderstanding and he says he will respect her thoughts. He is direct with her: from now on, he will be clear about things so there won’t be any misunderstandings. She questions his behavior, referencing if it’s because she told him about Hye Jung’s surgery earlier. Ji Hong confesses to Seo Woo that he likes Hye Jung. Seo Woo asks why he’s telling her and goes on to admit that she was hesitant with Hye Jung’s reintroduction in her life. She claims that at least this time, Hye Jung won’t be able to take her man – she likes Yoon Do. Ji Hong requests for Seo Woo to not bother Hye Jung, but Seo Woo blames everything on Hye Jung. She even brings up In Joo and claims that she was also a victim of Hye Jung.

Their conversation gets interrupted by Pa Ran, Yoon Do’s Uncle / Ji Hong’s friend. Seo Woo, irritated, excuses herself. Pa Ran and Ji Hong decide to hang out together; after all, they’re best friends!

Elsewhere, Hye Jung is studying and thinks back to her reunion with Ji Hong on the hospital rooftop where he’s jabbing her about her relationship status. It’s finally clicking! All the obvious hints he’s been dropping since their reunion! She touches her shoulder where Ji Hong held onto that night he walked her back and sighs. She remembers her Grandma and starts to cry. She calls Ji Hong (he’s under “Hong Hong Hong” in her phone).

Ji Hong tells Pa Ran to meet him outside as he needs to talk with his junior. Pa Ran recognizes her from when he saw her talking with Yoon Do earlier in the day. He nudges Ji Hong to introduce them. He briefly flirts with Hye Jung before taking off. Ji Hong jokes with Hye Jung, wondering why she called him – does she want him to ask her out again? She freaks out, but quickly gets down to business: she wants to use his status to get the files on her Grandma. Since he’s the Director’s son, he should have security clearance to obtain that file.

At this moment, she sees the suspicious man from earlier. It turns out that she noticed this man’s strange behavior earlier when she went to check on the gangster boss.

Ji Hong doesn’t see as he’s facing the other way. She cuts their conversation and only tells Ji Hong there’s someone strange. Ji Hong looks on with confusion as she scurries off.

A worried Hye Jung rushes to gangster boss’s room. Gangster boss is gone! The music swells in intensity, but it turns out that gangster boss was just in the restroom. Hye Jung asks him where all his underlings went and he tells her he sent them home. He might just start listening to a woman, he claims. A cute soundtrack starts to play and it seems like Hye Jung can now pick up on the romantic subtext. I SHIP THIS!

He asks her why she’s there and she retorts by saying a doctor doesn’t need a reason to check on their patient. She cutely pats him and tells him to rest before leaving. OH NO! The suspicious man enters the gangster boss’ room when she leaves.

Yoon Do is just about to leave the hospital when he gets a call from Kyung Joon about a patient. He goes back in.

Hye Jung encounters an exhausted Kang Soo in the elevator. She takes on his responsibility on dressing the gangster boss so he can eat. After Kang Soo steps out, she starts to return to gangster boss’ room.

Back in gangster boss’ room, the suspicious man pulls out a knife on him. The attacker grudgingly tells him to bring his brother back to life.

Yoon Do is seen attending the restaurant owner patient with Kyung Joon. He tells Kyung Joon to call Hye Jung, but she doesn’t pick up. He leaves the restaurant owner patient under Kyung Joon’s care and leaves.

Hye Jung finally returns to gangster boss’ room and is shocked to see him tied up and gagged. Gangster boss unsuccessfully tries to warn her, but in her state of confusion, the attacker grabs her from behind!

Over at Sooni Hawaii, Soon Hee is shocked to see Soo Chul making a delivery. He doesn’t seem to recognize her though even though she asks him if she looks familiar.

Ji Hong and Pa Ran are making their way to Sooni Hawaii for drinks when Ji Hong receives a call from Soon Hee asking for Hye Jung. Soon Hee says she has big news for Hye Jung, but she’s not answering her phone. Ji Hong says she might just be busy, but Soon Hee tells him it’s out of character for her to not call back and tells him to check on her. Ji Hong does think it’s odd as she’s on duty tonight and remembers her mentioning a strange man. Apprehensive, he instantly starts running back to the hospital.

In the hospital, Yoon Do runs into Kang Soo who informs him that Hye Jung took over his responsibility of changing the gangster boss patient. He tries to call Hye Jung, but she still doesn’t answer. Yoon Do decides to go check up on her.

Back in gangster boss’ room, Hye Jung is being held hostage. The attacker venomously questions Hye Jung for saving the gangster’s life. If she knew what type of person he is, she’d regret helping him, he claims. He reveals that his family and his brother were killed by him and shows her his scars.

After ungagging the gangster boss, he tries to reason with the attacker that his brother came to him. The attacker claims that he killed his brother once he became useless. He threatens the incapacitated gangster boss physically and Hye Jung attempts to reason with him.

The moment she is almost able to calm the attacker by talking him out of hurting the gangster boss, Yoon Do walks in. A shocked Yoon Do tries to leave, but the attacker yells at him to enter the room. In the midst of the distraction, Hye Jung goes for the attacker and manages to disarm him. She yells at Yoon Do to take the gangster boss out of the room, but Yoon Do tells her to while he confronts the attacker only to get kicked back. The gangster boss, having fallen, starts going into a seizure. Hye Jung runs to attend to him and the attacker grabs his knife again. He lunges at her while Yoon Do tries to stop him by grabbing onto his legs.

At that moment, Ji Hong arrives to see the attacker on top of Hye Jung. They stare at each other with Ji Hong looking horrified. There’s a pool of blood spilling out...

There’s a voiceover by Hye Jung: “People always say forgiveness is not for others, but for yourself. People should not give such advice. Forgiveness is not as easy as one might think.”



Episode 5 Review

This is, so far, my favorite episode of Doctors / Doctor Crush! Wow. Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won continue to amaze me with their chemistry and the writing for this episode is superb.

Does anyone else love how every guy is falling for our Hye Jung?! We have Ji Hong, Yoon Do (it's so obvious he's starting to crush on her although I am pleasantly surprised at how quick his attitude towards her changed), the Gangster Boss and Soo Chul already. It's not a love triangle, it's a super messed up geometric shape.

First off, I have to mention the portrayal of Hye Jung's character. I love how she isn't weak: she clearly protects herself and is the one protecting others, let alone two men (Gangster Boss and Yoon Do in the last sequence with the attacker). I love strong female leads and Doctors absolutely delivers on this aspect. At the same time, I love how the writers use this as a flaw in her character: she has closed herself up to the extent that she refuses help from anyone else as seen in the scene with Ji Hong when he walks her home.

Another thing I must mention is Ji Hong's characterization and his relationship and feelings for Hye Jung. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate his straight forwardness. He's so direct in his approach and so confident in his feelings towards Hye Jung. He instantly confesses his feelings for her after seeing how oblivious she was (and is) to his VERY OBVIOUS hints. He even confronts Seo Woo and tells her that he has feelings for Hye Jung! Respect! This is how you write a gentleman. He is such an amazing, mature and lovable character.

Oftentimes, in Korean dramas, the leading characters go in circles piled under mountains of unnecessary misunderstandings due to lack of communication.. but it's certainly not the case with Doctors. I hope the writers continue this way because it's refreshing to see.

As for Seo Woo, her character is just unlikable now. I sympathized with her in the starting episodes, but now she's just so unlikable. It's so hard to sympathize with her due to her blind hatred for Hye Jung and how she blames every thing on her. I mean, why even bring in In Joo? I fail to see how she was a victim of Hye Jung. We only know that her hatred is only going to get worse since Yoon Do is clearly starting to fall for Hye Jung.

I hope Gangster Boss is okay! The only reason why I don't think Hye Jung was stabbed is because she looks completely fine in the previous for the next episode. She definitely looks like she was stabbed in the ending scene though; her expression looks faint.. at the same time, it's questionable as to why the attacker isn't moving. Anyhow, I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode!

Let's hope Doctors will soon break 20% viewership!

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