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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 8 Recap and Review

Posted on July 16 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 8

Anyone else surprised that we didn't get a cliffhanger?! But instead, a HAPPY EPISODE END?! Let's start!


Episode 8 Recap

Going back in time a little, we’re back at the scene where Ji Hong and Yoon Do are watching Hye Jung charmingly talk with Soo Chul when they reunited at Gookil Hospital. Per usual, there’s a voice over. It’s Ji Hong speaking, “When a man and a woman are in love, the thing I envy the most is when the man meets someone that can make him behave in an immature manner.”

Later, Ji Hong is in his office seething with jealousy. He tries to calm himself down by reasoning that “they’re just friends!” He kicks some boxes out of frustration and throws an adorable doll to the ground. His voice over continues, “This immature behavior between a man and a woman is healthy. It’s the best gift I can show the other person.”

Back to the present timeline: Ji Hong hears Hye Jung scream on the other line. Concerned, he instantly asks her what happened and where she is.

Over where Hye Jung is, she is in disbelief at Soo Chul’s accident. Still in her car, Hye Jung looks on in tears. She manages to get out of the car to tend to him, screaming for someone to call an ambulance. In full panic, she tries to diagnose Soo Chul’s condition while failing to suppress her personal emotions. Soo Chul manages to mutter that he can’t put any strength into his hands and legs; he can barely move one finger. At the sight of this, Hye Jung bursts out into hysterical sobs and holds his hand.

Ji Hong arrives at the scene and runs towards Hye Jung and Soo Chul. He asks for the situation and Hye Jung briefs him through sobs: He has damage to his cervical vertebrae although she doesn’t think his nerves are completely damaged. Ji Hong tells her to not loose herself here as she’s a doctor; he comforts her, saying she did well already. The ambulance sirens blare in the background, signaling its arrival.

Hye Jung notices that Soo Chul is not breathing. They lift his shirt and it’s revealed that Soo Chul has a bruise. Hye Jung cries out in horror and Ji Hong sternly comments that Soo Chul must get to the hospital within 30 minutes.

I have to applaud Park Shin Hye’s acting performance in this scene. This sequence with Soo Chul was just the opening to the episode and her acting gripped me instantly. You can really feel her character’s pain. Amazing job, Park Shin Hye!

At Gookil Hospital, Ji Hong and Hye Jung are diagnosing Soo Chul’s condition. They notice there is blood in his lungs and Ji Hong manages to take care of it.

Elsewhere, Young Kook is prepping Pa Ran with Soo Chul’s patient information. It seems like they need to perform a general surgery on the spleen after the neurosurgery department goes first to prevent Soo Chul from going into paralysis. For that, Ji Hong is in charge.

Ji Hong tells Hye Jung she has to make a decision to be in the operation room or not, as she has personal relations with the patient. He warns her that there is always a chance something can go wrong. He comforts her by telling that she already did well and that she can stop being strong for once. Hye Jung admits to him that she doesn’t want to be in the operation room.

Soon afterward, Hye Jung is talking with a conscious Soo Chul. She informs him that he will be getting surgery and Soo Chul admits to her that he’s scared. He tells her that he wants her to be his doctor: If she were to be there, he wouldn’t be scared because everything will be okay. He has such immense trust in her and her skill. Kang Soo pops in, informing Hye Jung that the operation room is ready. Hye Jung holds Soo Chul’s hand, telling him, “I’ll do it. I’ll be by your side.” He smiles.

Hye Jung lets Ji Hong know that she’ll be coming, too. He replies with a simple okay.

Elsewhere, Tae Ho is watching a surgery video when Myung Hoon drops by his office. Myung Hoon says he’s there because Tae Ho has been ignoring his calls. Tae Ho said he was busy and that he was planning on calling him back later. Myung Hoon feigns care and concern for Director Hong’s stock scandal and asks if Tae Ho knew about Director Hong’s press conference. Tae Ho calls Myung Hoon out on his façade. Wow, I love Tae Ho. Myung Hoon, being called out, switches back to his selfish demeanor. He tells Tae Ho shouldn’t care who is in charge of the hospital as he’s just a mere employee. Tae Ho retorts that this is exactly why he doesn’t like Myung Hoon and criticizes him for having no dignity. Myung Hoon, in all his antagonistic glory, berates Tae Ho and Director Hong while admitting he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth before leaving. Tae Ho is in disbelief.

Wow, the writers really know how to make you hate the antagonists.

Elsewhere, Director Hong is at his stock scandal press conference. He tells the media that the medical stocks are his own, not the hospitals. Regardless, he apologizes for tarnishing the image of the hospital. However, Director Hong berates the media for spreading such false rumors. He angrily calls them out on their indignity.

Later, Sung Jong (Myung Hoon’s father) is visiting Director Hong. Director Hong knows someone is behind this “leak” and plans on finding out who is trying to figuratively stab him. He cleverly suspects Myung Hoon although Sung Jong defends him. Plz.

Sung Jong finds Myung Hoon afterward to warn him. He advises his son to not take Director Hong lightly. They mention how they will need to use “that move” after all. Hm… I’m really not enjoying these shady boys.

Somewhere else, Yoon Do tells Ga Jin (Hye Jung’s step mother) and Min Ho (Hye Jung’s father) that Ga Jin can be discharged the next day. Min Ho thanks Yoon Do and presents him and Kyung Joon with gratitude food from Granny’s Rice Soup. He asks where Hye Jung is.

In the operation room, Ji Hong and Hye Jung are performing on Soo Chul with Ji Hong as the lead. Blood splurts! A machine beeps intensely! The music swells! They manage to stabilize the situation.

The scene cuts to a comic relief scene with Kang Soo, Kyung Joon, Joong Dae and Young Kook. They bicker about as usual and comment on the food from Hye Jung’s father.

Elsewhere, Yoon Do runs into Seo Woo. She tells him that her father and grandfather would like to have dinner with him. Yoon Do clearly doesn’t want to go, but gives in out of respect for Myung Hoon and Sung Jong.

Back in the operation room, some glances are exchanged between Ji Hong and Hye Jung. They complete the surgery in success and call in general surgery for Pa Ran’s operation.

Pa Ran assures Hye Jung that he will do a good job. After the surgery, Hye Jung asks how it went. Pa Ran teases her a bit before telling her to not take him lightly – he doesn’t kill patients, it was a success!

Hye Jung is looking at Soo Chul’s scans with Young Kook when Ji Hong drops by. After Young Kook excuses himself, Hye Jung says she’s going to do something to Ji Hong, human to human. AH, WHAT’S THIS?! Ji Hong, shocked, looks unprepared but eager. Slowly, Hye Jung walks closer to him and lifts her hand around his neck… Ji Hong, nervous, is about to wrap his arms around her waist. It’s clearly awkward, but LOL! It turns out that Hye Jung is NOT hugging him. She’s just fixing his collar. LOL! Oh gosh, Hye Jung. What a tease!

Ji Hong, realizing Hye Jung is not about to hug him, awkwardly comments, “oh, it was wrinkled.” Hye Jung teases him, asking him what he was imagining. LOL! Moping, Ji Hong retorts, “Seriously, I just saved your friend and you’re teasing me?!” She laughs and sincerely thanks him. He asks what for and she replies with, “for everything.” He gives her a look and she leaves. Once Hye Jung is out of the room, Ji Hong can’t contain his happiness. He gives an endearing, dorky smile of a boy in love and wonders if she’s playing with him.

Soo Chul is awake! He seems dejected, thinking he won’t be able to move again. Hye Jung comforts him, telling him that the surgery was a success; it’s HIS turn now. Hye Jung brings up the past, noting how Soo Chul was there by her side when she wanted to die. He never told her what to do, but left it up to Hye Jung to make her own decisions. He tells her she can stop comforting him now. When Hye Jung tells him to move his fingers, he does it! They smile and Soo Chul agrees that it’s his turn now – he’ll show her how awesome this Kim Soo Chul is!

Hye Jung tells him to find a nice woman and Soo Chul playfully flirts with her, telling her to not date the old guy in reference to Ji Hong.

Later, Ji Hong quizzes Hye Jung and Seo Woo in his office. It’s time for Soo Jung’s much anticipated DBS surgery!

Tae Ho, Kang Soo and co. are watching Ji Hong’s DBS surgery from the observation deck. In the operation room, Ji Hong leads the surgery as Hye Jung and Seo Woo assist. Hye Jung is talking to the patient as Ji Hong performs. Suddenly, Soo Jung’s vision starts to blur! She panics, saying she can’t see. The patient is losing her eye sight! The doctors note that the signal is off and that Soo Jung is bleeding.

Hye Jung and Seo Woo have different opinions on what to do regarding Soo Jung’s bleeding. Ji Hong goes with Hye Jung’s decision and continues the operation. While the patient is still in panic, Seo Woo tries to get Ji Hong to change back to her decision. Hye Jung calls her out to stop her.

Hye Jung comforts the patient by telling her to trust the doctors and her own decision to go through with the surgery and Ji Hong manages to stop the bleeding. They continue the DBS surgery and her vision returns! Hye Jung tells Soo Jung to look at her hand. When she does, she realizes that her tremor is gone! She bursts into smiles and happiness, thanking Ji Hong. He makes an adorable victory sign and they bring out a bow and arrow for her to shoot. 10 points!

Afterward, Ji Hong calls Seo Woo to his office. He’s upset at her lack of professionalism shown during the surgery. He scolds her, asking if she really is ignorant or pretending to not know what she did wrong. The patient was fully awake and conscious during the DBS surgery. For Seo Woo to insist on another method from what they, as a team, agreed on, it will make the patient doubt the doctor. Seo Woo defends herself and brings up Hye Jung, asking if he would act the same if it were Hye Jung who did what she did. Ji Hong says of course and asks when she will stop bringing Hye Jung into everything. Selfishly, Seo Woo says “until I die.” He tells her to leave.

Can someone fire this girl? Please? I know it’s impossible for the sake of Korean drama writing, but gosh. This is so unprofessional, immature and CRINGE-WORTHY! I have to say though.. I am very curious to see her character growth. 

Hye Jung passes her father and there’s another brief, yet awkward exchange as he tries to thank her.

Ji Hong drops by to check on Soo Chul. He finds out that Soo Chul is married and can’t contain his happiness. His salty demeanor towards Soo Chul instantly changes at this new reveal. He smiles, laughs and happily tells Soo Chul to work on his rehab. He also tells Soo Chul that he thought he was a cool guy when he first saw him and compliments him on his good looks as well. Ji Hong tells Soo Chul to tell him if he ever needs anything. Aw. Beginning of a bromance?

Hye Jung meets her father outside. She asks why he called her and he asks what he did that was so wrong to be treated like this. He blames everything on her, claiming she was the one who left and that he spent every day worrying about her. He asks if it’s wrong to try to get close to her as a parent will never forget their child. Hye Jung retorts that they’ve never spent any time together whatsoever, so there’s no emotions or connections there. She cries in disbelief and leaves.

Uh, WHAT?! What is wrong with her father?! Did he hit his head and forget everything? I’m seriously in disbelief at what he’s spewing. He claims she left, but he was the one who kicked her out of his car. He claims he worries sick about her every night, but he was the one who hung up on Grandma when she asked for help the time Hye Jung was about to go to jail. Please. Get out of here.

Hye Jung tries to compose herself as she receives a call from Kyung Joon.

Joong Dae is packing intubation tubes to bring to the welcoming party at Sooni Hawaii. Kang Soon claims he has high tolerance, so he won’t need those. Young Kook comes in, super excited.

Yoon Do, taking a phone call, tells whoever on the other line that he doesn’t want to attend the board meeting. He has no interest in management. Hye Jung is behind him and he’s surprised to see her. She asks why he isn’t going to do the surgery with Seo Woo and Yoon Do replies that just because he used to do everything with her doesn’t mean it always has to be that way.

Our dork tries to make her smile and tells her that people get addicted to cheesy lines. He confesses that he’s thinking of her as a woman and suggest that they eat cafeteria food together tomorrow before the surgery. He doesn’t let her answer herself and says the answer is yes before walking off. He strikes a cute victory pose to himself and Hye Jung is left looking surprised.

It’s time for the Sooni Hawaii welcoming party! Kyung Joon congratulates Kang Soo and Young Kook for their first lead surgery. Tae Ho gives a toast!

Elsewhere, Seo Woo and Yoon Do arrive at the dinner with Myung Hoon and Sung Jong. It’s tense, awkward and classy - a stark contrast from the atmosphere at Sooni Hawaii. Yoon Do announces that he’s not interest in management and the elders suggest leaving it to his “in-laws,” hinting at Seo Woo. Uncomfortable, Yoon Do excuses himself. Seo Woo chases him. He tells her that he’s leaving and asks for her to relay his message. Seo Woo, upset, tells him that something bad will happen to him as does everyone who gets involved with Hye Jung. Yoon Do, cool and snazzy, retorts, “Then I’ll just fall into bad luck.”

Back at Sooni Hawaii, Tae Ho is rapping (!!!), Kang Soo is singing and Ji Hong is boppin’ his head. It’s a party! They sing karaoke, eat and drink. Yoon Do arrives! It’s a drinking fest! They egg Ji Hong on for “bowing and drinking,” which I assume is a Korean drinking “game.” Hye Jung takes it from Ji Hong, saying she’ll do it first and succeeds like the badass she is. Ji Hong fails miserably, only managing to bang his head. Twice. Even Tae Ho tries to stop him for Hye Jung to be his black rose. It’s hilarious and so cutely embarrassing for Ji Hong.

Back at Seo Woo’s family dinner, Myung Hoon berates her for not being able to take charge of Yoon Do. If she can’t take control of him, how could she even take control of a hospital? He also berates Yoon Do for looking down on him. Seo Woo eats, dejected.

In the restroom, Seo Woo receives a text from Young Kook asking where she is as everybody is at Sooni Hawaii. In the attached photo, she sees Yoon Do with Hye Jung. She breaks down, crying.

Ji Hong calls out Hye Jung and the two of them sneakily leave the welcome party. Yoon Do notices and looks on with a crestfallen expression. Kang Soo passes out, but is saved by Joong Dae’s handy intubation tubes!

Ji Hong takes Hye Jung to an arcade. Aw… oh gosh, it’s adorable! They play a variety of games together. Clearly, Hye Jung is having the time of her life. They play a shooting game, a basketball game and entertain themselves with the claw machine. Ji Hong is a pro at the claw game and wins her so many plushies! So cute! Hye Jung comments on how she feels like a kid again. He cheekily tells her they’re going to do everything she likes today.

Our two love birds end up on an open field and engage in a running competition! She wins! Hye Jung is ecstatic, jumping around in happiness. They agree to do it once more and walking back to the starting line, Hye Jung grabs his hand to hold it. AH! She says she’ll loose to him this time.

As the episode ends, Ji Hong narrates, “It was the first time a woman grabbed onto my hand first.”


Episode 8 Review

A happy episode ending?! I was half expecting Ji Hong or Hye Jung to go into cardiac arrest for the sake of a cliffhanger ending. But wow, I'm actually very surprised that episode 8 ended on such a bright and happy note! I'm even more impressed that Hye Jung initiated romantic contact with Ji Hong by reaching for his hand. He definitely deserves it after helping her with Soo Chul. I love this couple. This is great development for Hye Jung's character.

Does anyone else think Seo Woo is in dire need of guidance? Someone needs to take her away from her toxic family environment. She's been written as a very unprofessional character, as we see during her conversation with Ji Hong after the archer's DBS surgery. However, I can't help but to pity her after seeing the scene with her father and grandfather.. and just knowing how toxic her family upbringing is. She's constantly surrounded by schemers and people who have ulterior motives. If you look at it that way, I found it endearing how she originally wanted to win Yoon Do over with love. Despite loving Yoon Do and his dorkiness (especially with how much of a puppy he gets when he's around Hye Jung), I'm not happy with how he treats Seo Woo. It just fuels her antagonism and will more than likely drive her over the edge. If anything, I wish he would just be nicer to her.

I'm not even going to talk about Hye Jung's father because he's just a lost cause. I have no words.

Hmm.. I'm wondering what Myung Hoon and his father have up their sleeves.. Please, Director Hong, boot them out soon!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: July 20, 2016

    @teena: You’re absolutely right! IRL, she would’ve been fired immediately for her unprofessionalism!

  • teena: July 17, 2016

    I believe that seo woo is only a doctor there because of her father, she probably not even qualified to be one.

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