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Korean Drama Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 9 Recap and Review

Posted on July 20 2016

Doctor Crush (Doctors) Episode 9

One of my favorite episodes so far. Sung Jong getting a much deserved punch in the face, our Siberian Husky Yoon Do getting slapped, Seo Woo getting it told to her face... Let's get this recap started!


Episode 9 Recap

Continuing straight on from last week's ending, Ji Hong and Hye Jung are still enjoying their impromptu "date" on the field. Hye Jung tires out and lays down to rest with Ji Hong following suit. The two admire the beauty of the night's starry sky. He smoothly stretches his arm out, telling her it's long and that she can use it as a pillow. Ah, the cheese! She does end up using his arm as a pillow and dozes off. Ji Hong gentle reaches for her hair, but pulls his hand back. He's content though, smiling from happiness.

Hye Jung narrates as the camera pans out, "If you get revenge, you can find peace from hurt and anger. Revenge helps you find peace and strength to move forward. I cannot rest until I reach my goal. However, when I'm next to this man, I find myself falling asleep."

Back over at Sooni Hawaii, only Young Kook and a very, very drunk Seo Woo are left. Soon Hee tries to shoo the two away, complaining that it's too late. Seo Woo, being Seo Woo, does what she does best: Her blaming game! She blames Soon Hee for bringing Hye Jung into their lives. Young Kook finally manages to drag Seo Woo out of here.

An exasperated Soon Hee receives a scare from Joong Dae when he jolts awake. Apparently, he had fallen asleep in the corner!

At Gookil Hospital, Kang Soo wakes up in a patient bed. Kyung Joon scolds him about his alcohol tolerance, telling him Joong Dae's intubation kit saved him a lot of trouble. Before leaving his side, Kyung Joon tells him to rest up.

Ji Hong is walking Hye Jung home. She thanks him for letting her sleep. Near Hye Jung's house, Soon Hee greets them and asks why she came back so late. She jokes that she's Hye Jung's guardian and voices her concern of Hye Jung running into crazy people. After all, she recently heard about two crazy people dancing in the rain a while back! LOL! Hye Jung and Ji Hong exchange looks before Ji Hong leaves. Hye Jung quickly retreats into their house.

Soon Hee tells Hye Jung that Seo Woo showed up and caused a scene, getting extremely drunk although Young Kook took care of her. She comments on Young Kook's height and handsomeness and the two girls talk about how he's her type. She chimes that Hye Jung should bring him over more. After all, she wants to date, too! Soon Hee mentions Yoon Do, the "Siberian Husky," (LOL) noting how he kept staring at Hye Jung and Ji Hong the entire time during the party. She bets that he has feelings for Hye Jung!

Yoon Do is jogging around his neighborhood. He sees Ji Hong return and questions him on coming back so late. Yoon Do confronts Ji Hong, straight up declaring his feelings for Hye Jung. Ji Hong asks why he's telling him. Yoon Do explains that he has the right to pursue her as well since Hye Jung isn't married to him. More importantly, Yoon Do clarifies that he doesn't like stabbing people in the back. Since he's aware of the two's "special relationship," he doesn't want to be the kind of person to scheme behind their backs to snatch her away.

Aw, Yoon Do. He's such a sweetie! I love him as the second male lead and yes, I'm very aware of the number of people suffering from second lead syndrome when it comes to this drama. I love how this show writes their male leads.. both Ji Hong and Yoon Do are so full of gentlemanly charisma and charm. Both are incredibly confident in their feelings (towards Hye Jung) and both are respectful in character. If only this show can give Seo Woo the same level of dignity...

Ji Hong asks Yoon Do if he actually thinks he'll let him snatch her away. He tells Yoon Do that he appreciates his manliness; however, tells him that he's never lost something he's wanted before. Yoon Do, offended, asks if he doesn't feel threatened. Ji Hong only replies by saying Yoon Do will help Hye Jung and him realize how strong their relationship. He leaves Yoon Do with a pat and a "good luck."

Oh, Ji Hong.

Yoon Do mutters to himself, questioning Ji Hong's overconfidence and why it seems like he already lost before anything even started! Oh, you lovable dork.

That night, Ji Hong asks Hye Jung via an endearing text message conversation to reserve the morning after tomorrow for him. She agrees.

The following day, Hye Jung goes to South Yangji Gookil Hospital to pay Kim Chi Kyun, currently a section chief, a visit. 13 years ago, during her Grandma's surgery, Chi Kyun was a surgical resident and also the one who filled out her Grandma's case file.

She pretends to be his junior to visit his room. He questions who she is. She introduces herself as a patient's guardian from 13 years ago. He tells her the one who administered treatment for her Grandma was the section chief then. He tells her she should've filled out the official paperwork first, but she retorts that even if she did, he probably wouldn't have seen her. He is clearly defensive and she calls him out on his behavior. She sternly tells him to tell her everything that happened during the surgery.

Losing his patience, Chi Kyun tells her it's impossible for him to remember something from 13 years ago. Hye Jung coldly instructs him to force himself to remember, if that's what it takes. She notes that something insignificant to him is something that she has thought about every single day since. Chi Kyun tells her that even if she finds something, she can no longer sue due to the statue of limitation. She knows; it's not legal punishment she's seeking. He questions her intentions. She retorts that she is seeking apologies, regret and to make the people involved pay. Chi Kyun coldly brushes her off, telling her that he wasn't the lead and that he's busy. Hye Jung tells him to think about it, leaving him the file and her number.

The moment Hye Jung leaves his office, Chi Kyun scrambles at the file. Afterward, Hye Jung purchases a pretty lipstick at a cosmetics store to pretty up herself - she's going to visit her Grandma's resting place. She brings a cute bouquet of lilac and white flowers, asking her Grandma if she likes them. After all, Grandma loves cute and pretty things. She cries, telling Grandma that she hasn't and will never forget her life - the life she loved so much.

Myung Hoon tells Seo Woo to not be so hung up on a guy as no other man will love her as much as he does. He berates Yoon Do as someone with no manners due to how he treated him and Sung Jong at dinner. He claims the only reason he's not doing anything to Yoon Do is because of his father. However, he tells Seo Woo to pretend to wait for him; after all, guys are suckers for girls who wait. He teaches her the underhanded and ulterior ways of business, despite her claiming she's not in business, but a doctor.

Ji Hong picks up Hye Jung, greeting her with an adorable, "morning!" He's going to take her fishing with his father, Director Hong. He introduces her to him as his junior and Director Hong realizes that this is the junior he was talking on the phone with that one time. He cheekily asks what she likes about his Ji Hong. Cute!

Elsewhere, Seo Woo and her father, Myung Hoon meet up with her grandfather, Sung Jong at a location that is soon going to be Gookil Medical Corportation. Seo Woo comments that she will live for their dreams from now on. Uh oh...

Things aren't looking good at Gookil Hospital. A bunch of workers from the National Tax Administration has seized their files for investigation. Watching in satisfaction, Myung Hoon tells his lackey that Director Hong is done.

At the fishing pond, Director Hong asks Hye Jung if her parents are still alive. When she stays silent, he comes to the conclusion that because she's so young, they must be. Hye Jung confesses that her mother had already passed. He tells her he must be wondering these thoughts because he's inching closer to the age where people die. Oh gosh, please don't let this be foreshadowing! I love Director Hong! Director Hong questions her about Ji Hong again, but is interrupted by Ji Hong bringing over food. When Hye Jung wants to help, Director Hong cutely tells her that it's okay for her to just sit there.

Their conversation is interrupted when Ji Hong receives a call from Tae Ho, who frantically updates him on a problem: the National Tax Administration is at the hospital and his father's stock scandal is now a big issue.

Sensing something is wrong when Ji Hong is walking her away, Hye Jung contemplates to herself if she should press the matter. When Ji Hong thanks her, she decides to not ask. After Hye Jung leaves, Director Hong looks depressed. He's sad and questions how he could harm the hospital like this - the hospital he spent his entire life working for. Ji Hong reiterates his previous suspicions: someone planned this. Director Hong comments that he will resign and Ji Hong says the people who planned this must be very happy to push him to this result.

Elsewhere, Seo Woo asks for "smokey" make-up recommendations at a cosmetics store.

Joong Dae, Kang Soo and Young Kook gather to talk about the National Tax Administrations' presence at Gookil Hospital. They're worried that the hospital will close down due to the scandal, but Joong Dae reassures them. He goes on to speculate someone caused this to happen due to a power struggle between Director Hong and Director Jin. Young kook sarcastically comments on his intelligence and gets a call from Seo Woo.

Whoaaaaaaaaa, Seo Woo. She appears at Gookil Hospital decked out in her new "bad girl" appearance: smokey make-up, heels and a sexy outfit under her lab coat. Young Kook looks uncomfortable, asking her what's up with her look. She's going to live recklessly from now on, Seo Woo claims. After all, she didn't get anything in return by living as a "good person." Hye Jung passes them, confused at Seo Woo's new appearance.

First of all, WHAT?! I.. don't understand Seo Woo's reasoning at all. Sure, I understand her bitterness due to her unrequited love for Yoon Do.. but I don't understand her switching to the "reckless side." You know someone is selfish at the core when they expect something in return for being a good person. I was hoping for Seo Woo's character development, not character destruction!

Jung Kook tells Seo Woo that he's only on her side because they're friends. When Seo Woo leaves, he has a contemplative look on his face.

Seo Woo finds Hye Jung in their office and confronts her, claiming that they can't continue like this. She questions why Hye Jung avoided her and Hye Jung admits that they're both each other's traumas. Seo Woo asks how she could be her trauma and Hye Jung tells her it's because she liked her. She liked her, she envied her and was so happy when Seo Woo accepted her as a friend back in high school. Then, things went wrong. Unlike Seo Woo, Hye Jung said she had time to prepare herself for when they met again. She was aware that Seo Woo was working at Gookil Hospital.

Seo Woo is still under the impression that Hye Jung joined Gookil Hospital to take everything away from her again. Hye Jung says she cannot tell Seo Woo her reason, or "goal" for being at Gookil Hospital. Twisting the situation, Seo Woo bitterly tells Hye Jung that she was the one who rejected her.

LOL, this girl is so far gone.

The gangster boss is getting discharged! No, my eye candy! Bossman (hey, nice shirt) asks Hye Jung if she still thinks he's trash. She asks him to promise her not to harm the man who tried to kill him. He pretends he doesn't know who she is talking about, implying that he will pretend that situation never happened. She smiles and tells him to not come back hurt again. He leaves. Aw, I wanted more interactions between them!

Walking back in the Hospital, she gets called to the parking lot through the intercom.

A confused Hye Jung goes to the parking lot as requested of her. LOL, there is an exotic foreign car waiting for her. It's decked out in balloons, flowers and hearts accompanied by one of Bossman's hooligans who has some sort of heart decor in his suit pocket. He motions to a puzzled Hye Jung to get into the driver's seat, which she does. He closes the door, hands her the car keyes, a letter and an "adios!" before dashing off.

It's a letter from hot Gangster Bossman: "I'll listen to what women tell me to do every now and then. Thank you."

Utterly horrified, bewildered and finally understanding the situation, Hye Jung jumps out and tries to chase the hooligan. Too late, though! He's already driving away and flashes a cool hand sign out the window. LOL, I love this scene.

Back inside, Kang Soo, Joong Dae and Nurse Hyun applaud her. Hye Jung tries to find Gangster Bossman's personal information only to be met with dead ends. Kang Soo comments that everything he left is probably fake to hide his identity. Seo Woo comes by, asking what the situation is. She dismisses the car gift and asks for Yoon Do. At this moment, he comes by.

Yoon Do asks Hye Jung about a patient's surgery. He then asks her about lunch at the cafeteria to which Hye Jung says she's busy, so later. She leaves. Seo Woo confronts Yoon Do, asking if he likes her that much. They decide to bring the conversation outside as Kang Soo, Joong Dae and Nurse Hyun are getting in on the gossip.

She slaps him! TWICE! She calls him out on his behavior, saying in the past, he'd tell her to go, but his eyes always told her to stay. He admits that he was attracted to her for a second, but brings up the fact that she didn't only have eyes for him. She continues to say she can endure what he says to her because she loves him, but cannot stand by and watch him insult her family. He tells her they will call it even because she slapped him and admits he felt sorry for her. However, the burden of pitying her is no longer there.

She tries to pull a psychological analysis on him, telling him that he doesn't actually love Hye Jung; it's just his emotional complex. She tells him she's gong to get rid of it and that she's going to live crookedly from now on. Yoon Do tells her people who truly live crookedly don't announce it to the world and that she is the one who needs to get rid of her complex for Hye Jung. He tells her that she must also see Hye Jung's appeal. While Seo Woo is busy making excuses and afraid to do anything, Hye Jung just goes for it. On top of that, she's pretty, Yoon Do claims. Prettier than she is. Coldly, Yoon Do warns her that he knows how to hurt her, too. He tells her not to try her awkward psych analysis on him and tells her to apply it to her own life instead. He confesses he sees her as a sister and admits he's partly to blame for her mistaken feelings. He warns her to not slap him again and leaves.

Wow, our usual lovable and dorky Yoon Do in this scene is intense! I love the acting here.

Seo Woo cries.

Kang Soo and Nurse Hyun persuade Hye Jung into letting them test drive the car. While walking down the hallway, they pass Chi Kyun who seems to notice her.

Chi Kyun visits Myung Hoon's office, warning him of a patient's guardian who is now trying to dig up the case from 13 years ago. Myung Hoon assumes it must be a scheme for money and Chi Kyun thinks otherwise. Myung Hoon tells him to prove that he's one of his people. Chi Kyun asks if this will secure him a position at the Seoul Hospital branch.

After Chi Kyun leaves, Myung Hoon tells his lackey to find out who accessed the locked file. At the same time, his father, Sung Jong comes by, asking him why he's not at the board meeting yet. After all, Director Hong is about to announce his resignation! The two go to the board meeting together. 

At the board meeting, Director Hong shocks everyone by saying he's not going to resign. He's learned a lot from this incident, he claims, and realizes that stepping down is not the answer. He promises to take responsibility for what happened and will finish things up. However, he doesn't seem to be in the best condition. His face twitches significantly and he even mispronounces some of his words.

Myung Hoon and Sung Jong look visibly shocked at this turn of events. After the board meeting, Sung Jong confronts Director Hong on his decision. He comments how he feels bad seeing Director Hong change into a "greedy old man" and asked if Ji Hong coached him to not quit. He berates Ji Hong, snidely commenting on how he isn't his son. WHOA, Director Hong punches him square in the face! Go, Director Hong! Please punch him some more. Nearby, Ji Hong and Myung Hoon instantly intervene.

Director Hong warns him, saying he wont let him get away for what he said. He further claims that someone leaked the information.

In the elevator, Director Hong tells Ji Hong to dismiss what Sung Jong said about him not "truly" being his son. Oh my, GOD! Heartwarming scene incoming: Ji Hong holds his father's hand. Wow, this is such a sweet and heartwarming scene. Am I the only one who teared up at this?

Ji Hong lectures his father, playfully telling him that he's the one acting like a boy going through puberty!

Oh no, Director Hong collapses! He tries to brush it off as a trip, but Ji Hong is heavily concerned. He asks him when his last check up was and notes his bad condition during the board meeting. He also notes his body tilt and is worried that the Vestibular Schwannoma is resurfacing.

Back in Myung Hoon's office, he and Sung Jong are furious. They're worried that Director Hong discovered the hospital foundation's slush fund, but Myung Hoon says it's not possible.

Tae Ho and Ji Hong are looking over Director Hong's test results. They're absolutely devastated, both blaming themselves for not following up on Director Hong's progress. His Vestibular Schwannoma has, indeed, resurfaced and it's gotten so big that it's pressing on his brain stem. Tae Ho suggests Yoon Do to perform the surgery and both him and Ji Hong are too emotionally invested in Director Hong. If something goes wrong, they can never forgive themselves. Ji Hong requests for this information to stay under wraps.

Ji Hong recalls his teenage years where Director Hong intervened when he was getting bullied for being an orphan. He asks Ji Hong if he wants to be his son. Aw, such bittersweet memories.

Back in present timeline, Director Hong finds Ji Hong looking at his test results. He chimes that life is a scary thing when he sees how big his tumor grew. He doesn't want surgery, but Ji Hong insists it can't be delayed. Ji Hong begs him.

Outside, Nurse Hyun and Kang Soo are thrilled to get to test ride Hye Jung's new sports car from Gangster Bossman. Nurse Hyun notes that she's going to pretend to be a rich girl! Kang Soo is nervous, claiming he doesn't have a license. In the middle of their bickering, he crashes the car! LOL!

In the resting room, Kang Soo is evidently nervous about the situation. Just then, Hye Jung walks in! Kang Soo ducks under the table, but Hye Jung already saw him. She asks for her car keys and Kang Soo is forced to show her the crashed car. She just tells him to get it fixed, LOL!

Tae Ho calls Yoon Do and Hye Jung into his office, requesting Yoon Do to lead the surgery for Director Hong and Hye Jung to assist. He shows them the brain scans. Yoon Do says he doesn't want to do it as there will be too much attention surrounding the surgery. Tae Ho reveals that no one else knows. Yoon Do recommends doing a "total removal," but Tae Ho wants him to go the safe route. Yoon Do questions Tae Ho's trust in him as a doctor and notes that all surgeries have risks. In the end, Yoon Do is an "all-or-nothing" type of doctor.

Ji Hong confronts Yoon Do and Hye Jung, asking if they're going to do a total removal. Like Tae Ho, Ji Hong also wants Yoon Do to go the safe route. The two exchange a tense conversation with improper speech. Ji Hong asks if this is how Yoon Do speaks to family members of other patients. Yoon Do says no, as those family members trust him as a doctor. He then asks if Ji Hong trusts him.

During a surgery on a patient, Hye Jung tells Yoon Do that Ji Hong is only acting the way he is because he's scared. Similarly, so is Yoon Do. She pokes at his facade, claiming that he's also scared something will go wrong. If it does, all the blame will fall on him. Because of this, he's putting on a tough guy act. Yoon Do asks him who's acting tough, but Hye Jung reassures him that she'll be there assisting him. She'll help him, so he doesn't have to be scared.

Later, Ji Hong meets Yoon Do again. In the background, Hye Jung watches. Ji Hong confesses that he looked through Yoon Do's work history. Exasperated, Yoon Do asks if he's to be judged. Ji Hong compliments him on his work, saying he's talented. As a doctor, Ji Hong trusts him. As the patient's guardian, he doesn't. He warns Yoon Do that if something goes wrong, he will kill him.

As the episode ends on this exchange, Hye Jung narrates: "When doctors become guardians of a loved one, they become weak people."


Episode 9 Review

I wholeheartedly loved this episode. I'm not sure what it was, but it was so good. I think it's a combination of Director Hong punching Sung Jong in the face, Gangster Bossman's exotic car gift to Hye Jung and the escalating drama surrounding Director Hong's scandal and health. Although I don't like the direction Seo Woo's character is heading, I loved the confrontation between Seo Woo and Yoon Do.

I've mentioned before I wasn't a fan of Yoon Do's treatment towards Seo Woo; however, I liked how he owned up to partly leading Seo Woo on and addressing that issue. I loved the advice he gave Seo Woo: use her own psych analysis on herself! This girl clearly needs some self evaluation... It's true: she has such a deep inferiority complex when it comes to Hye Jung. I can't wait to see how the writers redeem her character. If they ever do. The only thing left that leaves me pitying her is her family's bad influence on her. Regardless, I find the actress playing her (Lee Sung Kyung) absolutely beautiful!

I know I mentioned it in the recap, but I loved the acting by Yoon Do's actor (Yoon Kyung Sang) in the sequence where Seo Woo slaps him. It was nice to see such an intense and "darker" side of our dorky Yoon Do. He's such a harmless puppy around Hye Jung!

Please let Director Hong be alright! We've already lost our beloved Granny; I don't want to us to loose Director Hong, either. He's such a great character and his relationship with his son, Ji Hong, is so precious. I'm so happy there's a character like him (and Tae Ho) in the show. I'm even more impressed he punched Sung Jong , his longtime friend (questionable since Sung Jong is stabbing him in the back) with ZERO hesitation when he badmouthed Ji Hong.

Lastly, I hope we see Gangster Bossman again! I love his cameo!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: August 03, 2016

    @hohurm: I was also missing the Hye Jung action scenes! It defined her character! Don’t worry, though.. we see a bit of it again in Episode 12! :)

  • hohurm: August 02, 2016

    this ep was just ok for me but like how they pulled the YD and SW confrontation scene. I wished they would bring back some action scenes for HJ though. And i dread what SW will pull off against HJ with the car gift as seen in the preview

  • Caterina : July 24, 2016

    i cant believe it. a teacher that is ready to taught you, you are in love with the person. the film make a sense and it very interesting and i like all the role model inside, they acted well.

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