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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 7 Recap and Review

Posted on September 13 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

EP7 continues to solidify Haesoo and Wang Wook's relationship as Wang So begins to think about Haesoo more and more.

Episode 7 Recap

Concubine Oh asks Haesoo, now dressed in a court lady uniform, if she knows how to differentiate between herbs and her knowledge of make-up. Haesoo is thrilled at this, rambling about how she’s licensed… but her smile falls when Concubine Oh asks if she can read or write. Concubine Oh is baffled at her illiteracy.

When Haesoo leaves Concubine Oh’s office, So is still waiting for her. Outside, Haesoo cheerfully babbles on about how she’s good at applying make-up to a very quiet So. She tells him to visit her often now that she’s living at the Palace. Cheerfully, Haesoo thanks him for his help when, suddenly, So grabs her wrist and jerks her forward. He looks at her wrist and harshly tells her she could’ve died – if the cut was just a bit deeper, she would’ve died!

Startled, Haesoo quietly tells him she didn’t die. So asks if she thought about how life would be with a scar on her body and if she’s happy being a court lady trapped within the Palace. He raises his voice, asking why she had to go so far when she could’ve just married the King to avoid it all.

“I don’t know! I just didn’t!” Haesoo shouts back at him. “’If you can’t do anything, just close your eyes and enter the King’s room.’ That’s what I told myself. I just couldn’t do it. No one can save me but myself.” Tears swell in Haesoo’s eyes and So’s expression softens as she continues to talk. “That’s what I thought and that’s why I did it.” Once she came to, her wrist was scarred.

“You stupid girl. Don’t do this again. I won’t ever forgive you,” So tells Haesoo.

The two stroll around Dongji lake which So explains to Haesoo is the first place the sun rises in the Palace. She asks what kind of place the Palace is and he discloses it’s a place hard to enter, but even harder to leave. Surrounded by luscious green and water, So tells her it’s a place where you die if you trust anyone, but will live if you remain wary of those around you.

At this, Haesoo tells him it seems like he doesn’t know everything either then. He tells her everyone here is alone. She follows him around and curiously looks around the lake. “I am not alone, so I’m alright.” “You’re not?” He asks. She looks at him, “You’re here, Your Highness. How am I alone?” LOL!

So warns her of her reckless way of talking, but Haesoo tells him everyone in the Palace is human, too, so she’ll be able to endure. He smirks at her response, noting that the Palace won’t be so boring now that a noisy thing like her is here.

Sometime later, Grand General Soo Kyung arrives in Songak with his daughter. He marvels at the Palace, saying it’s still a brilliant place. His daughter has an intimidating bear skin draped over her shoulders and mentions it is a gift for “someone.”

Soo Kyung greets the King who is accompanied by Ji Mong. He quickly becomes embarrassed when he realizes his dirtied appearance before the King’s grandiose. Regardless, the King apologizes for leaving his lacking son in Soo Kyung’s care. At this, Soo Kyung tells the King that the 4th Prince So was very talented, so he enjoyed teaching him martial arts. Oh?

Soo Kyung further comments that if it wasn’t for So’s scar, he would be fitting as the Crown Prince. At this, the King asks if he believes Crown Prince Moo is lacking in martial arts. Soo Kyung gives his two cents, saying Moo is far too gentle compared to the strengths of his fists, making him wonder how much he would have to fight in the Palace’s political world. He comments he thinks the war zone might be better off. At this reply, the King leaves and Ji Mong pokes at Soo Kyung to learn some tact and sense while in the Palace!

The Princes enjoy their everyday lives together. One day, the Princes engage in a playful Human Cavalry Battle and go at each other in all their competitive spirits. Cue to adorable expressions and endearing brotherly bonds. Another day, the Princes are seen taking lessons together!

So meets with Soo Kyung who brings up hearing about So’s killing spree at the monk’s temple. At this, So reasons those men deserved to die. At this reply, Soo Kyung cynically tells him he now has the ability to determine who lives or dies. He tells So that no matter how many times he’s reborn, he will eventually have to pay for what he did. So tells Soo Kyung he taught him how to kill, but Soo Kyung corrects him – he taught him how to kill only to protect someone. So retorts he protected the nation by stopping trouble in the Royal Family.

Soo Kyung asks So his reason for staying in Songak and So simply tells him he’s a Prince, so he might as well learn about how the royal family works and why his Mother and brothers are so persistent about the throne. At this, the General asks So if he’ll return to Shinju once he finishes observing. “Must I return?” So asks. Soo Kyung tells him there is only one Prince who will remain living in Songak – the one who will sit on the throne. So stares intently at Soo Kyung, who further tells him to think carefully his “real reason” for staying in Songak.

Concubine Oh and Haesoo tend to Queen Hwangbo who has been bothered from chronic headaches. Queen Hwangbo asks Haesoo if she is adjusting and Haesoo happily tells her she’s well. She cheerfully suggests applying Queen Hwangbo’s make-up only to receive Concubine Oh’s contempt. Concubine Oh tells her to step outside. Once Haesoo leaves, Queen Hwangbo tells Concubine Oh that Damiwon Palace suits Haesoo well and compliments her soaps. She then shows concern for Concubine Oh’s chronic stomach pains and asks if Queen Yoo treats her poorly. Queen Hwangbo tells Concubine Oh to see a Doctor, but Concubine Oh thanks her for her concern.

In the hallway, Haesoo overhears a man screaming in pain for ice. She scurries towards the ruckus to find Crown Prince Moo, shirtless and covered in horrid rashes. Haesoo, seeing his body, comments it looks like atopic eczema. When an attendant rushes in with cold water, Haesoo screams they shouldn’t treat the rashes that way. Crown Prince Moo is desperate though and tries to pour it over himself, but Haesoo interjects again. Angrily, Moo grabs her and asks if she wants to die. Timidly, Haesoo describes his symptoms to him. At her knowledge of his condition, Moo releases his grip and allows him to tend to his rashes with hot water and peppermint leaves.

Suddenly, Concubine Oh comes in and screams for Haesoo to get out. Haesoo tries to explain her mother had the same illness, but leaves after seeing Concubine Oh’s scornful face. As Haesoo walks away, Queen Yoo spots her and overhears Crown Prince Moo telling Concubine Oh to not treat Haesoo too harshly as she made his pain better.

At this knowledge, Queen Yoo leaves.

Later, Concubine Oh punishes Haesoo by making her kneel while stacking medical books on her. LOL! She scolds her for touching the Crown Prince so recklessly, but Haesoo explains she couldn’t sit by idly while seeing someone in such pain. Concubine Oh is intrigued by Haesoo’s knowledge though – how did she know peppermint leaves would sooth itching if she’s illiterate? Haesoo reveals, again, that her mother had the same illness and watched her use the treatments in the past. Concubine Oh warns her to never speak of the Crown Prince’s illness, or she will never see the next day. Haesoo timidly agrees and Concubine Oh assigns her to tend Damiwan Palace’s gardens as her punishment for causing so much trouble. Haesoo whimpers.

In the gardens, Haesoo carelessly flings water here and there to water the trees and plants… not realizing SO IS LAYING THERE. LOL! Drenched by her water, So sits up only to find her recklessly watering the plants. She even cracks the water pot! Defeated, Haesoo starts muttering she doesn’t want to do this and how she’s not an ox! She jokingly contemplates running away when So suddenly makes his presence known, startling her. “Run? Where is Goryeo do you think you can hide from the King?”

Haesoo says she wasn’t really going to run away and So tells her she acts more like a royal court minister than a court lady – she’s always using her head, not her hands or body. Haesoo complains that no one here recognizes her overflowing talent. LOL! She starts rambling about how she was correct about everything concerning the Crown Prince yet despite that… she catches herself and instantly attempts to change topics. So asks if she knows of the Crown Prince’s illness and she feigns ignorance, but he warns her to watch what she says because the consequences will be much harsher.

Curiously, Haesoo tells So that the Crown Prince’s illness won’t get better if they keep making a huge fuss as if he’s going to die – he just needs to take care of himself and eat well! She gasps at a sudden conclusion that Concubine Oh is trying to keep her in check in fear that the Crown Prince will favor her. At this, So tells her she could’ve made the Crown Prince’s condition worse and that Concubine Oh is already letting her off easy. He teases her, saying that simply by watching her water plants, she’s not overflowing with talent, but lacking it. He tells her to make friends with everything and to name them.

When she asks if he’s making fun of her, So tells her he once named a white birch tree Pat Pat when he was in Shinju. Haesoo tells him his “friend” must be very famous. Suddenly, his tone goes serious and he tells her he burned it down a few years ago. “It was cold and the wolves were gathering.”

Flashback to So surrounded by fire and a wolf. So mentions it happened to catch his eyes before quickly telling her to disregard what he just said. He knees in front of her and tells her not to think about running away, but to stay faithful to what she’s decided to do. He playfully hits her head and tells her she should work for her living. At this, Haesoo pouts and contemplates she thought he was being good to her lately.

Haesoo diligently works at Damiwon Palace brewing leaves. She spends her night completely exhausted.

Sometime later, the Princes enjoy themselves at Damiwon Palace. When Haesoo falters slightly when she serves Yo, Wook, Moo and Concubine Oh look concerned. As Haesoo leaves, Wook and So's gaze linger on her.

Around Damiwon Palace, Wook steals Haesoo for a hug. Aw… They peek and wave at each other, hiding their affair.

Haesoo makes medication for Eun’s injured finger when Jung, excited to show Haesoo his new fighting skills, runs in. He takes out a sword and starts showing off despite Eun’s scolding of using a real sword inside. Of course, he ends up slicing a vase!

Later, Haesoo practices her writing when Wook finds her. He watches her for a bit before approaching her. It turns out she’s doing homework and confesses to Wook she’s been illiterate ever since her injury. At this, Wook questions how she managed to read her poem and Hae reveals Madame Hae read it for her. Wook, taken aback, mutters he owes so much to Madame Hae. He takes Haesoo’s hand and guides her in writing… of course, she’s not paying attention to his lesson at all; she stares at his gorgeous face. He teaches her a character – it's his name: Wook. He tells her it means the sun rising in the morning. Aw.

Wook’s eyes wander to her scar and he presents her an exquisite jade bracelet with a red string. “The color red protects you from misfortune. It also symbolizes a joyful relationship. Can you promise me? That you’ll never take it off.” Touched by his gesture, Haesoo can only smile and nod. He tells her he’ll do whatever he can to return him to where she belongs and asks her to wait. She tells him there’s no need to rush; she’s doing fine at Damiwon Palace. Gently, Wook kisses her forehead.

Later that night, Haesoo caresses the paper with Wook’s name. She looks out the window at the moon surrounded by stars. She stares at her bracelet and tells herself if she’s with him, she’s okay with being Haesoo and not Hajin. She tells “Haesoo” she was able to live well.

Sometime later, Baekah who is disguised as commoner, sketches poor folk. He gives food to two children and resumes sketching the people when a woman (Girls’ Generation Seohyun) suddenly jerks his sketch pad away and rips apart his sketches. She angrily asks they look like pigs to him and ridicules the aristocrats who treasure art that make a mockery of the citizen’s suffering. He tries to explain himself, but she calls him a lowly insect before walking off. Completely baffled, Baekah chases after her.

It turns out this woman is of Royalty! Two men hurriedly run up to her, quietly addresses her as “Your Highness” and tells her that the foreign minister wants to see her. At this news, she scoffs and asks if the betrayer Park Young Gyu became Foreign Minister already.

Baekah tries to find the woman, but she’s gone. He ponders if she was a refugee.

It’s Eun’s birthday! The Princes and Princess Yeonhwa entertain themselves at Damiwon Palace with food and alcohol in celebration. Wook peers around for Haesoo, but she’s nowhere to be seen. The Crown Prince, Baekah and Jung are hilariously trying to get Eun drunk. LOL! Eun thanks Yeonhwa for planning the gathering and she mentions once she marries, she won’t be able do plan anything for them anymore.

At this, Yo perks up in interest. Wook asks what she means and Yeonhwa reveals the King is looking into a powerful family far from Songak for her to marry into. Yo comments it’s nonsense and Yeonhwa belittles herself, saying she’s not good enough for a royal family. Wook tells her they will discuss the matter with their Mother later. So glances around for Haesoo.

By now, Eun is clearly drunk and Won joins Jung, Baekah and Moo in trying to get Eun to drink more. So yawns and leaves.

Elsewhere, Haesoo tells Concubine Oh she has finished her work. Concubine Oh tells her to go, especially since Crown Prince Moo asked for her. Happily, Haesoo rushes to touch up her make-up and change into a pretty pink dress. She adorns a gazebo with cute décor for Eun’s birthday. Aw…

Haesoo finds a completely drunk Eun in the hallway. Eun asks why she looks so pretty today, but he’s so drunk he’s seeing Haesoos everywhere! Despite that, Haesoo grabs him and tells him to follow her.

Baekah and Jung wander around wondering where everyone went without telling them. They run into the Grand General’s daughter completely draped in the bear skin. LOL! Her appearance gives them a good scare, but Baekah recognizes her as the Grand General’s daughter, Soon Deok. She brushes past them.

Yo drags Yeonhwa somewhere secluded. She demands to know what “important” thing he wants to discuss when he tells her, “You… just be mine.” He tells her she could be Queen of Goryeo and scoffs at the possibility of her being a lady of a powerful household instead. He tells her his dream is Goryeo and compares himself to Yeonhwa’s brother: if Wook were to take the throne, she’ll still only be a Princess, but if her husband took the throne, she would be Queen. However, Yeonhwa tells him because she won’t be his first wife, she can’t be Queen and asks if he’s willing to give up on his previous marriage for her. The prideful Yo tells her he doesn’t give up what’s his in order to gain a girl. Forcefully, he jerks her closer despite her resistence. She tells him to give up, but he asks if she has another choice besides him.

Yo leans in to kiss her, but is interrupted by So asking if Yo gets tired of living like a shameful coward in persistent pursuit of Yeonhwa. Yo berates So for butting into things he shouldn’t be and tells Yeonhwa they’ll talk later and leaves. Yeonhwa thanks So and tells him not to tell Wook what happened. He tells her to take Yo off her mind because she won’t get what she wants out of him. At this, Yeonhwa tells So if he’s going to warn her, he should show her a better option. “Do you have interest in being considered by me?” She temptingly asks him. So looks surprised at her words.

Eun in enchanted by Haesoo’s décor of the gazebo. He’s even wearing a party hat! Haesoo cutely thanks him for being her first friend in Goryeo and for comforting her after Madame Hae’s death. In return, she tells him she wanted to give him something special. She starts singing “Happy Birthday” to a surprised Eun. Passing by, an amused So watches as Haesoo sings and dances. Her “Happy Birthday” song turns into a hilarious rendition going “You are so ugly~ You are so ugly!” LOL!

Yeonhwa, following So, sees Haesoo and Eun playing around as well. She glances at So and shockingly sees him laughing to Haesoo’s singing and dancing. So, catching himself laughing, slowly recomposes himself. LOL! Oh my, So’s reaction was too cute!

Baekah, Jung, Wook, Won and Crown Prince Moo all peek out from the gazebo. They surprise both Eun and Haesoo and tease Eun for enjoying this all by himself. An embarrassed Haesoo face palms herself and the Princes asks if she’ll be singing for them on their birthdays as well. Wook and even the Crown Prince joins in, saying he can’t be excluded since he was the one who asked Concubine Oh to send Haesoo out. Won makes a tactless comment comparing Haesoo to a Gisaeng only to be met with disapproval from the Princes. Aw, I love how all the Princes absolutely adore Haesoo!

The Princes egg her to sing for them. Smiling, she clears and throat and starts to sing for the Princes.

So, still watching, is captivated by her singing.

In a voice over, Haesoo tells the Princes: “You should get along like this as always. Who cares if you don’t become the King? Don’t forget this moment, right now. Okay?”

As her song comes to an end, So quickly recomposes himself and walks away. Yeonhwa looks annoyed at his reaction. At the gazebo, all the Princes happily applaud Haesoo when she finishes. Nearby, the bear woman watches. Haesoo catches a glimpse of So’s back walking away.

Sometime later, Yeonhwa coldly tells Haesoo to leave now that she’s completed her court lady job of making the 10th Prince Eun happy. Haesoo retaliates, declaring she didn’t do it for Eun because she’s a court lady, but because they’re… Yeonhwa interrupts, asking if she could’ve possible meant to say “friends.” She scoffs at the outrageous idea and how a Prince being friends with a court lady will only make Eun look ridiculous. Haesoo snidely tells Yeonhwa she hasn’t changed since beating Chaeryung – she’s still someone who looks at a person for their status, not for the person themselves. Yeonhwa laughs bitterly, confessing she was only generous to Haesoo out of consideration for Madame Hae. She yells at Haesoo to know her place when, suddenly, Crown Prince Moo interjects. He tells Yeonhwa he allowed Haesoo to accompany Eun as a gift for Eun.

The two girls glower at each other before leaving and Yeonhwa spitefully notes Haesoo even has the consideration of the Crown Prince – she’s always very lucky. Haesoo thanks Moo, who tells her it’s the least he can do for someone who saw him in his worst state. Haesoo quickly tells him she didn’t tell anyone about his illness. He asks for her help in the future and Haesoo cheerfully tells him she will help him as much as possible.

It’s present time! Eun receives a bunch of toys as presents and bickers with Jung for gifting him a book. LOL! I love Jung and Eun’s interactions. Haesoo and Wook sneak glances at each other. Suddenly, a bear claw comes out of nowhere, startling everyone – Eun even jumps to hug Jung! It’s the Grand General’s daughter, Soon Deok! She seems to know Eun, but Eun doesn’t seem to remember her. Soon Deok attempts to gift the bear to Eun who horrifyingly rejects it. Everyone is horrified of the bear!

After pushing away her gift, Soon Deok hands it to Jung and leaves looking dejected. Jung scolds Eun for scaring her.

Yo, being his prickly self, asks the naïve Eun what So gave him. Eun says it’s okay; he’s surprised he came at all. Yo baits the innocent Eun, saying it’s a shame because there’s a unique gift only So could give him. Intrigued by Yo’s bait, Eun asks what it is and Yo whispers something in his year. Flustered, Eun instantly says So wouldn’t give him a gift like that.

Outside, So throws pebbles at the pond. He thinks back to Haesoo’s singing and is clearly enthralled by what he saw. He shakes his head. Suddenly, Baekah appears asking why he’s not with everyone. So tells him a noisy place doesn’t suit him, but Baekah drags him back to the party. Aw… I’m really enjoying So and Baekah’s brotherly bond as well.

Back inside, Eun pleads Haesoo for her help in getting a gift from So since she’s close to him.  Suddenly, Baekah and So appear. Yo starts to put his trick in motion, asking So what his present for Eun is. So hesitantly confesses he didn’t prepare anything and asks Eun if there’s anything he wants. Gleeful at So’s words, he asks if it’s true. Haesoo tells him of course it’s true – the 4th Prince wouldn’t go back on his word. Eun then asks So to show him his face without the mask. Everyone is horrified at Eun’s request and So, himself, looks the most pained. Eun innocently says they’re bothers, so there’s no reason to hide it. When Haesoo tries to talk Eun out of it, Yo harshly silences her for talking as a mere court lady.

Baekah tells So to ignore his brothers. “Must you… see it?” So agonizingly ask Eun. Crown Prince Moo interjects, scolding Eun for being so shameful in wanting to see something like that. The innocent Eun can only say So promised and brings in the fact even Haesoo said he’d give a gift. Haesoo tries to correct what she meant, but So says it’s enough.

Slowly, So unties his mask, revealing his scarred face. Baekah closes his eyes and everyone either looks away in dread or have their eyes wide with horror. He focuses in on Haesoo's reaction, grips his mask and leaves. Haesoo quickly leaves as well.

Yo suddenly bursts out laughing and Yeonhwa demands Eun to apologize to So. The Crown Prince angrily scolds them, saying it must be a joke to them despite it being much more serious for So. Yo belittles So, saying he could’ve just not shown his face. Moo defends So and asks why Yo keeps poking at people’s vulnerabilities. At this, Yo picks a fight with the Crown Prince. He snidely tells Crown Prince Moo he must’ve felt offended when he pointed out his in-law’s household was far too lowly and asked what nerve he had to continue to stay as Crown Prince.

All the Princes and Yeonhwa are shocked at Yo’s words. Angry, the Crown Prince mutters he should teach him a lesson.

Outside, Haesoo chases So. She runs up to him and grips his arm, but he painfully asks if it’s not enough and if they want to play more jokes on him. She reasons that he’s mistaken and pleads for him to not leave – if he does, Eun will miss his chance to apologize and they will grow apart. He forcefully grabs her and asks her to clearly look at his scarred face. She does, eyes wide.

“Your eyes… that look in your eye… I hate it like crazy,” So tells her.


Episode 7 Review

POOR SO!!! POOR, POOR, POOR SO!!! Someone needs to punch Yo in the face as soon as possible. I knew something was going to go horribly wrong, especially since So has been so happy recently. You know, k-drama writing.

I'm liking how the relations between the brothers are slowly shifting: more and more of the brothers are warming up to So while realizing Yo's "bad" nature as we can see from this episode. I absolutely love how the Crown Prince has always been on So's side. Ugh, Yo is just.. utterly punchable. Instead of blaming Eun, it should've gone completely to Yo who consciously manipulated and took advantage of Eun's innocent nature. What a nasty man.

Again, EP7 solidifies the romantic relationship between Wook and Haesoo. I'm itching to know what will happen for Haesoo to eventually fall for So! Ahh...

I feel so pained for So - seeing everyone's dreadful reaction to his face was just horrid. He's clearly developing feelings for Haesoo, something that was visibly evident in this episode (his eyes scan for her, his eyes follow her, he laughs and smiles whenever he's around her, he thinks about her when he's alone, etc.).. I'm sure that's a main factor on why he zeroed in on Haesoo's reaction when he unmasked himself. I need Haesoo to love this poor sweet soul already! Regardless, I must give her credit for not looking away.

Loving the introduction of two new female characters: Seohyun's Woohee and Z.Hera's Soon Duk. I'm impressed with Seohyun's acting at Woohee and cannot wait to see more of her on screen. I'm sure Soon Duk's relationship with Eun will be brought to light soon.. it seems like she's harboring feelings for the innocent Eun!

As for the Grand General, it's now confirmed he was the one who trained So in martial arts. I'm curious to see how everything will unfold and the King's involvement with sending So to him.


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