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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 8 Recap and Review

Posted on September 19 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episode 8 blesses us with so much Prince So development. Are you ready?


Episode 8 Recap

Continuing from last week’s episode, Prince So tells Haesoo to never look at him like that again. Confused, Haesoo tells him she’s never look at him in a different way, but So instantly tells her she must pity him and asks if he should feel grateful to receive such charity from someone like her. He warns her to stay out of his sight because he doesn’t know what he’ll do next time. As he walks away, Haesoo mumbles to herself “that’s not what I meant.”

Later that night, Prince Baekah visits So and apologizes for not being able to stop what happened. He asks for forgiveness on Eun’s behalf, who is feeling regretful. So asks Baekah why he closed his eyes when he removed his mask and Baekah answers he thought So didn’t want him to see and asks if he offended him. In reply, So laments how a person’s feelings are complicated – he feels upset with one for seeing his scar and upset with another for not seeing it. He tells Baekah he’d like it if he looked straight at him and Baekah smiles in agreement. Baekah then tries to defend Haesoo, explaining she was manipulated by Yo at the party but So cuts him off saying he doesn’t want to hear it. I love these brothers.

Sometime later, Concubine Oh brushes the King’s hair. Queen Yoo suddenly arrives, glaring at Concubine Oh and demanding to take over the brushing. She berates Concubine Oh for using a measly wooden hairpin for the King, but the King tells Queen Yoo he ordered her to prepare simple things due to the severe drought. After Queen Yoo finishes putting together the King’s hair, he asks what made her come. She tells him the one who misses the other person more must come first – nothing is more unpalatable in a marriage than a lovers’ quarrel. She glares at Concubine Oh again before leaving with the King.

Haesoo serves tea for Queen Hwangbo and the Princes at Damiwon Palace. Jung mentions Haesoo must’ve prepared all their favorites on purpose! Haesoo only tells them she’s happy if they’re enjoying her tea and brings So fresh leaf tea. However, he coldly tells her to take it away as it’s not time for tea due to the drought. Queen Hwangbo breaks the incredibly awkward silence and tension that follow by agreeing with So – everyone has greatly been affected by the drought since last Winter, so they should live simply. Baekah looks uncomfortable at the tension between So and Haesoo.

Later, Haesoo confronts Baekah if he really looked into the favor she asked. She reiterates So’s favorite tea being fresh leaf tea and snack being oil and honey pastry – is Baekah sure? Aw, Haesoo is so sweet and cute! Baekah confirms these facts and adds that he asked everyone for their favorites to refrain from arousing suspicion. AW, THESE TWO!

Exasperated, Haesoo ponders why So didn’t even touch his tea and mutters having to study hard to prepare everything especially since she’s illiterate. Baekah, miffed, tells her to ask So herself then. He tells her to ask him what she needs to do in order to make up with him.

She sighs and mutters he made up with others, but not her. She deliberates why he’s acting out only at her and Baekah agrees, revealing he forgave Eun instantly. “You don’t think that So and you –” Baekah starts, but is interrupted by Haesoo quickly cutting him off when she sees the other Damiwon Palace court ladies approaching. She attempts to leave, but a teasing Baekah pulls her back.

Embarrassed, Haesoo asks why he’s acting like this and Baekah hilariously asks how she looks so pretty even when she’s glaring at him. LOL! At this, Haesoo is horrified and whispers if he’s insane. Nearby, Concubine Oh sees the scene. Baekah leans in closely to Haesoo, playfully telling her this is her punishment for being unable to appease his brother.

He puts his arm on her shoulders and loudly tells her he’ll see her again before leaving. Recomposing herself, Haesoo tries to play off Baekah’s actions as a joke in front of the Damiwon Palace court ladies. However, they bully her by tripping her and tossing their laundry on her. Concubine Oh steps in and stops their bullying, but privately punishes Haesoo by making her kneel with books again.

Haesoo stubbornly says it’s not her fault this time, but Concubine Oh tells her it is – a mere court lady being close to the Princes is what’s causing all these problems. She warns her to not talk to them or even look their way. If she’s able to do that, she will not suffer like this. In retort, Haesoo says she’s known the Princes since before entering the Palace and she’s not seducing them despite what the court ladies think. Concubine Oh tells Haesoo she’s mistaken if she believes she can’t cut off relationships and references to the scar on her wrist – she was able to end her relationship with the King with a single cut. She sternly tells Haesoo she refuses to see Damiwon Palace in disarray because of her and warns her to stay away from the Princes.

Haesoo asks Concubine Oh why she only eats porridge. At this, Concubine Oh lies and says if she eats food with too much flavor, it will be difficult for her to discern the various flavors of tea.

Elsewhere, Soon Deok manages to rope a tremendously bored Eun with her to go sparrow hunting. She helps him catch a sparrow and Eun, thrilled, runs up to the trap. Soon Deok takes the sparrow in her hand and Eun excitedly asks if they’re going to eat it. At this, Soon Deok brutally kills the sparrow by snapping its neck. Horrified at the brutality, Eun calls her a murderer and leaves after telling her to not look for him again.

Soon Deok mutters if he was planning on eating the bird alive. Nearby, her father Soo Kyung watches. The two grill the sparrow over a fire and Soo Kyung belittles Eun, asking what kind of man doesn’t know how to catch a sparrow. In his defense, Soon Deok says she can. Soo Kyung then asks how Eun can protect his wife and children, but Soon Deok defends him again saying she can do that for them. Exasperated, he compliments Prince Jung and Prince Wook and ponders why she had to pick Prince Eun out of all of them. She tells him she only has one path.

Wook passes Damiwon Palace, but it’s closed due to the drought. In a voiceover, it’s revealed that a Rain Ritual will soon be held.

Haesoo finds a letter in a room and realizes it’s a hint to rendezvous with Wook at the secret passage. Running there, she finds Wook who tells her he discovered this place thanks to Chaeryung. The two spend time together there in secret. Wook points out she can leave the Palace using this secret passageway, but Haesoo tells him that despite having a lot of things she wants to do outside, 4th Prince So told her something before: no matter where she runs, she’ll be the palm of the King’s hand. There’s nowhere in Goryeo she can escape the eyes of the King.

Wood agrees, noting there’s nowhere the King’s power can’t reach. Haesoo happily tells him Damiwon Palace is a place she will work hard and live well in until she can officially leave and asks him to not forget her. Aw. He tells her a Rain Ritual will soon be held and if it rains, the King will pardon a criminal, allow a royal marriage or even allow a court lady to leave her service!

At this, Haesoo perks up with hope. Wook reveals he plans on asking the King to pardon her if rain falls. Excited, Haesoo asks if this means she can live at Wook’s Residence again. He tells her he’ll buy her all the medicinal herbs she needs for her to make soap and they can fill the residence with it. Haesoo laughs, noting how annoyed Chaeryung and Yeonhwa will be at this. She smiles, wishing for the rain to come – it has to. She rests her head on Wook’s shoulders.

Sometime later, Haesoo brings medicinal herbs to Crown Prince Moo who is leaving to catch a band of thieves that has appeared since the drought. Ji Mong reminds her to stay silent about Moo’s health condition and Haesoo reassures them that she sneaked out and will keep quiet. Moo tells her he left a necklace in her room as a thank you. Shocked, Haesoo thanks him. Suddenly, So appears. Crown Prince Moo and Ji Mong leave. After packing her basket, Haesoo quietly leaves without saying a word to So.

Suddenly, Haesoo gets forcefully taken away by several court ladies. So, behind her, sees this.

It’s Queen Yoo and Yo’s doing! Haesoo is horrified to be in Queen Yoo’s presence, who smirks and keenly asks what she was doing. Haesoo says she was running an errand, but Yo reveals she was actually with the Crown Prince. Haesoo attempts to wriggle her way out of the situation by saying she was running an errand for something else and stopped to stay goodbye to the Crown Prince before he left to fight the rebellion. Queen Yoo pressures her, asking what the medicinal herbs are for – is the Crown Prince ill?

“I do not know anything,” Haesoo stammers out. Queen Yoo forcefully yanks her hair and vehemently asks if she dares to test her. So, nearby, panics at the sight of this but Haesoo is saved by the arrival of Concubine Oh! Concubine Oh tells Queen Yoo that Haesoo was returning from Cheondeokjeon Palace under her orders – the King’s knees have been injured, so she sent Haesoo to bring him medical ointment. She reiterates it’s the law of Damiwon Palace to not speak of the King.

When Queen Yoo suspiciously asks why Haesoo, a court lady that’s only been with Damiwon for a short time, was sent, Concubine Oh asks if she should’ve gone instead. She holds her stare and asks if her going to see the King would’ve resulted in no misunderstandings with Queen Yoo. Queen Yoo can only glare at her in response and leaves. As she passes, Concubine Oh tells Queen Yoo that since Damiwon Palace is under her jurisdiction as commanded by the King, she will see the punishment of Haesoo.

Later, Haesoo attempts to thank a distressed Concubine Oh but receives a slap in return. Concubine Oh angrily tells Haesoo she warned her to stay away from the Crown Prince and asks if there’s no end to her arrogance. She tells Haesoo she regrets taking her in. Crying, Haesoo asks what she has done wrong – Concubine Oh makes medicinal herbs, so how is her making medicinal herbs for the Crown Prince any different? She continues to say he knows how to help him, so why should she ignore him? Furthermore, Haesoo points out Concubine Oh singles her out for punishment more than any other court lady.

Concubine Oh tells her she doesn’t know the Palace. Lashing out, Haesoo says she doesn’t, so why not teach her – it’s unfair! Concubine Oh grips her stomach, visibly in pain (uh oh, is it an episode of her chronic stomach pain?). Haesoo asks why she’s hated so much when, suddenly, Concubine Oh reveals her true feelings: “Because when I look at you, I am reminded of myself!”

In tears, Concubine Oh tells Haesoo she someone who trusts people, is good to others and has no fear – a girl like her could easily die in the Palace. Because of this, she feels so anxious. Unable to bear her stomach pain any longer, she suddenly collapses.

Concubine Oh wakes up sometime later to Haesoo bringing her pine porridge. She reassures her no one except for the doctor knows about her episode. When Concubine orders her to leave, Haesoo refuses – she’ll stay until she finishes her porridge and tells her that her harsh way of speaking won’t work on her anymore now that she knows the truth.

Haesoo endearingly tells her she’ll be careful in the Palace, just like Concubine Oh herself. She then tells her to learn to depend on others when she’s sick because it’s okay to do so. She feeds Concubine Oh her first scoop of pine porridge. After some reluctance, Concubine Oh accepts and teases her about her porridge. I LOVE THESE TWO.

The King thinks over Ji Mong’s suggestion of choosing one of the Princes to lead the Rain Ritual – if one whose energy overflows with water heads the ritual, the people will feel more at ease.

Later, Ji Mong collects the Prince’s plaque cards in a jar to prepare the choosing. Eun is horrified at the possibility of being chosen. Jung asks Wook what will happen if it doesn’t rain and Yo replies for him, saying they’ll have to die. He brings up that in the past, even the King’s blood was spilled in request for rain. Won is horrified, asking how the selected Prince can survive the wrath of the nation if it doesn’t rain?

Suddenly, So speaks – he tells them it won’t rain because of the Rain Ritual, but the Rain Ritual will be done until it rains. He explains a person cannot move the Heavens, but a person can make it seem that way. At this, Ji Mong smirks.

It’s time for the King to pick a prince. He reaches into the jar and pulls out So’s plaque. The King tells a shocked So that it’s Heaven’s will for him to lead the Rain Ritual. All the other Princes look relieved at dodging the bullet and Yo smirks.

Ji Mong finds So, telling him he should be preparing for the Rain Ritual. So asks how he was chosen and Ji Mong reveals there’s no good in doubting himself since it was Heaven’s will.

In town, the common folk desperately pray for rain. When So steps out from the palanquin, the people are horrified the selected Prince is 4th Prince So. So, uncomfortable, look at Ji Mong who only gives him a reassuring nod.

The common folk, however, are visibly displeased. They lash out at him, asking what will happen if he angers the Heavens. A woman screams that he’s bad luck because he’s a monster, not a human. Everyone starts throwing stones and mud at him. So, completely horrified, can only stagger towards the Palace. Poor So!

Back at the Palace, the commotion can be heard from outside. At the entrance, So runs in chased by the common folk still tossing stones. Haesoo looks horrified at the sight. Queen Yoo and Yo look pleased at the situation. The King only closes his eyes.

So watches Haesoo look away from him. He staggers back and dashes away after seeing the lack of apathy from the King Queen Yoo. Sullied, he returns to Ji Mong’s residence and angrily throws his stained Rain Ritual robes.

Sometime later, Queen Yoo and Yo happily talk about what transpired. Queen Yoo is thrilled for this opportunity, saying the Rain Ritual is an optimal time to change the Crown Prince. Yo reveals he sent people to stop the Crown Prince from returning on time and notes that despite So being able to kill people so easily, he falls apart when it’s about his scarred face. Regardless, Yo contemplates how So was chosen by the Heavens.

Queen Yoo ponders what the King and Ji Mong were thinking when they chose So. At this, Yo asks what she means. Queen Yoo restates what So noted earlier – that’s all nonsense. Whoever leads the Rain Ritual simply leads it until it rains. She tells Yo she must see him take hold of Goryeo, “You can do it, can you not?”

Haesoo runs around looking for So – she finds him at the lake he showed her when she first became a court lady. He’s sleeping in a boat by the water. Haesoo approaches him, asking if he’s asleep. When he doesn’t respond, she makes her way on the boat and nearly stumbles over but he catches her. She ends up falling down right next by him in a wonderful compromising position.

Quickly recomposing herself, Haesoo asks why he’s hiding there since everyone must be worried. He tells her he doesn’t want to bother with the Rain Ritual. Haesoo tells him to not let what transpired get to him, but he repeats he doesn’t want her pity. He asks if she ever thinks about the reason why she was born. Haesoo tells him yes, she’s been thinking a lot about that these days – she tells him she wasn’t born like this because she wanted to be, but she’s the one who will determine how she’ll live. She can live a very cool life or a sad one, but definitely one not controlled by others. That’s what she’s decided!  She further tells him no one in this world has an easy life – he just doesn’t notice them.

So looks at her. She tells him that the Rain Ritual will start again soon and what he just went through will pass – it will. So closes his eyes again and tells her it’s bothersome that she pretends to know everything about the world despite being young.

That night, Haesoo reminisces a time in her previous life where she’s mixing foundation on her hand. She wonders what she was born for and irritatingly notes that So’s question now has her thinking again! She muses how she should do something good to help it rain in order to leave the Palace.

Ji Mong panics at Crown Prince Moo’s late arrival – it’s the day of the Rain Ritual, but he’s still not back! Pacing back and forth, he considers something bad must’ve happened. So tells him to wait a bit longer, but Ji Mong frantically says it’ll be bad if they postpone the Rain Ritual. He tells So he’ll leave the Palace to search for Moo. In the meantime, So should do what he can to appease the people. “I will not go,” So insists. “I’ve had enough of standing in front of the people.”

Ji Mong tells him the Crown Prince is coming to stand in his place and further asks how he can fall into depression over something measly like this when he has no problem killing people. “Measly thing?” So asks in disbelief. Ji Mong tells him he is too hung up on his scarred face – he can’t be strength for the Crown Prince if he can’t overcome that; he’ll never resolve the grudge with his mother, either.

At this, So angrily asks if this was why he chose him on purpose for the Rain Ritual – to humiliate him. He asks if Ji Mong and the King thought he’d overcome this if they put him in the worst situation.

Ji Mong admits to it, “So you knew?” He tells So he needs to be more confident. That way, the stones being thrown will decrease in number. So incredulously asks if Ji Mong has been hit with stones before. “Heaven’s will? You think I’m lacking intelligence because I have this scar? While my brothers were treated as Princes, I was treated as less than a butcher’s son. Now, I am the Master of the Ritual. Unless you needed a slave to sit there until it rained, there’s no way I’d be chosen.”

Ji Mong yells back in retaliation, explaining that if it rains because of that ‘slave,’ that slave will become like a King to the people. He tells So to stand tall before all the people; that way, the Crown Prince will sit on the throne. He needs to stand before the people for a unified reign. However, Ji Mong explains he can only lay the pieces and can’t force So to do this. He tells So he understands – his will can only take him this far.

Speechless, So slumps back on his chair as Ji Mong leaves. After a while, he grabs his Master robes and is about to leave for the Rain Ritual when Haesoo comes running. She excitedly tells him to come with her, but he tells her he has no time because he’s going to the ritual. “I can take that mask off for you,” Haesoo tells him.

It’s make up time! Haesoo gently removes So’s mask. Brushing away his hair, she looks at his scar and softly traces it with her fingertips. He grabs her hand, “It doesn’t bother you to see this ugly face? Do you feel sorry for me?” At this, Haesoo asks how she can feel sorry for someone who keeps threatening her life. LOL.

He releases her hand and she continues to trace his scar. “It’s not that big. To have a long, dark life because of this… is a little unfair.” She mixes the make-up and he asks if it’s alright for him to trust her as he’s always curious and doubtful.

“If you trust me first, Your Highness, I will not change first. I can promise you that.” Haesoo tells him with a smile.

“If it is you… I can put myself in your hands,” So tells her and smiles. “Do whatever you want. Now… I am yours.” Yes, yes you are.

Slowly, Haesoo applies make-up on his scar. Aw. Of course, faces in close proximity makes for cute moments.

Outside, the common folk are waiting. In the Palace, the King asks if the Crown Prince has arrived yet. Ji Mong says they should just wait a little longer. In the audience, some mutter asking if he had an accident. If so, they should send soldiers! Ji Mong hushes them, saying the Crown Prince’s star hasn’t fallen and warns them to refrain from saying such unlucky things. They cannot wait indefinitely though – if the time for the Rain Ritual to pass, what will happen after? Someone suggests to the appoint 3rd Prince Yo as the Master of the Ritual as he’s the oldest after the Crown Prince. At this, Yo and Queen Yoo looks smug. With the situation as is, King has no choice but to agree.

Yo, now dressed in the Master robes, gets ready to sit on the palanquin. Ji Mong attempts to stall for time, but Yo tells him nothing will change and notes that his brother has a tendency to lose out on opportunities. He smirks; looking pleased at the palanquin. Just as he’s about to sit upon it, So appears and stops him.

“I came to take my seat,” He tells Yo. “Only the Crown Prince and I have the right to sit in this palanquin.”

Upset, Yo punches So in the face, knocking off his mask revealing his face. So’s scar has been tremendously lightened thanks to Haesoo, almost nonexistent! Yo looks at his face in shock, feeling a mixture of distress, anger and confusion. Distraught, Yo can only watch as everyone passes him as So sits upon the palanquin.

Through the town, the common folk pray to the Heavens. When So steps out of the palanquin, they slowly start to realize he looks different. “His face looks different!” “His scar is gone!” Commotion arises at the sight of So’s face. “Son of the dragon!” “Please bring us rain!” Everyone hails and fall to their knees, pleading him to bring them rain.

So looks confused and unsure at this sudden change in reaction, but is pleased nonetheless. Behind him, Ji Mong smiles. Yo watches in rage as the common folk grovel before So.

Haesoo makes her way to the ceremony just as So arrives. At the sight of So, Queen Yoo is shocked. She wonders where Yo is, but the King tells her to calm down as the important thing is currently the Rain Ritual. Confidently, So approaches. All the Princes and Princess Yeonhwa watch on in surprise. Wook, realizes what happened, looks at Haesoo who is staring at So. Baekah looks delighted.

As So passes Queen Yoo, she looks at his face in confusion and horror. She looks around, her eyes scanning for Yo who is nowhere to be found. Slowly, So approaches the Ritual Table. He looks back and scans for Haesoo, smiling at her. Ahh.

Haesoo cheerfully smiles in return when abruptly, something flashes before her eyes – it’s a flash of So with surrounded by what seems to be malicious aura. Haesoo is horrified and confused.

Rain suddenly falls. The droplets quickly transitions into a downpour of rain. Everyone looks up. It’s really raining! “The Heavens have answered us! It’s finally raining!” The people cry out in joy.

Ji Mong laughs in happiness as does everyone else. As everyone erupts in happiness, So turns around and smiles at Haesoo once more. She's still horrified at the image she saw earlier.

“Gwangjong?” Haesoo hesitantly asks herself as she watches So.


Episode 8 Review

Okay, did anyone else get major Prince Yo vibes from Haesoo's image of evil(?) So?! It's the eyeliner.

I absolutely loved the amount of Haesoo and Prince So interactions we got this episode! Since Wook seems to know what Haesoo did for So, I'm curious to know what his reaction will be. I can see him react both positively and negatively...

On another note, I'm loving Concubine Oh's character! She's almost Madame Hae 2.0 when it comes to a "mother figure" in Haesoo's life. You have no idea how happy I was when she came to Haesoo's rescue when Queen Yoo and Prince Yo were questioning her about the Crown Prince's illness. And that confession scene where Concubine Oh finally admitted to Haesoo she cares about her.. aw. My heart melted; it was so sweet.

I'm dying to know how Haesoo will react to Prince So after seeing that flash of So. He clearly looked malicious there - with the red spillover, the black eyeliner and dark colored clothing. Ji Mong definitely seems to know more than he's letting on, but I find his character so endearing to watch (he has the best facial expressions in this drama).

One thing I am surprised with is that Haesoo is still with Wook despite being eight episodes into the series. We all know she ends up with Prince So and so far, there hasn't been an inkling of her showing romantic interest in So. I hate it and love it at the same time because.. who doesn't want more Haesoo x So moments? Then again, I love how it shows her character as someone completely, 100% loyal to her romantic interest. I'm still so curious to see what causes her to fall for So instead. Hopefully we'll see that soon!


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  • StarberryKoko.com: September 22, 2016

    @Daniela: Thank you so much for your comment! Yes! I was a bit confused during the first “red flashback” scene, but you’re right! I believe it’s from what happened during the history of her 21st century life – Prince Wang So (who she and history knows as ‘Gwangjong’) slaughtered everyone to become King.

  • Daniela Costa: September 20, 2016

    I think that “red-vision” she had of him was like a flashback of something she might’ve seen in her other life in the future. I think she realized that he’ll be king thus the name Gwangjong. And she got scared because she thinks that the next king will have killed all his brethren or something… I don’t really get how things work in Korea, but that was the feeling I got watching this scene.

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