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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 6 Recap and Review

Posted on July 06 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 6

A much slower paced episode compared to episode 5, but we get tons of development for the Ji Hong-Hye Jung relationship!


Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens with Ji Hong running back to the hospital in frenzy. As always, there’s a voice over. Ji Hong narrates, “You have to lose something precious in order to realize how valuable it is.”

We get a flashback of cheerful child Ji Hong coming back to a cozy home from school. His mother made him lunch accompanied with a loving note and Ji Hong happily eats the kimbap. His narration continues, “At the time, I didn’t realize that life’s daily routines were the biggest blessings.”

Cutting to after the car accident he and his parents were in, child Ji Hong is panicking at the hospital, begging the doctors to save his parent’s lives. His bloodied mother and father are seen on stretchers and the hospital staff tends to them. Ji Hong voiceover continues, “I lost them right in front of my eyes. And I couldn’t do a thing.” A doctor pronounces both his parents, Lee Se Joon and So Hyun Hee, dead on September 11, 1986 at 1:15 p.m.

“I detest anything that disrupts my daily routine,” Ji Hong’s monologue ends.

In real time, Ji Hong finally reaches Gangster Boss’ room and runs in only to see Hye Jung and the attacker on the floor. Hye Jung winces in pain and Ji Hong tries to comprehend what he’s seeing when he notices the pool of blood. Yoon Do quickly gets up and gets the attacker off Hye Jung.

It turns out that Hye Jung is unharmed! Thank goodness! The attacker stabbed himself and Ji Hong is seen muttering a relieved “oh, that scared me!” to himself. Hye Jung quickly tends to the wounded attacker and Ji Hong furiously confronts Yoon Do. He yells at him, asking him what he’s doing and how the situation got so out of hand.

Yoon Do, confused, asks what he did wrong and why he’s getting mad at him. Ji Hong snaps and whoa, it’s the first time Ji Hong is seen so angry. It’s what he DIDN’T DO that Ji Hong is mad about. Yoon Do defends himself and the two of them start arguing even as reinforcements rush into the room. Hye Jung, the only level headed one, manages to snap them out of it by instructing Yoon Do to help her and for Ji Hong to contact the general surgery department. She even gives a diagnosis on the attacker wounds – he’s been stabbed in the liver.

Later, Ji Hong and Hye Jung meet with Pa Ran. Hye Jung apologizes to Pa Ran for taking his off-time, but he playfully flirts with Ji Hong. Ji Hong interjects, pushing him away and tells him to do his surgery.

Hye Jung tells Ji Hong that she is going to visit Gangster Boss in ICU and clarifies with him that the attacker actually tripped on Yoon Do’s foot.. and that is the reason why Gangster Boss is still alive. Ji Hong questions her, asking if she thinks he was too harsh on Yoon Do. She says she was surprised at how angry Ji Hong got and Ji Hong, himself, admits to being surprised as well.

As Hye Jung is about to leave to see Gangster Boss, Ji Hong stops her. He tells her he’s going to do something as a human being, as a man to a woman and goes in for a hug. Hye Jung tenses up and her firsts clench together; however, she stays still and allows him to hug her. Ji Hong gently thanks her and a confused Hye Jung asks what for. Ji Hong calls her a dummy and tells her to go. Hye Jung, who is still incredibly stiff from their hug, awkwardly walks off. Ji Hong watches her go with a smile.

Kyung Joon is watching the unconscious Gangster Boss when Hye Jung comes in. He updates her on the situation and presses her on what happened. Did Yoon Do really save her? He heard that from Yoon Do, but doesn’t believe it because he witness her take on Gangster Boss’ henchmen. Hye Jung berates him for concerning himself with such useless things when he should be focused on writing his paper.

By the stairs, Yoon Do runs into Hye Jung by chance. Ashamed, Yoon Do pulls up his coat collar to cover his face and starts running as Hye Jung chases him. It’s no avail as she catches up in no time. She thanks him and he, surprised, asked if she’s teasing him. He admits to being embarrassed – as a man, he should’ve been the one to kick the knife away and the one to get stabbed. Hye Jung looks on with confusion as he runs off again, but she chases after him.

When she catches up to him, she playfully shows off her mixed martial arts move. She tells him that she’s a pro at those moves despite being a woman. He asks if that’s supposed to comfort him and she nods. Hye Jung continues to tell him that she’s comforting him because she’s thankful. A flustered Yoon Do quickly stops her because it’s too embarrassing. She leaves to tend to Gangster Boss and once she’s gone, Yoon Do clutches his racing heart. Oh… what have we here?

In the resting room, an exhausted Hye Jung lays on the couch. She sees her book and flips to the page where a card containing her Grandma’s case number is, N0036823.

The following day, Myung Hoon and his father, Sung Jong, are playing golf. The two talk about the upcoming meeting with Congressman Nam In Soo. Sung Jong questions Director Hong’s case and Myung Hoon reveals he’s waiting for the right time to expose it.  All that’s left is to privatize Gookil Hospital. They ponder when it will become Gookil Medical Corporation and plan on succeeding Seo Woo once Director Hong leaves.

Back home, Myung Hoon returns and coldly ignores his wife. Seo Woo walks past them and the three have dinner. Her mother pesters her to get married to Yoon Do as soon as possible. Myung Hoon tells her to pick a date, but Seo Woo says she doesn’t want to marry without love. Myung Hoon tells her that love means nothing; it’s a feeling that will fade once you’re married anyway. He tries to persuade her to do anything she can to get Yoon Do. Seo Woo looks disheartened. Wow, what a lesson to teach your own daughter.

Elsewhere, Yoon Do is leaving for work in a nice suit. It turns out that he’s neighbors with Ji Hong! Ji Hong and Pa Ran come out of their unit. Pa Ran greets his nephew, which is news to Ji Hong. Yoon Do is surprised to see Ji Hong, but the three walk to the parking lot where Pa Ran suggests the three of them to take Ji Hong’s car. A flustered Yoon Do can only stammer. He quietly admits to Pa Ran that he doesn’t like Ji Hong and Pa Ra, oh Pa Ran, hilariously outs him by telling Ji Hong that Pa Ran just said he didn’t like him. LOL!

Yoon Do is absolutely horrified. Pa Ran suggests for them to take a taxi if Ji Hong doesn’t like him either, but Ji Hong says that’s a waste of resources since there’s a car available. An exasperated Yoon Do asks him where his car is and Ji Hong reveals that he’s waiting for it to come from the U.S. Yoon Do notices Ji Hong dropped the honorifics when addressing him and Ji Hong cheekily replies that it’s because Yoon Do is his friend’s nephew. Thus, if he’s his friend’s nephew, he’s his nephew too! Pa Ran agrees and the two quickly jump into Yoon Do’s car. LOL, these three are so precious.

On the way to the hospital, Pa Ran knocks out. Ji Hong decides to nap as well, but apologizes to Yoon Do for his actions the night prior.

At Gookil Hospital, Tae Ho is making his rounds with Kyung Joon, Kang Soo, Young Kook and Joong Dae.

Elsewhere, Hye Jung is holding a flower plant in front of Ji Hong’s office. Yoon Do arrives, as his office is right across from Ji Hong’s. He notices her and turns into a ball of awkwardness. He tells her that Ji Hong will be arriving soon and when Hye Jung questions how he knows, he says he “just happened” to find out. He takes note of her flower plant and asks where she got it. She tells him there’s a flower shop in the basement. He lingers about uncomfortably and asks if she has any questions for him; after all, it’s basic manners for her to ask him questions since he asked her so many! This dork…

Hye Jung asks why and he says he doesn’t know. Oh my goodness, Yoon Do… you’re such an adorable dork! To add onto his clumsiness, he enters the passcode to his office wrong.

Elsewhere, Kyung Joon is updating a guardian on a patient’s condition as Tae Ho watches in disappointment. He instantly calls for a meeting. There, he berates Kyung Joon for using medical terms to the general public who don’t understand. He teaches them to think with their patients’ and their families mindsets.

Ji Hong finally arrives at his office and is surprised to see Hye Jung. He invites her in, hilariously kicks a box out of the way and tells her it’s messy because he hasn’t had time to clean.

Hye Jung gives the flower plant to Ji Hong, congratulating him on starting work at Gookil Hospital. She quickly tells her it’s a bride though as she as something she wants. She hands him her Grandma’s case file number and asks him to obtain it with his level of clearance as he’s a full-time staff member. He asks her if this is the reason why she gave up her previous surgeon staff position. Ji Hong rips up the file number and tells her to forget it. Tearfully, Hye Jung asks him how she could possibly forget it – how can a doctor say something so cruel when a patient died? She’s referring to Myung Hoon’s behavior after her Grandma died. She said she thought she’d understand once she became a doctor, but after becoming one, it’s caused her to wonder even more. Ji Hong tells her there’s a statue limitation of 10 years, so there’s nothing she can legally do if negligence did come into play.

Hye Jung uses what he said against him: He mentioned that a person cannot change the past, but can change their heart. How could he rip up the paper? He apologizes for that and say it’s because he doesn’t want to see her like this; he wishes for her to live a normal, happy life.

Hye Jung gives up on asking him, telling him she’ll find someone else to do it for her. She’ll even hack into the system herself if that’s what it takes. She leaves.

Outside the hospital, Hye Jung seems shattered. Yoon Do sneaks up behind her and asks if she’s crying. She jokes that he’s supposed to pretend not to see her like this and he informs her that the police want their statements on what happened with Gangster Boss. He mentions that Ji Hong already gave his.

Back in Ji Hong’s office, he’s already taped the file number paper back together and is looking for her case. He doesn’t have access to it either…

Seo Woo is talking with Young Kook, complaining that Hye Jung has caused trouble yet again. Young Kook defends her by correcting the situation: this time, Hye Jung was the victim. If it weren’t for her, Gangster Boss would’ve died. At this moment, Seo Woo sees Yoon Do and Hye Jung parting ways. She comments that Yoon Do must be annoyed to be caught up in her situation and mentions this is why Hye Jung needs to leave as they planned together before. Yoon Do then tells her he doesn’t want hat anymore. He thinks Hye Jung is a good person after getting to know her better. A surprised Seo Woo asks what he could possibly know about her as Young Kook looks on, amused.

Seo Woo asks if Yoon Do’s fallen for Hye Jung and Yoon Do asks why she holds such animosity towards Hye Jung. She references her “trauma” and outs Hye Jung as a gangster who got expelled in high school. However, Yoon Do shocks her by confessing that he already knew: Hye Jung told him herself. He says he doubts something though: Was Seo Woo really just the victim back then? He tells her he doesn’t think so and walks off, leaving behind a furious Seo Woo. Young Kook tells Seo Woo something must’ve gone down in Gangster Boss’ room last night.

Yoon Do is checking up on the restaurant owner patient and Seo Woo comes. The patient is very thankful to Seo Woo and notes that Seo Woo uses her as an excuse to talk to Yoon Do. Seo Woo comments on how she can’t fool the patient. Since she’s already made a fool out of herself in front of the patient, she takes the conversation with Yoon Do on a personal level and asks Yoon Do why he said what he did. Yoon Do, embarrassed, asks to take the conversation elsewhere but Seo Woo refuses. Reluctantly, Yoon Do apologizes. When he leaves, the patient asks Seo Woo for a favor: to call that wench she keeps talking about.

Ji Hong meets Tae Ho and his father, Director Hong. They have a lighthearted conversation about fishing.

Soon Hee visits Gookil Hospital to advertise her restaurant, Sooni Hawaii. She unknowingly bumps into Hye Jung’s step mother, Ga Jin, and step sister, Yoona. Ga Jin is there for her facial tic problem. Hye Jung barely misses Ga Jin and Yoona. Soon Hee drops something off for Hye Jung as she didn’t come back from work last night.

Later, Soon Hee makes her way into a room where Kyung Joon and Young Kook are. Kyung Joon tells her to leave as they don’t allow peddlers. They get into an argument, but Young Kook listens to her advertising. She claims she has a doctor friend at the hospital and comments how only good looking people have manners.

Hye Jung finally meets her step mother and step sister as her patients! Ga Jin is horrified, asking how it could be. Annoyed, Hye Jung orders an MRI and quickly dismisses them. Ga Jin attempts to make a scene and proclaims herself as Hye Jung’s mother. She asks Hye Jung how someone can treat their own mother like that to which Hye Jung asks when she was ever a mother to her. Hye Jung tells her that if she thinks she can threaten her, she’s wrong.

It seems Seo Woo managed to call the “wench” for the restaurant owner as a man and a woman visit her. The restaurant owner spits in the woman’s face. Horrified, the man and the woman leave. Seo Woo walks in and the restaurant owner starts laughing. She feels good. She reveals that she divorced her husband when he cheated and continues to tell Seo Woo that she should never lose Yoon Do. She leaves her with her own life lesson: Nice people never win. May I ask why is Seo Woo constantly around such toxic people?

Somewhere else, Ji Hong is fishing with his father. He receives a call from Hye Jung, who hangs up once she finds out he’s spending time with his father. His father asks who called and mentions that his voice changed when he picked up the call. Ji Hong asks for a favor and gives him Hye Jung’s Grandma’s case number.

Back at the hospital, Hye Jung asks Yoon Do for a favor: she wants him to do the microvascular surgery for her step mother. He asks her why, but she only asks if he could not question her. He says he’s unable to due to hospital rules. She respects his decision and thanks him. Yoon Do asks if it’s a family member and replies with wishing that were the case. As she’s leaving, Seo Woo walks in.

Soon Hee meets Hye Jung in the hospital’s canteen. She’s super excited and a chatterbox, but Hye Jung is clearly dejected. She confesses to Soon Hee that she met “the woman.” Her step mother came with facial tics.

At this moment, Seo Woo enters the canteen with Young Kook and leaves when she sees Soon Hee and Hye Jung. Young Kook questions her behavior and she reveals to him that Soon Hee threw her away after meeting Hye Jung. Young Kook warns Seo Woo of her rapport with the restaurant owner patient as she’s getting too close with her; she’s projecting herself. Seo Woo also tells him that Yoon Do spoke with Hye Jung and wonders why. He tells her that Hyg Jung’s mother came and made a scene to which Seo Woo suggests that it was her step mother.

Kang Soo joins Hye Jung and Soon Hee in the canteen, telling her about her welcome party on Friday. Soon Hee instantly convinces him to host it at Sooni Hawaii.

Seo Woo runs into Hye Jung as she’s changing. She confronts Hye Jung on why she was talking to Yoon Do. Seo Woo says she’s trying to talk amicably, but it’s not working. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, Hye Jung admits to her that she wanted Yoon Do to take over a patient. She leaves.

Yoon Do hears from Kang Soo, Kyung Joon and a nurse that the patient she asked him to take over is actually her step mother who put on a spectacle.

Elsewhere, Hye Jung is meeting with her step mother and sister. She suggests surgery, but requests for them to do it at another hospital with her referral. Ga Jin makes a scene, again, and asks what Hye Jung has ever done for the family. She insists on doing it at Gookil Hospital as employees can receive 30% off. Yoona tries to stop her mother.

Outside, Yoona chases after Hye Jung. She gives her their family business card and tells her that they make a decent living with their restaurant, Granny’s Rice Soup, and won’t bother her. Wow, I’m surprised Yoona is such a great character!

Yoon Do is trying to call Hye Jung, who doesn’t answer. He leaves her a message, saying he will do the surgery. Seo Woo surprises him having overheard his message and asks when he started caring for people. She tells him that Ji Hong would’ve done it even if he didn’t and tells him to stay out of her business. She wants to eat with him, but he rejects her saying he has plans.

Seo Woo visits the restaurant owner patient with lunch. The patient laments about her life and regrets again; however, getting too worked up, she starts hyperventilating. In a dramatic slow-mo scene, Seo Woo unsuccessfully attempts CPR to bring the patient back to life. Yoon Do runs in and holds her back as Kyung Joon pronounces the patient’s death. She cries in Yoon Do’s grasp.

Later that night, Hye Jung secretly visits Granny’s Rice Soup and sees her father happily serving customers. He touches her necklace and reminisces the past – it’s a necklace her Grandma bought for her. Her phone rings: it’s Ji Hong.

He asks where she is, but she only tells him she’ll call back and hangs up. He’s in a taxi with a file in hand. He asks to be dropped off at Sooni Hawaii.

We get another flashback scene with Hye Jung’s Grandma. She’s telling Hye Jung that a woman must always look pretty. Hye Jung asks if she should remove the birthmark by her eye and her Grandma tells her no. It’s a sign that she will be loved by many. Hye Jung laments how her father doesn’t love her though.

Back in real time, Hye Jung runs into Ji Hong who gives her the cutest “hi!” He asks why she looks so down and surprises her with her Grandma’s case files. He couldn’t get it with his security clearance and had to ask someone else. He tells her he has a copy and will ask his friend about it as well. If the truth will make her happy, he says, he will help her.

He endearingly asks when she’s going to be talkative for him. Oh, I love Ji Hong. His actions are so cute!

She laughs and he says he’ll take her home. Suddenly, it starts raining and he shelters them both with his blazer. They take shelter in a telephone booth. In there, she remembers the time the two of them took shelter from the rain after their bike ride back in her high school days.

Ji Hong tells her that someone once told him that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. He takes out his phone and starts playing music. He walks out in the rain and STARTS DANCING! OH MY GOD!

Hye Jung is shocked at his actions, but she can’t help but smile and laugh. He drags her out in the rain with him and the two of them start dancing. Okay, I just have to say: this is hands down one of the cutest scenes I’ve ever witnessed in Korean drama history!

Hye Jung and Ji Hong laugh with each other in the rain. He tells her he’s going to do something, man to woman. Cue dramatic music: he walks up and kisses her.

As usual, a voiceover starts. It’s Ji Hong: Life is worth living. I have the chance to live a normal life too.



Episode 6 Review

This is the calm before the storm, right? It has to be! 6 episodes in and we get a kiss! I’m surprised at how smooth the relationship development between Ji Hong and Hye Jung is going at this rate. The smoothness is what makes me think this is the calm before the storm. Sure, there are other problems being introduced such as Hye Jung’s step mother and and the scheming father-son pair trying to take down Director Hong. However, there are no problems in the way of Hye Jung and Ji Hong's budding relationship… yet, which feels very different and refreshing from other Korean dramas.

I am pleasantly surprised at Hye Jung’s step sister, Yoona. I originally thought she’d be a nasty character, but she’s not! She seems genuine and sincere in her actions, so I’m really happy to see that. Hye Jung already has enough going in her life.

On the other hand, why is Seo Woo surrounded by such toxic people? In last episode’s review, I mentioned how I felt no sympathy for her. In today’s episode, I just wish she had better company to teach and/or guide her in "healthier" ways. It seems she’s the way she is because of her surroundings – both of her parents are horrible influences for her as is this restaurant owner patient. To make matters worse, the patient dies after feeding her such a toxic mentality. I’m also not too fond of how Yoon Do treats her either - aren’t they friends? Hasn’t she always been the one there for him? Yet he completely disregards her.

Again, I cannot praise Ji Hong’s character enough. This is, hands down, one of my favorite Korean romance drama leads. He’s so well developed and fleshed out. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. He’s sweet, caring and an absolute gentleman to Hye Jung. He doesn't play games. He does things, even if it irritates her, out of consideration for her. His actions all gear toward helping Hye Jung and it’s just endearing to watch as he tries to cheer her up, or let her know he’s there for her.

This was a nice episode! The pacing felt slower than last episode where we had that intense aneurysm surgery and the Gangster Boss attack. Hoping for great things next week!



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