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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 11 Recap and Review

Posted on September 27 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

OHMYGOD. THIS EPISODE OF MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO. Grab a tissue box several tissue boxes. Ready? Prep those waterworks. Let’s start.


Episode 11 Recap

A poisoned So staggers away. Yeonhwa, who knows the tea was poisoned, abruptly stands up. The King asks if she has something she wants to say. Quickly recomposing herself, Yeonhwa says she does – a matter concerning Wook.

So wobbles after Haesoo, trying to reach out to her. His vision of her back blurs and he stumbles, spewing blood. Hearing the noise behind her, Haesoo turns only to be met with dread: So spluttering blood and collapsing. Terrified, Haesoo runs to him and frantically asks a barely conscious So what’s wrong. She cradles his head and he tells her to be quiet, mumbling that she can’t be there. Haesoo desperately screams for help.

Yeonhwa tells the King she wants to toast to three drinks while making her request. She pours the poisoned tea into her cup, intriguing Queen Yoo. She implores the King to allow the widowed Wook to remarry in order to prosper with many descendants. At this, Wook, Baekah and Queen Hwangbo look uncomfortable.

The King asks for Wook’s thoughts. After some hesitation, Wook tells the King that if he allows it, there is someone in Goryeo he would like to marry. The King merrily grants his permission. Yeonhwa pretends to drink the entire cup, but secretly pours out most of it. She begins her next toast, but stumbles over her words and suddenly collapses, shocking everyone at the feast.

Queen Yoo recomposes herself and declares it must be poison! Yeonhwa mumbles So’s name, causing Baekah to rush after So. Ji Mong licks the tea to confirm the poison.

Still cradling So, Haesoo continues to scream for help. Baekah rushes over in a panic. In frenzy, Haesoo asks what’s wrong with So – he’s vomiting blood and won’t wake up. Baekah tells her it’s poison when Won, Jung and Mu arrive with several guards. Mu orders So to be taken to the doctor and they carry him away. Haesoo attempts to follow, but is stopped by Ji Mong. Won declares she was the one who served the poison tea! At this, Jung jumps to Haesoo’s defense claiming she was obviously framed. Regardless, Won orders the guards to arrest Haesoo for the attempted assassination of a Prince.

At Damiwon Palace, Court Lady Oh watches as Minister Young Gyu and several guards ransack Haesoo’s bedroom for evidence. She asks a court lady where Nanhee is – why did Haesoo serve the tea Nanhee was supposed to? The court lady reveals they searched everywhere for Nanhee, but she’s nowhere to be found. Minister Young Gyu finds the lavish necklace Mu gifted Haesoo and the bottle of poison.

A doctor tells Queen Hwangbo and Wook that Yeonhwa will be alright as she only consumed a little of the poison, unlike 4th Prince So. He assures them she will wake up once the antidote takes effect. Once the Queen and Wook leave, Yeonhwa sits up instantly and startles the doctor. He stammers, visibly nervous, and Yeonhwa threatens him to keep his mouth shut. “Who would suspect that the Princess of this nation would purposely drink poison? So, think about this carefully. This is a place where one wrong word can determine whether you live or die.”

An unconscious So gets treated for the poison as well. Ji Mong blesses the Grand General for training So’s body to take in poison. Mu reprimands himself for always causing So to take ‘death’ for him. The trio ponder over So’s bizarre actions: His sudden request to toast to Mu, willingly drink 3 cups of the poisoned tea and then leaving the feast like nothing was wrong. Ji Mong concludes he probably knew who the culprit was and Mu ponders who would make So put his life on the line to protect…?

Haesoo cowers fearfully in a jail cell and Wook comes to visit her. He sees her bloodied hands and gently holds them. Despite her dire situation, Haesoo instantly asks about So. “Nothing bad happened to him, right? It couldn’t have. He isn’t someone who would die so easily, right?” She frantically panics and Wook removes his hand from hers. He tells her So is fine due to developing a high tolerance to poison. Wook tells her she should be more concerned about herself since she’s the suspect. Haesoo denies having any involvement, but Wook says there’s no evidence to prove her innocence. He warns her she may be tortured to extract more information on who ordered her to do it. Even so, Wook tells her she must survive it. He tells her he will get her out of the jail and encourages her to not give up.

Haesoo tells him she won’t let them frame her and reassures him that she’s prepared, so not to worry.

At the assembly, the King is enraged at Minister Young Gyu’s suggestion that Mu was behind the attempted assassination of So. He presents the precious necklace Mu gifted Haesoo as evidence, along with the poison found in her bedroom. To top it off, there have been witnesses who’ve seen the two of them talking on-on-one.

Mu angrily asks if he’s someone so shameless to kill his own brother. He yells at them, asking if after all their planning, they can only come up with accusations and rumors?  At this, the Minister tells Mu to reveal the reason why he gifted Haesoo such a precious necklace. Ji Mong whispers to Mu that his illness will be exposed if he doesn’t calm down. Mu recomposes himself and Wook speaks up in Mu’s defense, claiming everything is a set up to help the culprit escape punishment. Plus, the poison was intended for Mu which was mistakenly given to So and Yeonhwa.

The Minister states these facts point towards Haesoo trying to poison Mu. Wook sternly tells him to stop making hasty judgement.

Later, the King privately tells Mu and Ji Mong that Haesoo will be punished by hanging. Horrified, Mu pleads with the King that Haesoo has done nothing wrong. Ji Mong laments that no one can withstand the leg screw torture. Ouch, that sounds painful. He continues to tell Mu that once they bring forth the fake witnesses, Mu will be in trouble. Despite his illness on the brink of being exposed, Mu pleads the King to appoint a new Crown Prince. He asks why he must become the Crown Prince and the King reveals it’s because Mu is his firstborn son. “The others are sons of a King, but you are the son of Wang Geon,” The King tells him. They fought together, had each other’s back – he’s both his son and comrade. “To you, I want to give you everything,” The King explains. “Do you not understand your father’s heart?”

So tries to leave his chambers to see Haesoo, but Baekah holds him back. “That girl… she’s alone,” So mutters out. The two run into Wook, who tells them the Minister has claimed Mu used Haesoo to poison So. So calls Young Gyu’s declaration nonsense and to ignore him, but Wook explains that everyone already knows it’s not true. Regardless, there’s no way out of it. Wook crossly tells So he shouldn’t have allowed Haesoo to associate with him and blames So for Haesoo’s situation.

After So makes Baekah leave, he reveals to Wook that his mother, Queen Yoo, is behind the poisoning. At this, Wook asks So if he drank the poison for his mother’s sake, just like the time he killed all the assassinations to cover up her involvement in Mu’s previous assassination attempt. So shakes his head and tells him he did it to save Haesoo and Mu. “You?” Wook asks in disbelief. “For Haesoo?” So tells him he was trying to keep anyone from finding out about the poison, but Yeonhwa’s involvement exposed it. He couldn’t tell anyone about the poison either because his mother had the execution too well planned.

He tells Wook to expose Queen Yoo’s involvement and stresses no one will stand up for Haesoo as much as Wook will. It’s the same for Mu,So adds. Wook confidently tells So he will find the evidence and will not leave Haesoo in jail.

Later, So visits Haesoo in jail and sees her shivering on the floor covered in blood. Upon seeing So, Haesoo staggers over and faintly tells him she knew he wouldn’t have died. Seeing her concern for him despite her condition, So smiles softly and tells her it’d take more than that to kill him. She asks if he drank the poison despite knowing about it to save her. “That’s nonsense,” So tells her. “I’m not a pathetic man who drinks poison because of a girl.” YES, YES YOU ARE, SO!

“Then why did you do it?” Haesoo tears. “If you act so stubborn, do you think my feelings will change?” In her mind, Haesoo thinks to herself ‘What am I to you that would make you put your life on the line for me? If you do this, it becomes harder for me to turn away from you, Your Highness.’

“Just don’t run away,” So tells her. “You really know how to cause my problems. We both managed to survive and not die, so I know we’ll meet out of here soon.” Haesoo tells him she doesn’t know what to do with him and he says it’s the same for her, too. Haesoo lectures So, telling him to listen to the doctor and to rest – he shouldn’t be walking around like this and tells him he doesn’t have to visit her again. “Always lecturing,” So softly whispers as she cries. He turns and leaves.

WOW, that scene was exploding with heart wrenching chemistry.

Wook tails Yeonhwa’s attendant and sees her meet with a cloaked figure who gives her payment. Startling them, Wook takes the attendant hostage by threatening to kill her. He tells the mysterious figure he already has his witness, so there’s no longer any point in hiding. The hooded figure unveils herself as Yeonhwa, completely rendering Wook speechless. He’s absolutely horrified and releases the attendant, who scurries off in fear.

In disbelief, Wook asks why and how she is there. Crushed, he tells her if her crime is exposed, their family will be branded as traitors. “Yes,” Yeonhwa says. “I will be hanged and Mother will be exiled.” Wook asks why in desperate agony and Yeonhwa tells him she did it to ‘wake him up’ and blames Haesoo for causing him to throw everything away. Wook screams that he doesn’t want to become King, but Yeonhwa venomously tells him he does – she saw it at the Rain Ritual. She reveals Wook, while looking at So, thought to himself “that seat is mine; those cheers should be for me.” She tells him if that’s not true, Wook can abandon her and their Mother and even tells him she will not resent him for it.

Suddenly, Wook throws his hairpin like a dagger, instantly killing an innocent court lady who tried to leave after overhearing them. Yeonhwa is horrified at the sight of a dead body. Wook tells Yeonhwa she knew very well he wouldn’t be able to abandon her and their Mother. “From this point on, Yeonhwa, you are not my sweet sister. You are a debtor,” Wook tells her. “You to me and me to you, we are indebted to each other.”

“That debt is a debt I cannot pay even if I walk my whole life. I will repay you with the throne.” Defeated, Wook tells her to do with him however she wishes. He staggers pass the dead attendant and pulls the hairpin from her neck. Yeonhwa smiles in victory.

Wook stumbles to the jailhouse and clutches the bloodied hairpin. In despair, he can only look on at the jail from outside.

Later, an irate Jung asks Wook what Haesoo is supposed to do if even he isn’t helping her. He implores all of them to beg the King to spare her life. Ignoring Jung, Wook senses Chaeryung and tells her to come out from hiding. Chaeryung is horrified at Haesoo’s fate and falls to her knees, begging Wook to save her. Won tries to pull her away, but she continues to plead. Jung looks disheartened, but Wook remains silent.

So meets with the King, who tells him that no matter what he does, Haesoo’s crimes are too big to stop her punishment. So asks why this incident was so poorly investigated – it’s clear she’s not guilty. At the King’s silence, So asks if it’s possible he’s using her in order to save Mu. At this, the King tells him he’s trying to protect the country. By sacrificing one small life, he will save a bigger one.

“Now I see being a King means to cast people aside and beg for his own life,” So angrily says. Furious, the King asks if So wants to die. “I thought you were a well forged sword,” The King continues and clicks his tongue disapprovingly. “I was wrong.”

At this, So tells him the owner of that well forged sword must be just in order to wield it properly. The King irately declares that anyone who comes to speak about Haesoo will be punished by death.

At the jail cell, Court Lady Oh visits a sleeping Haesoo.

Later, Wook meets with Court Lady Oh. He tells her she is the only person left he can request help from. He asks her to stand up for Haesoo, believing Court Lady Oh to be the only one who can change the King’s mind. Court Lady Oh tells him she cannot request something like this just because they used to be close. Wook asks if she’s going to ignore Haesoo and reveals he’s always known she saw Haesoo like her own child – a reason why she disapproved of their relationship.

Court Lady Oh asks why he can’t stand up for her himself? After all, doesn’t he love her? She tells him even if it means death, he should take her side. Without him saying anything, Court Lady Oh concludes it must have something to do with the succession of the throne. She scoffs bitterly at Wook, muttering the reason why all men of the royal family become cowards is always the same.

She warns Wook that one day, he will regret his choice, “The one time you turned your back on her will haunt your conscience forever.” She then tells him she will meet with the King because she cares deeply for Haesoo. Before she leaves, she tells Wook, “You could not save anyone, Your Highness.” He can only stay silent.

Court Lady Oh meets with the King. After heavy silence, the King orders her to say something but it cannot be about Haesoo. “I poisoned the Crown Prince,” Court Lady Oh suddenly starts. “I lost my baby. The Princes grew up healthy and I envied them for inheriting the throne. So, I tried to kill the Crown Prince.” OH MY GOD.

The King sees through her lies and asks why she is trying to save Haesoo. At this, Court Lady Oh asks why he’s going after an innocent girl. She tells him she’ll confess to the crime, but the King tells her he’ll pretend he didn’t hear what she just said.

Suddenly, Court Lady Oh takes out a baby dress. The King looks shocked at this. “Over 10 years ago, a highly placed person sent me some quince tea. It was supposed to help with morning sickness, so I drank it every day. I would wake up from my sleep to drink it, too. Not even seven days had passed. I lost your baby, Your Majesty,” Court Lady Oh tells the King. “Because of a cup of tea that the same person has set up, I cannot lose a girl that is like my own daughter.” OH MY GOD.

The King is taken aback, but reasons that Haesoo isn’t her daughter. He tells her there’s no concrete evidence that points to Queen Yoo, either. At this, Court Lady Oh tearfully asks if he’s going to turn the other way this time, too. He looks away.

“I will die soon,” Court Lady Oh reveals. At this revelation, the King softly calls her by her name Soo Yeon. Court Lady Oh continues to admit that since two days ago, she hasn’t been able to digest food. The doctor told her she has stomach cancer.

The King is shaken by the news and Court Lady Oh tells him she knows he’s killing Haesoo to protect Mu – he can’t save both. However, she pleads with him that she can’t lose her child to Queen Yoo. “Please help me, It is my last request,” She says to him.

“You… are finally throwing me away?” The King asks in absolute devastation. Court Lady Oh cries. Wow.

Morning comes and the King, still in the same position, is still contemplating over Court Lady Oh’s words. He stares at where she sat the previous night.

In a hurry, So dashes towards the gallows. There, the guards bring out a disoriented Haesoo who is covered in blood from torture. She glances at the noose, fearful. In frenzy, Haesoo thinks to herself where 8th Prince Wook is. Where are you? You have to come see me she frantic thinks. She desperately looks around for him, but it’s So who appears.

So attacks the guards to protect her when, suddenly, Ji Mong comes running with royal orders: Haesoo’s hanging has been cancelled! The real culprit has been found. Haesoo faints from exhaustion and So catches her.

Court Lady Oh gets arrested at Damiwon Palace. She glances at Damiwon Palace one last time. As the guards are about to take her, So and Haesoo return. Horrified at what she’s seeing, Haesoo runs up to Court Lady Oh. Court Lady Oh looks pained at Haesoo’s terrible appearance.

Confused, Haesoo asks what’s going on and Court Lady Oh tells her she poisoned the tea and apologizes for framing Haesoo. So realizes what is happening. Haesoo drags Court Lady Oh to the secret passageway as So orders the guards to give the two one last moment.

At the passageway, Court Lady Oh reveals that the secret exit has been blocked. Haesoo helplessly says they can open it again; after all, they’re going to her hometown! Oh my goodness, this is too heartbreaking.

Court Lady Oh cries as Haesoo tries to remove the stones blocking the exit. She forcefully stops Haesoo, telling her it’s enough. Haesoo screams out that Court Lady Oh is dying in her place – how will she live?! She sobs and screams that they’re going to leave the Palace together. Court Lady Oh hugs her and reassures her it’s not her fault. She even tells Haesoo she’s not doing it for her, but for the King. She coos to Haesoo, telling her to not feel apologetic. Haesoo can only plead. Court Lady Oh tells her she has no regrets and was able to protect what she wanted to protect.

As the two cry, Court Lady Oh conveys her thoughts to Haesoo: Be careful of everything. You can’t trust anyone. You need to live every moment and every step you take as if you’re walking on ice. You should not live like me, alright?

Sometime later, Haesoo limps to the King’s Palace and kneels in protest. She implores the King to spare Court Lady Oh, repeating her plead over and over and over again.

Wook tries help Haesoo, but is stopped by Queen Hwangbo and Yeonhwa who tell him he won’t be of any help to her. Queen Hwangbo tells him he will have to step on her if he wants to go – she must protect her children! Queen Hwangbo screams at Wook that he doesn’t know what the King felt when he decided to turn on Court Lady Oh. She tells him if he gets involved now, it’d be the same of him giving up his life.

Yeonhwa tells him since he already turned his back on Haesoo once, he can do it again. At this, Wook asks how much more debt she wants to be in towards him. Suddenly, Queen Yoo appears and snidely says she heard about Haesoo’s kneeling protest. She laments that Wook must be upset since the two were close, but Queen Hwangbo quickly jumps in to say Haesoo is only his late wife’s cousin.

Wook comments Haesoo isn’t wrong. At this, Queen Yoo asks who he thinks the guilty one is, “Are you suggesting it was me?” Suddenly, Queen Hwangbo falls to her knees and begs Queen Yoo to not touch her children to the horror of Wook and Yeonhwa.

She implores she cannot see them being treated the way she is. Queen Yoo berates Wook’s upbringing and cunningly notes Haesoo should’ve just died if she was going to kneel in protest – she could end up dead at this rate. Queen Yoo tells Queen Hwangbo to stand up and leaves.

Haesoo continues to kneel. Day turns to night.

Baekah approaches a visibly drained Haesoo and tells her the King won’t change his mind. Haesoo tells Baekah that Court Lady Oh took the blame to save her life, but Baekah reveals that everyone already knows. Despite that, there’s nothing scarier than an angry King. Haesoo tells him that rather than do nothing, this is better. At her resolve, Baekah tells her he’ll prepare medicine for her. Before he leaves, Haesoo asks if he’s seen 8th Prince Wook by any chance. At his silence, Haesoo tells him to forget it.

Queen Hwangbo asks the King to cancel Court Lady Oh’s execution and tells him he’ll only be left with regret if he rids all those he cares about; he won’t be able to live with the loneliness. “This is the work of a King,” he replies. “You must throw things away when you can.” Ji Mong tells the King that Haesoo has been kneeling for two days now, but the King tells them to ignore her. He reiterates he won’t let it go if anyone takes her side. Rain falls.

Haesoo continues to kneel through the rain. In the background, Mu, Jung, Won and Baekah watch her under the roofing. Jung steps out to stand in the rain, joined by Baekah and Mu. Won, irate at their support of her, leaves.

FINALLY, Wook appears! Haesoo, utterly exhausted, smiles at him… but her smile falters when she sees his hesitant expression. Slowly, Wook staggers back and turn his back on her. OH MY GOD! He walks away as Haesoo, still groveling in the rain, can only mutter out a desperate “why?”

Suddenly, So appears right beside her. Standing, he shelters her from the rain with his cloak. I LOVE YOU SO.

Court Lady Oh gets escorted to the gallows, but bumps into the shrewd Queen Yoo beforehand. Queen Yoo coos that she’s always wanted to see Court Lady Oh die in her lifetime; now, she has her wish. Queen Yoo belittles Court Lady Oh for dying as dying means losing.

“You know very well, Your Majesty,” Court Lady Oh smiles. “You have never beaten me, not even once.” She tells her she will be watching live her lonely life in the afterlife. Is it possible to love Court Lady Oh more than I already do?!

Queen Yoo venomously tells Court Lady Oh that she is but a nameless court lady who no one will remember. It’s enough for me if one person remembers me, Court Lady Oh thinks to herself.

A bell sounds throughout the Palace, signaling the execution of Court Lady Oh. The Princes look horrified. Upon hearing the chiming, Haesoo fanatically calls out for Court Lady Oh, realizing she’s being executed.

At the gallows, Court Lady Oh is hung.

Haesoo thrashes out in desperation and cries, but is held back by So. At the brink of exhaustion, she passes out in So’s arms. Elsewhere, the disheartened King stumbles back.

If I knew someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again. I wish this were all a dream. I wish I could wake up and not remember any of this, Haesoo narrates in a voiceover.


Episode 11 Review 

Wook chooses his Mother and Yeonhwa over Haesoo while So chooses Haesoo (and Mu) over his Mother. Wook's abandonment of Haesoo as she's groveling in the rain was incredibly heartbreaking. Watching Haesoo's reaction made my heart sink - she's been so loyal to Wook and had so much trust in him. It hurts even more when you see Haesoo come to the realization that Court Lady Oh, her mother figure who just died for her, was right the entire time when she spoke of the Palace making people change at the flip of a coin. Of course, I cheered so hard when So appears and shelters her from the rain.

Was anyone else surprised that So was the only Prince who tried to save her during her almost-execution scene?! NO ONE ELSE CAME RUNNING! It only makes me love him more.

What a tragic, tragic ending for Court Lady Oh's romance. I'm horrified the King "turned his back" on her, but at the same time.. he, ultimately, did it for her at her request. I'm happy the writers emphasized his reaction to her death - he staggers back and looks absolutely devastated. I also liked how it was implied he stayed up all night thinking about her last request. What a tragic love story between them.

Someone needs to bring Queen Yoo down. Like, now. She is such a malicious character. She's been quite evil all the previous episodes, but I was still shocked to hear what she had to say to Court Lady Oh right before she was executed. Queen Yoo isn't even human.

There were so many amazing Haesoo and So scenes in this episode, but my favorite one was when he visited her in the jail cell. There was so much explosive chemistry between them in that scene! I loved Haesoo's selfless care and concern for So and his reaction (just look at those subtle facial expressions Lee Junki makes during that entire sequence for his character) to her selflessness.

I really enjoyed IU's performance as Haesoo in this episode. She played the "broken" Haesoo so well. Heejin as Court Lady Oh was absolutely phenomenal as well. She definitely stole the spotlight this episode! Despite all the heartbreak, this is my favorite episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo so far!

Can't wait to see Haesoo and So's romance blossom next week.

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  • StarberryKoko.com: October 17, 2016

    @SageukGeek: That scene was WONDERFUL! I loved the parallel that scene had between So supporting Haesoo and Wook turning away from Haesoo. That batwing cloak sealed the deal!

    @MoniW: Thank you SO MUCH for your comment! I’m so happy you are enjoying my recaps! :) I love reading your thoughts on the episode, too! YES! This particular episode’s acting was amazing. Haha, I’m glad you enjoy the .gifs! I take a while pondering about which moments to capture.. I just want to capture every single one!

  • MoniW: October 17, 2016

    OMG! I just found your website for the first time and I could hug you!! I bookmarked this site immediately lol….

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the recaps!!! Since Softy is not recapping this drama I’ve been looking SO long to find a site with recaps of Moon Lovers that made me feel satisfied (ie. something MORE than just re-hashing of an episode!) and you just hit a nail on the head with your little comments. AND the gifs? Oh WOW! You chose the perfect moments to capture! That jail scene between Wang So and Hae Soo, OMO, I died a million times over…and rewatched that scene over and over and over again……and I have no words for the moment when So shelters Hae Soo from the rain. Perfectly executed episode with stellar performances by all.

    I will now check out your recaps for the previous episodes! I’m only up to episode 12 so I look forward to reading recaps to come.

  • SageukGeek: October 09, 2016

    In spite of all those wordless scenes of meaningful stares,(when he knowingly drank the poison to save the CP and Soo), despite the lingering feelings for her dependable and steady 8th Prince…. for me, the barely able Soo on her knees in front of the King’s quarters, pleading for Lady Oh’s life was the turning point for me…..4th Prince Wang So, who was still recovering from the poison,appears after the execution, holds his arm out and spreads his ‘batwing’ cloak over the kneeling, barely conscious supplicant, Soo.

  • StarberryKoko.com: September 29, 2016

    @L: Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the recap. Ah, reading you & Areli’s thoughts on LJK’s expression when he left the jail scene MAKES ME LOVE HIM SO MUCH MORE. I’m SO SURPRISED no one showed up to Haesoo’s hanging except for Wang So. But Wang So = THE BEST. Always putting his life on the line. Hey, he proves action speaks louder than words.

    @Areli: YES! I think you’re right. That’s a great observation on his facial expression.

  • L.: September 29, 2016

    Amazing recap! I love the GIFS!!

    Areli, thank you for that insight. I was wondering what was the decision he had made when he walked away from the jail cell. Now I see this was where he decided he was going to save her from the gallows, which of course is an offense punishable by death. He has risked his life once, what’s a few more times lol LJK is totally killing it as Wang So. Because they are so telling, I rewatch episodes just to catch those mircoexpressions that I might have missed!

  • Areli: September 28, 2016

    Yessss, Joon Ki sooo amazing in that jail scene. The best.

    And when his eyes hardened with resolve, to try and help Hae Soo ???

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