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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Recap and Review

Posted on October 04 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 13 is plot progression, plot progression and plot progression! And, finally, after 13 episodes, Haesoo can finally let go of her feelings for Wook. Let's get started.


Episode 13 Recap

The King collapses at the peace gathering just as Woohee impales Baekah. Amidst, the commotion, Won asks Yo what to do seeing their plan failed and Yo orders him to find Wook.

With everyone distracted by the King’s condition, Baekah kicks away Woohee’s sword and orders her to run away. Both horrified and stunned, Woohee quickly leaves. Ji Mong, tending to the King, gazes up at the sky.

The next day, the sickly King reflects over his life in the presence of Grand General Soo Kyung and Ji Mong. He asks what he’s been living for all this time and his friends tell him he found an empire. The King wonders if Goryeo will last forever and questions his choice of choosing Mu as the Crown Prince. Ji Mong and Soo Kyung try to comfort him and the King tells them while his war is now over, theirs is just beginning. He tells them to watch over Crown Prince Mu and 4th Prince So, as well. Soo Kyung bursts into tears.

Haesoo, grinding herbs at Damiwon, thinks back to So’s proposal to help her leave Goryeo. She reaches for a jar out of her reach, but Jung arrives to help her. It’s revealed Haesoo brought back the King’s appetite with her tea and she is secretly tending to the King without anyone’s knowledge. Regardless, Jung expresses his happiness at seeing her back at Damiwon. He’s returned from war and all he thought about was her tea. Haesoo apologizes, but Jung grieves over not being able to help her. He tells her he’ll bring her back no matter what as he’s now an adult, too. Despite Haesoo telling him she’s fine now, he tells her he’ll take care of everything, so to wait.

On their way to see the King, Won, Yo and Wook talk about how Mu can never find out about the King’s condition. Wook notes that all roads leading out of Songak has been blocked. The three agree that they must secure the King’s last decree for the throne the moment the King dies. Jung suddenly appears and worriedly asks about the King’s condition. Just then, Grand General Soo Kyung and his guards swarm the Princes and block them from entering Cheondeokjeon any further. He orders them all to return as the King will soon give his last commands. Yo declares they need to protect Cheondeokjeon so that the King’s last decree remains unchanged once the King passes.

At Yo’s futile attempt, Soo Kyung laughs and asks them if changing the King’s last decree is true intention. Unable to say anything, Soo Kyung orders them to leave unless they want to be suspected of that. Won mutters that he doesn’t see So anywhere. Soo Kyung announces that whoever steps in will be stabbed as a criminal guilty of treason. Defeated, the Princes leave.

Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo are blocked by Ji Mong while trying to see the King. He assures them that the Princes are unharmed and that he’s not hiding the King’s condition. Queen Yoo realizes they’re buying time until Crown Prince Mu arrives.

Haesoo is tending to the weakened King in his bedroom, preparing him tea as he lays on his deathbed. He comments that even the aroma of her tea is like Soo Yeon’s. He weakly tells her he’ll be dying soon orders her to bring the Crown Prince before it’s too late – it must be her that does it as no one in the Palace must find out about his death before Mu. He warns her that one she leaves the room, someone will approach her asking about his condition. “To the person who merely asks how I am, tell that person I am asking for more tea. To the person who asks if I’m dead, you need to be careful. That person is after the throne. Get going. You cannot trust anyone. The fate of Goryeo Empire rests on your shoulders. This is probably the reason you are here.”

Elsewhere, So on horseback is blocked by Yeonhwa and her guards who tells him no one can leave Songak. So reveals he knows it’s Wook’s orders after seeing his armor at the peace gathering. He asks Yeonhwa if Wook planned on killing the King last night.

Haesoo runs into Wook at the Palace, who calls out to her and asks where she’s going off in such a hurry. She tells him the King is asking for more tea, so she’s going to Damiwon. He nods and brings up what he overheard the night before: So’s proposal. He mentions he didn’t know they were had that kind of relationship. Haesoo starts explaining, but realizes the King’s errand is more important.

As she’s about to leave, Wook suddenly asks if the King has passed away. He tells her he’s worried about him and repeats his question. At this, Haesoo instantly recalls what the King just told her: to be careful of anyone who asks if he’s dead – that person is after the throne. Shaken, Haesoo asks him if he wants to become King. He tells her he’s going to become King for her sake. After experiencing how useless he was with his limited power, he’s now realized he needs power in order to protect the ones he loves.

Yeonhwa tells So what happened last night is no longer important because the King will soon pass. The important question now is who will sit on the throne. So is adamant that Mu will ascend the throne, but Yeonhwa asks if that’s what he truly wants as well – doesn’t he want to sit upon the throne, too?

“Is becoming King something so easy that you can become one if you want?” So scoffs at Yeonhwa. She tells him he can become one if she and the Hwangbos support him.

So asks Yeonhwa what one can do if they become King. Yeonhwa tells him they can have everything as the world becomes theirs. “Then, can I have a person’s heart as well?” So asks. She’s shocked. “If I become King, will the heart I so desire become mine?” He continues. “If so, I will do it. I will become King.”

Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo rush to the dying King, who recalls Court Lady Oh and breathes out her name, Soo Yeon, name right before he passes away. Tearfully, Queen Hwangbo announces his death. Queen Yoo asks how he can leave her behind. Crying, she begs him to come back to life and screams that he cannot throw her away like this.

Wook tells the shocked Haesoo that tomorrow, he will attack Cheondeokjeon with 3rd Prince Yo. Horrified, she tells him it’s treason, but he tells him Mu isn’t able to return right away. Fighting over an empty seat is just a battle over a throne. He tells her to not say a word to anyone and orders her to hide until he finds her. He questions her one more time, “I will ask you one more time, has the King died already?”

“The King… has asked me for more tea,” She says lifelessly. He releases his grip, knowing she’s lying to him. As she’s about to leave, he tells her Mu is in Chahyeon – she will not be able to get him here on her own. Shocked, Haesoo runs away.

Yeonhwa scoffs at So’s resolve to become King and tells him the throne is not a seat to trifle with. “To me, that is all it is,” So tells her. He demands her to open up the road or else he will assume she is plotting treason. Yeonhwa tells him he’s only stopping people from traveling to prevent treason while the King is ill. She further notes she can’t open the road for a person when she doesn’t know who he will bring back.

Woohee begrudgingly confesses to Baekah that his father, the King, killed her entire family. She’s the only one left. He realizes this is the reason for her scarred wrists as well and apologizes to her on behalf of his Father. “I’m sorry, I will beg in his place. I am sorry. I am sorry for being his son,” He hugs her as she cries into his arms.

Yo and Won finds out through Jung that Haesoo has been serving the King tea. It’s also revealed that Cheondeokjeon has been sealed off with Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo inside to prevent ‘news from leaking.’ Yo orders them to find Haesoo as soon as possible because she’s the only one who must know his condition. Yo declares they must also stop her from telling Mu about the King.

Haesoo hides behind a pillar and overhears Won asking a guard about her. She’s suddenly pulled back by none other than So. She instantly and quietly tells him the King has passed away, much to his shock. She continues to explain the King ordered her to bring Crown Prince Mu without anyone finding out. She grips So, who has been shocked into a daze, and worriedly tells him 3rd Prince Yo is planning to attack Cheondeokjeon tomorrow. When he asks how she knows, she says that’s not important. So tells her Mu is in Hubaekje, but all the roads out of Songak have been blocked. Haesoo reveals she knows someone who can find a way.

Baekah chases after Woohee and tells her no one will realize what she planned on doing because the King passed out. He wants her to forget everything to be with him. Just then, Haesoo and So arrive. Both Haesoo and Baekah vouch for her trustworthiness. Haesoo and So reveal that the King has passed and need to find a way to Hubaekje, Woohee’s hometown, to get Mu. So reveals that Yo and Wook – he glances at Haesoo when he says this – are going to attack Cheondeokjeon for the throne. Haesoo is horrified that So knows Wook is in on the plan despite leaving his name out. Woohee discloses she knows a hidden road in and out of Songak.

Yeonhwa tells Wook to attack Cheondeokjeon immediately to rescue the Queens and then to declare himself as the next King by the King’s decree. He scoffs at her suggestion of altering the King’s decree and reiterates he doesn’t want to become King with people calling him a traitor. She questions his true intentions as she thought he was on Yo’s side, but he will not kill Mu. He only tells her he’s prioritizing and ponders who would be more advantageous to attack first: Crown Prince Mu, Yo, or…? Yeonhwa rejoices at his sincerity of aiming for the throne. Wook contemplates the only thing that worries him is the “betrayal of one person.”

Haesoo gazes at the throne when So walks in. They talk about the throne and Haesoo mentions she doesn’t like it – the King threw away Court Lady Oh to protect the seat and So, too, will have to fight his brothers because of it. He realizes she’s concerned for Wook and he promises he will try his best to hurt him. After all, he doesn’t want him to die, either. He tells her he could die too and asks if she’s not worried about him. Haesoo tells him he will be fine; she doesn’t know much else, but she’s sure about that.

“People who may seem like they’ll never die all die someday,” So tells her. He smiles at her, “However, I feel like I’ve become immortal after hearing you talk like that.”

‘At the very least, it won’t be tomorrow. If history is correct, that is,’ Haesoo thinks to herself.

Queen Yoo lashes out at Queen Hwangbo, claiming the dead King to be hers. They start to fight when So suddenly comes in. He declares he wants to see the King briefly. Startled, Queen Yoo asks how he got in and wonders about Yo and Jung. Ignoring her, So approaches the dead King and kneels besides him. Ji Mong tells him that the King’s last words were that life is short and fleeting.

In a flashback, it’s revealed that the King low-key visited So in Shinju 2 years ago and sends him a new mask every year.

So covers the King’s dead body and reveals to Ji Mong and the Queens that 3rd Prince Yo and 8th Prince Wook will be attacking tomorrow. He says they should at least make Mu ascend the throne as that is what the King wanted. The news shock both Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo.

As So attempts to leave, Queen Yoo grips him and threatens him to not harm Yo. If he does, she’ll kill him herself. “You expect him to live after committing reason? You are too greedy,” So scorns at her and forcefully brushes her hand away before leaving. As Queen Yoo lashes out, Queen Hwangbo holds her back and tells her to be careful – one wrong move can cost them both their sons. Right now, they need to figure out a plan to save their sons.

Baekah and Woohee ride through a forest on their way to Hubaekje. They take a rest stop as he’s in agony over his injury. As they sit side-by-side, Baekah contemplates the “what ifs” in life. She tells him she doesn’t want to meet with him again after they reach Hubaekje. “Since we won’t see each other again, then… can I do whatever I want for tonight?” Baekah asks. Damn boy! He leans in to kiss her.

The following day, Wook and Yo are at Cheondeokjeon with their forces. Yo notes it’s strangely quiet, as if they are expecting them. Wook explains most of the military is out with Mu, so there are not many soldiers left. Yo rejoices at the fact that even if they come back, it would take an entire day. Wook asks Yo for a request: If So tries to stop them, make sure to kill him. Yo says he will. WOW, WOOK IS SO EVIL. WHAT ON EARTH. The rebellion begins!

Wook sees Haesoo by the pillars and realizes she “betrayed” him. Soo Kyung announces that Wook and Yo are committing treason by bringing such forces to Cheondeokjeon. Yo reasons that their mothers have been taken hostage and questions why Cheondeokjeon has been sealed off. He needs the truth or else he will assume they are planning on taking over the throne.

They draw their swords and Wook and So go at each other. Haesoo watches in horror.

Suddenly, arrows are fired into Yo and Wook’s forces. More guards burst through and it’s Mu and Baekah! Yo throws Wook an order, but Wook suddenly turns his sword on Yo much to his surprise. Yo laughs bitterly, asking Wook if he’s betraying him now. Wook reveals they never were on the same side, so it’s not betrayal. Mu reveals he heard about Yo’s plans from Wook and was on his way back after receiving the letter. Mu tells Wook he proved his loyalty and Wook tells him it was his honor to.

“It was a trap to catch me?” Yo asks in disbelief. Suddenly, Ji Mong rushes out and announces the King has just died: “He has left a decree stating that Crown Prince Mu shall be the next King. The Queens have acknowledged and received the decree. I deliver this message to you, Your Highness.”

Mu, in tears, cries out and attempts to see his father, but Wook instantly kneels before him to bless him a long life at the new King, “Long live the King! Long live the King!” So follows suit. On Soo Kyung’s orders, everyone drops to their knees before Mu and blesses him as Goryeo’s new King. Queen Yoo runs out… with white hair… and drops to her knees at the scene before her. What’s up with her hair?

The Princes finally mourn over the King’s body. ‘Wait and see, Your Majesty. You always thought I was too ambitious. I, Yeonhwa, will make this empire mine,’ Yeonhwa thinks to herself as she gazes at the dead King.

Elsewhere, Soon Deok blocks Eun from seeing the King and reveals that all new Kings instantly kill off all male siblings and nephews that threaten his position. Soon Deok attempts to put her armor on him, but he brushes it away and calls her out for looking down on her husband. She asks if he means he wants them to die together, but he calls her crazy. “Why should we die at all?” He asks. “Let’s both… live. We’re married, so we shouldn’t die alone.” At his words, Soon Deok happily hugs him.

Haesoo asks Wook why he lied to her if he was on Mu’s side to begin with. She asks if he did it on purpose, to test her. Wook declares that she ultimately went to So. In horror, she asks if he was actually planning on killing the 4th Prince.

Wook tells her he wasn’t lying when he said he planned on becoming King and asserts that nothing bad will come from getting rid of those who will get in his way later. In utter disbelief at Wook’s words, Haesoo asks how he can even use her to kill the 4th Prince even after knowing how much of an affect Court Lady Oh’s death had on her. “You have changed. You are not the person I once knew,” Haesoo tells him.

Wook argues that she hid the truth from him as well. All he wanted was for her to tell him that the King had died. “Didn’t you care if I would die or not?” He asks her.

Haesoo tells him the King asked her to help Mu become the next King – that was what’s logical. She confesses that So promised her he wouldn’t kill him.

“You pleaded for my life with So?” Wook asks. Haesoo looks at him filled with hope and tells him she can leave Songak with him now to live in peace. If they were to ask the new King now, he would allow it.

At this, Wook only tells her even if they do that, another problem will arise – there’s no other way. Horrified, Haesoo tells him he is only fooling himself if he thinks he’s aiming for the throne for her sake. She further notes she wants to keep his distance. Angry, Wook asks if it’s because of the 4th Prince.

“For even one moment, have you ever been sure of your feelings for me? Have you ever completely trusted me?” Haesoo asks, completely heartbroken. He tells her he will make her come back to him, but Haesoo only tells him it won’t be easy before leaving.

The guards, Wook and So chase Yo through a forest to the edge of a cliff. So stops Wook when he’s about to shoot him with an arrow, telling him to not hunt Yo like an animal. Jung appears, reasoning he can convince Yo but So stops him. So jumps into fight Yo, who refuses to give up despite So telling him to. Not backing down, So is forced to stab Yo who falls over the ledge. Dismayed, So lifelessly walks off as Jung screams for Yo.

Queen Yoo shatters emotionally over learning of Yo’s death from Jung. She curses So for taking her child and Jung comforts her, telling her he won’t leave her.

Haesoo encounters So by the lake and asks why he called her. When she sits down beside him, she realizes she’s crying. “If I came to you, I didn’t think you would forgive me. But I thought you would understand. I… stabbed my older brother,” So confesses to her as tears fall from his eyes.

Although surprised, Haesoo pats his back in comfort. As he sobs, Haesoo pulls him into an embrace.


Episode 13 Review

Can someone explain Queen Yoo's hair to me? Did she pull a Kaneki Ken? Other than that, wow! This episode was so plot heavy. Wook is clearly Master of Schemes! He completely surprised me when he turned his sword on Yo when Mu and Baekah arrived.. then again, he is trying to be King without being a traitor first. From the preview, he clearly is planning on usurping the throne from Mu..

I'm wondering if Jung is going to hate So now. But, c'mon, Yo and Queen Yoo totally had it coming. Then again, everybody in the series loves to hate on So and blame him for everything so.. there's that. Thankfully, after 13 episodes, Haesoo can finally let go of Wook. Please, Haesoo, love So already! Regardless, Wook's development as a character has been phenomenal to watch. Sure, he's not exactly likable, but his evolution from someone so gentle to someone so scheming is great to watch on screen.

If you haven't watched the preview yet, watch it before reading what I say next. Watched it yet? Yeah? Good. We see So "kill" Yo in this episode, but he reappears in preview for next week. It definitely looks like we're getting another timeskip. AND WHAT, So's getting married to a little girl?! Granted, it is the Goryeo dynasty, but I'm very curious as how how he's going to get out of that situation. And how did it even happen?! I imagine Mu should be a gentle and kind ruler, but he clearly looks unstable from what we see in the preview. Next week can't come sooner!

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  • StarberryKoko.com: October 06, 2016

    L: Woo, thank you so much for your explanation regarding Queen Yoo’s hair! I figured it was something similar, but she came out so unexpectedly with white hair.. I was left a bit confused. Then again, she was absolutely devastated over the King’s death (and now, Yo’s as well). She’s such a spiteful character, but I am starting to feel just a tiny bit bad for her.

    YES! I do think Jung revealed his romantic intentions to Haesoo when he told her he’s now a man, to wait for him, etc. I’m wondering what will happen to that because she’s clearly going to fall in love with So, who “killed” his brother. But I believe we’re getting another timeskip next week with Yo’s return, etc., so who knows! It seems like Jung is patching things up with his mother, though.

    I’ve definitely noticed the choppiness in transitions, starting with maybe 2 episodes (if I recall) back! It felt like it was all over the place with random scenes inserted here and there! It may also be due to how large the cast for this series is and the writers are trying to give everyone /some/ screen time. Regardless, I still enjoy the show and am happy to hear you are too!

    AH, I love what you pointed out about the poetic echo with the ending here and in episode 4. I didn’t connect that, but GREAT catch!

  • L. : October 06, 2016

    PS: Is it just me, or did Jung reveal his romantic intentions to Hae Soo when he was telling her that he’s now an adult, and will stop calling her older sis…. hmmmm?

  • L.: October 06, 2016

    It’s been reported that after severe stress or emotional pain, your hair can turn white overnight. The science is still out on this but it’s claimed that Marie Antoinette’s hair turned white overnight right before her beheading during the French Revolution. Hence, it’s called the Marie Antoinette syndrome. Hope this answers your question!

    Indeed – I really liked this episode! Tons of great plot twists! From Wook’s turn on Yo and siding with Moo, to So “killing” his brother Yo. And finally to Soo breaking it off with Wook. I know we’ve all been waiting for that! I think you’re right that it looks like Jung is going to have problems with So because of Yo’s death. But I suspect So took the burden of killing one’s own brother from Jung and placed it on himself. Wang So did stop Jung from jumping into the fight. I don’t know but I believe that if So knew one of them had to kill Yo, he’d rather take it himself. He would look after his younger brother like that. Of course, he didn’t want to kill Yo at all if possible.

    On a different note, the editing for most of the episodes of this series hasn’t been the greatest. In fact, some of the scenes don’t flow well at all and it’s driving me crazy! By the way, do you know that there are two versions of this show? The korean one, and the international one? I’ve been chasing both versions, and trying to piece together the whole thing to get the complete picture! I’ve never worked so hard to watch a drama before! LOL

    That being said, I’m still a fan, and my favorite part of this episode was the poetic echo in the final scene when Wang So said he might not be forgiven if he went to her, but that she might understand… ties in really well with the beginning of episode 4 after he told her he killed poeple and was covered in blood. She said to him that he might not be forgiven, but she understands. How things have changed so much for them between then and now. For these wonderful little moments, I can accept this show’s flaws. =) Excited for next week’s episodes!

  • Areli: October 05, 2016

    About the hair: my guess is that she no longer has time or mood to color it. Maybe she dyes it regularly to cover gray hairs.

  • Areli: October 05, 2016

    I am sooo happy with this episode. Finally, Soo realizes that So is loyal, true and honest with her… The only one that supports her (ok, Jung is pretty amazing too, with his concern and big heart) but 4th prince is the one

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