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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 4 Recap and Review

Posted on September 05 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episode 4 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo continues to build the relationship between Haesoo and Prince So while Prince Wook finds his heart in turmoil. Haesoo's charm slowly, but surely begins to win over the hearts of our Goryeo Princes.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 starts right where we left off with Prince So confronting his Mother, Queen Yoo, in her bedroom. He smirks at her petrified face and proceeds to ask if she knows what he has done for her – he’s erased all traces of her to ensure nothing can be traced by to her. Ohmygod.

Horrified, she asks if he killed them all and he, slightly deranged, tells her that they won’t mind dying for her because she was the one who kept them alive. Ah, that’s what he meant. This went in an entirely different way than I imagined.

Queen Yoo gasps in shock, but her bitter reaction isn’t one he was expecting. She coldly asks if he thought this would make her tell him “good job” or even ask about his injuries. Prince So’s lips twitch in pain at her stinging words and she labels him an animal before demanding him to leave.

Feeling betrayed, Prince So desperately tries to reason with her – he did all this for her! At this, Queen Yoo spits out her skin crawls every time he calls her “Mother.” Before he leaves, he bitterly asks why his Mother doesn’t pity him nor look at him. He’s waited so long, he desperately pleads. Heartlessly, she cuts him off before he can even finish and tells him he’s not her son – he’s the son of the Kangs in Shinju.

Prince So staggers back, defeated. Shattering a nearby vase in anger, he screams if it’s because of his scarred face that’s made her single him out to be ignored and adopted. He tells her about his time with the Kangs as tears fall: once, they left him in Shinju’s biggest wolf dens. He burned down the entire mountain, killing all the wolves to live as he was covered in the stench of burnt flesh. He lets out a mad laugh and reveals that Concubine Kang, deranged after her son’s death, won’t leave him alone when she thinks he’s her dead son. When she comes to her senses, though, she beats him and locks him up for days before he can even have a slither of water.

At his outpour, Queen Yoo cruelly asks what about it. She further hurts him with her words as she tells him a Mother only recognizes a son who will make her shine. He’s her shame and disgrace.

Prince So tells her today is a day she will remember and points out she threw him away. “However, I will not leave,” Prince So tells her. “From now on, you will have to look only at me.” Astonished at his words, Queen Yoo screams for him to not step foot in Songak again.

Still blood-soaked, Prince So wanders to the prayer mounds and sees the two burning candles Queen Yoo lit for her two sons, Prince Yo and Prince Jung. Consumed by anguish, Prince So destroys the mound. Nearby, a surprised Haesoo runs to stop Prince So from destroying more. When she realizes he’s covered in blood, Prince So laughs and confesses it’s the blood of those he killed today. He points to the prayer mound, saying she (Queen Yoo) shouldn’t come to this thing, but to beg him stead.

Haesoo holds him back as he tries to knock the mound over. He bitterly asks if she wants to die, but she screams that he’s injured! Concerned, she grabs hold of his wounded hand and asks if he’s injured elsewhere.

At her show of concern, Prince So clams down and looks at her, baffled. Aw, for once, someone is showing this poor man genuine concern!

He grabs her firmly and reiterates the fact he kills people. Haesoo asks why he killed them – did he do it for fun? Pained, he tells her to leave. Haesoo only tells him it’s this kind of place here – it’s a place where he has to wield a sword at a very young age. Because of this, Haesoo says he has to kill others in order to live. She asks what she can do for him as it’s not a crime to want to live.

With his back turned, tears fall as he continues to listen to Haesoo’s words. She says he may not be forgiven for what he’s done, but she, at the very least, understands him. She voices how miserable it must be for him, but she can relate. After she leaves, Prince So drops to his knees beside the prayer mounds.

The following day, the Crown Prince reports to the King that they found the assassin’s temple headquarters, but everything was burned down by the time they arrived. “But, that temple…” The Crown Prince’s voice trails off.

“That temple belongs to Queen Yoo,” Prince So finishes his sentence, garnering a stare from Queen Yoo. A look of concern flashes across Prince Yo’s face and Prince Wook looks surprised. Queen Yoo asks if he’s insinuating she attempted to assassinate the Crown Prince. “Anyone would assume so,” Prince So replies and the two hold their gaze.

The King questions Queen Yoo, who denies it. Prince Yo falls to his knees, saying it’s all his fault. He was the benefactor of the temple in place of his Mother and feigns ignorance at what was going on. At this, Queen Yoo joins – if a child has done wrong, then so has the Mother. Suddenly, Prince So confesses he killed all the assassins and burned the temple. This shocks everyone and the King demands to know if he was the one who tried to assassinate the Crown Prince. Prince Wook steps in, saying the assassins lived in a temple that Queen Yoo owned – they impersonated Princes and killed the assassins as a trick to get the Royal Family to turn on each other.

Prince So agrees with Prince Wook and says he was afraid his Mother, Queen Yoo, would be framed. He asks the King for forgiveness for his poor decision. Queen Yoo looks at Prince So, speechless.

Elsewhere, Chaeryung and the servant girls don’t want the responsibility of bringing food up to 4th Prince So. Madame Hae, with Haesoo by her side, scolds him but says one of them will bring the food. Everyone looks at Haesoo. LOL!

Prince So sits atop a cliff, overlooking the town and Palace. Haesoo comes trotting, completely exhausted. She spots his back and notes he sure looks innocent and lonely from the back. She finally reaches him, announcing his meal has arrived. She’s about to lay it out for him when he tells her to leave. She scrunches up her nose and says if she wants to eat alone, he can do just that! She’s about to leave, but glances at his lonesome back. She changes her mind and seats herself by him. She says she needs to bring the dishes back anyway! He orders her to forget what she saw the night before and to be careful of what she says. Haesoo assures him she has enough problems of her own and doesn’t have time to gossip about others.

She asks if he’s looking at the Palace in the distance and notes it’s going to eventually become his home. At this, he mentions if it’s his home, she should have a family. Curious, she turns and asks why he did what he did yesterday. Prince So, flustered, changes the topic and asks how she even got into the Palace bath. Haesoo, also flustered, changes the topic yet again and randomly notes Chaeryung said the chicken tasted good. LOL!

Later, the two make their way down the cliff. Haesoo’s clearly struggling with the basket and he signals her to walk in front. He watches her from behind and reaches his hand out for the basket. She’s doing everything herself though and he retracts his hand. He lets out a small laugh at her determined exhaustion.

That night, Prince Wook and Haesoo tend a bed-stricken Madame Hae who looks terribly ill. Weakly, Madame Hae tells Haesoo to leave the room. As she’s leaving, Haesoo hears Madame Hae tell Prince Wook to take a second wife. Although shocked, Haesoo quickly leaves. Madame Hae tells Prince Wook she’s done nothing for him as a wife; thus, he should marry someone else or divorce her. Prince Wook, in shock, tells her he doesn’t want to. Madame Hae continues to persuade him, telling him he must. She also tells him she knows. “You do not love me,” she painfully confesses. Prince Wook can only look at her, speechless.

Sometime later, Prince Eun finds a zoned out Haesoo and pokes her face. He’s brought her a lot of toys – spinning tops, cards, a slingshot, a silk ball… an entire box worth! Haesoo asks how he could even think she likes the toys and tells him to play elsewhere. LOL! Knowing she’s bothered by something, Prince Eun tells her she should share her burden with him to lighten the load – he’s a Prince after all!

To his surprise, Haesoo asks if he’s married. He tells her not yet and she proposes a “hypothetical” question: if his wife is sick, would he bring in a new one? Prince Eun immediately says no, he doesn’t want the stress of having multiple wives like his father. He innocently tells her he’ll find one person and be with her for 100 years. Haesoo smiles at Prince Eun’s response, saying it’d be nice if more people were like him. She tells him he’s unexpectedly pure before leaves. Prince Eun, bashful, ponders cheekily that she’s moving at such a quick pace. LOL!

Chaeryung, on Haesoo’s orders, is in Prince So’s room trying to find a place to plant the butterfly hairpin back in his possession. Unexpectedly, Princess Yeonhwa finds her. The scene looks compromising: Chaeryung in Prince So’s bedroom for no reason, an opened box and a butterfly hairpin that drops from Chaeryung’s hand. Chaeryung looks like a thief.

Princess Yeonhwa punishes a crying Chaeryung by viciously ordering a servant girl to whip her back. With the butterfly pin in her hand, Yeonhwa demands to know what else Chaeryung stole. Chaeryung repeats she wasn’t stealing and continues to get whipped. Fortunately, Haesoo walks by and is horrified at the situation when she realizes what is going on. She blocks Chaeryung and immediately tells Yeonhwa she was the one who ordered Chaeryung to put the butterfly hairpin in Prince So’s room.

Just then, Prince Yo, Prince Won, Prince Wook, Prince Eun, Prince Jung and Prince Baekah walk by to witness the spectacle.

Princess Yeonhwa orders her servant girl to continue punishing Chaeryung, but Haesoo stops her. She tells Yeonhwa to hit her instead – if she has to punish someone, punish the one who gave the orders. At this, Yeonhwa looks pleased and orders another servant girl to tie up Haesoo. The two give each other death glares and Yeonhwa snatches the stick from her servant girl: she’ll beat Haesoo herself.

Prince Wook looks horrified at the scene. Prince Eun begs Prince Yo to do something, but Prince Yo merely comments that servants need to be taught a lesson. Prince Won comments that Chaeryung looks like she’s been punished enough and Prince Jung concernedly notes that Princess Yeonhwa’s beatings are quite severe.

As Prince Wook is about to say something, Princess Yeonhwa harshly slashes Haesoo who cries out in pain. In the Princes’ shock, Yeonhwa manages to get in one more slash. Prince Wook is just about to stop her when someone firmly grabs Yeonhwa’s arm, stopping her third slash. IT’S PRINCE SO!

He tells her it’s enough. Yeonhwa orders Prince So to let go – she’s in charge of running the household. Haesoo turns around to see Prince So. “She belongs to me,” Prince So suddenly announces as he looks at Haesoo, much to everyone’s surprise. Completely baffled, Yeonhwa asks what he just said. “I said that she belongs to me,” Prince So repeats, holding his gaze with Haesoo. He gives a small smile and tells Yeonhwa the hairpin is his. He should be the one to decide what to do with her. LOL, that’s what you meant!

Prince Eun runs up, defending Haesoo and says she told him she found it front of Prince So’s room. No, he corrects himself, he saw her pick it up. Yeonhwa is in disbelief, muttering “even you?” Of course, Prince Wook joins his two brothers as well and demands Haesoo to be untied. He even raises his voice, “Now!” Yeonhwa and Haesoo exchange glares before Haesoo walks off with Chaeryung.

Prince Wook sternly tells Yeonhwa she acted too rashly this time and leaves. Prince Yo sides with Yeonhwa, saying people like that need to be taught a lesson. Prince Eun wants to help Haesoo with ointment, but Prince Jung manages to drag him off.

Once everyone leaves, Prince So holds out his hand for his hairpin. Yeonhwa asks if he pities Haesoo as the brother she knows is not one who would stop her like this. “You don’t have feelings for her, do you?” Yeonhwa asks. Prince So only apologizes for disrespecting her and leaves. Yeonhwa clutches the stick in anger.

Prince Wook confronts Prince So on what he meant about Haesoo belonging to him because he’s been mistaken. Prince Wook stresses nothing here belongs to Prince So – not Yeonhwa, not Haesoo. They are his people. He orders Prince So not behave carelessly again before leaving.

Later, Prince Wook drops off medicine for Haesoo, who pretends to be asleep. Through the door, Prince Wook tells her he hopes she can forget everything that happened earlier. She sees his shadow leaves, but jumps out of bed to chase after him. Finding him in the hall, he hands her the ointment and she apologizes, saying she’s embarrassed to see him. He tells her he knows and asks if she’s in pain. Haesoo shakes her head, saying it’s not because of the pain she’s hurt, but because of how she was treated. In tears, Haesoo questions the “hierarchy” of Goryeo, asking if it’s a place that disrespects people who aren’t the sons and/or daughters of powerful people.

Prince Wook reaches out to her and apologizes he didn’t stop it, but promises that no one will ever treat her in such a manner again. Gently, he asks her to trust him. In her inner monologue, Haesoo thinks to herself she must think of Madame Hae in situations like this – if she lets Prince Wook come any closer, she’ll hurt Madame Hae. Haesoo moves her shoulder back, disconnecting herself with Prince Wo’s hand and leaves.

The next day, Haesoo bumps into (literally) Prince So. She pretends to be hurt (LOL), but Prince So tells her she bumped into him first. At this, Haesoo imitates his “she belongs to me” line and asks how he can even say that as people will misunderstand. LOL! Prince So asks if she doesn’t know how to say thank you – he saved her, after all!  Haesoo brings up the fact he’s always saying he wants to kill her and wonders what changed. She meekly thanks him and he questions how she got his hairpin. Haesoo confesses to picking it up at the Palace bath, but kept it to herself because that will reveal she saw his face. Okay, she corrects herself – she didn’t see his face. Haesoo tells him she’s keeping his promise. At this, Prince So asks if she’s even afraid of him because she keeps talking back. HAHA!

Haesoo admits he doesn’t seem like a person to take lightly, but she’s not scared of him anymore. She orders him to not say she belongs to him anymore because she’s a person, not an animal. He smirks, inching closer to her face and asks if he should call her “his person.” LOL!

Flustered, Haesoo says they should refrain from such burdensome titles and tells him to think of something else. She quickly leaves and he smiles. Aw, I love how Haesoo keeps bringing little smiles to Prince So’s face!

Sometime later, Prince Jung, disguised as a commoner again, engages in another street brawl. Suddenly, a band of bad men come and recognize him as the 14th Prince. They’re here to take revenge! Close by, Haesoo and Chaeryung spot Prince Jung forcefully being taken by the men. Haesoo orders Chaeryung to get help while she follows them. Prince So, who is also in town, sees Haesoo running off.

Haesoo chases Prince Jung and the men into a bamboo forest, where she witnesses the men force Prince Jung down on his knees. It’s revealed that the leader of the men is getting revenge for what was done to him: after Prince Jung lost to him in a brawl, his Mother (Queen Yoo) had his arm cut off. Surprised, Prince Jung insists he didn’t know what his Mother did to him. The leader takes out an axe and Haesoo, horrified at the sight before her, gasps in terror. Prince Jung screams for help and Haesoo suddenly runs out from behind the trees, aimlessly swinging a branch at the men. She screams she’ll make stew with their intestines. “Get the hell away from us, you bastards!” Haesoo screams as she lashes around at them.

Back at Prince Wook’s Residence, Queen Hwangbo expresses her concern for her sick daughter-in-law, Madame Hae with Prince Wook and Princess Yeonhwa. Princess Yeonhwa snidely says they should be thankful that Madame Hae herself suggested Prince Wook to divorce her. At this, Prince Wook insists he won’t turn his back on his wife, but Princess Yeonhwa tells him he should consider marrying again for the sake of his future. Outraged at her words, Prince Wook slams his cup and asks if she’s suggesting him to be like their 3rd Brother who obviously married for political reasons. He’ll lose favor with the King! Princess Yeonhwa spitefully tells him there are ways to avoid suspicions. At this, Queen Hwangbo scolds Princess Yeonhwa, reminding her it’s because of the Hae Household that they can even set foot in Songak ground again. She stresses it’s only right for them to not forget to repay their debt.

Abruptly, Chaeryung comes running in frenzy, telling Prince Wook something happened with Haesoo. Prince Wook immediately gets up.

Back in the bamboo forest, Haesoo and Prince Jung are standing back-to-back against the band of men. One of them whacks Haesoo’s stick out of her hands. Despite being scared, Haesoo asks if Prince Jung if he’s alright. He apologizes for getting her involved. Suddenly, one of the men takes a swing at her and Prince Jung blocks the blow. A fight breaks out. Protecting Haesoo by covering her, Prince Jung takes all their blows. On the ground, Prince Jung tells her not to worry as he promises he’ll save her. Aw.

Suddenly, Prince Wook appears on horseback. He asks if Prince Jung and Haesoo are okay, but the band of men attack Prince Wook. He takes them on, but receives a few blows in the fight. He finally beats them all except for the leader, but the leader only tells him, “Overconfidence is your greatest enemy.” Suddenly, reinforcements for the leader appear and the trio is surrounded.

In the nick of time, Prince So arrives on horseback. Seeing the Wolf Dog, the reinforcements tremble in fear. Prince So only throws back what the leader said earlier, “Overconfidence is your greatest enemy.” Prince So tells the hoodlums they must either be very brave or want to die for not running at the sight of him. He unsheathes his sword, sending them all scurrying off. Reluctantly, the leader scurries off as well.

Prince So dismount and looks at Haesoo, who looks thrilled to see him. He asks if his brother, Prince Jung, is hurt. Prince Wook says it’s great Prince So came then and Prince Jung thanks Prince Wook for what he did. Prince Jung tells Haesoo that since she saved his arm, her life will be like his from now on – even if he has to die, he’ll save her.

“Aigoo, aigoo,” Haesoo says at Prince Jung’s words. She pulls him into a cute hug and pats his back like a little boy, “Our 14th Prince! You’re already so reliable and strong. You’ll be a great man soon!” LOL!

At the sight of this, Prince Wook and Prince So look shocked. At Prince Jung’s flustered reaction, Haesoo comes to the realization of what she’s doing and apologizes. HAHAHA! Haesoo reveals Pring Jung reminds her of a brother she has at home. At this, Prince Jung calls Haesoo “sister.” Prince Wook and Prince So are shocked at this development and Prince Jung only tells them to watch over him to see what kind of man he becomes.

Haesoo laughs and tells him, “fighting!” Prince Jung, although confused at this modern terminology, happily repeats after her.

Later, Haesoo follows an obviously angry Prince Wook back his residence. She questions why he’s so angry and pretends her leg is hurt for him to stop walking so fast. Suddenly, Prince Wook grabs her by the arms. Haesoo, seeing his pained expression, is speechless. “I thought I had lost you,” Prince Wook painfully admits. “I… thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again.” The fear overflows from Prince Wook as he confesses his dread. Haesoo, surprised, attempts to free herself but he only holds her firmer. Slowly, unable to contain his emotions, Prince Wook leans in… oh my. They’re interrupted by the calls of the resident’s servants looking for them.

Everyone runs over, asking if Haesoo is alright. Haesoo apologizes for worrying them. Without a word, Prince Wook walks off. At his behavior and wounded expression, Madame Hae and Princess Yeonhwa’s suspicion of Prince Wook’s feelings for Haesoo arise.

Prince Jung cleans himself up at Prince So’s room, saying he’s there to prevent their Mother from finding out. Prince So notes this kind of outing must be common if he knows people like that. Prince Jung tells him he just happened to be unlucky. At this, Prince So tells him a man lost an arm and his household was ruined because of him. He asks how his brother how he will take care of it, but Prince Jung explodes, saying he didn’t know what his Mother did on behalf of him. Prince So asks the younger prince if he’ll hold no responsibility just because he “didn’t know.”

Prince So lectures him, “You’re a Prince. Don’t you know you hold more responsibility the higher you are?” Hey, it’s the same words of Haesoo! Prince Jung laughs, belittling his older brother and asks him when he was ever in a high position. Prince Jung continues, asking if he’s lashing out at him because he’s the only one their Mother treats coldly. As if that wasn’t enough, Prince Jung adds that their brother, Prince Yo, is right – it’s an embarrassment to be born from the same womb as him. Prince So hits him hard with a well deserved punch to the head just as Queen Yoo walks in. Horrified, she pushes Prince So away and orders Prince Jung to stay away from Prince So.

Prince Jung frantically tells their Mother that So was the one who saved him. He continues to add he would’ve lost his arm if it wasn’t for him. Queen Yoo tells him not to be fooled because Prince So only brings misfortune. When Jung insists again that So save him, Queen Yoo orders So to say he won’t go near Jung. So bitterly smiles, saying if that’s what he wants, that’s what he’ll do. As he leaves, he asks the younger Prince how long he’ll live being protected by her.

Queen Yoo sees Jung’s body wounds and is horrified. Meanwhile, Jung looks utterly defeated.

Prince Wook rides his horse through a bamboo forest and wanders around in the cold of the night. He takes refuge by a tree, his heart in turmoil. In her bedroom, Haesoo lies awake at night. At the Prayer Temple, Prince So solemnly stacks a prayer mound and recalls his Mother pushing him away from his brother.

The following day, the King is surprised at the Crown Prince’s request for Prince So to live in Songak. He asks if this is his repayment to Prince So for saving him. Crown Prince Moo proclaims he wants to keep Prince So by his side as one of his people. Ji Mong gleefully jumps in, revealing he saw the 4th Prince’s star rise above Songak – this must be the reason!

The King tells Prince So his Mother tried to kill the Crown Prince and that his Brother, Prince Yo, desires to be the Crown Prince. At this, Prince So says he has never shared their goals. The King then questions what he will do about his adoption to the Kangs – he was sent there to console Concubine Kang who lost her son. “Not even for a day was I considered a son. I was merely a hostage,” Prince So says. “Should you not know that better, My Majesty?”

Crown Prince Moo and Ji Mong tense at this. The King asks what he will be to the Crown Prince – a Chungju Yoo or a Shinju Kang. Prince So only reveals that he will not be a son or a brother, but a loyal subject. Ji Mong reconfirms the 4th Prince’s star as one who will bring Goryeo great fortune. At this, the King orders Ji Mong to tell the Kangs in Shinju and all of Songak the news: From this day forth, the 4th Prince Wang So will be staying in Songak!

Prince So, the Crown Prince and Ji Mong are ecstatic.

At the Wook Residence, Prince Wook clearly has no appetite during his meal with Madame Hae. Haesoo comes in at Madame Hae’s request. She says she thought it’d be better if the three of them ate together. Reluctantly, Haesoo sits down. She timidly thanks Prince Wook for saving her and he says he only did what he could. Abruptly, Prince Wook excuses himself.

Later, Haesoo sees Prince So at the Prayer Temple. She thinks he’s destroying them again, but he’s not – he’s building a mound. Haesoo asks what he wished for, but he doesn’t tell her. He reveals that he’ll be leaving the Wook Residence to live in the Palace. Because of this, he tells her won’t run into her so often anymore. Haesoo tells him it’s great she doesn’t need to deliver rice again, but Prince So playfully tells her to not take other’s credits since she barely brought him his food.

Haesoo starts tell him to lead a quiet life in the Palace – don’t threaten or kill or not kill people all the time. Don’t glare at people like you do when they don’t listen to you. Be especially careful not to draw your sword over nothing. Don’t destroy something that someone worked hard to make. She’s about to list more, but Prince So warns her that’s enough. LOL!

“Eat your meals properly,” Haesoo continues, softly. “Sleep well, too. Try not to have bad dreams if you can.” Aw, gentle Haesoo. Prince So, please just snatch her to the Palace with you!

Prince So simply stares at her and Haesoo asks why he’s staring. He tells her he just remembered her proclaiming she’s no longer scared of him and asks how that can be. Haesoo confesses she’s more scared of herself, not him… and continues, “even though they’re my feelings, I can’t figure out where they’re headed.” Aw, she’s talking about her feelings for Prince Wook.

Looking up, Haesoo is enthralled by the stars. They both gaze at the sky – well, she does and Prince So just stares at her. Just then, snow beings to fall…

Haesoo says the snow is pretty and reaches out her hand. Prince So continues to watch her. When the two catch each other’s glances, they both awkwardly turn away. Regardless, the two continue to watch the first snow fall together.

Through his library window, Prince Wook watches the snow as well.


Episode 4 Review

What an amazing amount of development between Prince So and Haesoo! Comparing their first scene to their last scene in this episode is insurmountable. I love how Haesoo unknowingly gives Prince So what he so desperately craves the most - genuine care and concern. I'm not even sure if Prince So realizes this for himself, but it's clear as day Haesoo's charm and sweetness is winning him over. When he's not forced to wield a sword and play politics by those around him, Prince So is quite childish. This side of him has come out a few times - when he was watching Prince Eun and Prince Jung play fight and multiple times during his conversations with Haesoo. He loves to tease her and easily gets flustered at things she says. It's so cute to watch this side of him and makes it all the more heartbreaking to watch Queen Yoo constantly degrade him over and over again.

Speaking of Queen Yoo and Prince Yo.. were these two even punished for what they did? It seems like the King is aware of their part in the Crown Prince's assassination, but.. it also appears as though the scheming mother-and-son pair got off completely free!

I'm curious as to how Prince Jung's character will develop now that Haesoo played a vital role in saving him. Queen Yoo is clearly overbearing when it comes to him and Prince Jung is completely unaware of the schemes she pulls with his older brother, Prince Yo. Jung's nature seems to be innocent, but his image of So is clearly tainted by what his Mother and Yo feed him. I love his interaction with Haesoo in this episode, especially the part where she hugs him and he gets flustered while So and Wook's face are in pure shock. HAHA! Hopefully, Haesoo will help him open his eyes. Then again, I hope Haesoo opens all the Princes eyes!

Prince Wook is definitely doing a lot of self reflection this episode. His own wife told him she knows he doesn't love her and because Madame Hae is such an amazing character, is even pushing for him to remarry or divorce her. He's clearly an honorable character and is torn between doing the "right thing" and what his heart is telling him. Ah, love.

Can't wait for Episode 5!


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