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Korean Drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Recap and Review

Posted on September 21 2016

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

And so it begins! Wow, episode 9 was… wow, the amount of angst and heartbreak. Let's get started.


Episode 9 Recap

The Palace and townspeople are rejoicing over the rain. Jung and Baekah question So’s hidden scar and Wook looks at Haesoo suspiciously. They continue to marvel over So’s feat as Haesoo looks on in terror – it’s the Gwangjong who kills them all.

The townspeople happily bless and pray to him as So passes on the palanquin as the Rain Master. Nearby, Haesoo watches in horror and fear, questioning if she is what caused him to become King. No, she corrects himself – even if she didn’t help hide his scar, he would’ve become King. On the palanquin, So waves to the people who grovel for him. Wook appears, thrilled about the rain. She questions if she’s the cause of everything and tells Wook he must be safe. Confused, Wook gazes at So.

In his room, Yo explodes in rage and fury, declaring the palanquin seat was supposed to be his! Queen Yoo bursts in the room and slaps him, asking how he could let such an opportunity pass by. He should’ve done everything he could’ve, including tearing So’s throat out. She bitterly tells him if she is to rise up as a King’s mother, he must persistent and be ruthless. “I am supposed to raise you up, Mother?” Yo asks, but Queen Yoo angrily spites the girls of Damiwon Palace for always hindering her plans. She’s certain Haesoo was the one who helped So and vows to burn the place down.

The King congratulates So for saving the country in the presence of Crown Prince Moo and Ji Mong. So humbly states he merely stood in Crown Prince Moo’s place, but Moo notes that’s not important. The King asks So how many years it’s been since he’s shown his face to his father. “You have kept that scar to yourself for so many years,” The King says to the delight of Moo and Ji Mong. Shocked, So replies with, “I have made you worried… Father.” The King tells him to confidently show his bare face to the world now and to devote himself to the Crown Prince in order to make a great nation. “Your father trusts you,” He says. So happily says he accepts his orders as Moo and Ji Mong smile.

Outside, Haesoo nervously fidgets. Wook asks if she covered So’s scar and she nods. He tells her she did a good thing, so she doesn’t have to worry. He reassures her nothing will change because So merely stood in the Crown Prince’s place. “But things have to change,” Haesoo hesitantly mumbles. She mutters to herself, saying she must find out and dashes away from a very confused Wook.

Haesoo runs to Ji Mong, asking if he knows who the next King will be. He says it’s the Crown Prince. “Gwangjong… that’s what you said,” Ji Mong said. “You called Prince Wang So ‘Gwangjong.’ Haesoo says it just came out when Ji Mong reveals he nearly drowned to death and came back when he was a child. After waking up again, he became a completely different person – wise beyond his years. He’s never told anyone, but often sees scenes flash before his eyes – elevators and skyscrapers. Haesoo ponders if he’s someone like her, but can’t remember because he was too young. Ji Mong asks what she really wants to ask. Despite an onslaught of questions, Haesoo merely asks what she should do. He tells her nothing – she mustn’t do anything and let things flow naturally. She asks what if she can change things – to stop trouble; to turn something bad good. He tells her she already changed So’s face. When she asks if that changed his future, he tells her he doesn’t know. “Did it change, or was it always meant to be?” He asks her. “We humans cannot escape the will of the Heavens. Leave things to play out the way they are meant to be. That is what will keep you safe.”

Yeonhwa meets with Wook and tells him he should’ve been standing where So was to bring the rain as it was a good opportunity. He tells her it was a seat given to So and he should not be greedy for it. Yeonhwa tells him she’s merely stating they have another person to be wary of in the Palace now. At this, Wook reveals Haesoo warned him about So and questions why So shouldn’t receive the King’s trust and confidence – he’s been so harshly treated throughout his life. Yeonhwa asks why Haesoo warned him about So and Wook reveals that she was the one who helped So remove his mask and is now afraid something will happen because of that.

“As for me, there must be a seat that is necessary for me to fill,” Wook says as he touches the rain. “What could it be? I am very… curious.” Oh, what’s this? It feels a bit ominous.

Elsewhere, Haesoo walks through the Palace in a daze when So suddenly pulls her towards him. She gasps in fear at the sight of him and quickly makes an excuse that it was too sudden, apologizing. He smiles, asking why she’s apologizing when he’s sorry. He looks at the rain in delight, telling her he called the King ‘Father’ for the first time and reveals it’s been 15 years since he looked at his face properly.

So smiles happily, marveling at how hearing his Father’s word of reassurance made all the pain he’s felt up until now disappear and reiterates becoming support for the Crown Prince. “It’s funny,” he laughs. “I’m starting to like myself this way.”

He looks at her, “Also, the person who made me this way, Haesoo, it was you.” Haesoo stares at him as he gazes at the rain. In a voiceover, she wonders how someone like him can become so cruel.

Hesitantly, she tells him that no matter how angry he gets, he must hold it in. “Don’t ever kill anyone,” she implores. “You won’t have any reason to be hurt in the future. Everyone will like you and treat you as a precious person, okay?”

He lectures her on her lectures and then breaks out into the BIGGEST SMILE WE’VE SEEN YET. “This is nice,” He says as he cups his hand to catch the rain. Aw. “I can do it. I won’t ignore it,” Haesoo thinks to herself.

After rejecting Wook, Jung and Baekah as the potential mate of Soon Deok, Soo Kyung hints to the King and Ji Mong he wishes Eun be married to his daughter to their surprise.

Where the Princes are gathering to have tea, Eun whispers to Haesoo to meet him afterward as he has something to tell her.

The King appears where all the Princes are, congratulating So once again. The King tells him he plans on gifting him Songak land to build a home, but So tells him there's something he wants more than land. He glances at the unsuspecting Haesoo and reveals his desire, "Please give me Damiwon's Court Lady Haesoo." His request catches everyone off guard, but the King abides to his request and promotes Haesoo to Senior Court Lady to actively assist 4th Prince So. She hesitantly agrees to the King's orders.

After this, the King suddenly announces the rain's celebration: Prince's Eun marriage to the Grand General's daughter, Soon Deok! Eun is horrified at the news. He reveals he doesn't want to get married and begs the King, declaring he'd rather die. Enraged, the King asks if he'd rather dishonor him and Crown Prince Moo steps in, saying Eun is too excited to know how to respond.

Moo encourages Eun to thank the King, which Eun reluctantly does after a heartbreaking glance at Haesoo. As he gets up, beads fall out of his sleeves; the present he was thinking of gifting Haesoo.

Won tries to cheer Eun up by taking him to watch the soldiers fight, but it turns out to be Soon Deok and Jung fighting each other. Soon Deok beats Jung, who excitedly tells Eun he's lucky to be married to such a strong solider, much to his disgust. C'mon, Eun, Soon Deok is adorable!

Elsewhere, Woohee practices her sword dance when she suddenly hears a musical instrument. Her sword dance flows perfect with the music. She follows the sound to Baekah, who is performing for several children. Seeing her swords, they panic but she reassures them she was just practicing. After the kids leave, Baekah tells her he's met her before and introduces himself as Baeka, which she doesn't believe. LOL! He nags her to perform her sword dance again and prepares to explain himself as the Baekah, only to find her gone when he looks up again.

At the Palace, Haesoo gifts Wook a present in return for his bracelet. Wook pulls out something in return: it’s a book! Haesoo hilariously sighs and says she’ll study hard in return, but it’s a flip picture book drawn by him, himself. Aw. She’s thrilled. Suddenly, Wook tells her that because Eun is getting married, the King will not celebrate by excusing a court lady from her service. Visibly disappointed, Haesoo tries to be optimistic. Wook notes doesn’t know when another chance will come, but Haesoo tells him if he is willing to wait, she is, too.

“I didn’t want to show you I was worried, so I asked you to wait. Because I felt like something would go wrong.” Haesoo narrates in a voice over. Wook tells her they’d walk together in the snow again.

“I… love you,” He tells her as he embraces her. She hugs him back in return and smiles.

After giving Haesoo notes on the King's health and tea preferences, Concubine Oh warns her to be careful of Prince Wang So – she tried to care for him and now, he’s learned how to care because of her. Thus, if Haesoo cannot give him her whole heart, she must make it clear to him.

“What if… I can change that person’s life? Should I still turn my back on him?” Haesoo asks. Concubine Oh reveals her backstory: Prior to entering the Palace, she gave an unknown commander her heart. He was someone who’d pick flowers and herbs with her. She believed he’d put his ambitions aside to live a normal life with her. In the end, he rose to a place where she couldn’t dare touch him. "Do you understand?" Concubine Oh asks. She warns her that people don’t change for others and that Haesoo must rid the notion that she can change someone.

Sometime later, Haesoo’s now a promoted Senior Court Lady! Suddenly, Soon Deok appears and grabs her quickly telling her they must go to 10th Prince Eun because she’s the only one who can get through to him. Confused, Haesoo says she doesn’t want to get involved when Soon Deok suddenly bursts out that she can be the second wife as long as Haesoo serves the Prince well.

Prince Jung and Baekah is about to knock down Eun’s door with a hammer when Haesoo arrives. She harshly tells Eun she won’t talk to him again if he doesn’t and, to everyone’s surprise, Eun slowly opens the door for her. He’s drinking away his sorrows in his room. She scolds him for drinking, but he tells her she doesn’t understand how he feels. “You like me, but now you must marry someone you don’t like,” Haesoo points out. Shocked, Eun asks how she knows… and asks if she’d be his second wife. He quickly stammers it’d not a good thing and that he’d be good to her. But Haesoo quickly rejects him, saying she can’t share her husband with several women. “I don’t want to grow old while waiting for him to come to me,” Haesoo continues. Eun calls her a liar – even if he asked her to be his first wife, she would’ve said no. Aw…

Eun tells her he knows he’s stupid in comparison to his brothers; he’s someone who doesn’t understand things right away and reads the least. “I was happiest while I was with you. You laugh when you’re happy and you know how to cry when you’re sad,” Haesoo tells him and explains that she was able to express all her emotions around him. Eun tells her he doesn’t want her consolation and that she’s a mean girl, but admits he’s always known Haesoo was never going to be his. “If I said that I was sorry, that would be truly mean right?” Haesoo asks. “So, I am not going to apologize.”

“Did you ever even like me?” Eun painfully asks. “I still like you very much now,” Haesoo tells him. “Please be happy.” She leaves and Eun looks pained.

The two of them exit his bedroom to a curious Jung, Baekah and Soon Deok. When they shout to grab him, Eun says he can go by himself and asks Soon Deok “well, aren’t we getting married?”

Eun gets married to Soon Deok! The Princes are celebrating with him with lavish presents and well wishes. Soon Deok tells them that kindness of the heart is what’s important in a marriage so all of these presents are just an added present. Wook compliments her and Grand General mutters somewhere nearby that Soon Deok’s mouth will break if she keeps smiling! He questions if she’s really that happy! Yes, yes she is.

So tells her he sent a tree that blooms flowers and bears fruits to her home for her to enjoy shade in summer and fruit in fall. How poetic. Haesoo watches on as the Princes laugh when suddenly, she gets an eerie image of Eun struck by an arrow and Soon Deok sliced by So. Uh oh, it's that ominous red reel again. Covered in blood, the evil So in the reel laughs in joy at their bodies.

Horrified, Haesoo looks at So in trembling fear when So and Wook notice her. She staggers back and runs off to the two’s confusion. She falls and Wook comes running. “Be careful of Prince Wang So,” Haesoo grabs Wook in horror and rambles in fear. “You cannot try to stop him. If you do… you will all die if you do.” Wook grabs her and asks what she means.

“I want to leave this place,” Haesoo cries. “I want to go far away from the palace, wherever that is.” Wook hugs her, saying he’ll do that for her and attempts to console her.

Sometime later, Yo and So are summoned by the King with new tasks. He tells Yo to leave Songak to visit ever region and inspect the grain storehouses. Yo reasons that last year, the general in charge of the storehouses came back dead. The King points out this is why he is sending him – a Prince must step forward for things to change. Yo reluctantly accepts his command.

Ji Mong asks what of the military supplies Yo was in charge of and the King reveals So will be in charge of it to everyone’s surprise. Yo look livid.

Later, Yo bitterly asks Ji Mong if the King is throwing him away. Ji Mong tells him no, but Yo brings up something he mentioned to him during the Rain Ritual: because of a father’s favoritism, two sons are tearing each other apart. He asks if this is Heaven’s will as well. At this, Ji Mong tells Yo he’s always been greedy of the Crown Prince’s belongings. Now, he must find his place in the world. Yo tells him to keep his eye on him to see where his place ends up being and leaves.

So, Yo, Jung and Queen Yoo are having a family meal. What! Queen Yoo puts up pretenses, telling So she’s now proud of him after getting the King’s trust. “Let’s forget the past,” she says. Jung happily mentions it’s his first time eating with So and Yo notes that they should forget past mistakes and see each other as brothers now. Something’s clearly wrong here!

Queen Yoo even places a piece of meat on So’s plate, which catches him so off guard he ends up choking (my reaction exactly). After dinner, their true intentions unravel. “You’ll have many opportunities to see the Crown Prince,” Yo begins. “There will be times when it will be just the two of you.” At this, So suddenly realizes that – ah, of course – they want something from him.

“Kill the Crown Prince,” Queen Yoo bluntly orders, shocking both So and Jung. “It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve killed someone for me. Will you do it?”

Innocent Jung tells their Mother she shouldn’t say such things, even as a joke but Yo cuts him off, asking if there’s ever been a King who hasn’t killed his brothers after rising to the throne. He tells them they will all be dead if he doesn’t sit on the throne. At this, Jung frantically defends Moo, saying he’s not the type to kill his brothers. “Is that what you really want?” So asks. She says yes. “Then… I will do it. After I do, I will sit on the throne.”

At Queen Yoo’s confusion, So explains all she wants is one of her sons so become King – it shouldn’t matter who it is. Yo tells him not to act so entitled; if he had performed the Rain Ritual, he would’ve brought rain. He scoffs. Puh-please.

So tells him he has Heaven’s will while Yo has nothing except his in-laws. Yo retorts that Moo also has lowly in-laws. Queen Yoo demands that Yo is the one blessed to be King. So laughs at this, saying they’re putting all sort of ideas in his head with this joke. “King? That seat that everyone wants so much, what happens if I take it?”

Queen Yoo scoffs, asking if he really thinks he’s become something after the Rain Ritual. She coldly berates him, labeling him as a shield of arrows or misfortune that would come to Crown Prince Moo’s way. “You had no idea that your father had manipulated you,” She coldly adds and clicks her tongue in disapproval. At this, So says he wasn’t manipulated. He knew and crawled into that seat.

Everyone looks at him, stunned. He gets up, commenting while the food wasn’t bad; they should just eat with family. He asks them to not call him in again and leaves. You go, So!

Yo states they must cut ties with him seeing how it’s difficult to reconcile with him. Horrified at what just transpired, Jung angrily tells the mother-son duo that they’re too much. How can they ask him to murder a person at a family dinner? “If you were going to raise us as enemies, why did you give birth to us, Mother?” he yells at her and leaves. You go, too, Jung!

So staggers in utter defeat outside, asking what he even expected. Poor So… He finds himself at Damiwon Palace. Inside her room, Haesoo continues to tremble in fear. She tries to calm herself down.

At his residence, Wook thinks about what Haesoo told him. “Be careful of Wang So. You cannot try to stop him.”

Haesoo leaves her room and tries to calm herself down outside when… So appears! “Soo,” He calmly says her name. She tries to run away when he back hugs her. She fearfully asks for him to let her go but he desperately pleads, “Just for a moment. Stay with me. I need to rest.”

“I don’t want to! I’m afraid of you, Your Highness.” She tells him as she pulls away. Horrified at her words, So tells her he thought she wasn’t afraid of him. She shakes her head in terror, telling him she thought she could change things. I was wrong. You will ruin everyone in the end! Go. You’re better off far away!” NO, DON’T SAY THAT TO THE BROKEN SO!

“Not you too!” He shouts at her, desperate and heartbroken. “Don’t push me away. Don’t tell me to leave. Don’t tell me that I bring misfortune and that I’m an animal.” He grabs her, “At the very least, you can’t do that to me. You are… my person.”

Shocked and terrified, Haesoo tells him she’s not his person, but he refuses to hear. “You belong to me. You are mine!” He forcefully tells her. “Without my permission, you cannot leave. You cannot die either. You are completely my person.”  He suddenly goes in and forcefully kisses her! OH MY GOODNESS.


Episode 9 Review

Unfortunately, I got spoiled by the kiss scene between So and Haesoo. I suppose it’s my fault for logging onto Tumblr (what did I expect?). But oh my, oh my. I certainly did not expect a KISS in this episode! To be honest, I didn’t completely understand So’s feelings towards Haesoo, but hey… he, himself, didn’t either. But it’s clear now – he likes her. Romantically. All his feelings came gushing out after hearing her confess she's scared of him. Her, of all people! His rock, his person!

I am not a fan of forced kisses for obvious reasons. But for the sake of Korean drama and for the sake of it taking place during the Goryeo dynasty, I'll go with it. Plus, since we're already 9 episodes in with little development on Haesoo's side, we'd never get a kiss scene at her pace! I'm sad to see how Haesoo is reacting to her "vision" albeit it's completely understandable: she's seeing flashes of her beloved Princes getting slaughtered by evil So! On top of that, everyone around her (Ji Mong and Concubine Oh) keep telling her she can't change things. Imagine how helpless and terrified she must feel. BUT I WAS SO HORRIFIED WHEN SHE SAID THOSE WORDS TO SO! He's so desperate for love right now.

I need Haesoo to fall for So soon. Please! I need more cute scenes and fluff and less angst. My heart can't take it. It's too heartbreaking!

I was a bit confused in the previous episode, but it's clearer now that her visions are what happened in the history of her timeline - her life when she was a 21st century woman. The history where "Gwangjong" (Prince Wang So) killed all his brothers and subjects to take the throne. Clearly, we (the audience) know Haesoo will change history by changing So so he doesn't go down that destructive path.

Did anyone else find Wook's scene with Yeonhwa slightly ominous? I'm not sure if it was the soundtrack or the way he delivered his words about finding his place, but it didn't sound good. Regardless, he's always a sweetheart around Haesoo. I like Wook (I LOVE Kang Haneul), but his character is a bit discouraging. He's someone who claims he'll get things done, but nothing.. ever.. gets.. done. For instance, stopping Haesoo's marriage to the King and asking the King to pardon Haesoo from Damiwon.

Did Eun's scene pull anyone else's heartstrings? It was so sad! He's such a sweetheart, but I loved how Haesoo consoled him. She didn't apologize and he eventually accepted her rejection and proceeded with his marriage to Soon Deok. I'm sure he'll come to love her and her manliness. I sure do! She's such a refreshing female character to see on-screen, especially in this drama where all the women appear so delicate. To be honest, I also think she'd make a great couple with Prince Jung. LOL!


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