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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap & First Impressions Review

Posted on August 30 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Join me for the premier of SBS’s new drama and Doctor Crush’s successor, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo starring flower boy Lee Jun Ki (Lee Joon Ki) and Korea’s sweetheart IU (Lee Ji Eun). Moon Lovers is the Korean drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua, a Chinese novel that spun its own Chinese television adaptation, Scarlet Heart, starring Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo tells the story of Go Ha Jin (IU), a modern day woman who gets transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea where she finds herself tangled between several handsome princes and their fight for the throne. In the body of 16-year-old Haesoo, she falls in love with Wang So (Lee Jun Ki), the isolated yet terrifying 4th Prince who hides his gorgeous face behind a mask.

The male studded cast features Kang Haneul as 8th Prince Wang Wook, Hong Jonghyun as 3rd Prince Wang Yo, Yoon Sunwoo as 9th Prince Wang Won, EXO’s Byun Baekhyun as 10th Prince Wang Eun, Nam Joohyuk as 13th Prince Wang Wook and Kim Ji Soo as 14th Prince Wang Jung. It also stars Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun as Woohee, a Princess who is set to romance with Nam Joohyuk’s Wang Wook.

I am going into this series blind - I've never read the original Chinese novel nor have I ever watched the Chinese adaptation. If you're a reader/watcher of the original, please try to stay spoiler free unless you're pointing out differences in the Korean adaptation (I want to get surprised by the plot!). Thanks so much! I don't know if I will recap the entire series yet, but we'll see! Let's get started.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap

Hajin (IU) stares dejectedly at her bruised lip from a compact mirror and take a sip of soju. She notices a homeless man crouching next by her who is eyeing her alcohol. He flashes her toothy smile and she hands her bottle over. Clearly shattered, Hajin asks if he’s ever wanted to just go to sleep and never wake up. She tears up, saying she wants to forget everything including the man who left her in debt and the wench who fooled her and ran off with him. She reprimands herself for trusting people begins to cry, asking how her life ended up this way. The homeless man tells her life can’t change just because she wants it to – unless she died and came back to life again.

She looks up and sees a little boy reaching his foot out dangerously across the pond. She puts her head down and suddenly, a splash! When she lifts her head again, she spies the little boy drowning far from the ledge (let’s pretend we don’t see the life vest and the fact that he somehow jumped 12 feet from the ledge). Hajin, panicking, jumps into the pond to save him. In the background, the little boy’s family screams upon realizing their son is gone and paddle a boat out to retrieve him from Hajin.

Suddenly, the sky darkens. As Hajin is still in the pond, there’s a solar eclipse. Her body seems to freeze as the voices calling out to her drown out. She gets pulled into the water as her life flashes before her: she’s fighting with a woman and a man interferes… she’s getting chased by a crowd of people. Beneath the water, the eclipse surrounds her.

Goryeo, Songak (Kaesong)

We’re now in the Goryeo Dynasty. 4th Prince Wang So (Lee Junki) rides his galloping horse through a snowy field alongside a group of horsemen. As he reaches a village, everyone quickly scatters to hide, visibly fearful of the “Wolf Dog.” A little boy peeks from behind a table, watching the “Wolf Dog” in terrorstruck awe as the masked man gallops pass him.

Elsewhere, 10th Prince Wang Eun (Byun Baekhyun), 14th Prince Wang Jung (Jisoo), 3rd Prince Wang Eyeliner Yo (Hong Jonghyun), 13th Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joohyuk), 8th Prince Wang Wook (Kang Haneul) and 9th Prince Wang Won (Yoo Sunwoo) are enjoying themselves in a private bathhouse. Prince Eun and Prince Jung are particularly playful with each other as Prince Yo sips his tea elegantly. It’s an eye-candy scene.

A servant girl accidentally spills tea on Prince Yo who is about to hit her when Prince Wook interferes. He diffuses the situation by asking him where their fourth brother, Prince So, is. After all, he should bathe if he’s to attend the Spiritual Ritual. Prince Yo tells him not to bother with Prince So as he never does anything they want. Prince Won jumps in, saying it’s in Prince Wook’s nature to worry about everyone. In reply, Prince Wook says that because they were born in the same year, he should take care of So. Prince Eun brings up a rumor of So – it’s said that So massacred his family out in Shinju in a brutal way, "like a wolf killing people." Prince Baekah negates the rumor and so does Prince Jung, who adds that it’s impossible because So never had a master to teach him how to fight.

Prince Eun mischievously teases Prince Jung for having the same mother and, because of that, even he can suddenly turn into a “wolf.” Prince Yo gets angry at this, slamming the table and states that since he’s also from the same womb as So, is he not a person as well? Prince Wook instantly diffuses the situation, saying Eun’s joke was too harsh. Prince Yo says that So will return to Shinju once the Spiritual Ritual is over and that if the King hears these nonsensical rumors, he will not standby.

Prince Eun quickly changes the subject, suggesting they should have a floating contest. He jumps from the hot bath to the cold one. As he floats on his back, he calls for Jung to join him. Out of nowhere, Hajin emerges from the water. She coughs, clearly disoriented, and looks around. Her back is facing Prince Eun and the rest of the Princes. She’s relieved she didn’t drown. Prince Eun, still on his back, floats into her. They turn to look at each other and screaming ensues!

The Princes all look over in confusion. Muddled at the situation, Hajin notices a frantic woman secretly beckoning her from behind some rocks. Hajin runs out of the bath as Prince Eun berates her for spying on the Princes. Prince Wook, watching her back as she leaves, silently mutters “Haesoo?” in confusion.

The young woman quickly drags Hajin from the bath, muttering how she knew something was wrong when she didn’t come out for so long. A disoriented Hajin marvels at the strange situation before her, wondering how she ended up where she is. She asks the woman if she knows her. Confused, the woman tells her she’s in the largest washing area in Songak. The mist around them clear and Hajin sees that they’re surrounded by men and women washing themselves. She thinks she’s dead and now in the afterlife. She passes out.

Prince So arrives before closed gates. He unhoods himself as the doors open. The man riding beside him tells him to return to Shinju once the Spiritual Ritual is over. He tells him to not forget he’s an adopted member of their Kang Household and to uphold the family name in the King’s presence.

Prince So scoffs in return, repeating “adopted member?” with sarcasm in his voice. He snidely notes he thought he was his hostage the entire time before entering the gates. The men who escorted him leave. Once Prince So dismounts his horse, he viciously slices the horse with his sword, killing it. As a bloodstained So begins to walk away, a horrified guard asks if he should prepare another horse for his departure. Prince So tells him he will not be leaving. From afar, a man watches.

Prince So thinks to himself, saying he will not let himself return to Shinju as a hostage.

Elsewhere, Hajin wakes up in a room. She hears coughing and sees a woman sitting by a table. She yelps out in pain at a sudden headache, altering the woman and a servant girl. The woman and the servant from earlier tend to her, addressing her as “Lady” and “Haesoo” – they’re worried about her injury as she fell so hard. Hajin, confused, asks why they keep calling her “Haesoo” and “Lady” because her name is Hajin. The woman and the servant look utterly confused when Hajin suddenly laughs, saying that it’s because she’s dead. The servant tells her she’s not, though. 

The realization suddenly hits her: Hajin gasps and runs out of the room, in awe at the antique architecture around her. She’s horrified, wondering if she’s dead. The woman and the servant chase Hajin, concerned at her strange behavior. The woman orders the servant to get a Doctor. She introduces herself to Hajin as Hae Myung Hee, her sixth cousin. The servant is Chaeryung.

Hajin panics at the possibility she’s inside another person’s body. Madame Hae cautiously takes her hand and tells her she’s in Songak now, in the home of 8th Prince Wang Wook. Hajin comes to the realization she’s in the Goryeo Dynasty. She asks who the current King is and Madame Hae tells her it’s, of course, His Majesty who founded the land. Hajin finishes her sentence: Taejo Wang Geon. She’s horrified.

Somewhere in the Palace, King Wanggeon tosses a dead caged bird on the floor, saying it died before it could even swallow the first bite of the Crown Prince’s breakfast. He notes that the Crown Prince, 1st Prince Wang Moo, lucked out by skipping his meal and demands his audience in attendance to catch the culprit.

Minister Wang Shik Ryeom speaks out, saying catching the culprit will not change anything. He insists they should figure out why the Crown Prince’s food was poisoned and calls into question 1st Prince Wang Moo’s competency as the Crown Prince. Lately, Prince Moo hasn’t been acting like a Prince as he left the assembly meeting quickly after receiving greetings from foreign envoys… he is always either on the battlefield or visiting hot springs. He reveals there’s a budding rumor that Crown Prince Moo has an incurable illness. He requests the King to depose Prince Moo as the Crown Prince and to name a new one.

Behind closed doors, Crown Prince Moo overhears the allegations.

At this, the King furiously asks who among them should be the Crown Prince if not Prince Moo. Prince Wook kneels before him and asks him to withdraw his words as none of them are fit to be the Crown Prince. Prince Baekah joins and agrees, followed by Yo then the rest of the Princes.

The King asks Astronomer Choi Ji Mong to relay the will of the Heavens to all of them: Crown Prine Wang Moo’s star is a royal star in the sky. It’s the first star of the five northern stars and shines brighter every day. It shines brighter along with the King’s shining palace of Goryeo… and this only means he’s not lacking as the Crown Prince.

The King speaks, saying it’s been 24 years since the land was founded and Moo fought alongside him in many wars, laying the foundation. He tells them that Prince Moo will chase away the evil spirits during this spiritual ritual. He orders him to prepare for it.

Queen Yoo meets with the Minister, muttering that it’s true. The Crown Prince is, indeed, very lucky. She comments that they’ve only made him more aware and vigilant now. A lady-in-waiting arrives and whispers something to Queen Yoo, who tells her she doesn’t want to see the visitor waiting for her. The lady-in-waiting attempts to reason with her, saying it’s been 2 years since the 4th Prince has come. Irritated, she slams her teapot, ending the conversation.

The lady-in-waiting scurries back out to Prince So, telling him she’s asleep and to return another time. So leaves.

In her bedroom, Hajin thinks back to her drowning. She panics, staring at herself in the mirror. She believes she died back then and concludes that this “Haesoo” must’ve also drowned and died in the water, too. She wonders if she’s Hajin or Haesoo, but tries to be positive – here, she has a chance to live. She tells herself not to get caught.

The servant girl and Madame Hae bang on her door, worried about her. Hajin is scared though – she doesn’t know anything about Goryeo. “After King Taejo, Gwangjong?” she questions to herself.

Outside, Wook passes his coughing wife, Madame Hae, and the servant girl, Chaeryung. He rushes over, asking what happened. Chaeryung frantically tells him that Lady Haesoo fell into the water and didn’t come out for two hours. According to the doctor, she stopped breathing. Wook asks if Haesoo died, but Chaeryung jumps in, saying she died and came back – and lost all her memories!

Madame Hae tells him she is worried she is going to do something dangerous. At this, Wook kicks down her bedroom door – in slowmo – and finds a frightened Hajin/Haesoo

She’s teary-eyed and cowers as soon as he takes a step. “Soo, don’t be afraid,” he gently tells her. “I brought you to this place. So I will help you until the very end.” Wide-eyed, she looks at him, questioning his words. He tells her that avoiding this will not change anything – she has to be strong. He gently reaches a hand out to her. “Won’t you trust me and come outside?” He asks her. Tears fall from her eyes.

She thinks she can’t go back anymore and she can’t change the way things are. She looks at his outreached hand, thinking she wants to live and do whatever she can in order to live. Hesitantly, she reaches out her hand as well to grab his. I want to live; she says to herself. He grabs a hold of her outreached hand.

Elsewhere, So overlooks the Palace court at night. He thinks back to when he was a little boy with Younger Moo. They’re watching the King leave a frantic Queen Yoo, threatening him with death. She says their first born has died and asks how he can get married like this. He tells her South Goryeo is in danger and the marriage is the only way to deflect that danger. She tells him that before being a ruler, he is the father of her children. He sternly tells her there are lives at stake and leaves. She grabs So and kneels, asking that if that’s all he cares about why should they bother living anymore? A crying So calls out to his mother. Crazed, she takes a knife to Little So’s neck and threatens the King to choose his marriage or his son.

The King sternly calls out for her to stop – she cannot stop his marriage by doing this. She laughs, saying he’s really something. She bitterly tells him that if she doesn’t have his whole heart, she doesn’t need it. She’s about the plunge the knife and he grabs her arm. In the midst of their struggle, she slices Little So’s face. Blood splatters, So screams, Queen Yoo cries, Young Moo runs over to So and the King looks horrified.

In present time, the King is taking a stroll. He watches So’s back from afar. Ji Mong questions him, asking if he brought Prince So here to be one of the Crown Prince’s men. The King replies by saying he doesn’t know if he’ll be a shield for the Crown Prince, or a sword to get him.

Sometime later, at the 8th Prince Wang Wook’s Residence, Chaeryung is taking a curious Hajin around the residence. She tells Hajin that she’s always liked playing with arrows and was also good at shuttlecock. “Haesoo” was there to nurse and keep her sixth cousin, Madame Hae, company. Chaeryung asks “Haesoo” for the truth: does she truly not remember anything? Being by Haesoo’s side for so long, Chaeryung says she knows things that Prince Wook and Madame Hae don’t know. She tells Hajin she can trust him and asks if she had a secret rendezvous with a man from another household… or if she’s in a lot of debt.

At this, Hajin questions if Haesoo was “this kind of girl” and asks if “Haesoo” is the type to pretend to be a good girl, but sneaks out at night to meet men. Chaeryung says she’s not that bad, but then panics when Haesoo is referring to herself in third person. She worries Haesoo really did get injured. Hajin, worried that everyone will think she’s crazy if she doesn’t act like Haesoo, apologizes.

She jokes that there’s another person inside of her then gets giddy at the feel of her smooth skin. She’s happy to be alive again! Chaeryung looks at her strangely, worried that the injury caused too much damage to her head.

Somewhere in Cheomseongdae Palace, Ji Mong is building a telescope. Prince Eun, Prince Jung, Prince Won, Prince Baekah, Prince Yo and Prince Wook arrive and are intrigued by a plane model. Prince Eun calls for Ji Mong, who rushes over and explains the concept of a plane to them. Prince Eun is thrilled at Ji Mong’s creations, but Prince Yo asks him if everything he says is even true, in particular, what he said earlier about the Crown Prince’s star. Prince Won joins in, noting that Ji Mong is a subject of the Crown Prince. Ji Mong says he reads stars for a living, asking why he would lie.

At this, Prince Baekah asks Ji Mong for his fortune. If he is correct, then he can “prove” what he said earlier about the Crown Prince was true. Ji Mong says the day of the 13th Prince Baekah’s birth was when Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter were all in alignment – that’s how great men were in the past. He tells him he has great luck with the females.

Prince Eun interrupts, saying even he could’ve guessed that… after all, everyone knows that all the girls in Songak fall for Prince Baekah. Prince Jung says that if that’s all he’s doing, their 3rd brother Prince Yo has great fortune in governing, their 9th brother Prince Won has luck in wealth, their 8th brother Prince Wook has blessings in high intelligence, their 10th brother Prince Eun has luck in… he says nothing.  Prince Jung and Prince Eun start to bicker. At this teasing, Ji Mong playfully mopes at the fact that they don’t believe him anymore despite loving his stories when they were younger. Prince Baekah says they won’t be fooled by him any longer now that they’ve grown up. Ji Mong laughs.

When Prince Eun mentions he’s not done growing yet, Prince Won makes a dirty comment about him being “big” in other areas (which calls for hilarious reactions by others), but he quickly corrects himself by saying he’s referring to his heart and consideration for others. They all burst into laughter, but a look of contemplation crosses Ji Mong’s face.

Prince Won then voices why Prince So hasn’t dropped by to say hello despite being in the Palace. Prince Jung pitches in, saying he killed the horse he rode on when he arrived – it apparently traumatized all the guards who were on duty that day. Prince Yo says it’s the way Prince So is and that he will refuse his greeting if he came. Prince Wook takes Prince So’s side, saying he’s the one suffering the most and tells them to not act like that towards their brother. Just then, Prince So walks in. Prince Eun’s mouth drops in shock and everyone stares. LOL.

Prince Yo smirks, breaking the silence first and tells Prince So it’s been a long time. Prince So smiles lighly in return, muttering a “yeah.” He glances at Ji Mong and walks into the other room. When he leaves, all the Princes breathe out a dramatic sigh of relief aside from Prince Yo and Prince Wook. Wow, Lee Jun Ki has such presence!

Later, Hajin and Chaeryung see Prince Wook walking with Madame Hae. She asks Chaeryung what the 8th Prince Wang Wook is like. She marvels at how Wook is the best man, well-educated like a scholar and a complete gentleman. She continues to say he’s the best among the 25 Princes and laments that many believe the Crown Prince should be him. Hajin ponders to herself if he’s “Gwangjong.” She mentions that Madame Hae and he seem to have a great relationship and Chaeryung agrees, saying he treats his sickly wife well. She trusts him and would follow him everywhere. Everyone is envious!

Hajin thinks back to when he reached out his hand to her. We see a continuation of that scene where he tries to help her up. When he realizes she doesn’t have her shoes on, he gently places them besides her. Back in the present time, she thinks that she can trust him, too. She catches his eye for a second.

Just then, Princess Yeonhwa walks by and calls her disrespectful for watching a married couple. Hajin remains silent as Chaeryun instantly greets her, emphasizing her name Princess Yeonhwa and nudges Hajin to do so as well. Hajin ponders about there being Princesses. Princess Yeonhwa makes a snide remark about Haesoo also losing her manners along with her memories.

Hajin doesn’t like Princess Yeonhwa’s attitude, thinking that she likes to put people down in a strange, roundabout way. Princess Yeonhwa continues to scold Hajin for looking at a married couple and says she will deal with it harshly if it happens again despite being Madame Hae’s cousin. Hajin retorts by telling her to just tell her straight up if she doesn’t like her. LOL. She continues to out her, saying she’s just trying to look for a reason to pick on her. Hajin scoffs, saying she’s been through this a lot.

Princess Yeonhwa is dismayed at her attitude and so is Chaeryung, who frantically apologizes on Haesoo’s behalf and says she’s crazy. At the commotion, Prince Wook asks what’s going on.

Prince Wook brings a timid Hajin aside and scolds her for forgetting how to greet people. She quietly mutters a “Hello, hello Prince.” LOL. He tells her she must not recognize him, either. She tells him she heard he was the 8th Prince. He then asks if she spied on the Princes bathing before or after she lost her memory. She says she doesn’t remember. He asks what she plans on doing now and that he will allow her to do whatever she wishes to do; after all, when Madame Hae brought her over, he planned on watching over her. He tells her she could receive more treatment or return to her hometown and notes that it may be difficult for her to live here since she’s lost her memories.

He offers to set up a place for her. She asks why he would take care of her because she was the one who got hurt… but even by being his wife’s cousin, she should handle it herself. She doesn’t take handouts from people. He’s surprised at her reply and has trouble understanding her modern terms (LOL). She says she’ll get through it and stay in the house. She says there’s nothing she can’t do and she’s a fast learner. She’ll become someone he needs in the household – she won’t be a burden, she mutters as she chases him around the bookshelves. He abruptly appears before her when she approaches an aisle.

“You,” he says. “Seem like a different person. We were never close. The way you talk and your actions. You’re a different person.”

She looks at him. He then tells her it doesn’t matter to him and that he won’t press her any further if she doesn’t remember. He decides to drop the Prince spying altogether, but tells her she must not make Madame Hae worry.

She quietly agrees and tells him she’s going to work hard and scurries off. He repeats her modern phrases.

Prince So is going through Ji Mong’s books when Ji Mong sneaks up behind him, saying it’s his latest and if he wants to borrow it. At this, Prince So tosses it aside and asks why he was called. Ji Mong updates him, saying the servant who served the Crown Prince’s poisoned meal was found hanging by a noose – the assassination was covered up by a suicide. He reasons that the culprit must be a royal family member – specifically, one of the Princes. He tells Prince So to find the culprit.

Prince So scoffs, asking if he’s a dog. He notes that people call him the “wolf dog” and now, Ji Mong treats him like one. Ji Mong retorts by asking if he had fun killing the horse. He further tells Prince So that he will give him the chance to not live like a hostage. When Prince So tells him not to play him, Ji Mong reveals it’s what the Crown Prince wants. Just then, Crown Prince Moo shows up. Ji Mong and Prince Moo reveal that they received a tip that the Crown Prince will be killed during the Spiritual Ritual.

At this, Prince So realizes they want him to pretend to be the Crown Prince. Prince Moo tells Prince So he will do whatever he asks if he manages to catch the culprit.

“I will live in Songak,” Prince So demands.

Elsewhere, Hajin is making crafts with Princess Yeonhwa and Madame Hae. She clearly doesn’t know what he is doing and Princess Yeonhwa scoffs at her, snidely saying that their home won’t be having the most beautiful lanterns this year. Princess Yeonhwa tells her to rest, but Hajin asks for other work. She tricks Hajin into mixing the glue. Hajin agrees, but Chaeryung and Madame Hae look displeased.

Hajin is mixing the glue and oh, it’s exhausting! She wonders how long she has to mix it for and gives herself a little stretch break. When she realizes she’s left the pot alone too long, she frantically runs back to mix it. Unknown to her, Prince Wook is watching. She coughs at the fumes, but hilariously plays it off as a laugh when she notices Prince Wook. Amused, he tells her she’s “getting through” well. He laughs and tells her she’s quite the amazing person before walking off.

Later, the Princes are waiting for Prince So for some games. It’s his first time, so they should practice, one of them suggests. Prince Won then brings up a rumor of the King abdicating the throne to the Crown Prince after the Spiritual Ritual. Everyone perks at this for Ji Mong’s reaction. Ji Mong strains an awkward “what?” before saying he’s never heard such a thing. He proceeds to say that even if it’s true, the King would never tell him as he’s merely the astronomer. He quickly excuses himself to see the Crown Prince about his role in the Spiritual Ritual.

Once he leaves, Prince Wook berates Prince Won for saying that in case it goes back to the King. Prince Yo defends Prince Won, claiming he wasn’t the only one curious and notes that Ji Mong didn’t deny it, either.

Back at Prince Wook’s residence, Hajin is exhausted with the glue making and dusts herself off. She sees Ji Mong walking by and realizes he’s the homeless man by the park where she drowned! In shock, Hajin runs after him. She attempts to chase him through the village but loses him. Suddenly, it’s the Wolf Dog Prince So coming through on a black horse! The villagers scatter in fear, shouting “Wolf Dog!” as he gallops through the streets. Hajin turns around, confused at the commotion and almost get pushed into the river by a running commoner… when, swiftly, the Prince So swoops by and CATCHES HER BY THE WAIST AND LIFTS HER ONTO HIS HORSE. Oh my god. They stare at each other with explosive chemistry.

Okay, I can't breathe.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo First Impressions

What a jammed pack premier episode! Lee Jun Ki's acting is already blowing me away - he exerts such presence in all his scenes, perfect for his character as the terrifying "Wolf Dog," Prince So. To be honest, I was somewhat shipping Hajin/Haesoo (I'm still debating what I should call her) with 8th Prince Wook due to all their interactions in this episode.. but whoa, that last scene where Prince So and Hajin meet in the village completely blew all other pairing possibilities away for me. C'mon, I KNOW I'm not the only one who replayed the ending sequence where he swoops her up onto his horse and STARES at her a billion times. I'm still dying over it. However, did anyone else think IU's expression looked a little weird in that scene?

Please bear with me as I'm still getting used to all the Princes and their names. If you see an error/mistake, let me know in the comments below and I'll go back to edit it. If anyone can clarify who was watching Prince So when he first arrived, I'd appreciate it. I'm thinking it was the Minister..? Or was it even the King? Ohmygod, I need to get better at distinguishing older Korean men.

Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It's only the premier episode, so I'm not going to make any judgement on this series yet. It's clearly a set-up and introductory episode.. we get to see the close knitted relationship between the six Princes. This allows us to really see just how isolated Prince So is. He's treated like an outcast by everyone, including his own mother, Queen Yoo (wow, she is literally crazy and horrible for threatening to KILL HER OWN SON in his flashback). The only ones who seems to care about him so car are possibly Prince Wook and, perhaps, Ji Mong(?). I can't say for sure because Ji Mong and Crown Prince Moo are technically telling him to risk his life by standing in for Prince Moo at the Spiritual Ritual.. On the other hand, I don't know for certain how Prince Wook's "true character" is yet.

Prince Wook seems like such a gentlemen, especially how sweetly he treats his ill wife, Madame Hae. I was under the impression Hajin was going to be tangled in a love triangle, but Prince Wook is actually married. We'll see how it goes.

On the other hand, I'm loving Prince Yo's eyeliner look. Hong Jonghyun, you're killing it as Prince Yo! He's supposedly a villain, so I'm really curious about how this will go. He's already nailing that bad boy look.. thanks to that eyeliner.

Last but not least, IU is so cute as Hajin/Haesoo. I like her feisty character thus far - she's spunky and definitely carried the traits of a 21st Century woman back to Goryeo Dynasty. I did find some of her expressions a bit awkward in this episode, but I'm curious to see more of her acting and how her character develops as the series progresses.

Regardless, this episode set up a lot of things to come. I'm excited to see what happens! Will Prince Moo get killed? Is that how the position of Crown Prince will be left open? I wonder what's going to happen during the Spiritual Ritual. Again, I never read the original novel or watched the Chinese adaptation, so I am going into this series blind. PLEASE NO SPOILERS, unless you're pointing out the differences between the original and the Korean remake. I've already read that Prince So is a lot more pitiful in the Korean adaptation.. but hey, I'm not really surprised given how Korean dramas writers LOVE to exaggerate suffering for lead characters. Why, I will never understand, but it seems to be a troupe in Korean dramas.


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  • StarberryKoko.com: September 10, 2016

    @Kath: LOVING this show so far, too! Thank you soo much for confirming Ji Mong was the one watching So!

  • Kath: September 10, 2016

    I’m obsessed with this show and thanks to a few rewatches can confirm that Ji Mong is the older Korean man watching So when he rode in

  • StarberryKoko.com: September 05, 2016

    @SageukGeek: Thank you for your comment! AHH, yes! Watching weekly is pure torture!!

  • SageukGeek: September 05, 2016

    I have great expectations for this series….epi #1 seems to have seen to the character intros in full already….I usually wait patiently for the series to finish airing and then I marathon to my heart’s content, but the buildup and anticipation have me breaking my usual habit….I will anxiously await the following epis and vicariously live in Gogoryeo for a spell.

  • StarberryKoko.com: September 01, 2016

    @Areli: Thank you so much for reading! #TeamPrinceSo! ♥♥

  • Areli: September 01, 2016

    I totally agrre with your recap.. I’m a huge fan of the series so far… Loving Prince So! ♥

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