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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Recap and Review

Posted on October 11 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episode 15 Recap

So chooses to save Haesoo, earning a smirk from Yo. He drops to his knees in front of him and greets Yo as the new King of Goryeo. Haesoo looks defeated.

Ji Mong reminisces back to when he, Mu and So were younger. Feeling down from his mother’s miscarriage of his younger brother, Ji Mong comforts him by saying the baby’s star wasn’t meant to live long. Mu laments it would have been better if the baby became the Crown Prince instead of him, someone with lowly in-laws. Ji Mong berates him for being so negative and reassures him he has the star of a King. Hesitantly, however, Ji Mong asks what he would do if he did not have a long life. Mu tells him he doesn’t care as long as he spends his last days with those important to him. Little So tells him he wants to be King, too, and Ji Mong tells him he also has the star of a King.

Back in present time, Ji Mong looks onto Mu’s dead body as Baekah and Jung rush over. He asks if they are just going to leave Mu, the King of their nation, tattered like this. Baekah cradles Mu in his arms and tearfully tells him to rest in peace.

Haesoo apologizes to So, blaming the situation on herself. So instantly takes her to flee, but they are stopped by Won who reveals Yo will announce to Goryeo she poisoned King Mu if she were to disappear or leave Damiwon Palace. Haesoo fearfully tightens her grip on So’s hand.

That night, Yo and his Uncle, Wang Shik Ryeom raids the 10th Prince Eun’s residence. They seize the household members, but Eun and Soon Deok manage to escape.

Later, Wook tells Yo that Sool Hee will be exiled and that they will spread the rumor that Wang Gyu, Eun’s grandfather, plotted treason and killed Sool Hee. Yo compliments his good scheming work and notes how good Wook’s advice on using Haesoo to get So to submit to him was. Wow, Wook, wow.

On the throne, Yo tells Wook that they must catch and kill Eun quickly in order to make Wang Gyu’s revolt real. At this, Wook tells him not to worry as he has a “dog talented in catching royal family members.” Yo smiles. Wook, I hate you so much right now. Yo, you too!

Wang Gyu pleads for Eun’s life to be spared at his and the Eun’s family execution. Nearby, Queen Yoo and Goryeo’s new King, Yo, watch in satisfaction to their death cries and screams. Queen Yoo compliments Yo as her perfect child destined to bring her glory and tells him to take care of the other Princes as soon as possible. At this, Yo tells her he will handle the politics as she should just enjoy the fine things in life.

Just then, So appears and Yo reveals he only survived because So hesitated when he stabbed him on the cliff. So tells him he can put him away for good if he regrets that moment. Yo orders him to catch and kill Eun as, per the rumor, Wang Gyu plotted to get Eun on the throne. When So tells him he can’t do it, Yo threatens him with the safety of Baekah, Ji Mong and Haesoo. Once So leaves, Queen Yoo urges Yo to get rid of So as soon as possible, but Yo tells her it’s amusing to tame him.

So tells Ji Mong and Soo Kyung of the tragic fate of Wang Gyu and Eun’s household. When Soo Kyung realizes Yo gave orders to catch Eun and Soon Deok, he sternly tells So that despite having a bond with King Taejo in the past, he will not sit by idly if his daughter gets harmed.

Haesoo asks Chaeryung who contaminated the water with mercury as they were the only ones who were in charge of the King’s bath. Chaeryung fearfully denies any involvement and Haesoo questions why she would think she is suspecting her. Chaeryung reveals to Haesoo that Eun’s family has been accused of treason and all executed. At this, Haesoo worries over the safety of Eun and recalls So telling her he needs to catch some traitors.

Later, Haesoo runs into Eun and Soon Deok who have hidden themselves at Damiwon Palace. They take refuge in her room, knowing she is trustable. It’s revealed Eun and Soon Deok have plans to leave Songak by boat in 5 days, but need to stay in hiding until then. Haesoo talks Eun out of asking for help from his brothers and lies to him about not knowing what happened to his mother and aunt. Ignorant, he wishes they were able to get away.

Woohee requests King Yo to emancipate her people who were forcefully taken as slaves. He is surprised at her status in actually being a representative for Later Baekje and not just a gisaeng looking for revenge. He asks why he should trust her and she tells him that her revenge means nothing if her people are starving. If he can guarantee their survival, the people of Hubaekje will accept him as their King. He tells her he feels like he will still be losing out, but has a good offer.

Baekah tells So he found a boat leaving Songak in 5 days, but doesn’t know the location because there are 4 different boats leaving at the same time to different locations. Worried for Eun, Baekah asks So if he plans on killing him and So questions his trust in him. Baekah tells him he’s concerned because Yo is a person who manipulates people by using their weaknesses.

Woohee comes by, who tells them she will be returning to the Gyobang to teach dance. She tells them not to worry. Nearby, Shik Ryeom watches as she interacts with Baekah and So.

So confronts Wook and reveals he has a hunch that Wook is the one behind everything: With Mu being addicted to mercury for 2 years, Won is the most likely suspect. However, the plot is too detailed and well-planned for someone like Won to conjure. Wook, however, is smart and capable of coming up with a plan that intricate. Moreover, Yo is leaving Wook alone even though he should have gotten rid of him and his family after taking the throne.

When So asks if he caused Mu’s death, Wook asks if he will kill Eun as the King’s dog. He tells So that they are both struggling to survive as the fate of Princes who do not become King. In order to protect, they must submit. So tells Wook he doesn’t know what made him change so much and Wook continues to deny his involvement in Mu’s death.

Haesoo serves Yo tea, who asks her why she poisoned the King’s water. She tells him she never did. Yo then asks if she would say the same after being tortured. “Then, I would say you told me to do it, Your Majesty. I will say that even if I die,” Haesoo tells him. Dang, Haesoo, you go girl. Yo tells her she’s amusing and reassures he will not kill her because she is the perfect bait to control his brothers.

When Haesoo asks him who really poisoned Mu, Wook arrives. “How is that he showed up right on time?” Yo laments. Haesoo, horrified at his words, looks over at Wook. Wook reiterates Mu died from an illness and Yo, laughing, agrees with him.

Later, Haesoo tells Wook that Mu was like a brother to her and asks if he was connected to Mu’s tragic death. At her words, Wook recalls his confrontation with Yeonhwa and Queen Hwangbo when they asked if Haesoo influenced his decision and traitorous path. It’s revealed Wook further explained to them that the only thing he wanted amidst his family responsibilities and burdens was Haesoo, but he lost her. “What went wrong? Haesoo says I tried to have everything and that was wrong, but why? I tried to protect my family and my heart. What is so wrong with that? Mother, you told me to live right and I lived my life that way, so why am I still lonely?” He cries.

Yeonhwa and Queen Hwangbo are shocked at his words and encourage him to change his mind, but he tells him he’s already walking his own path now: he will live this way to achieve what he wants, ensuring he won’t be foolish and lose what he wants again.

Back in present time, Wook tells Haesoo he has done nothing wrong.

Haesoo runs into So who is waiting for her out of concern after hearing Yo called for her. He tells her she is using her as bait, but that it is okay. She brings up his orders of looking for traitors and So reveals he’s looking for Eun; however, instead of killing him, he will help him escape. He tells her not to worry. Despite this, Haesoo suddenly thinks back to the horrifying vision of him killing Eun and Soon Deok. She remains silent on their whereabouts.

The following day, Jung discovers Soon Deok at Damiwon Palace and helps Haesoo, Eun and Soon Deok plan their escape in a few days’ time. Haesoo tells them about the secret passageway through Damiwon’s caves.

Soon Deok asks Haesoo to relay a message to her father through Ji Mong, but Haesoo says no as Ji Mong is close to So. At this, Soon Deok tells Haesoo it’s wrong to not trust the one who likes and claims So is not the type of person to catch people for no reason. Haesoo realizes she’s right and admits to her foolishness. She tells her she will visit Ji Mong.

Haesoo visits Ji Mong’s residence, but no one is there. She leaves a letter for Soo Kyung on Ji Mong’s table.

Later, Ji Mong tells So that Eun’s star has risen near the Palace and encourages him to look through the Palace again. So insists he looked everywhere, but Eun is nowhere to be found. He questions Ji Mong’s clairvoyance and asks if he knew Mu would die this way with Yo becoming King. Ji Mong tells him not being able to do anything while knowing is divine punishment for reading the Heavens. However, he is surprised at Yo becoming King as he was only born with the star to commit treason. Ji Mong concludes something has definitely changed and wonders what deviated to make Yo to become King…

Wook recalls Haesoo telling him to be careful of So after the Rain Ritual. He mutters to himself that So is taking everything away from him as Yeonhwa looks on at him, concerned.

Jung and Soon Deok remove the stones blocking the secret passageway down in the caves. She discovers Jung has someone he loves. She cheers him on with his feelings once he confesses to her that the girl is someone who put her life on the line for him. He first realized he was in love with her when he heard her sing. Aw. Soon Deok recalls to him her feelings of love when she first met Eun in her childhood.

While all the girls from powerful families gathered to play, little Soon Deok was much more comfortable in her amour. Eun comes by and gives her a flower ring, which she refuses. He tells her it’s strange as all pretty girls like flower rings.

Yeonhwa visits Yo, who scoffs when he sees her wearing his ring. He tells her he will marry her off to Khitan as Mu previously promised them Princess Kyung Hwa but married her off to So. Because of this, he agreed to send them a royal who is just as high in status: Yeonhwa. She is horrified at this news and berates him and those on the throne for controlling her with marriage.

Later, Yeonhwa furiously rips the ring off her finger and throws it away. She thinks back to So telling her he has someone else he wants – Haesoo. He confesses that without Haesoo, he won’t have a future and that he is nothing without her. Yeonhwa cries.

Soon Deok and Eun decide to play by the bath as it is night time and Haesoo doesn’t allow court ladies out at night. There, Eun impresses her with his towel origami and the two even have the cutest boat race, ever, on the bath waters. She lets him win on purpose! Soon Deok reveals she managed to bring his favorite slingshot with him when they fled their residence and Eun, too, gifts her an incense pouch.

Soon Deok first thinks it’s a gift for Haesoo, but Eun tells her it’s for her. When Soon Deok look disinterested, Eun ponders that it was said “all pretty girls will like it.” At this, he quickly tries to tell her it is not like he thinks she is pretty – his eyes are having issues lately. LOL! Soon Deok suddenly leans in to kiss him and tells him she understands what he’s telling her: “Even flowers from a pumpkin are still flowers.” Aw. Eun quickly tells her he wants 2 sons and 2 daughters and they ponder if kissing will make her pregnant. Oh my goodness, these two are too precious. He holds out his hand for her as they leave.

The next morning, Haesoo smiles fondly at Eun’s towel origami scattered all over the bath. Suddenly, Yeonhwa appears to speak with Haesoo and notices the paper origami and instantly knows Eun is hiding at Damiwon Palace.

Yeonhwa orders Haesoo to leave So or else she will cause a problem. She tells her that she can help Haesoo marry into a family in order to leave the Palace, but Haesoo tells her that her ‘goal’ is not to get married. She tells her that So is happy because of her and that he makes her feel valued, which is why she wants to marry. If he remains steadfast, there is no reason for her to change and she will not leave him first. Yeonhwa bitterly tells her this is why she hates her: for Haesoo, feelings and marriages are silly games but for her, they are life and death. She promises Haesoo she will make her come to regret her decision.

Wook tells Yo that Ji Mong, Sookyung and those with military and religious power are sticking with 4th Prince So. Because of this, he advises him to get rid of him soon. Yo tells him that the timing must be right, especially since they just planned Wang Gyu’s revolt. Wook encourages him to separate Ji Mong and Soo Kyung. Just then, Yeonhwa comes by and tells Yo to cancel her marriage to Khitan if her plan works out. She has something that can lessen their work.

At Damiwon Palace, Haesoo is just about to send Eun and Soon Deok away when they suddenly hear Damiwon Palace being stormed by guards. Jung rushes in, revealing that the royal guards are everywhere. He orders them all to run while he holds them back. Unfortunately, Haesoo, Eun and Soon Deok hear royal guards coming from everywhere. Soon Deok tells Haesoo to take Eun away while she helps fend them off. Because of her father, they shouldn’t be able to kill her. Eun refuses, but Soon Deok promises she will soon follow him. She dashes away after entrusting him to Haesoo.

Eun refuses to leave without Soon Deok despite Haesoo’s pleas. He tells her he is Soon Deok’s awesome person now and will not hide behind her shamefully. He pulls away from her and chases after Soon Deok as Haesoo horrifyingly thinks back to vision of Eun and Soon Deok getting killed.


Episode 15 Review

PLEASE don't tell me the only reason why we got that endearingly adorable sequence of Eun and Soon Deok at the bath was for us to feel more distress when they get killed off next week. They're not going to die, right? Right?! So doesn't kill them, right? What is this drama coming to?! Eun and Soon Deok are too precious! Why is everyone suddenly dying left and right? Yeah, this story is a tragedy, isn't it? What did I get myself into?

Remember how I said I was starting to feel bad for Queen Yoo when the King and Yo died? I completely take that back. She's still nasty and needs to be killed off as soon as possible. And Yo, too. And.. ah, I don't know how I feel about Wook. I can't believe how incredibly coldblooded Wook is now. I know his intentions of turning traitorous aren't exactly "evil," he's just lost his way by choosing the worst way possible to cope with his loss of Haesoo. Regardless, his actions and schemes are completely unforgivable. Yeonhwa needs to be punched.

I NEED Haesoo to openly communicate her feelings with So. You two just agreed in the previous episode to be completely honest with each other! Granted, she has horrifying visions of him slaughtering Eun, but.. ahh. Sometimes, this drama makes me want to not watch in order to guard my heart.

We still haven't gotten our explanation on why Chaeryung would help poison Mu and then lie to Haesoo about it. I still need to answered before going forward. I know she's scared, especially after hearing Eun's family being executed.. but.. yeah, I need a better explanation.

I can't exactly praise the writing for this drama because some of the characters' actions are so questionable: Why didn't Jung do/say anything after realizing Yo was planning to rebel? How did someone like Haesoo not realize Mu was being poisoned for 2 years (he clearly did not look like he was simply lacking sleep)? Did no one take his slow spiral into delusion seriously? etc.

On the other hand, I did love the development of Eun and Soon Deok's relationship and I absolutely love Soon Deok's character. She's such a strong female character (physically and mentally) - something you don't often see in period dramas when it comes to women. I love how she is written to be the "protector" and how she purposely let Eun win. Moreover, I love Eun's growth in coming to love her and finally deciding to not stand behind her, but beside her.

*** NOTE: I will not have recaps/reviews for episode 16, 17, 18, and 19 until Oct. 28-30. Unfortunately, I won't have access to the show for 2 weeks, but I am hoping to get it up once I do. ***


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  • Saejin: October 20, 2016

    I freakin love this drama because of Junki tbh. But sometimes there’s just too much heartbreak. x.x

  • Areli: October 18, 2016

    Awww I am already missing the recaps! Will wait patiently to read your imput on episode 16.

    So much heartbreak! ? ?

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