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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 Recap and Review

Posted on September 13 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo EP6 explores the aftermath of Madame Hae's death and... Haesoo's marriage?! Let's get started!


Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 starts with Madame Hae’s funeral. With everyone downed in white, an overwhelmed Wook waves a torch as everyone in attendance pay their last respects to Madame Hae. In the audience, Haesoo and the rest of the Princes (except for Baekah) are present. Wook lights the wood and Madame Hae’s casket begins to burn. The soundtrack during this scene is beautiful.

Haesoo and Chaeryung sob to Madame Hae’s burning casket. Elsewhere, Baekah flips through all the portraits he’s drawn of Madame Hae as tears fall from his eyes. Back at the funeral, So glances at the sobbing Haesoo.

Later that night, Haesoo finds a defeated Wook slouched by his bedside. Eyes red, Wook regretfully asks Haesoo why he couldn’t tell Madame Hae what she wanted to hear the most: that he loved her. Wook painfully confesses he didn’t think he did, but now – too late – he realizes his feelings for her were that of love. Crying, he repentantly sobs that he mistook love as gratefulness. Wook, utterly broken, asks Haesoo what he should do now as he clutches onto the hem of her dress. Tearstained, Haesoo kneels down and comforts him, telling him Myung Hee already knew his feelings for her. She comforts him with a hug and the two grieve in tears over Madame Hae’s death.

Sometime later, Haesoo ponders what will happen now – what should she do with her life now that her cousin is gone? Suddenly, she hears rattling! When she goes to check it out, a doll pops out! Cue the cutest puppet show you’ll never see.

Of course, it’s Eun trying to cheer up Haesoo with his puppet show. Haesoo smiles at his efforts, but Eun ends up falling over. Haesoo runs out to see Eun embarrassingly berating his attendants for causing him to fall. They scurry off when Eun forgives them thanks to Haesoo’s glower. Haesoo tells him she’s touched by his puppet show and gives him a “thumbs up” gesture. Confused, he imitates it and decides the index finger should be his “thumbs up!” He repeatedly continues his puppet show which, of course, starts to annoy Haesoo. LOL! Eun is too adorable and innocent!

Haesoo visits Madame Hae’s burial, thinking to herself how fast time passes. She muses how she’s been in Goryeo a long time, too. In her monologue, Haesoo apologizes to Madame Hae for not telling her the truth of her situation despite wanting to many times. She thanks her as well.

Nearby, Jung and Baekah call out to her. The trio walk back to Wook’s Residence and run into Yeonhwa, who declares she has good news for Haesoo: she’s getting married! WHAT! At this, Jung and Baekah cast confused glances at each other.

Later, Wook and Yeonhwa are meeting with two of Haesoo’s household members (the Hae Household). Wook voices his discomfort at the abruptness of Haesoo’s marriage, but Haesoo’s household members are brimming with joy. Wook tells them to give Haesoo space as Madame Hae just passed away, but Yeonhwa interjects, noting it’s a great opportunity for Haesoo to leave the place where her cousin died. Haesoo’s household members gleefully tell Wook they cannot lose out on this opportunity for Haesoo.

Elsewhere, an outraged Baekah drags So with him. So forcefully releases Baekah’s grip and tells him Haesoo is at the marrying age. HEY, SO, DEFEND YOUR GIRL! Regardless, Baekah tells him that since he’s here, he might as well oppose the marriage too. LOL! So reasons Haesoo’s marriage is a Hae Household affair so they technically have no right to object. He attempts to leave when, suddenly, Eun and Jung frantically run up to him asking if Haesoo’s marriage is true. Won trails behind them.

Jung announces a rumor Eun heard – the man who is going to marry Haesoo is over 60 with many sons! Eek. Concerned expressions dart around the four Princes at this news. At this revelation, Baekah voices the realization that it’s not a marriage – Haesoo is being sold. Won chimes in, agreeing she is being sold.

Overhearing their conversation nearby, Wook demands to know if it’s true. Eun asks how Wook could treat Haesoo this way. Jung adds that that the man who made the offer said it’s to make up for the mistreatment of the Haes and pushes that selling Hae is dishonorable. He tells Wook that the Wook he knows will never do something like this. Wook asks all the Princes present for their help.

Chaeryung is sobbing as Haesoo looks dazed. Haesoo suddenly snaps out of it and frantically decides she needs to run away – there’s no way she could get married! Chaeryung agrees, telling Haesoo she won’t tell anyone where she runs off too. Suddenly, Eun peeks through her window and quickly gestures for her to come out. Ahh, look at these Princes trying to be all stealthy at sneaking her out of the Wook Residence!

Jung distracts some attendants as Eun leads her out. Baekah pulls the two behind a wall and signals for them to leave. Aw, this is so cute. Even Won gets roped into this! He reluctantly distracts two guards as Eun and Haesoo sneak pass.

The two run into Wook, who holds out a hand for her. Jung is ready on horseback! Wook drapes a hood over Haesoo’s head and tells her he can’t send her away like this.

Yeonhwa is with Haesoo’s household members when she spots Wook galloping by on horseback with a hooded figure – she instantly realizes what’s going on and orders the guards to chase after Wook.

Wook, the hooded figure and Jung gallop off into foggy woods, but are stopped by Yeonhwa and her men. Yeonhwa calls for Wook, who ignorantly asks if something happened at home. Haesoo’s household member, her Ucnle, confronts Wook, saying his niece has become a burden to him and forcefully tugs at the hooded figure… it turns out to be Eun! The three brothers laugh to the Uncle’s dismay. Yeonhwa, upset, orders her guards to search the other routes.

In actuality, the real Haesoo is riding off with So with Baekah trailing after them. As they are galloping away, Haesoo glances back at So. In a voiceover flashback, Haesoo tells So she didn’t think he would be one to help her escape. He tells her it’s not because he likes her, but because he doesn’t want to see her live a life controlled by others – that’s a life not worth living. I love how romantic this scene is filmed despite the two not having any romantic attraction (yet).

The trio run into Ji Mong and several royal guards. Uh oh. Wook, Jung and Yeonhwa catch up as well. So asks why Ji Mong needs Haesoo – did the person who want to marry her ask him to retrieve her? Baekah tells Ji Mong to turn his head the other way just this once, but Ji Mong shockingly reveals an order has been given for Haesoo to enter the palace. Everyone is surprised at this revelation. Wook asks for clarification… it’s not possible that… Just then, Ji Mong declares that the King will marry Haesoo. WHAT!!!

Everyone is stunned speechless, but Wook manages to stutter out it’s not possible. Ji Mong formally reiterates that the daughter of the Hong Ha Jin Hae clan and In Gyu Go Myung, Lady Soo (Haesoo) is definitely going to marry the King.

When So asks if Haesoo heard anything about this, she shockingly says no and calls it nonsense. He tells her not to get off the horse. Haesoo’s uncle comes up and Wook asks if they knew about the King’s marriage. Haesoo’s uncle reveals that the King has acknowledged the Hae Household’s efforts and would like to be in-laws. Wook sternly asks why he didn’t tell him she was going to marry the King and the Uncle snidely replies now that Madame Hae is dead, his family is no longer related to him. He then starts fantasizing in glee – if Haesoo were to bare the King’s child, they may have a breakdown in relations due to the throne. Haesoo, So and Wook looks disgusted at the thought. Wow, this Uncle is sickening!

Yeonhwa asks the Uncle if he thought they would stop the marriage if they knew about it. She tells them they have nothing more to discuss and to return. As the royal guards approach Haesoo, So strictly orders them to stand back. Ji Mong tells warns him about refusing a royal command and Yeonhwa agrees, revealing that all their brothers will die because of Haesoo if he refuses!

At this, Haesoo is shocked. All the Princes look defeated at this truth. She moves to dismount from the horse, but So holds her back and tells her if she goes now, it will be hard to leave the Palace. Regardless, Haesoo says, she will go so no one will get hurt. At her answer, So dismounts and helps her off. Before she leaves, he asks if she really won’t regret it. Haesoo tells him not to worry and that she will talk to the King.

She stares at Wook and forces a smile at the rest of the concerned Princes before getting into the palanquin. From the palanquin, she smiles at Wook as they close the door. Watching her, So mutters Haesoo is a stupid girl. Jung reiterates the rumor of the man being 60 years old with many sons… IT WAS THE KING! Eun asks if Haesoo is going to be like his mother. Yuck!

Haesoo tells herself not to panic and that she must survive.

At Damiwon Palace, Royal Concubine Oh orders her attendants around. One of her assistant informs her Queen Yoo has a severe headache and Royal Concubine Oh orders to get peppermint tea started and remarks to serve chrysanthemum tea after dinner. Suddenly, another attending rushes over telling her updates on the King’s new bride. She asks who the bride is and the attendant whispers something into her ear.

Ji Mong tells Haesoo to prepare her body and mind for her marriage, but she interrupts him, asking if it’s possible to ask if there’s been some sort of mistake. In disbelief, he asks if she wants to turn down the King’s marriage. Haesoo says it’s not just the King – she has no intention of marrying a man she doesn’t know. Suddenly, Ji Mong’s attention is grasped by the arrival of Royal Concubine Oh.

Ji Mong enthusiastically greets Concubine Oh, who instantly signals to Haesoo asking if that is the King’s new bride. Ji Mong introduces Hae and excuses himself as a subject now that Concubine Oh is there. Before he leaves, he tells Haesoo to follow her fate. Concubine Oh orders Ji Mong to not refer to himself as a lower person in front of them. Haesoo reluctantly follows Concubine Oh and Ji Mong questions to himself what the King saw in a woman like Concubine Oh.

Concubine Oh brings Haesoo to a room where she informs her they will search her body – a woman with scars cannot be the King’s wife. Despite Haesoo’s protests, Concubine Oh and the attendants forcefully hold her to examine her body.

Elsewhere, Queen Hwangbo and Queen Yoo are having tea. Queen Yoo brings up the King’s new marriage, asking if Queen Hwangbo has any intentions of stopping it. Queen Hwangbo simply states he’s doing it for national interests and questions if that’s something she should speak up about. Queen Yoo disapprovingly says the girl he’s marrying is 29 years old – the King should consider his family before national interests. She further questions if the King intends to split the nation into 25 parts once he passes away. Queen Hwangbo asks why she would say such a thing when, abruptly, 14th Prince Jung arrives.

Jung runs in, frantic, asking his mother, Queen Yoo, for help – stop Haesoo’s marriage! When Queen Hwangbo and Queen Yoo learn that it’s Haesoo, they look surprised. Queen Yoo scoffs at Hwangbo, asking if she looks relaxed because she’s related to haesoo. Regardless, Queen Yoo asks Jung who could stop a King’s marriage and tells him it’s not his place to interfere.]

Suddenly, 8th Prince Wook arrives as well. Wook is surprised to see Queen Yoo, but Jung announces he must also be here to ask for help in stopping Haesoo’s marriage. Queen Yoo snidely asks why Wook is bothered by Haesoo’s marriage. He tells her it’s too sudden and that Haesoo is like a little sister to him, but Queen Yoo smugly says he shouldn’t be conflicted as she’s marrying the King. Queen Hwangbo literally rolls her eyes. LOL! Abruptly, even Yeonhwa barges in!

Elsewhere, Baekah pleads with So to help get Haesoo out of the Palace, but So only tells him Haesoo came in on her own so she should endure it herself. Baekah reasons that Haesoo did it to keep them all safe. So mutters that no one can stop the marriage now and asks Baekah if he has feelings for Haesoo. At this, Baekah says it’s not him that has feelings for her, but admits Haesoo is a bit special to him.

In a flashback, sometime after Madame Hae’s death, Haesoo and Baekah are drinking together. Drunk, she asks why Baekah didn’t confess his feelings to Madame Hae if he liked her so much and he explains that his Mother is a Shilla Royal family member which has now fallen. Although they’re all Princes, there’s not the same “level.” He further explains that back then, Madame Hae’s family had a high standing and he wasn’t in a position to ask for Madame Hae’s hand. Disgusted at the social hierarchy, Haesoo loudly complains how everyone in Goryeo is treated like property and tells him to wait a thousand years where no one is above or below you. At her recklessness smack talking of the royal family and the hierarchy, Baekah tries to hush her from being overheard, but Haesoo tells him to listen to her: “You could be living well and still just end up dying one day. You can fall right out of the sky then end up living in a place like this. So, just follow your heart and live. Do everything you want to do and live however you want. However! Okay?” Haesoo flashes him an “OK” sign with her hand. Amused at her gesture, he imitates her sign.

Back in reality, So scolds Baekah for letting Haesoo speak so carelessly about the Princes without stopping her. However, Baekah defends Haesoo’s words. He tells So to look around Goryeo where family connections are everything. He laments how people get treated due to their status, family and looks. Because of this, both he and So have it bad but they’re Princes. He asks So how bad it must be for the common folk.  

“So what?” So retorts. He asks if Baekah plans to overthrow the throne because of this, but Baekah says he just wants to be free. He tells So he knows he wants to be, too, and asks about Haesoo – how can a girl with no parents or siblings survive in the palace? Once today passes, she won’t even see the King again. She will only suffocate and die. Finally, Baekah’s words resonate with So.

Concubine Oh tells Haesoo to wash up now that her examination is over. She tells her she will marry once the suns sets – the King is waiting. She tries to move Haesoo, but Haesoo lashes out. She says needs time to figure out what is happening. Concubine Oh tells her she will check on the bath and leaves. Once she leaves, Haesoo tells herself she needs to leave! She thinks back to the secret tunnel in and out of the Damiwon Palace and scurries out to find it. Unfortunately, she gets caught by Concubine Oh.

Elsewhere in the Palace, an attendant tells the King that Hong Ha Jin Hae’s Household has handed over their daughter, Soo (Haesoo), and that she is ready for the marriage. At her name, the King asks if she’s the cousin of his 8th son’s wife who passed away. The attendant says yes. At this revelation, the King sighs and asks why it has to be that girl. He remarks that the people from the Hae Household are full of greed. When the attendant asks if he wants to stop the marriage, he states it will be too cumbersome to do so. Where will he find another suitable girl? He proceeds with it.

Haesoo, beautifully dressed, waits for the King in a bedroom.

On route to the bedroom to meet Haesoo, the King sees Wook kneeling in his path. “I have dared to come and discuss a matter with you, Your Majesty,” Wook says. Wook tells him that the royal family already has many in-laws and that other powerful families are trying to keep the royal family in check. Wook wants to know why the King needs to bring in yet another household.

At this, the King reveals he needs the help of the Haes in order to stop a war from breaking out with Khitan. He then questions Wook’s reason stopping the marriage. Wook looks up at the King, but is interrupted by the arrival of So.

“What if you did not have to use this method?” So asks. Outraged at their actions, the King furiously asks the two Princes what they think they are doing.

In the bedroom, Haesoo overhears the conversation outside. She quickly gets up.

Wook pleads with the King to hear them out, but the King notes they must not care about their lives. So steps forward, revealing he found a witness who saw Hong Ha Jin Hae conspiring with Khitan. Surprised, Wook glances at So. So tells the King he should punish the Haes and to leave the border to another family. He suggests the King to let the Haes be magistrate of their own town and suggests that reconciliation is possible as well. He argues that instead of marriage, there are other ways to cut down the Hae’s strength.

Disregarding them, the King tells the Minister he will proceed with the marriage. So and Wook are shaken at his resolve. “If I punish the Haes for conspiracy like you suggest, it will take half a day to send the army and the borders will be breached. If I tried to teach the Haes a lesson, would you not fear the actions of the other powerful families?” The King angrily declares to his sons. “In the palace, it is not right to look for a reason to act. You must look for a good reason to stop it from happening. Do you understand? Your reason is not good enough.”

He walks past the two defeated Princes only to find Haesoo standing in the hallway. He brushes past her as well, but suddenly, something shatters. Wook, concerned, is about to rush over to Haesoo, but So stops him. At the noise, the King turns around to see Haesoo who has deeply slit her own wrists. Blood is dripping everywhere and she winces in pain. Despite this, she looks at him and declares: “The reason. I will give it to you. My body… if there is a scar, I cannot become a King’s wife.”

So and Wook look horrified at Haesoo’s drastic action as she pleads with the King to let her go. Suddenly, the King let out a laugh and declares her as someone more courageous than a man. He orders the Minister to bring in Hong Ha Jin and leaves. Haesoo collapses and Wook runs over to catch her. So, taken aback by everything, slightly staggers back.

Outside, Jung, Eun, Won and Baekah fidget around wondering if Haesoo’s marriage went through. Eun and Jung start bickering about asking their mothers to stop the marriage and Eun reveals he asked his mother, his aunt and even grandfather but got cursed at. Won, scared they’ll get in trouble, wants to leave. Suddenly, Baekah spots Wook carrying an unconscious Haesoo out with So trailing behind. All the Princes rush over to Wook, who frantically orders for them to call a doctor. Aw, seeing all the Princes hysterical over Haesoo’s condition is a sight to behold.

In her subconscious of Haesoo, she questions where she is. She sees variations of the King's death and a blocked out figure. “Goryeo… Taejo Wang Geon. Gwangjong? Something about Gwangjong is bothering me. I’m forgetting something. Goryeo’s fourth King, Gwangjong. Yes, Gwangjong is the fourth King. He was a King who killed his brothers and his subjects. Goryeo’s fourth King, Gwangjong. Who is it? Which one of the Princes is it? Could it be…?”

Haesoo snaps awake. She turns to see Concubine Oh, who tells her she’s still alive and unmarried. Concubine Oh reveals that as long as she’s alive, she can’t leave the Palace. She tells her that Haesoo’s wound will leave a scar, but Haesoo says she already knows. Concubine Oh asks if Haesoo hated being King’s wife so much – she would’ve had all the wealth and prosperity she could wish for. Regardless, Haesoo declares she has the right to choose how she lives. Concubine Oh warns her to prepare herself as she will soon be punished. “I don’t regret it,” Haesoo states. “I protected what I wanted. I should pay for it.”

As Concubine Oh leaves the room, she sees Wook standing outside. As she closes the door on the two of them, she sees the gaze Haesoo gives to Wook.

Haesoo stares at Wook who sides besides her, eyes brimming with tears. He takes her wounded hand and tells her everything will be okay now – it’s all over now: Because of her scar, the King has cancelled the marriage. The Hae Household – determined they’ve gone against national interest – will not pressure her anymore. Haesoo cries. Wook tells her he felt pathetic last night. He confesses he thought that he was a bad person, yet prayed to his dead wife asking for Haesoo to return to him. He confesses he prayed to Madame Hae, begging that he would pay her back by giving Haesoo the affection he never gave her. If Haesoo became the King’s wife, he would’ve never forgiven himself.

Haesoo tells him she thought she’d never see him again – she never got to say goodbye to him and didn’t think it was right to part like that. She starts to sob and Wook embraces her. He tells her it will not happen again. Now that he’s lost her once, he won’t let it happen again.

Elsewhere, the King tells Ji Mong that despite feeling bad for Haesoo, he can’t ignore the fact she disobeyed orders. He orders for Haesoo to become a slave, but Ji Mong suggests making Haesoo into a court lady as both Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo are in need of one. He chirps in that even Lady Gwangjuwon asked for Haesoo as well. At this, the King says he knows his sons asked for this. LOL! Dismayed, the King suddenly questions Haesoo’s relationships with the Princes since even 8th Prince Wook and 4th Prince So got involved! He sighs, saying he doesn’t want to cause any more trouble. Haesoo is just too darn loveable.

Ji Mong adds that Concubine Oh of Damiwon palace also put in a request for Haesoo as well. The King is bemused at this. Ji Mong reveals that Haesoo has a lot of interest in makeup and herbal medicine and suggests they will benefit if she is left with Concubine Oh. The King agrees to this.

Somewhere in the Palace, Haesoo strolls through a beautiful garden with Wook. He takes her wounded wrist and pulls down her sleeve to cover the bandages. In a voice over flashback, Haesoo and Wook agree to visit Madame Hae together.

Ji Mong comes running for Haesoo, who tells her she could’ve become a slave! Haesoo seems pleased with becoming a court lady as her punishment – she has nowhere to go anyway and court ladies get paid! Ji Mong tells her she will be treated differently even as a court lady because she’s from a noble family. He cheers her on, telling her if she works hard enough, the King may let her marry and can possibly let her out on trips!

Haesoo tells Wook it will be hard to visit Madame Hae for the time being. She reassures Wook she is a fast learner and will quickly become someone who is needed. He smiles and awkwardly pulls out a letter for her. IT’S A REPLY EMOJI! LOL! He embarrassingly mimics the laughing face drawing and Haesoo, taken aback, tears up. He tells her he will visit her every day.

Eun, Jung, Won, Baekah and So spot Haesoo. The four of them, aside from So (he stands besides Ji Mong), frantically rush up to her and hilariously shove Wook aside. LOL! Eun anxiously tells her he was scared she died. HAHA! Jung tells her he tried to save her and does a cute “fighting!” Haesoo thanks him for his concern and Baekah tells her not to make people worry. He asks how she could’ve done that to her body.

In her mind, Haesoo thinks to herself that the next King is here. She worriedly scans the Princes and questions who will become Gwangjong and kill his brothers. She tries to convince herself otherwise, but glances at Wook. “It can’t be…” she thinks to herself, but Won suddenly interrupts her thoughts, asking how many times she almost died. “Next time, you will definitely die–“ All the Princes yell at him to stop talking. LOL!

Ji Mong interrupts them for Haesoo to go to Concubine Oh. She slowly walks past Wook who tells her there’s no need to be afraid. As Haesoo passes So, he glances at her wounded wrist and watches her back as she leaves.

Haesoo arrives at Damiwon Palace and curiously looks around the bath house. All the attendants stare at her inquiringly. Concubine Oh appears and the two look at each other.


Episode 6 Review

I am so glad Haesoo didn’t end up marrying the King. That definitely would’ve been… awkward, to say the least! I’m also glad the King wasn’t aware it was Haesoo he was going to marry until almost the last minute. I was afraid he was going to turn into a sleazy character. I love how amused he is at Haesoo’s words and actions – he’s always entertained to the point of laughing with her.

Now that Haesoo and Wook seem to have solidified their feelings for each other, I am wondering what will cause her to eventually fall for So because… well, I’m pretty sure So is the one Haesoo ends up with. It’s in the synopsis! I can’t see Haesoo as a character that will fall in love with both Wook and So at the same time, so it seems that something has to happen for her feelings to drastically change.

I enjoyed how romantic some scenes between So and Haesoo are filmed despite the two not having any romantic feelings for each other (yet). Yes, I’m referring to the horseback riding scene where they are feeling from the Wook Residence.

My only complaint so far is that the character’s relationships with each other seem a bit inconsistent. There was so much relationship development between So and Haesoo in EP4 that seemed to be completely disregarded in this episode. Baekah had to PLEAD with So to get him to interfere with Haesoo’s marriage to the King which I found a little strange. To be honest, I was a bit confused with Baekah’s friendly relations with Haesoo given their last interaction, but I’m glad that was cleared up with his flashback of drunken Haesoo. Regardless, I felt as though the change jumped a bit too quickly.

I can actually understand Won’s development – he’s simply being roped in by all his brothers, HAHA!

I’m guessing the one who kills the brothers is Yo given his villainous role in the drama. He’s also conveniently absent in the scene where Haesoo suspiciously suspects the Princes before her. We all know that Eun and Jung are too much of a cinnamon roll to kill the brothers. Wook is too kind, although it’d be a great twist if he did (LOL). Won is too… unambitious, heh. I honestly cannot see So doing that despite him being an outcast and the one who is likely to become the next King given his historical context. I can only assume that “Gwangjong” and the one who kills his brothers are two different people. Then again, I could be completely wrong.


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