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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10 Recap and Review

Posted on September 27 2016

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 10 features schemes upon schemes upon confessions upon confessions! The plot thickens...


Episode 10 Recap

Haesoo is in tears after Prince Wang So’s forceful and desperate kiss. His expression softens a bit after seeing her devastated reaction. He grabs her and flees the Palace on horseback. Wang Jung spots the two leaving the Palace and quickly reports his sighting to Wang Wook. Fearful of Haesoo’s potential consequences for leaving the Palace, Jung and Wook decide to work together to track the two of them down before anyone can discover Haesoo missing.  

The newly wedded Prince Wang Eun tells his new bride Soon Deok he can’t come to love her despite being married. He belittles himself as someone who takes up a lot of space, sprawling himself across their bed. A little later, Soon Deok watches the sleeping Eun and falls asleep on the floor, content. It turns out Eun isn’t asleep – he sits up and sees Soon Deok on the floor. Looking at his hands, he thinks back to what Haesoo told him about finding his first love during the first snowfall. “Haesoo, you are a cruel liar,” He mutters.

So takes Haesoo to see the sunrise by the ocean. In a voiceover flashback, Haesoo tells So that neither of them will be safe anymore for leaving the Palace. In return, he tells her he would run away with her if she wanted it. In real time by the shore, So tells Haesoo he wanted to bring her to the ocean even if he were to leave Songak someday. He tells her he was always forced to leave Songak despite still not knowing why - he's never brought misfortune, he's never slaughtered animals for fun and he's never killed people carelessly. "Do I still have to leave?" He asks. Haesoo tells him she wants to see him live with ease smiling, even if it means living outside the Palace. 

"I will... if you go with me," So tells her. Haesoo reminds him that she's a court lady- someone who has to live in the Palace. At this, So says he will stay in the Palace then. Haesoo tells him the truth: she has feelings for someone else. So cautiously asks if it's Baekah, which she denies. He tells her it's fine as long as it's not Baekah - any other man, he'd have him killed.

So starts to confess his feelings, "When I called you mine the day Yeonhwa was beating you, I already considered you my person." He explains Haesoo already saw him for who he is without need for explanations and excuses. "You say you're afraid of me? I don't believe it. You are the only person on my side. Thus, I am not sorry for anything.. not for kissing you or bringing you out here. Also, even if I make threats telling you not to have feelings for another man, I won't be sorry." He suddenly takes out an ivory and red jade hair clip and gives it to her, noting he wanted to gift her something earlier.

When Haesoo tries to explain she only helped for for the sake of helping him, not for his heart, he tells her to try running away from him then. He puts the hairpin in her hand and tells her she can throw it away if she wants.

On their way back to the Palace, they encounter Wook and Jung who are frantically looking for them. Jung reveals only he and Wook know that they left the Palace grounds. Wook broods in silent anger. When Jung tries to help Haesoo off the horse, So protectively grabs the harness. Wook sternly explains that if anyone sees So and Haesoo returning to the Palace together, people will start talking.

At this, So tells him the King already "gave her to (him)," so he will take responsibility. 
"Gave her to you?" Wook repeats his line in bitter disbelief. Suddenly, Haesoo intervenes and tells the three brothers she will return with So. So looks elated at her choice. Wook warns So to not let Haesoo get hurt to which So tells him he doesn't wish for that either and leaves.

Once So leaves, Wook bitterly tells Jung this will be the last time he will send Haesoo away like this.

So takes responsibility for Haesoo's disappearance at Damiwon Palace and explains to Court Lady Oh that he was the one who took her out. Court Lady Oh warns him this act can be seen as defiance to the King. She sternly advises him to leave to prevent others from seeing him in order to suppress people from talking. He glances at Haesoo and leaves.

Court Lady Oh tells Haesoo her small act of kindness has moved So's heart in a big way and reiterates this was the very reason why she believed Haesoo doesn't suit the Palace. She warns Haesoo to not show kindness and to live by walking on ice - that is the only way she can survive in the Palace. Helpless, Haesoo asks what she should do now given the situation and Court Lady Oh advises her to wait until So's feelings cool off.

Sometime later, Wook joins Yo in archery practice before Yo is to leave the Palace. Yo skillfully perfects most of his shots, hitting his target every time while Wook continuously misses his target with his arrows. Yo tells him he always pictures someone before shooting; thus, he doesn't miss. He tells Wook to find his "target."

"You and I, don't we have some things we agree on?" Yo cunningly feeds Wook. Oh God, is Wook going to turn evil?!

Once Yo leaves, Wook stares at his target intently and fires another arrow. This time, he hits the mark perfectly. Uh oh, you're picturing So, aren't you?

Yeonhwa encounters Yo in the Palace. As they pass each other, So tells her he will return soon and advises her to plan carefully in the meantime. She tells him she will wait for his safe return.

Elsewhere, Woonhee practices her sword dance but senses someone nearby - it's none other than her new secret stalker admirer, Baekah! She shocked at his presence, demanding to know who hired him to follow her but he tells her he's there to play music. They bicker back-and-forth with Baekah marveling at his surprise at her being a gisaeng. From her way of speaking, he thought she was of higher class! She berates him and he nags that they should introduce themselves to each other after meeting three times. Woohee gives a fake name, but just then, someone calls out to her using her real name. She scurries off unhappily and Baekah cheerfully repeats her name, "Woohee."

Wook and Haesoo meet each other at the secret passageway. She asks if he's angry with her and explains she briefly left to see the sunrise with So. She also only picked to return with So to keep Wook from getting in trouble. Wook laments how he's mad at himself - he can only think about getting things done, but So is the one who puts words to actions. He suddenly reveals he is planning on asking the King's permission to marry her as he doesn't want to make the mistake of losing her again. He tells Haesoo she brought back joy in his life and unveils his plan on leaving the Palace with her to Hwangju. There, he'll give her the love he was never able to give Madame Hae. "Will you be my wife?" Wook proposes. 

Thoughts frantically rush through Haesoo's mind, "He won't change. He won't hurt me. I could be happy with him. If Gwangjong kills him..." At her silence, Wook hesitantly asks if she no longer wants to be with him, but Haesoo tells him that's not it and he presses for an answer to his proposal again. Before she can answer, Court Lady Oh abruptly appears and demands to know what is going on.

Seeing the two, Court Lady Oh angrily concludes that Haesoo was the girl who peeped on the Princes' bathing. Wook tries to explain, but Court Lady Oh cuts him off, asking who he thinks will be killed if their secret rendezvous came to light. Damiwon Palace will also be destroyed. She strictly tells him that having relations with a court lady means losing rank and receiving harsh punishment. She instructs Haesoo to follow her, an order that Haesoo quickly obeys.

Court Lady Oh reveals that the doctor recommended her to recuperate from her stomach pains by leaving the Palace and tells Haesoo to leave with her to her hometown. She confesses to knowing the relationship between Haesoo and Wook and advises leaving the Palace will be the best choice of action for Haesoo. At this, Haesoo tells Court Lady Oh that Wook proposed to her and she's considering saying yes to his proposal. Court Lady Oh furiously tells her she cannot survive between two Princes - if either of them has a change of heart, she'd instantly be killed.

Haesoo quickly jumps to defend Wook, proclaiming him as someone who will never change. Court Lady Oh tells her that's not true - the Palace is a place that makes people turn their backs on all kinds of promises. She reveals that the nameless general she gave her heart to was, as she probably suspected, the King. Long ago, he wanted to marry her but he had to protect the throne. Because of that, he forgot about her, a lowly daughter of an herbal medicine seller from a small town. Despite that, Court Lady Oh decided to live as a court lady, not a woman, in order to stay by his side. Now, she brews his tea, combs his hair and washes the bodies of women who will become his. Wow, her speech is heartbreaking.

Court Lady Oh desperately pleads with Haesoo to leave with her - her life will be in danger if she doesn't. Regardless, Haesoo shakes her head, believing in Wook instead. She tells Court Lady Oh his plans on leaving with her to Hwangju; as long as he has no greed for the throne, they can be happy. At Haesoo's naivety, Court Lady Oh can only look at her in defeat.

Sometime later, Queen Yoo meets with Prince Won and Park Young Gyu (the King's left prime minister) to ask how their plans to get the King and Crown Prince Mu to turn on So are coming along. It's revealed Won gave documents concerning Mu's uncle to So in order to get Mu to suspect So once the documents are revealed. Young Gyu advises Queen Yoo to continue pretending to support So while he will put things into action.

So finds Haesoo at Damiwon Palace to check if she's okay. As he's about to leave, Haesoo invites him inside to help him cover his scar. As she applies foundation over his scar, Haesoo attempts to reason with him by telling him he's mistaking 'friendship' as something more, "Most people, when someone helps them through hard times, they hold that person very dear. They believe the person is the only person by their side... that person is called a friend. Whether it is friendship or love, all affection is affection, but... it is different. I believe you are mistaken over that difference so I'm worried." 

So stops her hand. "I'm worried about you, actually," He tells her. "I don’t have all those different types of affection. Whether it’s friendship or love, it’s all the same to me. It’s all one thing.” He stands up and notes he's aware she's trying to push him away. He tells her it won't work against him and suddenly pulls her close to him. So tells her he warned her to be prepared and is about to lean in for a kiss when Haesoo quickly covers her mouth. At this, he tells her not to worry - he won't kiss her without her permission anymore and releases her.

Wook reveals to Yeonhwa and Queen Hwangbo his plans on requesting the King's permission Haesoo and his plans on leaving the Palace for Hwangju. He makes it clear that Palace politics disgusts him and has no greed for the throne; he simply wants to live in comfort. Yeonhwa is disgusted at his reveal and bitterly asks if he wants to abandon them. Wook raises his voice, telling her there are other ways to protect their household that don't include him having to become King. Queen Hwangbo supports Wook's choice, but warns him it won't be easy. Once Wook leaves, Yeonhwa explodes in rage when Queen Hwangbo tries to get her to understand her brother.

It's revealed that Queen Hwangbo was wrongly blamed and exiled ten years ago for causing the miscarriage of a certain Court Lady the King loved. Despite everyone knowing it was actually Queen Yoo who caused the miscarriage, no one took Queen Hwangbo's side. Yeonhwa vehemently reminds Queen Hwangbo of this, desperately reasoning that if they don't take the throne, their household will be attacked again. Queen Hwangbo rationalizes that Mu is different from the current King, but Yeonhwa feels betrayed. Drowning in her grudge, Yeonhwa coldly tells Queen Hwangbo she will no longer live under her shadow. She hostilely reveals her new goal: to be like a God above the King. Queen Hwangbo looks horrified at her revelation.

Yeonhwa instantly goes to meet with Queen Yoo, who is shocked to see her. Yeonhwa tells Queen Yoo she has a "fun story" to tell her. Queen Yoo tells her she looks forward to hearing it.

At Damiwon Palace, Jung sees Haesoo who playfully plays with him by pretending to finger flick him. It's cute. He laments at how scared he was when So took her away, but Haesoo tells him it was just a fun horseback ride for fresh air. Haesoo tells Jung to try to understand So and explains that unlike him, So didn't grow up surrounded by love and family. Jung contemplates how both Yo and his Mother changed a lot after So arrived. When Haesoo asks if he's blaming So, Jung tells him no - if it weren't for So, he wouldn't have known the amount of trouble his Mother and Yo are causing. He tells her he misses the past when everyone got along. At this, Haesoo mulls about how she misses the past too.

Elsewhere, Baekah asks So why Mu is visiting his mother's family. So tells him it's due to some issues and advises him to not bring it up to Mu. Baekah asks if it's true he took Haesoo out of the Palace and warns him he'll get in trouble if he treats Haesoo, a court lady, like a normal girl. So tells him he made a small mistake and admits he doesn't know how to relate to people. When Baekah tells So he didn't think he cared for Haesoo that deeply, So tells Baekah that he and Haesoo are all he has in the entire world. As Baekah smiles, Ji Mong comes running in a panic.

Ji Mong reveals that Chenondeokjeon Palace is up in disarray! Crown Prince Mu's maternal family stole from tax money twice. Now, many powerful families are asking to depose of Crown Prince Mu. Both So and Baekah are horrified at the news.

The King holds an assembly. Young Gyu snidely asks Mu if he really didn't know about the embezzlement and reveals he received a tip claiming Mu was present when they stole the tax money. Mu adamantly denies any knowledge, claiming he only found out later and that the situation can be a mistake on his family's part. He reasons they have no plans to steal from hard working citizens. Some defend Mu, but Young Gyu implores the King to reconsider who he leaves the future of the nation to.

"If so, who would you prefer over Crown Prince Mu?" The King sternly asks. Everyone is in disbelief. The King reasons that there needs to be an alternative in order to consider depose Mu and, once again, asks who Young Gyu believes to be best suited to lead Goryeo. 

Someone suggests 4th Prince So, surprising both the King and Mu. Young Gyu speaks in support of So, reasoning that he doesn't have maternal relatives who will come forward to claim him as he was adopted out. Young Gyu adds that him leading the Rain Ritual has also caused him to win the confidence of the entire nation. Hearing this, Mu closes his eyes and the King clears his throat.

Later, Mu walks in a daze and bumps into Won. Won suddenly apologizes to Mu. Confused, Mu asks for clarification. The scheming Won tells the unsuspecting Mu that he only showed So the note his Uncle wrote because he was worried about him. Shocked, Mu reconfirms with Won that So knew about his maternal family and Won reveals he told So himself.. and adds that he didn't realize telling So would jeopardize his position as the Crown Prince. Mu looks disheartened, but Won secretly looks content.

The King meets with So, Mu and Ji Mong and orders So to return to Shinju due to there being people who want to make him the Crown Prince. The King reveals Queen Yoo is behind it and is using So to get the throne. At this, So says it's not fair - he has no interactions with Queen Yoo and her henchmen, so why must he leave? "A person's heart can be cunning," The King says. "You may not feel that way now, but as you continue to feel wronged, you will forget the sincerity you feel now."

So thinks back to when Queen Yoo spat that he was only a shield for any arrows or misfortune for Mu. He looks defeated and asks the King if his true feelings must not matter at all. The King tells him he wanted to keep him by his side for a long time, but there's nothing he can do: you must cut sprouts before they can grow any larger. That's how the Palace works. Mu looks at So, who looks back at him. Without a word, Mu looks away.

That night, Yeonhwa secretly sends her attendant to deliver poison to a court lady in Damiwon Palace. Yeonhwa's attendant tells the court lady that "it must be served by that girl." When Yeonhwa's attendant returns to Yeonhwa, Yeonhwa orders her to not reveal what she ordered to Queen Yoo.

Later that night, the same attendant whispers something in Queen Yoo's ears when So angrily bursts in, asking if she hasn't done enough to him. When he demands to be left alone, Queen Yoo uses what he said against him. "Did you say you wanted to be King?" She snidely asks him, "I am Queen, so I should help. It'll be yours if everything goes according to plan."

So tells her to stop with the pretense that she's doing anything for his sake and warns her nothing will go according to her plan. Queen Yoo reveals that Crown Prince Mu will die on the ninth day of the ninth lunar moon and confesses to already have prepared a poisonous tea cup. 

Livid, So asks if she doesn't think he will do anything with the information. Queen Yoo tells him he can't unless he reveals how received the information. So tells her he will out her if that's what he must do. At this, Queen Yoo tells him she say she did it in order to make him King. She'll confess her entire family dug up corruption and took part in poisoning Mu. She tells him they already made a covenant to request him to become the next Crown Prince. "This is how the Palace works," she tells him. "It only works if everyone's eating up each other's tails." She tells him to stop the poison if he can, but warns him it will be like tying a noose around his own neck.

Queen Yoo continues to tell him to get a clue - the King has kicked him out. She reveals that a measly court lady who serves tea will die and Crown Prince Mu will be gone. "You will own everything," she baits him. So asks how he can trust her and Queen Yoo repeats what he said about not killing his brothers. She trusts that, which is why she supports him (she's lying, obviously). So stares at her intently. 

At his residence, Ji Mong stares at the sky and wonders why Crown Prince Mu's star looks like it's fading. Sometime later, Wook visits Madame Hae's burial grounds and tells her he won't forget his debt to her. He tells her he will keep his promise and love Haesoo.

It's the ninth day of the ninth lunar moon. All the Princes, Princess Yeonhwa, the King, the Queens and Ji Mong are gathered for alcohol and games. It's joyous and fun and they all participate in several games that include reciting passages and drinking alcohol. Everyone's in laughter.. except for So, Queen Yoo and Yeonhwa who all cautiously eye Mu as he fidgets with his cup.

Queen Yoo asks why Mu isn't drinking and Mu says he has no appetite - the alcohol isn't going down well. At this, the King orders an attendant to bring out chrysanthemum tea for Mu. So looks horrified at this development.

The court lady who secretly received the poison from Yeonhwa's attendant feigns sickness to push her responsibility of serving tea to the unsuspecting Haesoo.

On her way to the Princes, Haesoo bumps into Eun who is with Soon Deok. Still heartbroken from her rejection, Eun ignores her when she greets him but Soon Deok tells him to receive her greeting or else she will have to continue standing. Eun briefly orders Haesoo to turn around when they see each other in the future because he doesn't want to see her from now on. He stomps off and tells Soon Deok she can either follow him or not. Before Soon Deok leaves, she asks why Haesoo didn't his offer of being his second wife if she was going to look so dejected. Haesoo smiles at Soon Deok, telling her she must be kind to be so considerate of Eun. When Haesoo tells Soon Deok to watch over Eun, a jealous Soon Deok tells Haesoo she doesn't need to worry because she's his wife.

Back where the Princes are, an anxious So abruptly stands up and tells Mu he has something to say to him. Mu tells him to speak and So is about to begin when Haesoo arrives after passing the poison inspection test. So is shocked to see her as the one serving tea and thinks back to what Queen Yoo said about a measly court lady dying.

So glances at Queen Yoo who glances back in return as Haesoo serves Mu his tea. "I have caused you trouble recently. As your brother, I would like three drinks from you to strengthen our kinship," So tells Mu. Queen Yoo and Yeonhwa look shocked.

Mu accepts and tells Haesoo to give the cup of tea to So. With the information that the cup is poisoned, So pretends to accidentally drop the cup when Haesoo hands it over. He instantly takes the blame himself, explaining he had oil on his hand. Mu orders a new cup to be brought out. 

Haesoo serves tea in the new cup, which So holds properly this time. His first drink is to Mu's longevity. Yeonhwa and Queen Yoo watch in anticipation. So starts his blessings for the second drink, but stumbles.. He recomposes himself and drinks his second cup to Mu's fortune in his fight for Goryeo.

It wasn't the cup, So thinks to himself as he looks at Queen Yoo. You poisoned the tea? Queen Yoo, knowing the truth, looks away. So looks at Haesoo who is pouring his tea and continues thinking: I am... drinking the poison that you've poured me

So shakily takes the third cup from Haesoo. "Lastly, no matter who tries to get in between us with sly words, it is my wish that our friendship will never change," So tells Mu. Won looks irked at his words. So glances at Haesoo, who is avoiding eye contact with him, before drinking the tea. Yeonhwa looks horrified, but stays silent. So shakily returns the cup. Mu is enthralled at So's sincerity and tells the King to withdraw his order of sending So back to Shinju.

Haesoo leave to get more tea water. So tries his best to stop his hand from shaking and excuses himself. The King allows him to leave and Queen Yoo only stares. Slowly, So walks away when, suddenly, blood foams at his mouth. With all his strength, So attempts to hold it in.


Episode 10 Review

As a watcher of the series, I can't help but to feel agitated at Haesoo's stubbornness and her trust in Wook (because, well, we know something's bound to happen with Wook). In truth, if I were in Haesoo's shoes, I would do the same thing she's doing: trusting the one she loves. She's naive and in love with Wook, so why should she doubt him? As a character, her actions are completely justified.. but as a watcher, I'm just screaming at the screen!

Court Lady Oh's speech to Haesoo about her romance with the King was so heartbreaking. I love her care and consideration for Haesoo; her actress (Woon Heejin) really shone in that scene. You can see Court Lady Oh's desperation in trying to save Haesoo.. and her utter disappointment and defeat when she realizes Haesoo will not leave the Palace with her.

Although Wook has been nothing but kind, I can't help but to feel irked at Wook. I don't know if it's the actor (BUT I LOVE KANG HA NEUL) or how his character is written, but "Wook" is so.. unpleasant to watch. I feel like he got sidelined in the story where he keeps saying he'll do X or Y, but never accomplishes it. I know it's because he's technically not the main male lead, but.. he completely gets overshadowed by So in every single scene and way.

Speaking of So, Lee Junki's performance during the last sequence was amazing. I literally cringed when I watched him hold in the blood he spit up due to the poison taking effect. That's some strong poison. He's such a tragic character and literally acts as a shield for Mu. He needs so much appreciation by those around him.. especially Mu. C'mon! At least he has Baekah. And Haesoo. Did anyone else find the scene where she's trying to explain to him the difference between romance and friendship endearingly cute? Yes, So, you better not kiss her without permission again! I can't wait for a consensual kiss.

My complaint this episode is the RAP SONG that started playing when So took Haesoo to see the sunrise by the shoreline. IT WAS SO OUT OF PLACE, LOL! Don't get me wrong - the song is great. But the placement of the song was absolutely terrible.

Regardless, I've never been more excited for the next episode because.. SO'S BEEN POISONED! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HAESOO?! HOW WILL HE BE SAVED?! Will Wook turn evil (okay, maybe that's too strong of a word) as it's foreshadowed?!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: September 27, 2016

    @Areli: Wang So is sooo stomach-butterflies inducing! Ahh…

    @Kate: AhhhhhhhhhhhHH.. now I’m scared after reading your comment! I’ve never read/watched the original book or Chinese drama adaptation, so I’m watching this blind. OHGOD, I seriously hope it won’t be a tragic ending! Since it’s an “adaptation” and I read that they’ve been tweaking things from the original, there’s a chance that they will change it and make it happy. :) DON’T BE SORRY ABOUT YOUR LONG COMMENTS, I loved reading your thoughts!

  • kate: September 27, 2016

    Honestly this drama is killing me!! I’ve watched the chinese version and already know how its going to end and im really not happy about it. I would love if this version has a different ending, a happy one, but theres so much going on that i don’t think it will be the case. Its getting so dramatic and all the comments I’ve seen say its all going downwards from here on and im really scared of that! i guess i really like the story or something but this drama is really getting to me. i kind of think i should stop watching it altogether cause i don’t really like where its going. but ill probably watch it anyway cause i want to see how the romance between hae soo and wang so blossoms. all these people dying have me going crazy its so sad. also i don’t get why people hate iu´s performance cause i think she’s doing a superb job. and im in love with king ha nell now. Sorry for the long post

  • Areli: September 27, 2016

    I agree, that scene with Hae Soo´s explanation was beautiful! I even got butterflies in my stomach when he grabbed her waist… <3 <3 <3

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