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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 5 Recap and Review

Posted on September 06 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A heartbreaking episode centering around the Hae Household. While EP4 developed Prince So and Haesoo's relationship, EP5 explored the delicate affair Prince Wook and Haesoo. It emphasized, once more, what a selfless character Madame Hae is.


Episode 5 Recap

All the Princes, 4th Prince So included, accompany the King’s visitation to a Temple.

That night, Prince So barges into Ji Mong’s home to sleep. Ji Mong questions why he’d stay with him instead of his living quarters within the Palace as it’s surely much more luxurious and clean. Lying on the balcony, Prince So stares at the sky and confesses he can’t see the stars from his room. He mentions the stars in Goryeo, clearly thinking of Haesoo on the night of the first snowfall.

Sometime later, Haesoo receives medicine herbs from 8th Prince Wook after she mentioned she was looking for a hobby. When Madame Hae asks what she’ll be doing with them, Haesoo says she’ll make washing soap! Cue to a monologue of Haesoo, Chaeryung and a number of servant girls helping Haesoo create the soap. At Madame Hae’s suggestion, Haesoo is also making some for Queen Hwangbo.

Passing by, 8th Prince Wook watches Haesoo as she teaches Chaeryung and the servant girls soap making. He smiles at the image of her. Madame Hae notices his gaze and joins him, adding how she’s never seen Haesoo so happy. She continues to tell Wook she wants Haesoo by their side for a long time to always see her laughing face. Wook, still watching Haesoo, gently says he feels the same way.

Later, Haesoo goes to the library at Madame Hae’s request. Madame Hae previously ordered Haesoo to help her write a letter and told her to meet her in the library after dinner. At the library, Haesoo is startled to see Prince Wook instead of Madame Hae. Also surprised to see her, he tells her Madame Hae retired to bed due to her cough and asked him to write the letter on her behalf.

Not knowing what to do, Haesoo slowly turns to leave but Prince Wook gestures for her to help him with the ink. She’s enthralled by his calligraphy. Noticing her curiosity, Prince Wook tells her it’s a poem and reveals that when Madame Hae sends a letter, she always sends a poem as well. He asks if Haesoo likes poems or songs. Haesoo chooses songs, but realizes that means Goryeo music and switches to poems.

“Then… I will give you this poem,” Prince Wook tells her. “I feel that I want to give it to you.” He hands a wide-eyed Haesoo a poem, who meekly thanks him.

On her way back to her bedroom, Haesoo opens the letter but is bemused at the letters. She waves down Chaeryung and tells her she forgot how to read after hitting her head. LOL! Chaeryung asks how she would even know how to read – she only knows her own name – and scurries off. Confused at the letters, Haesoo scrunches her face.

The next day, Haesoo is still fretting over the contents of the letter. Prince Baekah suddenly startles her, who asks if she’s illiterate. After telling him she forgot how to read after her injury, he offers to read the poem to her. Despite saying no, Prince Baekah plucks the poem from her hand and reads: “Green, O green is the willow, placid, peaceful the flow, Hark and I hear on the river…” his voice trails off.

Suddenly, Madame Hae appears and finishes the poem, “To the east, the sun is up. To the west, drizzles persist. Though they say the sun is naught, to me, the sun is aglow.” She tells Haesoo it’s a lovely poem and Prince Baekah reveals it’s a poem written by Liu Yuxi called “Song of Bamboo Twigs.”

He asks Haesoo if she knows the meaning of the poem and Haesoo chirps out it must be about beautiful landscape after citing the first line. He asks who gave her the poem and Haesoo reveals it’s from Prince Wook, who gave it to her to study.

At this revelation, a shocked expression flickers across Prince Baekah’s face and he glances at Madame Hae, who only smiles. He asks if Haesoo really can’t read – she’s not pretending, right? Haesoo asks why she would pretend to be stupid. Madame Hae tells Haesoo to return the favor as the Prince gave her a good poem. She also tells Haesoo to prepare herself for her visit to the Palace tomorrow where she will greet the Queen.

Haesoo is thrilled to visit the Palace. Madame Hae tells her to gift the soaps she made. Haesoo bursts into happiness and leaves. Prince Baekah, however, is pained and angrily asks Madame Hae if his brother, Prince Wook, is in his right mind. Madame Hae feigns ignorance, reiterating what Haesoo said about the poem being about landscape, but Baekah fervently spills that the poem is about love – in the last sentence, a world is changed to love and is used to make a confession.

He raises his voice, asking if Madame Hae is just pretending not to know the poem’s meaning. “When you got married, I…” he stops. “Is it possible? Did you know everything beforehand? You already knew how Prince Wook feels. I’m right, aren’t I?” At this, Madame Hae merely softly tells him to finish his drawing for her by the end of the day. Both are in tears.

In her bedroom, it’s revealed Haesoo isn’t as ignorant as she depicted herself! She has an inkling that the poem holds another meaning, but stops herself from over analyzing. She slaps her head, telling herself to think the 8th Prince as just a landlord. She pats her own heart, ordering herself to control it.

It’s time for the Palace visit! A bubbly Haesoo walks with Prince Wook and Madame Hae on the way to the Palace. Prince Wook smiles as he watches her excitement.

Queen Hwangbo visits Queen Yoo at Damiwon Palace, a rare occurrence that Queen Yoo notes. Queen Hwangbo tells her that because her sick daughter-in-law is dropping by, she’s here to pick up medicine from Royal Concubine Oh. Queen Yoo scoffs, noting how she doesn’t understand why people put so much trust in Royal Concubine Oh since she’s just a court lady, not a doctor. The two discuss their son’s teachers – Prince Jung has a private teacher in Queen Yoo’s home and Queen Hwangbo doesn’t give any information on Prince Wook’s teacher. Before they can discuss more, Prince Wook arrives.

Madame Hae tenses up upon seeing Queen Yoo and a clueless Haesoo follows them into the room. Queen Hwangbo happily greets Haesoo, complimenting Haesoo’s pretty appearance and reveals it’s her first time meeting her close-up like this. Queen Hwangbo introduces Queen Yoo to Haesoo as well and Queen Yoo instantly recognizes Haesoo as the girl Prince Jung talked about – the girl who hit the 10th Prince Eun severely!

Queen Yoo adds she heard Haesoo gets along well with her sons. Haesoo frantically greets Queen Yoo and presents her soap gifts for Queen Hwangbo, who is overjoyed at the beauty of the soaps. Madame Hae tells Queen Yoo she has a portion as well since she knows she likes fragrant things. Queen Yoo merely peeks at the soaps before telling Queen Hwangbo she has a very good daughter-in-law. “Too bad you don’t have children,” Queen Yoo snidely tells Madame Hae. “There would be no flaws, otherwise.”

At this, Prince Wook jumps to her defense and tells Queen Yoo, “They say big blessings do not come so easily. Thank you for your concern.” Suddenly, the KING enters with Crown Prince Moo.

Haesoo completely freaks out in her mind upon realizing it’s the Taejo Wang Geon who founded Goryeo! She laments how she’s seen him in TV dramas, but now it’s the real deal! She’s gaping in awe and Madame Hae has to pull her back. LOL! She’s still gaping when the King speaks with Madame Hae about her illness.

The King then looks at Haesoo, who sternly asks if she’s the girl who got into a fight with Prince Eun. Haesoo, terrified, is speechless and Prince Wook tells him they were just playing around. The King is not pleased, citing how a Prince ended up with wounds on his face. Crown Prince Moo chimes in that a pretty and cute girl like Haesoo could no way get into a fight with Prince Eun.

“I have committed a deadly sin!” Haesoo utters as she falls to the King’s feet. LOL! Looking down at her, he asks if she’s afraid of the King. Haesoo tells him he is a good and wise King, so she is not afraid. Amused by her answer, he asks why she would think that. Unable to answer, the King unsympathetically asks if she thought she could get away by using some flattery.

Haesoo suddenly thinks of something: “Well, you united the three lands and found a new nation. You didn’t discriminate against people from the fallen lands. You appointed them to high positions… Balhae! Balhae disappeared, but you stayed loyal. That’s why you are a good and wise King!” LOL! Clearly, she’s putting what she learned from history class to good use.

After a brief moment of tense silence, the King lets out a jolly laugh and Crown Prince Moo notes that Haesoo is very clever. In her head, Haesoo blesses her junior high school teacher and apologizes for cursing her when she was forced to memorize such things as homework.

The King gleefully notes that fighting isn’t all Haesoo is good at and tells his attendant to reward her with a Persian rug. Whoa. At this, Queen Hwangbo mentions it’s such an honor for Haesoo to receive such a gift. Queen Yoo looks displeased and Prince Wook quietly nudges Haesoo to thank the King.

“You are very benevolent, Your Majesty!” Haesoo dramatically cries out. The King laughs again.

Afterward, Haesoo scurries around the Palace trying to find a bathroom. Seeing the King made her too nervous! She’s lost when, out of nowhere, an arm drapes around her shoulders. It’s Prince So! He smiles at her and pulls her back. “Wow!” Haesoo is amused at his new Princely appearance. He asks what she is doing at the Palace, but Haesoo continues to look at his new clothes and notes that he’s become a completely different person. She nods her head in approval and tells him everyone will now know he’s a Prince. Prince So merely tells her he was born a Prince.

He leans in, asking if she’s there to spy on people bathing again. LOL! She reveals she had a gift for the Queen, so Prince Wook brought her along to see the Palace. She curiously asks him if he’s doing well in the Palace. “Of course!” He tells her and mentions it’s his home with his Mother and siblings after all…

Haesoo asks if he gets to see his parents every day, but before he can answer, she sees Queen Yoo and scurries behind the wall. Noticing her hiding from Queen Yoo, Prince So blocks her as the Queen comes by. Not realizing Haesoo is nearby, Queen Yoo confronts Prince So and asks if he thinks he’ll get what he wants now that he’s in the Palace. She tells him she sent him to the Kangs as a good gesture, but he couldn’t even stay! She clicks her tongue in disapproval and tells him he’s useless. She continues to degrade him, comparing him to Prince Wook who was born in the same year as him… but, unlike Wook, he’s nowhere near him.

Behind the wall, Haesoo is stunned at Queen Yoo’s poisonous words. Queen Yoo continues, telling Prince So he won’t last in the Palace since his only talent is killing people. Prince So only thanks her for her concern and tells her he will use every ounce of his strength to make sure he won’t be a burden to her. She shoots him a nasty glare before walking away.

Remember Haesoo is behind the wall, Prince So looks behind the wall only to find her gone. Elsewhere, Haesoo wonders if Queen Yoo is really his Mother. She laments how it was such a terrible thing to witness and ponders if she should’ve told Prince So she was leaving. Yes, yes you should’ve!

Elsewhere, Madame Hae coughs up blood. Queen Hwangbo is horrified and screams for a Doctor. Madame Hae tells Queen Hwangbo she has something to say. When Queen Hwangbo asks what she can do for her, Madame Hae pleads for her to accept Haesoo as Prince Wook’s wife. Queen Hwangbo is clearly shocked and Madame Hae tearfully confesses she doesn’t have many days left.

On the Palace grounds, Ji Mong appears and greets Prince Wook. Haesoo instantly recognizes him as the homeless doppelgänger! She frantically runs up to Ji Mong, gripping him and asking if he knows her. He looks confused. Prince Wook asks Haesoo if she knows the Astronomer Choi Ji Mong and Haesoo says, “Of course!” Haesoo presses Ji Mong again, but he’s insistent he doesn’t know her. She exasperatingly tells him she was looking for him and he imitates her, repeating he really doesn’t know her. She tells him they met a thousand years in the future by a lake in the park! HAHAHA, I can’t believe Haesoo just said that!

“Be careful,” Ji Mong suddenly tells her, “Inside the palace, shh! You must always watch what you say. It’s a place where speaking freely can be dangerous, especially regarding the throne of the royal family. If you ended up living here, you should abide by the norms here. Your life can’t change just because you want it to.” Haesoo realizes it’s the same line he told her by the lake. Ji Mong winks and leaves.

In the snow, Haesoo follows Prince Wook who is walking in front of her. She’s playing the “stepping-in-his-footprints” game and he smiles at her behavior. He takes wide strides to make it difficult for her, but she suddenly trips. He catches her by the hand and Haesoo timidly pulls away. Prince Wook asks if she and Ji Mong know each other, but Haesoo says she thought she did, but it turned out she was wrong.

To his surprise, Haesoo hands him a soap gift! She confesses she made one for him when she made them for the Queen. It’s to thank him for everything – even about teaching her poems. He accepts the gift and thanks her. Prince Wook then asks if she knows the meaning of the poem and she tells him, of course! She cites the landscape line and tells him it was beautiful. He states it’s proper etiquette to reply to a poem with another poem. She agrees when he asks her to write him something she likes.

Sometime later, Haesoo attempts to write a reply poem, but crumbles up the paper among many on the floor. She wishes she shouldn’t have pretended she could write. Suddenly, an idea springs into her mind. With a mischievous look, she starts to write.

Haesoo drops her reply letter on Prince Wook’s table when all the Princes suddenly walk in. Prince Eun and Prince Jung are ecstatic to see her. When Prince Eun asks if she’s here for him, she tells them she had to drop something off. Prince Eun sees the letter and Prince Wook helps Haesoo out, revealing he’s been teaching her poems and asked her to reply with one. He tells her to leave and she frantically scurries out, passing Prince Baekah who looks upset. Prince Baekah rushes out after Haesoo.

In the library, Prince Eun teases Prince Wook, saying they should take a look at what Haesoo wrote. Eun and Jung excitedly open the letter only to be baffled. “What is this thing? Did she write something or draw?”

LOL!!! IT’S AN AMOJI!!! ^o^/

Prince So perks up at Prince Eun and Jung’s reaction. Prince Won is perplexed at the content, too, and asks Prince Wook if he knows the meaning. “Well, this is…” Prince Wook tries to explain, but he’s equally as confused. HAHA! Seeing the letter, Prince So smirks.

Prince Eun asks for his take and Prince So tells them to raise their arms to the sky… then to open their mouths into a round “o.” “There, that’s it right there,” he says when Prince Eun imitates the emoji. PRINCE SO CAN READ EMOJIS!

In disbelief, Prince Won confirms it and Prince Jung is fascinated as well. The Princes laugh, imitating the expression and So clarifies for them it’s a “face laughing with excitement.” He adds that Haesoo must’ve liked Wook’s poem a lot. Yeonhwa looks displeased.

Outside, Prince Baekah chases Haesoo and forcefully stops her. He angrily asks what she’s doing and how she can do that to Myung Hee (Madame Hae) well knowing what kind of person she is and her feelings for Wook. He yells at her and Haesoo, in confusion, asks what she did for him to be acting this way towards her. In disbelief, Baekah outs her feelings for Wook, claiming they steal glances at each other and that when the two brush hands, they ponder on it repeatedly for days. He continues, “’What kind of food does he like? What will make him smile?’ These are things that will never leave your mind. The feelings of longing between you two!” He asks if she really thought no one would notice. He then confesses both he and Madame Hae know.

Wide eyed, Haesoo can only ask if Madame Hae knows and Baekah tells her all Madame Hae has is Wook, but if she hurts her, he won’t stand by to let it happen. Turning to leave, Baekah sees Wook who has overheard their entire conversation. Without a word, Baekah leaves.

Wook apologizes to Haesoo for having to hear Baekah’s words. She tells him she should apologize for being his heaviest burden despite always telling him she won’t burden him. Wook takes the blame, saying he was the one who gave her the poem. He’s been making an effort to make her laugh, so it’s his fault. He tells her not to blame herself, but Haesoo reveals she knew a person’s feelings could be dangerous but pretended not to notice and thought it would resolve itself. She cries, saying she took his hand and came out of her room that night. That was her fault. In tears, he tells her not to say things like that. Haesoo apologizes for always crying when she’s with him and leaves.

In her room, Haesoo stores his poem away. In his library, Wook stores her soap gift away as well. The two bury their feelings for one another.

Sometime later, Princess Yeonhwa gifts the King with a new pillow. He’s happy with her gift and asks who he can marry her off to. She tells him to choose well. The King expresses how he hopes she can live well like his eldest daughter. Yeonhwa’s smile falters and asks if the King wishes for her to live far away from the Palace. He asks if she doesn’t want that, but Yeonhwa lies, telling him if it’s a place he chooses, she will be happy wherever she goes. The King tells her she’s his greatest joy in his old age.

Outside, Yeonhwa sees Prince So and calls him over. Yeonhwa mentions the King must be planning to marry her off and So asks if the King has chosen someone. Suddenly, Yo’s voice can be heard: “Why? You don’t think it’s you, do you?” Snidely, he tells So to not have expectations despite being allowed to stay in the Palace. He adds that the King will never give someone precious like Yeonhwa to him.

So asks if he wants to make a bet on it and Yeonhwa looks pleased at the two’s attention. Yo says they should ask Yeonhwa if she has the confidence to live looking at So’s ugly face forever. Yo, you are so mean, LOL.

Yeonhwa reveals that she’s not looking for a great man, but is waiting for one who will cherish and treasure her. At this, Yo tells her a man must know her value in order to treasure her and tells her he would treat her like the nation’s Queen. Oh my.

Pleased at Yo's flattering words, Yeonhwa notesYo has always been nice to her. She curiously glances at So and asks what he thinks. “You’re not asking me to put a value on you, are you?” He asks. “Rather than a woman of high value, I want one who will treasure me. Someone who would not be concerned about this ugly face of mine.” He leaves. CoughHaesooCough.

Yo tells Yeonhwa So likes to show off and is just a struggling animal. Yeonhwa confesses she’s curious about how fun it would be to turn an animal into a human.

Sometime later, Madame Hae asks Haesoo to do her make up after coughing up a fit of blood. She asks Haesoo her feelings for Prince Wook. When Haesoo is unable to answer, Madame Hae calls them both fools. Tearfully, she asks Haesoo to do her makeup for her and painfully tells Haesoo she wants the Prince to remember her looking beautiful.

Crying, Haesoo applies makeup on Madame Hae. In a voice over, Madame Hae narrates her thoughts for Haesoo: “Soo, you have a feverish body and catch colds easily. You must always remember to have ginger in honey. You live in close quarters to the Royal family. Be careful with your words and actions, always. I am always worried about your uncontrollable temper. And about the Prince… I want you to make a pillow for him. He has many worries. I would like it if he could be comfortable in his sleep. I’m asking you… to take care of him.”

The two smile at each other, crying.

In the snowfall, Prince Wook and Madame Hae take their last walk together with Haesoo trailing behind. Concerned for her health, Wook suggests they should go back to the residence. Madame Hae refuses, saying she wants to see the snow. She reminisces their first meeting and voices how she stubbornly pushed for marriage – he had been kicked out of the Palace and she wanted to help him rise with her own hands.

She touches his face. Tearing, she tells him she wants him to watch over Haesoo. She tells him to take into consideration her feelings for him. “Please, Haesoo, that child…” Suddenly, she’s on the verge of collapsing. Wook piggy backs a very weak Madame Hae on his way back to the residence.

“What you said to be before, I can’t forget it. You said… that I did not love you. I…” Wook softly begins.

Madame Hae interrupts him, telling him he doesn’t have to say anything. Before he can say more, Madame Hae tells him she was able to love him more – that was enough. Tears fall from her eyes and she passes away on Wook’s back.

The world stops for Wook. Haesoo, realizes, cries. Wook painfully shushes Haesoo to not wake Madame Hae from her sleep. In the snow, Haesoo continues to sob as Wook continues to carry the dead Madame Hae back to the residence.


Episode 5 Review

Although Madame Hae's death was inevitable, I'm so sad to see her go. She was such a loving, selfless character. EP5 was heavily focused in on Madame Hae, Prince Wook and Haesoo with a special feature of Prince Baekah. I love how Baekah confronted Haesoo - that conversation was much needed in order to "wake" Haesoo up. In a way, she's been shoving the feelings between her and Prince Wook under the rug. Baekah confronting her about those feelings and revealing that both he and Madame Hae are aware of their feelings for each other definitely helped develop her character and the story. With Madame Hae's death, I'm now wondering if Prince Wook will pursue her.

It's hard for me to see the two of them happily committing to a relationship given how guilty the two must feel. Madame Hae was such a wonderful wife to Prince Wook and an amazing "pseudo" Mother to Haesoo, herself. From the preview, it looks like Haesoo will be married off to an unknown man(?). I'm curious as to why! 

Although I love Prince Wook, I'm sad to see so little Prince So in this episode. The bit with the emoji was absolutely hilarious though! It's nice to see him apart of the Princes gang now.

Who else is intrigued by Ji Mong? I can't help but think he knows more than he's letting on..


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