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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 Recap and Review

Posted on October 11 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episode 14 Recap


Haesoo, now knowing how to read and write, has taken over Court Lady Oh’s position as Court Lady Hae. Thanks to Prince Wook emancipating Chaeryung on Haesoo’s behalf, Chaeryung also works with Haesoo at Damiwon Palace now. Chaeryung gifts Haesoo a present for her birthday and tells her Wook’s feelings for her are still the same.

At the morning assembly, a poised Wook announces the King’s plan for a restructuring of the Palace’s forces: all soldiers of powerful families will now join the Palace army to take turns providing support. Those in attendance start chattering among themselves and Wook notes the King’s difficulty in attending morning meetings. He stresses that these are Royal Orders that must not be delayed.

Baekah finally meets Woohee in the forest, who tells him she’s been thinking about him all this time. She confesses she hoped his wound hasn’t healed yet to preserve his memory of her. The two embrace and admit to their fears of seeing each other. Baekah tells him he was scared she was going to be angry if he went to see her and, in turn, Woohee admits to her fear of being sad if she saw him. He thanks her for coming and the two continue their embrace.

At Damiwon Palace, a secretive Chaeryung carries a bag of unknown substances to the King’s bath but encounters Prince Won beforehand. He hands her a pouch of money and tells her it’s for her hard work. She tells him she has no right to accept, but he tells her she does and puts it in her hands before walking off. Uh-oh, I don’t like where this is going.

In his bath, a fatigued Mu laments to Haesoo how weary he feels after his baths. Whenever he wants up from his sleep, his memory is always fuzzy. Haesoo tells him the doctor said she’s lacking sleep and assures him she will provide tea and pillows to help. Once she excuses herself, Chaeryung seeps her pouch in the King’s bath despite Mu telling her the scent will be too strong. Uh-oh, I definitely don’t like where this is going.

Baekah gifts Haesoo rose oil he saw at Byukrando. She smiles at his gift and So watches her happy reaction to Baekah’s gift is irritation. LOL! Baekah, eyeing So, tells Haesoo that So didn’t know what to choose for her birthday and kept wandering around… and ended up coming back with nothing. HAHA!

At this, So tells her it’s already a gift to have a Prince in her presence since she’s just a Court Lady. “Yes, that’s true. I’m just a Court Lady and I should be happy just to have been born,” Haesoo starkly replies, garnering Baekah’s amusement at their banter and So’s displeasure. LOL!

Later that night, So howls (literally) outside Haesoo’s bedroom. Aw, these two are so cute. She tells him he sounded like he was choking on rice cake. He holds out his hand for hers and tells her he will show her something good for her birthday present, much to her surprise. She takes his hand and off they go.

So takes Haesoo to a field under a night of starry skies. Sitting side-by-side, she corrects him on the constellations and the two bicker about their knowledge of astronomy with Haesoo insisting he is learning it all wrong. When Haesoo tells him the story of Cassiopeia’s origin, So recalls to her a distant memory of being jealous of Jung when he saw him on his Mother’s lap. She was telling him stories and, at that moment, So wished for Jung to disappear. At his expression, his mother quickly hid Jung. “Perhaps she already knew I would be a person to kill my brothers,” He tells her.

Haesoo tells him people who have younger siblings all think that way, herself included. He laughs and asks if she’s trying to make him give up on her or if she wants him to only look at her – whenever he goes to her, all his problems seem to become lighter. “How can I live without seeing you?” He asks her. Aw. He tells her not to give him hope if she isn’t going to go to him eventually because for him, it is torture. He leans in for a kiss, but she quickly stops him with her hand and brings up her “permission.”

He takes her hand out of his way and cheekily asks if he can do it. When he leans in more, she tells him no and pushes his face away. LOL! Disappointed, So tries again (it’s so cute) but she stops him. He tells her the King will marry her off as a second wife to some old, powerful man at this rate.

Haesoo tells him that will never happen because the King favors her so much. He calls her a show-off and asks her to go with him to the prayer tower in a few days. He tells her he has something important to tell her there, “You’ll come, won’t you?”

The visibly unwell King Mu shivers and cowers in his bed, pleading to Wook that something is wrong with him lately – he can’t sleep and when he does, he suffers from nightmares. “I believe the time as come,” Wook suddenly tells him. “Why don’t you abdicate the throne to me?”

Mu glances at him in shock and Wook reveals he knows Ji Mong’s rumors of him being the “son of a dragon” is to cover up the severe rashes he has on his skin. “If you abdicate the throne to me, I will help you live in comfort for the rest of your life. The throne is a burden. For everyone’s sake, why don’t you let that burden go, brother?” Wow, Wook is so crafty now.

The next day, Mu, who is clearly delusional, frantically shoos away his eldest daughter into a palanquin to Khitan. When she pleads she doesn’t want to get married, Mu yells at her and tells her she must for the nation to survive. Ji Mong tries to reason that she is still so young, but Mu implores that if she marries into Khitan, they will send troops if he is in danger. Distrustfully, Mu glances around in fear of being overheard because he hears horses coming. He pushes his daughter into the palanquin despite her screaming and sobbing.

Unable to watch the scene any longer and choking on his memories of his childhood, So yells at Mu and tells him she will only be a hostage at Khitan. Mu screams at him, saying he fears being assassinated every night. “People I once trusted are now asking me to abdicate. I will end up dying at this rate. We will all end up dead. Who will protect us?”

So looks concerned at his deteriorating state and Mu, desperate and hopeful, suddenly asks if he will do it. Will he marry the Princess and protect them?

A beautiful Haesoo waits for So near the lake under a tree. She’s even wearing the hairpin he gifted her and smiles to herself as she touches it. So appears and watches her from a short distance. His gaze travels to her hairpin and he swallows his worries and puts on a smile.

When Haesoo questions him about the important thing he wanted to tell her, So feigns ignorance ad pretends to forget what it was. Clearly disappointed, Haesoo stresses he told her she had to come because it was important. “What? Did you get your hopes up high thinking that it was something great?” So asks, “Now I feel bad.” NOO, SO, DON’T BE LIKE THIS!

Suppressing her disappointment, Haesoo lies and says she didn’t. So says he still feels bad, so they should do something. He takes her rowing on a boat on the lake. Aw, how romantic. He sees her gripping on the boat and decides to scare her by rocking the boat. LOL!

He reveals to her that the boat is his favorite thing in the Palace. He purposely never rowed it much because he likes it so much; if he does something he likes too much, he may not want to leave the Palace. Haesoo, staring at him, tells him she is relieved that he doesn’t have to turn away from things he likes anymore. Oh, this is heartbreaking because she’s unaware of his marriage situation.

“I’m sorry,” So suddenly says. “The important thing I wanted to say. For forgetting what I wanted to say to you.” She tells him she’s sure he’ll remember soon and that she can take his time.

That night, Ji Mong tells So he made a big decision. So reveals that if he marries the Princess, his Mother and the Shinju family will falsely believe he is next in line for the throne. He will be able to control the other families, reducing the attacks on the King. Ji Mong compliments his political skills, but So says there’s one thing he can’t solve: Is he back to being a dog on a leash protecting his brother?

He tells Ji Mong he’s sick and tired of having to turn his back on things he likes and asks how he can cut the leash to be free. Ji Mong tells him most dogs would just bite their owners and become dogs that take over the house. In disbelief, So asks if he’s telling him to revolt. Ji Mong laughs and tells him no, but thanks him for protecting the King. As he gazes at the sky, Ji Mong tells So that the King will not hold him for long.

The next day, Haesoo gives Jung and Soon Deok facial treatment for their skin. Baekah is irritated that she is wasting the rose oil on someone like Jung. LOL!

Two hours later, Jung and Soon Deok are complimenting each other’s newly brightened and shiny faces thanks to Haesoo. Eun, walking by, overhears them and is clearly jealous of the friendly relationship between Soon Deok and Jung. He brings up Haesoo and the two bicker, ending with Soon Deok storming off. Haesoo tells Eun he sure has a lot of interest in a wife he claims he doesn’t like; why must he act so jaded? Eun proclaims marriage as the most useless thing in the world and mutters that So should just forget it while he still can.

The news of So and marriage piques Haesoo’s attention and Jung, surprised, asks if So is getting married. Eun reveals to that So is going to be the King’s son-in-law (awkward) and the wedding is going to be soon. At the news, Haesoo looks shocked at hurt.

That night, So meets with Haesoo. “You heard. You can hate me and resent me. It’s my entire fault,” He tells her.

Haesoo asks why she would hate and resent him – it’s not as if he made her a promise. He tells her he said he would take her out of the Palace; he said he wanted to see her free, “Everything I said was a promise. I ended up being unable to keep them.”

Voice shaking and tearful, Haesoo asks if he’s not even going to make any excuses. He tells her whatever reason he gives will not change her broken trust and notes he doesn’t want to speak any longer. Hurt, Haesoo says she understands and won’t ask any more questions. She quietly congratulates him on his marriage as a tear falls from her eyes and leaves as he can only watch in silence.

The next day, Wook reads an appeal to the King of a request to throw So out of the Palace. Mu immediately tells Wook to stop as this is most likely a ploy to get him to abdicate to Wook. At this, Wook tells him he has the wrong idea of him and says he only asked him to abdicate to him out of loyalty. He asks if it angered him and Mu tells him no, but it’s just as he said: he plans on sharing his burden with a brother.

Just then, So arrives. Mu announces So is going to marry his eldest daughter to the shock of Wook. He further explains that because she is so young and unable to start a family, it is okay for her to be the second wife. So reveals Ji Mong has chosen a wedding day.

“I have taken your advice, Wook. I plan on abdicating to So soon,” Mu suddenly reveals. “He is my brother and son-in-law. Who could be more perfect? Don’t you agree?” Wook suppresses his displeasure and smiles. He congratulates So on his marriage and snidely comments he hopes that there are no girls crying over losing such a good man. So stares at him intently.

Baekah visits Haesoo at Damiwon Palace, bringing with him a letter of explanation from So for her. She unwraps the letter and comments she had no idea he wrote so well. She laments how mistaken she was that she knew everything about him. Baekah looks at her sadly.

Mu happily watches as So marries his daughter.

Baekah tells Haesoo that So meant it when he said he wanted to leave the Palace with her. She traces over So’s words in the litter: I came to sit by the water; however, the clouds have come. It’s a poem and she repeats it over and over and over, re-writing the words again and again…

So watches over a sleeping Mu.

Jung goes to visit his Mother and is absolutely horrified when he sees her talking with none other than the supposedly dead Yo.

“You say you are a general, but you are not very stoic,” Yo tells him. Their mother smiles happily and Jung, in shock, asks what is going on. Yoo tells him that it’s Heaven’s will that Yo is alive; it can only mean Heaven is on her side.

Angry, Jung asks Yo why he pretended to be dead the entire time. Yo reasons he had been branded as a traitor and wouldn’t have been able to show up on his own. He only managed to stay alive thanks to Uncle Wang Shik Ryeom’s care. Jung quickly says he will request the King to exonerate him and restore his position, but Yo scoffs at this. “I was someone who wanted the throne. He will kill me as soon as he finds out I’m alive.”

He reveals to Jung about So’s marriage to the Princess and concludes this must mean the King is going to abdicate the throne to So. Jung reveals that although he’s opposed to So sitting on the throne, he cannot side with Yo if he plans on revolting. He is loyal to King Mu and reasons with Yo that committing treason once is enough.

Yo tells him a successful plot of treason is not treason at all and fiercely declares he may lose once, but never twice. He yells that the King is losing his mind – there’s a rumor saying he killed an assassin in his room, but he actually killed a Court Lady out of hallucinating. “A person like that or even a person he chooses… do you really want to leave Goryeo in their hands? Is that what you want?”

So and the night guards make their nightly run as the King has forbidden entry and exit into and out of the Palace at night, regardless of whom it is. Suddenly, So sees a figure – Jung – jumping over the roof into the Palace. They start chase and end up at Damiwon Palace. A guard notes there is nowhere the man could have gone except this room: Haesoo’s room.

Haesoo comes out and asks what is going on. She sternly tells them to leave, but a guard insists a man who jumped the Palace wall was seen entering here so they must search her room. Haesoo sternly tells them she was reading a book and didn’t see anything. She tells them to search elsewhere, but So motions to the guards to enter. Haesoo stops them and So tells the guard he will check himself. At this, Haesoo takes the pin from her hair and threatens her own life: “It is the room of an unmarried girl. Rather than go through that shame, I would die instead. If you insist on entering, get the King’s permission and return. There will be no exceptions for anyone.”

So stares at her and asks if she’s sure there is no one in her room. She says yes; she is sure of it. He sees the pin slitting her throat and orders his guards to search elsewhere and leaves. Haesoo breathes a sigh of relieve. Returning to her room, Jung is in her room! She falls to the ground.

Jung asks why she went to such lengths to help him, but is disappointed when he realizes she would have done the same thing to any other brother. Jung suddenly asks whose side she will take if they all end up fighting. Haesoo says she will be the referee, but Jung tells her she can no longer expect them to act like how they were in the past. Soon, she will have to choose. “Even so, Haesoo says. “I don’t think I will be able to take anyone’s side. I do not want anyone to get hurt. I’m going to make sure no one does.” Later, Jung covers a sleeping Haesoo with blankets and smiles as he watches her.

Outside, So watches Haesoo’s room and leaves.

The following day, So storms into Damiwon Palace and forcefully drags Haesoo out. “It was Jung in your room last night, wasn’t it?” He demands. Haesoo denies it, saying that never happened. “I thought about breaking your door down all night. Did you know that?” So tells hers. “Tell me the truth. It was Jung. Give me some sort of explanation. Why did you hide Jung?”

Haesoo, unable to contain herself, explodes. She asks him for his proper explanation – not a poem, but an actual explanation she can understand. Is it like what others are saying: is he greedy for the throne?

Finally, So explains to her about his marriage: if he didn’t marry her, she would’ve been sent to Khitan as a hostage. At this, Haesoo asks why he didn’t just tell her to begin with. If she did, she wouldn’t have felt so upset. So tells her that would mean asking her to endure again – he knows she hates multiple wives; he tried his best to avoid marriage, but there was no other way. Regardless, So asks what he could have said to her and how.

Haesoo sighs and confesses Jung was in her room last light – it seemed like he forgot the rules and was practicing his martial arts out late. Nothing happened. So looks relieved at this and tells her to not lie to him again, regardless how bad and awful the truth is. Haesoo asks what if there is something they both don’t want to say? So tells her they can just admit to each other they don’t want to say it then.

He asks if she is still angry and she shakes her head. She asks if he regrets getting married and he says no – he had no choice in order to protect the King. The Princess was sent away to Gaetaesa temple, which was what was decided on before getting married.

“Before, you said that you loved someone. Is that… Jung?” So suddenly asks her. Haesoo laughs and says it’s not. He smiles and Haesoo brings up the day they were on the boat where he forgot the important thing he was going to say. “You never did forget, did you?” She asks.

He nods and she asks what it was. He walks towards her, “I… love you.” At this, Haesoo smiles brightly and kisses him.

 “Next time, don’t forget it,” She tells him, much to his happy surprise. He breaks out into a smile and pulls her close. He looks at her like she’s the most precious thing in the world and finally, the two share a beautiful consensual kiss.

Won shocks Wook with a guest, Yo! Yo reveals knowing he got Won to use mercury inside Damiwon Palace all this time and comments it’s the smart ones who turn out to be scary. Tsk, tsk, Wook. Won chimes in that he’s a very loyal person and could not ignore his third brother, Yo. Displeased, Wook tells Yo he must have a lot to want to discuss with him.

Sometime later, Yo raids the Palace with his men. He shoots the guards and orders and attack, storming the Palace in search for the King.

Elsewhere, Hwangbo and Yeonhwa are horrified at Wook’s support of Yo when they learn about the rebellion. Yeonhwa asks how he can help Yo as he will most likely kill them once he is on the throne. Hwangbo bitterly tells him she didn’t raise him to be a traitor and demands to know if Haesoo influenced his decision. “Yes. I did consider her. It is because of her,” He tells them. He also tells them he had to commit treason in order to protect them; if they wanted to live with dignity, they shouldn’t have burdened him.

At Damiwon Palace, the King staggers out of the bath, completely delusional. He collapses and spits out blood, much to Haesoo’s horror as she runs to caress his face. Chaeryung, petrified, runs out of the room. Suddenly, Yo arrives with his guards who restrain Haesoo. She is horrified at the sight of him.

Mu pleads for Yo to save him and Yo pushes him into the bath. Hallucinating, delusional and poisoned by the mercury, the King drowns in the bath despite Haesoo’s cries for him. Chaeryung watches in horror behind the door.

Mu, you were destined to live your life floundering away like that, Yo thinks to himself as he watches Mu struggle in the bath. If the late King knew you would live this way, he would not have chosen you to be King.

So and Ji Mong rush in, albeit it’s too late for the King. So, seeing Mu’s dead body in the bath, screams in rage. Ji Mong instantly runs into the bath to help Mu. He coos out his name, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Mu? Mu… open your eyes.” When he realizes the King is truly dead, Ji Mong begins to sob. Haesoo continues crying and Chaeryung scurries away.

Yo tells So he didn’t actually kill the King – he was already addicted to poison and dying. So is shocked at this and Yo tells him Haesoo put mercury in the King’s bathwater. Surprised, Haesoo looks wide-eyed. Won declares the King did not get baths from anyone except her and there is mercury in the bathwater.

 Haesoo says she didn’t know anything about it and Yo tells So that he has two choices: he can show his loyalty to Mu and die with Haesoo, or he can accept Yo and save Haesoo. Of course, however, Haesoo’s crime of poisoning the King will remain. Whenever he needs to, he will take her in for the crime of regicide.

In anger, So clashes swords with Yo and yells at him to let Haesoo go.

“Wolves are known to follow one female wolf until death,” Yo tells him. “You are an animal, after all.” He calls for Won, who points his sword at Haesoo and orders So to make a choice. Haesoo closes her eyes.


Episode 14 Review

I am horrified. Is this drama a tragedy?! For those who've read the original Chinese version, don't spoil, but I am so sad! Watching Mu spiral into delusion was heartbreaking. I loved his character prior to the timeskip, but he was beaten here. Did anyone else tear up when Ji Mong sobbed while cradling the dead Mu? That was so heartbreaking to see and, of course, Ji Mong is so precious.

I need an explanation to why someone like Chaeryung would willingly poison the King.. it just seems out of character. Moreover, the blame falls on Haesoo, her friend! I need an explanation. Now. I know she's from Wook's household, but I can't see any justifiable reason for her to help Wook poison the King. I just hate Wook now. He's become so evil and crafty during the 2 year time skip.. but, hey, it calls for drama in a drama.

Did anyone else love seeing jealous So? There was so much jealous So in this episode! I can't pick between him watching her reaction to Baekah's gift to him enraged at the thought of Jung being in her room to their confrontation, etc. It was glorious.

I know, I know, let's talk about THE KISS SCENE! First off, So's attempt to kiss her during her birthday was absolutely endearing. It was so cute! I was so happy when Haesoo kissed So after his love confession (thank goodness for the two of them to finally communicate!).. his shocked expression was precious. And, finally, a sweet and consensual kiss. It's about time! She made him wait 2 years for her "permission!" I'm so happy that their feelings are now clear, but.. wow, so many blockades on their road: the marriage to Mu's daughter (talk about awkward, but then again, it is the Goryeo dynasty) and now, Yo's return.

Speaking of Yo, I love his caveman look. IT'S SO GREAT!

I am so worried about Eun and Soon Deok next episode. Please, please don't let anything fatal happen to the two of them! Are Haesoo's "visions" coming true? I remember there was a vision of someone dead in water (I thought it was the previous King, but it's actually Mu) and there was another vision of Eun and Soon Deok dying if I recall. They are so sweet and innocent! Don't get me started on Baekah. Baekah, at the very least, needs to live. Thankfully, he doesn't seem in danger next episode. Crossing my fingers for Eun and Soon Deok!


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  • Areli: October 11, 2016

    Best kiss scene ever… LJK is sooo sweet, caring, tender and almost surprised to be loved, that he actually cant believe it. BUT, I am afraid what he will be capable of doing, for that love. ❤

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