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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 7 Recap and Review

Posted on July 12 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 7

Who saw that ending coming?!?!

Doctor Crush (닥터스 also known as Doctors) is a currently airing South Korean medical romance drama story starring Park Shin Hye as Yoo Hye Jung (or Yoo Hye Jeong) and Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong. It's set for 20 episodes airing every Monday and Tuesdays starting on June 20, 2016. You can watch the drama with English subtitles on DramaFever or Viki.

The story follows the transformation of rebellious troublemaker Yoo Hye Jung into a successful and compassionate doctor under the guidance of her homeroom teacher, Hong Ji Hong. Hye Jeong and Ji Hong will eventually reunite for a second chance at love as junior and senior doctors in the field.

The drama also stars Yoon Kyun Sang as Jung Yoon Do and Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo as the main supporting characters.


Episode 7 Recap

The episode starts off with  a flashback of Hye Jung’s past: Little Hye Jung is sitting outside her house, overhearing her parents fighting. Her mother is accusing her father of cheating and he tells her that he wouldn’t care whether or not she dies. Little Hye Jung covers her ears in distress. Her father storms out of the house and passes her. He gives her an annoyed glance before jumping in his truck to drive away. Little Hye Jung cries as she watches his car disappear.

Hye Jung’s voice narrates: To me, love between a man and a woman means fighting until one ends up dying. I don’t know how to love a man. As a woman, I don’t know how to receive love.

Continuing on from last week’s episode ending, we find out that Hye Jung was aware that Ji Hong was going to kiss her. She was telling herself to turn away, but she doesn’t. After a brief light kiss, she pulls back and awkwardly runs away. Ji Hong, smiling, chases after her.

Hye Jung continues to narrate: “I’m not going to die because of a man’s love like mom did.”

Ji Hong catches up to her and tells her that at first, he ran away like she did (referencing back to their separation 13 years ago). He says he’s not going to ask her the question a second time because she doesn’t need to act – he’ll be coming to get her. As someone who knows love, he has to make the first move. Oh my, I know I’m constantly saying this, but Ji Hong is the greatest male lead, ever.

At Gookil Hospital, Yoon Do is trying to comfort Seo Woo with a drink. He thanks her for caring so much about his patient. Seo Woo grieves that the patient’s life wasn’t fair. Yoon Do comments that he didn’t realize Seo Woo could understand the concept of “unfairness.” Again, with questionable timing, Seo Woo professes her love for Yoon Do by telling him, “I love you.”

She confesses that she lied when she said she only liked him and was planning on confessing her love at the restaurant that day. Yoon Do tells her that he’s a bad guy. Seo Woo calls him out on knowing how she’s felt all along and Yoon Do replies by telling her that she’s only torturing herself. Seo Woo asks him to promise her that he wont like anyone else in the next 6 months; after all, that’s what he can do for her after rejecting her. Yoon Do confesses that he’s already started to like someone. Seo Woo demands to know who, asking if it’s Hye Jung. She crossly asks why it has to be her, but Yoon Do retorts by asking how he can control who he likes.

Young Kook walks in as Seo Woo is crying. Yoon Do apparently called him in to watch over Seo Woo. His patient just died; he doesn’t have time to comfort someone.

Once Yoon Do leaves the room, Seo Woo throws a tantrum and tosses her drink on the floor. She complains that bad things always happen all at once. Young Kook takes her out for drinks to cheer her up.

Young Kook ends up taking a dismayed Seo Woo to… you guessed it, Soon Hee’s Sooni Hawaii! Seo Woo is not thrilled at his choice, but Soon Hee happily greets them. After Seo Woo walks off to seat herself, Soon Hee and Young Kook have a cute exchange.

Sometime later, Seo Woo is clearly drunk. Young Kook probes Seo Woo as to what happened, but she says her pride is too hurt to tell him. Soon Hee comes by and sits down by Young Kook. Seo Woo bitterly comments that she’s still Hye Jung’s lackey after all these years. Meanwhile, Soo Chul delivers beer to Sooni Hawaii again.

Soon Hee reveals that she and Hye Jung moved in together after high school. She mentions Soo Chul, saying he doesn’t recognize her. Seo Woo, drunk, calls out to Soo Chul claiming herself as Hye Jung’s friend. She reveals to Soo Chul that Hye Jung became a doctor and asks if he doesn’t recognize her. Soo Chul, heated, tells her she picked the wrong person to fight with. He asks if she is looking down on how he lives. He leaves, irate.

Later that night, Hye Jung touches her lips in front of a mirror, reminiscing about her kiss with Ji Hong. She starts to wash her hair in the bath when Soon Hee comes in. Soon Hee tells her that Seo Woo came to Sooni Hawaii to drink – something bad must’ve happened! Soon Hee starts to wash Hye Jung’s hair and the cute bestie duo proceed to have a hair pampering session afterward. Hye Jung confesses to Soon Hee that she and Ji Hong kissed, to which Soon Hee is enthusiastic about. She comments that Ji Hong, at his age, must be in a rush. LOL.

Soon Hee asks Hye Jung if she met her father, but Hye Jung says she only watched from afar. Soon Hee tells Hye Jung to get married to Teacher Hong no matter what.

Sometime later, Hye Jung is in her room looking at the file on her Grandma’s record. She cries.

The following day, Yoon Do leaves to work just as Ji Hong does. Ji Hong playfully says he wont ride in his car anymore. Yoon Do, confused, mutters to himself if Ji Hong is playing hard to get. He ends up taking Ji Hong to work in his car anyway. The two have a hilarious “let’s-try-not-to-be-awkward” conversation in the car. When Yoon Do turns on the news radio, it appears that Director Hong’s stock issue has leaked to the media.

Director Hong is being swarmed by reporters asking him to verify his holding on stocks. Elsewhere, Ji Hong and Tae Ho decide to have lunch to discuss the issue. They’re both worried even though Director Hong told them not to. Tae Ho has a plan, though: Ji Hong should treat Lee Soo Jung, an athlete celebrity famous for archery. She is suffering from a hand tremor. If Ji Hong treats her, he’ll get his name known. Fame equals power.

Tae Ho receives a call from Myung Hoon, whom he ignores. When Tae Ho attempts to pay the bill, his credit card gets declined. LOL! He jokes that because his department brought in such low revenue, the Hospital lowered his credit limit.

Over at Gookil Hospital, dork Yoon Do is on the go. He spots Hye Jung and nags at her for replying to his voicemail with a text message. He tells her she doesn’t seem grateful that he took on her patient – her step mother. Overlooking them, Kang Soo comments that he doesn’t think they will be fighting as everyone previously thought.

Yoon Do chases after Hye Jung and questions where she is going. Hye Jung tells him she’s going to Ji Hong’s lab. He is, too, he claims. She asks him why he changed his mind on taking on her patient and he reveals to her that he not only had one, but two step-mothers! She asks if he’s ever been mistreated and he endearingly holds his heart, saying, “it’s just coming at me again.” He tells her to wait until he’s ready to which Hye Jung is confused at. He comments that she just keeps coming at him.

Yoon Do tells her that he’s going to see her step mother and will try to book the surgery as soon as possible. He wants a reward for his goodwill! Hye Jung haughtily retorts by saying she doesn’t feel grateful because she doesn’t even care about her step mother to begin with. The only thing that makes her feel good is the fact that her step mother still has a nasty personality. I’m just going to insert a side comment here: I love Park Shin Hye’s hair in this sequence! It’s so full and beautiful!

Hye Jung suddenly grabs Yoon Do out of the way of a frantic doctor. Yoon Do, flustered, asks her who is protecting whom. At Hye Jung walks off, Pa Ran comes by. He sees Yoon Do chasing after Hye Jung and he, too, chases after them.

The trio run into Ji Hong at his office. It’s a hilarious scene because Ji Hong sees Hye Jung first, then Yoon Do who is obviously chasing her and finally Pa Ran. Pa ran, again, flirts with Hye Jung but Ji Hong throws him in his office before politely inviting in Hye Jung. He shuts Yoon Do out though and our adorable dork dejectedly mutters to himself that they shouldn’t have cliques like that. He receives a phone call and loudly exclaims outside the door that he’s busy with his patients before taking his leave.

In Ji Hong’s office, the three are looking over Hye Jung’s Grandma’s file. Pa Ran explains that there’s not much he can go on. Apparently, there aren’t much surgery details; just the results. Hm…

They come to the conclusion that they need the missing anesthesia records from the medical records department. Unfortunately, the files aren’t at the main hospital, but a local branch. Thrilled, Hye Jung runs off. Ji Hong chases after her and tells her that he’ll ask for the record. Hye Jung rejects his offer and says this is something she needs to do herself.

She tells him that he should be seeing his outpatients at the moment to which Ji Hong completely lights up: Did she look up his schedule? Flustered, Hye Jung tells him that as a fellow who is studying under him, she should know that much. He mopes, saying he got excited for nothing and she runs off, embarrassed. Seeing her reaction, Ji Hong loudly exclaims that he got excited for nothing again. Oh my goodness, WHY IS HE SO CUTE TO HER?! I’m dying here. I love Ji Hong.


Yoon Do is meeting with Ga Jin, Hye Jung’s step-mother and Yoo Na, Hye Jung’s step-sister. As a favor to Hye Jung, he’ll do the surgery early for her. He treats her coldly and tells her to go when she keeps pestering him with questions.

Ji Hong meets with Soo Jung, the archery athlete. She’s clearly uneasy and anxious about her condition. Her hand tremor started last year; however, it would stop trembling whenever she drank alcohol. Everything was ruined though. Ji Hong asks if she is still drinking to which Soo Jung quickly explains no, she’s not that kind of person. She’s willing to try anything to fix it.

Ji Hong tells her that they will run some tests as it can be many things. Soo Jung, impatient, tells him that she can’t trust a doctor who has no confidence. However, Ji Hong wins her over by telling her that she should trust him BECAUSE he’s not confident; people who are good at what they do doubt themselves so there won’t be mistakes. WOW, Ji Hong, what a line.

Kang Soo tells Ga Jin and Yoo Na that Ga Jin is being treated as VIP and that her surgery is scheduled in 2 days. Ga Jin asks if Hye Jung is actually a good Doctor to which Kang Soo chirps that she’s the best. Ga Jin continues her smack talk Hye Jung and pushes for more discounts while Yoo Na visibly looks embarrassed.

When Kang Soo leaves the room, Yoo Na chases after him. She asks him for her sister’s phone number: Their father would like to see her.

Elsewhere, Ji Hong and Hye Jung are analyzing Soo Jung’s tests and scans. He quizzes her on medical terminology and diagnosis. She realizes Ji Hong is planning on doing a DBS (deep brain stimulation) on the patient as treatment and that she, as a fellow training under him, will be able to assist. Unable to contain her eagerness, Hye Jung grabs onto his hand and spazzes in excitement. She awkwardly lets go of his hand after she realizes what she did, but continues to be giddy.

Hye Jung, still thrilled at the rare opportunity to study DBS, bumps into Seo Woo outside. She excitedly tells her that she will be doing a DBS with Ji Hong. Seo Woo, jealous, visits Ji Hong’s office and demands to assist during Soo Jung’s DBS surgery as well.

Ji Hong, Yoon Do, Seo Woo and Hye Jung hold a meeting due to Seo Woo’s demand. It is clear that Yoon Do and Seo Woo are not getting along with their constant bickering. Seo Woo no longer wants to study under Yoon Do and Yoon Do clearly wants to train Hye Jung. Ji Hong tells them that they’re acting like high school kids and that just because they agree doesn’t mean it’s enough to switch trainees. He thoughtfully asks for Hye Jung’s opinion on the matter. Hye Jung says she wants to assist the DBS surgery.

They come to a conclusion that fellows can be passed back and forth to which Seo Woo notes sounds “cheap.” Now, fellows will be trained based on the situation.

After the impromptu meeting, Seo Woo asks Yoon Do if he can see it: Ji Hong and Hye Jung having feelings for each other. Seo Woo sourly tells him that he should experience it, too: the pain of unrequited love.

Over at Sooni Hawaii, Soo Chul drops by. He tells Soon Hee that he didn’t recognize her because she got so pretty. He’s surprised Hye Jung became a doctor and reveals that he came to say goodbye. He lost his job after causing a ruckus. Apparently, after hearing about Hye Jung’s success from Seo Woo, he got so drunk and caused a wreck. Soon Hee asks if he still likes Hye Jung as he kept following her around back in the day. Soo Chul is clearly embarrassed by this statement.

Myung Hoon and his father finally have the meeting with Congressman Na. The men talk about privatizing healthcare despite public outrage. Myung Hoon and his father promise that they will take care of Director Hong. These bad boys…

Soo Chul, with all his bad boy vibes, visits Gookil Hospital. He runs into Young Kook and a few nurses, asking if they know a Hye Jung. Young Kook and the nurses, clearly embarrassed of Soo Chul’s demeanor, try to get Soo Chul to leave. He doesn’t budge though and says he’ll wait for her. Young Kook and co., hushed, whisper among each other to warn Hye Jung from coming in order to prevent her from bumping into this gaudy boy.

Too late though because Hye Jung and Kang Soo come waltzing in! Young Kook attempts to block Hye Jung and Soo Chul from seeing each other, but fails. Hye Jung and Soo Chul spot each other… and he gives her such an endearing smile and wink! LOL, I love how shocked Young Kook and co. are at how Soo Chul and Hye Jung actually know each other.

WHOA, Hye Jung and Soo Chul are totally bro-ing out. She confidently walks up to him and is clearly happy to see him. He asks if she’s embarrassed, but it’s so evident she’s not. They engage in a nice chat.

In the background, Ji Hong and Yoon Do watch in jealously. Ji Hong is muttering, wondering why Soo Chul is here and Yoon Do asks Ji Hong who Soo Chul is. LOL, these boys. I love how every male seems to fall head over heals with Hye Jung.

Hye Jung takes Soo Chul away to a private room to talk. Hye Jung sincerely thanks Soo Chul for being there for her when things were bad. However, he thanks her – he thought she would pretend not to know him because she’s successful now. Hye Jung asks him what happened to that fiery “live or die” personality he had before. Soo Chul reveals that HE HAS A SON! He’s divorced, but he’s going to where his son is. Seeing Hye Jung succeed has motivated him to work harder now. He asks if it’s not too late for him to which Hye Jung tells him that he’s still young and cool.

Wow, I love Soo Chul and Hye Jung’s friendship.

Hye Jung asks if he still rides that motorcycle because it makes him look so cool. Their conversation gets interrupted by a call. She picks it up and it’s her father. She has to go, but tells Soo Chul to see her before he leaves.

Hye Jung meets her father at a restaurant. He hands her a file of where Grandma is resting now that the contract with the Hospital has ended. He tries to make small talk by inviting her and her colleagues to Granny’s Rice Soup, but Hye Jung shuts him down. He tries to reason that she needs a father, but she coldly tells him that she’s used to living on her own. He continues to push, asking who will walk her down the aisle if she ever got married. She responses by saying she decided to never get married. Hye Jung gets up and leaves.

Sometime later, Ji Hong is meeting with Soo Jung again. He walks her through the DBS treatment procedure – there are possible side effects, but the success rate is 90%. She’s overjoyed at this reveal and asks if she can upload a video of the surgery to put it online. Soo Jung wants to redeem herself to the public, to show everyone that she’s not an alcoholic as they claim and that she’s doing her best.

Yoon Do successfully performs the surgery on Ga Jin. Later, he finds Hye Jung to tell her the surgery went well. She thanks him and he suggests that the two of them should grab a meal together. She agrees: at the cafeteria. LOL! Yoon Do asks who says thank you by treating someone to cafeteria food?! He tries to take her out on a meal, but gets shut down. She claims they are not close enough to eat together yet. Yoon Do asks if she doesn’t want to be close to him. At this moment, Seo Woo walks in. The atmosphere gets awkward and Seo Woo calls him out on being rejected.

Ji Hong texts Seo Woo and Hye Jung to go to his office. Hye Jung sarcastically notes that Ji Hong texted Seo Woo first to which Seo Woo seems exasperated.

In Ji Hong’s office, he reveals that the DBS surgery is booked for tomorrow! Hye Jung cannot contain herself with excitement and Ji Hong just stares at her, smiling himself.

Seo Woo narrates in a hilarious voice over: Honey is just dripping from their eyes, right in front of me. Just love each other blatantly, why don’t you?!

This is such a comical scene. In situations like this, I find myself liking Seo Woo for her commentary.

Hye Jung excuses herself and Ji Hong asks Seo Woo to help him move some boxes. LOL!

Elsewhere, Hye Jung’s father and Yoo Na are relaying their thanks through Kyung Joon. Hye Jung walks by and they have a brief, albeit uncomfortable exchange where her father thanks her. Hye Jung leaves.

Yoo Na chases after Hye Jung and hands her some family documents that her father wanted to give her. Yoo Na asks Hye Jung if she hates her, too, to which Hye Jung says she doesn’t have ill will towards Yoo Na. Yoo Na comments how she’s glad to have a sister, but Hye Jung prefers to keep the distance: she doesn’t want to get mixed in with their family. She says she’ll take care of the documents.

The following day, Soo Chul calls Hye Jung. He’s leaving Seoul tomorrow and wants to say goodbye. They decide to meet! Ugh, I really love their friendship.

Elsewhere, Yoon Do mentions that Ji Hong’s car finally arrived from the States. They’re about to go to work. Yoon Do fumbles, forgetting to unlock his car as he tries to get in. Ji Hong comments that Yoon Do is a cute kid.

Hye Jung meets Soo Chul outside her house. He’s riding his motorcycle! He tells her he’s going to sell it after riding it once last time. He’s going to treat her to a meal and she suggests the cafeteria as it’s cheap and good – exactly his style! LOL! He says he’ll meet her there.

Ji Hong, driving, calls Hye Jung.

On the road, Hye Jung is tailing Soo Chul. He’s driving his motorcycle down the road in all his flashy glory. Hye Jung watches him from her car, happy to see him look so carefree and cheerful.

She picks up Ji Hong’s call and tells him she’s going to have a meal with Soo Chul. He jokingly tells her to not hang out with him, LOL.

Just then, Soo Chul gets hit by an oncoming car. He flips off his motorcycle and Hye Jung, horrified as Soo Chul lays unconscious on the ground, screams. On the other line, Ji Hong asks her what happened.

In the ending monologue, Hye Jung narrates: It’s always been this way. Love brings fear. And fear has taken over me.


Episode 7 Review

WHY!!!??? WHY, KDRAMA, WHY!!!??? To be honest, I knew a car was going to come out of no where and hit Soo Chul during that last sequence. It was just too soothing and calming and happy for Korean drama writing. I mean, Hye Jung enjoying her life and happiness? Impossible!

This episode is clearly a set up episode for episode 8 and the following story to come. We have: 1. Director Hong's "scandal"  that was leaked to the press by Team Bad Boys (Myung Hoon's groupie), 2. Soo Jung's DBS surgery that looks like it's going to go wrong from the preview and 3. Soo Chul's motorcycle accident and the effect it may have on our beloved Hye Jung... which seems to be severe as seen the preview.

I'm already cringe-ing at the thought of episode 8. I don't know if my heart can take it!

Again, I love how the writer(s) wrote Soo Chul's character and his development. It seems like he has grown out of his puppy love for Hye Jung - he even has a family of his own. Their friendship is such a gem. Actually, all of Hye Jung's friendships are so precious as we can see with Soon Hee, too. I'm wondering if they will kill off his character. Please don't! He was just about to get his life together!

On another note, I enjoyed Seo Woo's characterization in this episode aside from her tantrum in the beginning. I appreciate how she's not written to be in love with Ji Hong and that her love interest is Yoon Do instead. Granted, Yoon Do acts incredibly mean to her, but we'll see how that develops. I'm pretty sure Yoon Do will eventually fall for Seo Woo. Crack ship wise, I actually think Young Kook would treat her well.. although I feel as though he will end up with Soon Hee. Regardless, I found Seo Woo's voice over during the scene with her, Ji Hong and Hye Jung hilarious. Ji Hong and Hye Jung are lost in their own world and Seo Woo looks like she's questioning why she's even there.

I'm sure I don't need to talk about how much I love Ji Hong and Hye Jung's relationship again - that much is obvious.

Lastly, wow! Look at the successful ratings for Doctors! Let's hope it keeps going up. :)


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  • StarberryKoko.com: July 27, 2016

    @hohurm: Thank you so much for reading! :) I giggle a ton when watching this drama, too! I love the humor in this~ it comes at perfect times! Ah, you’re so right. I LOVE Soo Chul’s relationship with Hye Jung, even if they were never in a romantic relationship. The friendship between these two is so precious!

  • hohurm: July 26, 2016

    ughhhh!!!i love this ep! i was giggling in a bunch of scenes and i esp like the trio encounter in front of ji hong’s office. the scene with seo woo, hye jung and ji hong was hilarious too! and soo chul…oh soo chul…my heart was beating fast watching that scene. i dont want him to die huhu. im happy that he held a significant meaning in hye jung’s life albeit they were never in a love relationship. Thanks for the great recap!

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